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7/28 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Porsche telling Adam about her connection with Janelle at a bar in Manhattan.

Porsche telling Adam about the situation that they are trying to convience her to vote to evict Adam.

Adam now talking to Brendon said he couldn't believe what happens while he was sleeping.

Other cams on Dom, Dani and Lawon, they just talking about everyone. They seem to think they may have the votes to keep Dom.

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Everyone either in the kitchen or the purple room, just chatting playing around with the small basket ball.

Jordan in the shower.

Dom wondering around talking to Adam, Brendon, and Jeff.

sorry thats it for me tonight.

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11:15 BBT

In the kitchen Don is bored asking Porsche to do something...Rachel telling Dom that he goes to a hotel when he gets evicted...and BB warns not to talk about production...

Dom saying he can't sleep in the have-not room and Porsche says you should talk to your girlfriend and he says "stop with the girlfriend"..

Rachel says Dom is "the cutest Filipino" she's ever seen...

Rachel asks if her sister is gonna hater her..and Dom says "for sending me home" and Dom says no..

11:19 BBT they are talking about BB12 and eviction order..

In the purple parlor J&J Bren and Adam talking...about blame...and the events of the backdoor of J&J that was foiled..

11:23 BBT Back in kitchen Rachel says Girlfriends get mad when guys lay in hammocks with other girls while Porsche says he needs to make a public apology...as the discuss the questions from JC..."why did you fall for the lies of other girls" "did you really like Cassi"

Dom to Porsche "if you were burnette where would you be" and Porsche says "in the hammock with you" and he laughs "yes"

11:25 BBT they continue joking around....

Back in purple parlor Jordan talklking about their doubts right after when Dick left and "working" through it and being in the position they are in now...

Bren talking about the hard year prior to this season....and his doubts about replaying BB......

11:27 BBT Bren talking about Jeff's motivational speech after Dick left that inspired them to fight..thay talki about wanting to go into the DR and FOTH

On BBAD Rachel porsche and Dom still in the kitchen..talking about a twist and Jeff walks in "coup d'etat"....and what the twist is with the golden Key..speculation about key...Jeff wondering why people are "crying' about not playing...

11:31 BBT they continue what the negatives will be to the golden Key...

Shelly has come into the Kitchen...couple convos going on at the same time...

Back in purple parlor Jordan asking if he had relatives in the holocaust and he says the vast majority were already out of Europe..."when was the holocaust"

Jordan asking a lot of question when how may Jews killed while Bren talks about the Simon Wiesanthal Center

11:36 BBT Back i the kitchen everyone is out there from the purple parlor..Brendon looking for franklin he finds a dismembered franklin wrapped in foil.. and Dom admits he did it bur Bren says the real franklin actually was dimembered in the pool filter....lame lame lame

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11;41 BBT

In the havenot room Kalia Dani and Lawon talking about why they deserve t be in BB just 'as much' as the Vets...

Kalia talking their friendship not being genuine at first.....Kalia says she has nothing to gain just inline to go home...and why they don't take a chance...Kalia going on says "the most amazing feeling" win HOH from one of the Newbies and watching "brendon walk out that door before me" and Dani "an if PT stays' as she actually believes there is still a chance...

11:45 BBT Kalia says she will never "associate myself with Big Brother" if Brenchel make final twoDani laughing tomights show about their foiled plan to backdoor Jeff

11:46 BBT Dani talking about Dick's iced tea incident and the way it was edited it made it look like it was her that instigated it..

11:48 BBT..Dani talking she stress eats a lot...Kalia talking about her talk with Shelly and trying to get her to play and she believes she has been playing the whole time..Kalia justcan't produce a thought and can't remember...and blames be brain gets overloaded from being "too smart" {I say accute case of sugar shock}

11:50 Kalia saying it felt good to be "a {fat} bitch" today..and tried of being nice to people she doesn't like..Dani says todays picture session was awful....

11;54 BBT talking about Dom running over by the proverbial bus..Jordan asks if he came back did he learn a lesson.....as they keep joking the bus that ran him over in BB..

The keep asking him possible JC question "what was your biggest mistake" and Don says sticking with a side of the house when it flipped.....

Dom asks what's the longest consecutive on the block....Adam says Janelle {i think Kale but who knows}...Bren says he was on the block "4 times"

11:56 BBT Jeff wonders if Dom really threw the POV..

