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7/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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9:55 BBT

Over the last hour houseguests have been winding down from the POV comp (Brenchal won). Apparently Jordon is a little mad with Jeff because he was getting frustrated with her during the competition. Keith strategized with Kassi and Dominic in the have not room and was advised to make nice nice with the HOH and play it cool over the next several days. Several houseguests were eating and then many migrated to the have not room where they were playing "Would you rather?" Kalia is listening to the Spice girls up in the HOH. Brenchal just came in to change back into their unitards (part of the competition I assume) for a diary room session.

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10:12 PM BBT

HGs in KT now playing a game with baskets and balls. One shot for each ball. Points awarded for the size of the basket. Jeff tells Adam (first up) that if he throws any more feminine he's eliminated.

Kevin up then Kalia. "You have to be strategic with your ball material." Says Cassie "That's what she said." Jokes one of of the guys.

10:17 PM BBT Cassie up "The Creator" they call her.

Dom up next. He gets 4 points. Dani's turn she got one. "WHat are you aiming for?" "I don't know" she laughs. They broke one of the balls. Shelly up.

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10:23 PM BBT

Brendon joins them in his unitard/cape. Lawon's turn. 3 way tie for a score of 4. Kalia, Dom and Lawon in a death match. Lawon out. Dom and Kalia both miss.

10:26 PM

Kalian and Don throwing together, first time miss. Second time Kalia wins.

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10:00 BBT

Dani is finishing up some M and M cookies in the kitchen. Many of the houseguests are also in the kitchen. Jordon and Kalia are in the Katy Perry bedroom with the lights off making small talk. Kalia leaves to let Jordon take a nap.

The long lockdown and pov comp is being discussed in the kithcen - nothing exciting going on. A few minutes later they set up a game in the kitchen with buckets randomly placed throughout the red square on the floor and the houseguests have to toss various sized balls into the buckets. Different buckets have different point values ranging from 1 to 5.

10:15 BBT

Round one of the game is still going and Kalia is the current leader with 4 points. Dominic also scores 4 and so does Lowan so they go to a tiebreaker round. After several attempts to resolve the tie Kalia ends up winning and a new round begins.

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10:32 PM BBT A game of "Would you rather.." in the kitchen. Brendon would you rather wear that outfit forever with your underwear looking like Depends or the Cow costume?" "Depends, am I constantly getting milked?" asks Brendon.

Basket"ball" still being played in KT.

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10:50 PM BBT HG around table playing a clapping game with peoples name. "Kathy, kathy, rachel, rachel." Reminder to HGs that sleeping is only permitted in the BRs. (Dom gets called out for trying to sleep in lounge)

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11:28 BBT

Not a lot going on..."big Booty" so nothing worth reporting unless you consider a camera on Jordan sleeping exciting.

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11:41 BBT Jeff is wondering if they will get outside tonight {i've yet to see the BY on the feeds} as Kalia agrees....

Jordan has awaken as Dani asks if it was them who woke her up but she said no....

Everyone seems to drinking except Jordan as they explain the game to her...Dom explains and Jordan blankly says she gets it...

11:44 BBT Big Booty starts again with most of the house playing...

11:46 Game continues.......

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11:52 BBT I guess the booze is getting to Rachel as she keeps messing up the game....Now they are reassigning numbers to starts the game up again...Brenden very animated when he calls his numbers out {actually creepy)..

11:54 Daniele thinks they should use their names rather than numbers as they try that now....seems to work better for them..

the excitement goes on...

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12:08 BBT

The HGs are playing a cross of magic 8 ball and spin the bottle to get their fortunes told...

Basically they ask the wine bottle a question and spin it and tthat's the answer to their questions..

Like who takes the biggest craps or Jordan will be the first to star in their own reality show..Lawon will be the first to star in a porn....and Adam will be the HG to be naked the most this summer. {thank God this is pretend} and according to the bottle Adam will be the winner and Cassie the runner up..of BB 13

12:12 BBT the game continues...

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12:15 BBT spin the magic bottle continues...the excitement level is down...Rachel jokes that the twist is her and Bren are married and she's preggers and their baby is actually lawon...

12:17 BBT now its truth or dare with the bottle minus the dare...

12:19 BBT...game continues...

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Some other fun results of the fortune telling bottle game:

Who will be the first HG to take it in the butt? Lawon

Who will be the giver? Dominic

Who will make out with Julie Chen? Adam

Who will be the first HG to have a "ding dong" in their mouth? Kassi

Who's ding dong will it be? Lowan's

Who will be the first HG to have sex? Shelly

Who will she have sex with? Keith

Who will be the first person to lick someone's nipple? Lawon

Who's nipples will he lick? Kassi

Obviously many of the questions are sexually based!

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12:24 BBT

The games has gooten progressively more sexually graphic so I'll spare the details..

for some reason the feeds went to Foth..

12:26 BBT Back to the game...

the question one of who will have shit stain in their underwear lands on Rachel with Dani adding "the bottle never lies" {made me laugh}

12:32 BBT they are still playing...

( this is boring I'm out be back tomorrow}

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12:45 BBT

The sexual nature of the questions continue and involve buttplugs, walking in on their parents having sex, and more same sex oriented questions. Flash back to enjoy the full raunchiness if you dare.

Some houseguests have left the table and are getting ready for bed. Back in the kitchen Jeff asks Rachel how drunk she is on a scale of 1 to 10. Cam switches to Kalia Shelly and Keith in the HN room.

Lawon Kassi and Dom in the other bedroom whispering about who to keep - Porche or Keith. They think Brenchal could go either way. The trio want to get Kalia to vote their way by telling her that they are all voting collectively and she better jump on the bandwagon. Lawon doesn't think that would influence Kalia. A drunk Porche crashes the party and quickly exits. Kalia enters. Dom asks Kalia if she thinks the veto will be used - no. Then they all confirm they are voting Porche out.

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1:00 BBT

Kalia tells the other three to tell her if her sarcasm every gets out of line. Then they all discuss how pissed off they were at Keith last night. Porche comes in and turns the lights on interrupting their conversation again.

Talk turns to slop and how proud Kalia is they her and Lawon have made it 5 days. Kalia says she will stab someone in the next competition before she ends up on slop again.

A few minutes later Lawon and Dominic are left alone and begin discussing how Keith needs to apologize to Kalia (for accusing her of being with B/R J/J and Dani I think). Dom "I think you me and Kassi need to cut the fat." Kalia comes back in and they re iterate that Keith has shot himself in the