They talk about possible works for POV...they could have spell

Rachel says she's going to bed she may have to cheer "for 30 hrs" tomorrow as Bren says he wont come down fromthe endurance comp "until the economy is stable"

11:59 BBT Adam in kitchen says "i need to start packing just in case you change you minds" to Brenchel and they say he's good...

Talking how Jordan went up as "a pawn"..

Rachel says she def is going to bed and Aam talking tomorrow's big day...

Adam heads to bedroom and Shelly says she has been in DR and offers to help Adam pack and Adam says he's alright....

12:02 Adam packing and figuring out his "work out" outfit...for tomorrows comp..

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12:10am BBT - Jordan's arm has been bitten by ants or a spider. Shell doctors her arm as they try to figure out if it came from her bed or while she was lying in the grass by the pool.

12:15am BBT - Por telling Jeff about Dom's campaigning. Jeff reacts with disdain.

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12:05 BBT Daom was ready to tell Dani and Lawon his secrets he admitted he was "home schooled since 3rd grade" and when he started the next two the camera switched to Adam packing...so all 4 cams on Adam packing...

12:07 BBT Shelly Jeff Jordan porsche watching and joking as Adam packs..I sloths Kalia..J&J head to Bubblegum room with Porsche and kalia "would you".....

Jordan looking at the pimples on her arm and Kalia "something bite you" they all look at it and Jordan "shelly'sa mom she'll know"...."shelly am i dying" Jordan asks.."it hurts" and Shelly says its a spider bite for sure...Shelly takes her to the storage room..Shelly going through the first aid kit ...Jeff comes in to assist.."just hurts to touch"...Jeff "don't gross me out" when shelly tells them to check their beds to bugs..Jeff says she lays on the grass "with no towel"

12:14 BBT Shelly says it may be a red ant bite but since it din't "sting or burn" that was ruled out and Shel finishes up on Jordan's arm "thanks mom" and heads back to check her bed..

Jeff asks what Dom Lawon and Dani talking about.....and Kalia says penis' "growers and showers' Jordan called to Dr "i just took my bra off"

Kali whines "everyone is going to sleep..I'm bored"

Porsche starts whispering snitching on Dani to Jeff in audible....porsche says "come up with ideas" ans Jeff says "i can't believe she's still campaigning" Jeff is gonna asks Dani where her vote is..

12:19 BBT Kalia walks in...Jeff gets up off his bed..talks shelly and bug bites...

Jeff Shelly and Adam head to the kitchen Jeff whistles "the pink panther theme" and FOTH...

12:21 BBT Jeff Adam talking but FOTH makes it impossible to type a cohesive sentence...

12:22 Feeds back..he and Adam counts votes...Adam asks if they campaigned to hm he says "fuck no" and camera switches to Kalia campaigning to Porsche...Porsche says 'you're giving up and I feel bad for you" because she thinks she can't win with the vets in...

Porsche says Dom was gonna put up Daniele and he promised never put her up and Kalia "girl what are you doing"..as Kalia says she wouldn't lead her into something...as Kalia goes on and on as Porsche says "for 3 days" no one talked to her...

12:25 BBT Kalia says "don't think Dominic ..think Me" to Porsche...they keep whispering the the bubblegum room as kalia pitches to save Dom...

Porsche says Dom has a lot of chances to win and he hasn't....Kalia says he won a veto and threw the other...

12:28 BBT Kalia going on.....same pitch as last night

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12:32 BBT

Kalia is still campaigning to Porsche....Kalia says every strong girl in BB had "to make power moves"...Kalia says she hasn't done anything she can do...she was tagged the "weak player" she took it..

12:34 BBT Porsche says why they didn't bring this up earlier and they talk about her vote...."kalia says 'think about it we'll talk some more" and Porsche says she wants to lay downn

Kalia singing no one wants to stay awake with here and want to sleepy...she blobs her way into the kitchen where she runs into Adam who teacher her to shoot basketballs..

In HOH the vets Kalia bashing how she apologized to them and yet she campaigns....Bren talking Kalia complaining she's "otta the loop" and Jeff wants to call upstairs and says "where's you vote going" and time her how fast she runs to Dani...

12:39 BBT Jeff says he should tell her "where you at" and says they wanna keep Dom...Jordan enters and talks DR session FOTH..

Jefff says they think the have Shelly Jeff says he will asks Kalia where her heads at and she'll say "um unm I think shark week is fun"

Porsche and Shelly wispering and Shelly telling her that its a bad decison and says "100% I'm not voting with them tomorrow"...Porsche says she will go with them to vote Dom out....Porsche says she wants "adam to stay"...Shelly hugs her and says don't go changing her mind and says Rachel has 100% faith in her....Porsche says she's a little flustered with them and is going back to bed "i have a competition tomorrow"

12:44 BBT Back in Have not room they are talking Dom's homeschooling...Dani tries to guess Dom's skelton's in the closet...feeds switch...to Jeff plucking hsi eyebrows and everytime he plucks one "i sneeze"..Adam cut his foot and kalia offers to help and Jeff says what do you want a bandaid of a vote...Adam warns there is blood behind him and Jeff says "theres a bitch with a knife" ready to stab him in the back...and Jeff warns Adam to peroxide the blood..

Kalia and Shelly come in Kalia has the first aid kit....Shelly cleans "the drops"..."good God its a paper cut" shelly observes...and Shelly thinks it was from the wine glass someone dropped..

They joke with Adam they are getting rid of him in front of kalia...

12:50 BBT Kalia and Shelly clean the "drops" of blood...while Kalia acts concerned...Dom is out of his hovel wishing he can plat pool...Dom "my back is killing me"...

Kalia at the bar with Jeff and Kalia asks what the saran wrap over toilet what's it foor "pee" or "poop" and says it works a lazy guy who doesn't lift a lid...

12:53 BBT kalia asks what's in dom's mouth "cum"...Kalia asks maturbation...and wants details if when and wher they did it...Jeff says "too risky"....Kalia says "i made a commitment" not to....Kalia admits she peed in the HT .."she went' that pig says she did it because of the higher "chlorine content"...

12:56 BBT Up in HOH Bren wants Jeff to do his Joke with Kalia....as they watch him on the spyscreen..Bren says he can't believe Dani apologized to J&J and not to them..

12:57 BBT Jordan says Kalia Apologizes and then plots against them...

12:58 Kalia bashing "if you talk to much" have the shit isn't true or "something to hide" as they can't figure out the proverb...

1:00 BBT Brendon ..caling Kalia "a filthy pig" for not doing dishes ..Kalia bashing....and says everything the newbie says was spoon fed by Dani

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1;02 BBT

Shelly in dark bedroom talking to Jeff that Bren says te DR wants to keep Dom and as Jeff reassure her that the vote is still Dom...Porsche says she's going back to bed......"everything's gold"..and tells Shelly not to get nervous and says he'll see what's up..

1:04 BBT Jeff talking t Kalia that she will vote for Dom and Daniele and says "i'm gonna do" and Jeff says it makes me think that he has the votes..Jeff says 'are you with them or with us" and Kalia says "i don't think I can play with Brendeon and rachel" and Jeff says "you're not with us"....Jeff says "if you don't swing those vote" and warns she and Lawon "get your gloves on" and says "you better hope Dominic stays" and thanks her for being honest...and Kalia promises if she wins she won't put them up and heads to HOH..

1:07 BBT They countdown how long she runs to havenot room as they thought Jeff told her they were keeping Dom as a joke...

He warns Bren to talk to Shelly...and Bren goes down and Rachel "o my gosh"..and Jeff tells the Kalia was gonna vote for Dominic...and goes over his convo..Jeff doesn't mention that Kalia didn't say she can't work with Brenchel...

Bren back and says he talked to shelly...

Jordan says if they win HOh Kalia will says she was with them....Jeff tells Bren what Kalia told him...they joke "daniele's army of floaters"

Jeff says if he wins he will tell her "not to "waste your breath" and will put her up against Daniele and if Daniele gets off "guess what big mouth you're going home"

1:14 BBT All Feeds on HOH talking votes for tomorrow...

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1:18 BBt Rachel says that Dick calls Dani "a little bitch" and say Dick never would have turned on so early

More Dani bashing....

1;19 BBT Kalia is Campaigning to Shelly as Shelly says as who would keep her longer Dai or Jordan and Kalia says dani as Shelly says she's trying to think everything through.....

Kalia says "i feel bad for dominic"....Kalia tells shelly about Jeff saying to going battle.....Kalia whispering...Shelly "he will cut you out" about Dom "he's a nice kid"....and says "he absolutely threw you under the bus yeaterday" and Kalia says he said evrything they knew...

Shelly warns that she better make sure all her people are "110%' to trust Dom..and ready to fight...

1:24 BBT..Kalia keeps going on about friendships...Shelly warns "if you start fucking people its over" and make sure to think things through...

Kalia says she was upset being called a floater..but wasn't her intention when she came in...they talk tomorrows decision will either be their best or worst depending how things fall and Kalia agrees .....

1:27 BBT Kalia going on that her new alliance are the people she trusts...

Kalia campaigning a mile a minute....Shelly says she "wants to think it over' and when she gives her word she gives her word...

1:29 BBT Kalia says she was pissed because she thought she was their sixth man....and she didn't come to BB to go out 6th...

more soft whispering..."a real friendship" Kalia says...and says she told Jeff she can't play with "brenden"....

1:31 BBT in Havenot room Dom and Lawon playing and giggling..and whispering...Lawon having "deja vu"...Dom talk girls throwing themselves at him being a virgin...In walks Dani...

Dani wondering why Kalia is talking to shelly with Adam in bed awake"that's really wierd right?" she asks...

1:36 BBT J&J have left their bashing session in HOH and are getting ready for bed...

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1:38 BBT

Jeff and Jordan head to bed..they stop and caht with Adam and Shelly for a second...

Shelly whispered to Adam "she just lied to you" and Shelly and Jeff talk about her convo with Kalia..and shelly warns "she's trying to say its a sympathy vote but its not"

1;42 Jeff "where'd your little friend go in there" as he points to the have not room....."shelly tells Adam "you're good" as she tells Adam they are trying "14 different spins" and says she's gonna hit "the panic button"

1:43 BBT Jeff accusing "you are very very cuddly"..sying "give me a little room to breathe" Jordan says "ok"...Jeff to Jordan "let's cuddle" and Jordan says no...

Camera swith to Kalia giving her report to her alliance...and explains verbatim what she told porsche...

1:48 BBT Kalia still going over her convo...Kalia asks if Dom would put up Dani..as Porsche said...Dom says he never offered Porsche to never put her up..Dani says she did..

1:50 BBT Kalia still going on...Kalia says "if its not gonna happen" Kalia says she can't vote to keep him and Dom says he understands...Kalia says they all need to think "what's best for us"....and not just "keeping " Dom...as kalai says about offers and indimate...and they "win competitions" ....

Dani says Brenchel will win "everything" and tells Kalia that with dom they won't "i'm just being honest"...

Dani says she will be the biggest target and Porsche will alwasy be safe...

they are talking with them the newbies they have a better shot with them rather with the vets...

1:57 BBT Kalia thinks Shelly thinks she will have the same deal at being final 6...

Kalia still going on and says the 4 will not break apart......

Dom asks if he stays who does Kalia who would be final 4 and he says "its right here" and its obvious..-

Dani says "you're slightly hesitating" to Kalia and says she is.."its a big decision"

Dom says "its better to have me" go after the vets....

2:03 BBT More "war" talk "no way around it" as he tells Kalia she has to be on their side...Kalia saying she has to go through every possible scenario...

Dom wants to get evryone together to talk it out...Dani wants to get evrybody now...Kalia is hesitant as J&J are in bed..and Dani says "so"

Kalia says Shelly was gonna talk to Jeff before she came into the room...

2:07 Kalia scenarios and worried he goes and the next week one of them will follow and Kalia says that they are not that far behind them as kalia is now wavering....and want everybody is on board..

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2:09 BBT Kalia went to go get Shelly and Porsche..she leaves Lawon :this is worrying me" nad Dani can't understand Kalia's stance...Kalia comes back in "they're asleep"

Kalia says she wants to cover everyhing to make sure the decision she makes is the right one and "thouroughly thought everything through"

Kali thinks they will still make deals and Kalia says its possible she can get back with them again and doesn't know...she just needs to keep that option open while Dani says "that's not a possibility"....

Dom says "why can we just band together and go toe to toe" and Kalia says "we can" but "evryone has to" believe and be on board and says not everybody is not on board..."that's what I'm saying"

Dom again says we need to geth together and Kalia says she doesn't know "when or if" they can do it tomorrow...

They discuss their schedule..and Dom says "all we need is a few minutes"

2:15 BBT Kalia says Porsche told kalia shelly wasn't "sure"..and Shelly said "she'll ytalk to her tomorrow"

Kali says she has no problem with the flip..and everybody is on board and we are offering them "the same deal"

2:17 BBT they are talking circles...

Kalia tells Dom "you don't have to sell me" and says she was playing devil's advocate and he needs to sell it to Shelly and Porsche...

Kali asks Dani if she's just "stressed out" and Dani says she's just "listening"...but is clearly preoccupied..

2:20 BBT Dom wants to go to war and have the chance to fight...

Kalia and Lawon warn if a keith situation happens and he leaves Kalia nd Lawon go up and Dani is backdoored and Dom says it doesn't matter since they will go up anyway and Kalia says maybe not since she can have a deal with Jeff and Jordan..

Lawon wants to know if it doesn't go through so he knows how to vote..

Kalia again she will not play with Brenchel and doesn't know what deal they can offer that will keep her safe from them but will still entertain the offer..as she continues to wavier......

Kalia says its easier to be on the wings on a team that will win the be in a situation where she "has to win" each week..

2:25 BBT "if you don't stay" and he voted for Dom she will not have the choice "i will be on the block" and worries if he leaves and don't win HOH she may not make the jury..Even Dom says Dani will go home but Kalia isn't so sure..if Dani wins veto she's gone and Dom agrees...

2:27 BBT Kalia says thats what she has to do to make sure every stone is turned..."that's all I have to say"

2:29 Meeting breaking up...Kalia going to bed Dani says she's tired....Kalia says "for what its worth: she in buts wants him to know the hurdles..

she leaves...."why is everyone looking at me" as Lawon says she looks upset and Dani says "i'm pissed".."with her" and Dani accuse her of wanting to "play both sides" and voting to keep Dom she won't be able to...

Lawon says she may already have a deal..."can we just enjoy my last night here" Dom says....

2:32...Dani pissed....Lawon looks defeated but Dom remains optimistic "we're still gonna try"....Dom tell Lawon not to stress...and Dom says he just wants one of them to go up this week and Lawon says there is no time tomorrow...

Dani "we'll figure it out its been done before"

{i'm out be back tomorrow"

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7:47 BBT

Looks like shelly is the only one up at this point

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Looks like Shelly is sitting at the kitchen bar having her coffee, head kinda down deep in thought

I hear slight snoring in the background, I think Shelly left the kitchen to go to the Loo

Not much to report at this point

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Looks like Dom has rolled his head out from under the covers in the have not room, then I hear and see Danis head but she stays under the covers, just some general stirring from the 2 of them, but they are not lookin like they are gettin up

Shelly sittin at the kitchen bar rubbing her back the small of her back, nothin happening

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**My 1st time at this--bear with me =) (trying out Live Feeds for first time)**

apprx 11am BBT: Shelly cleaning, Brendon gets up to help out a little. (Shelly sweeping-Brendon cleaning mirrors)

Shelly & Brendon talking about Dani's lies, her attempt to backdoor Jeff--rehashing the the events of the past week.

Jordan listening to headphones in HoH, Rachel is up.

Now talking about the best clothes to wear for the HoH comp tonight--Shelly comments she can hear the banging out there.

Lawon asked Shelly earlier to 'protect him'? She has no idea what he's referring to.(this was earlier, before Brendon came downstairs)

Jordan is now up & in the kitchen talking with Brendon/Shelly.

--Now I have WBRB message

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11:27AM BBT

Porsche, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan up in HOH. Jeff mentions that Daniele has her own bed and Brendon is irate that Shelly and Dom sleep in the Have-Not room while Daniele has a big bed to herself. Jordan calls Daniele the school bus driver.

Brendon says that Kalia's defense mechanism is to cry. She told Brendon that she learned how to do it on cue so she would get her way with her mom. Porsche tells him that Kalia is an actress and Brendon says "a horrible one". Everyone's making their way up to HOH. Shelly comes in, then Adam, Lawon. And the Kalia bashing stops.

Brendon wants to know when the coven is coming up. He explains it's a collection of witches.

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11:37AM BBT

Daniele and Dom in the Bubble Gum room. Daniele tells him "You know it's going to be between me, Brendon and Jeff, right?" And Dominic doesn't think that Jeff will be a factor because he's talked to Jeff about endurance and Jeff said he wasn't any good.

He tells her that he's not worried about her in here after he leaves. "You have people...Shelly Kalia and Lawon that will come right back to you if you win." He calls her Ms. Pouty Pants.

We get WBRB...

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12:50 BBT

We have trivia, have no idea why

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they're back and Kalia is telling Jeff why she is gonna vote for Dom, that he doesn't deserve to go home, I think she is saying she would play with them J/J but cannot stand Brenchel, so she is saying that she has no idea who she is for or not for, Jeff says " do you trust Daniele?" and Kalia says yes. Jeff says he likes Dom too, but by them Kalia included showed him Jeff where they stand and he is leaving and saying to her your friend back there doesn't care, and she Kalia breaks in there and says"she does care" (not)

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Kalia says when Brendon sat in the backyard and started trying to tell them what to do, Kalia says I did not come into this game to be told what to do by the likes of them Brenchel, and now she kalia does not want to play any game but her own, but Jeff is pulling apart everything she is saying, he is tellin her straight out that her friend Dani is gonna be straight up her ass telling her to go after him Jeff, she says she will not go after him, but Jeff is very not satisified with all her talk

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She says she fels like she is backed into a cornor, and if she votes for Dom to go then she will be doing what Brendon wans and she cannot do that, Jeff says they J/J are in the middle, he also says listen if you win HOH there is no way Daniele is not going to try and push you to put me up, Kalia says No way that will happen, then Jeff says well I will tell you I am gonna win HOH in a few hrs and then we will see who gets put up, my feeds are choppy, everyone knows it is not Doms fault he is leaving, not production, we get music, and then it comes back and Jeff says "I aint buyin what you are selling"

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Jeff says we will see if you win HOH if you are honest, now Kalia is saying the goal was not to put J/J up (what?) The real target is Brendon, then Jeff said well who would go up with him me?? and now he is saying that he really has a huge problem with Daniele and she hurt him badly by coming after him and it had to be personal cause he had done nothing to her to Daniele. Jeff says believe me I ahve been here before and had the whole house against me and Jordan, and I am now really fired up

Jeff cannot understand why ppl don't know that everything out of Dani's mouth is bull shit, Jeff laughs, Jeff says well go to the bathroom and flush the COOLAIDE out of your system and then maybe we can talk

Kalia says she will have a friendship with them and Dani when she gets out of there, and jeff says "You think she cares about friendships?" All she cares about is this game and she is mentally unstable and is playing the game 100 % , and does not care about anyone in there

Kalia says she doesn't know what is real or fake at this point, and they are telling her to do what she kalia thinks is right, if you think your friendship is real Dani will play on that and keep her around for as long as she is useful to you then you will go by by. Jordan says vote for Dom if you want to or have to

Jeff says noone threw a bone to Cassi when she was gettin voted out, so now that it is Dom and he needs to get votes for sympathy??

Jeff says Hope you're not mad at anyone on this side cause it is not his fault again silently pointing out who's fault it is. Jeff says watch out who you friend around here, then he says Kalia I think I see you changing into someone you are not.

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Kalia says she does not know how to tell them that her level in the plan was onky knowing about, and she fels fucked on this side and fucked on that side, and she jsut wans to go home at this point, Jeff says, no, that is never an option, going home, Kalia turning on the tears again

Kalia saying that Dani has never done anything wrong to her, crying inbetween tears, Danis reasoning was stupid and Jordan has no idea why she was going hafter Jeff, Kalia almost to the ugly cry, Jordan consoling her

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I have the quad eeds going and it looks pretty much like everyone is getting ready, Jordon in the shower, Dom talking about his speech, he is gonn tell them that he wishes that they would play with more courage and play for themselves and not to bow down to what others want you to, then he asks lawon "do you think its a good speech?"

They are talking about Adam, and who they told him he can trust, but Adam said i dont trust anyone

Dom says he's hoppin in the shower, everyone gettin ready, Dom singing "You don't have to lie to kick it"

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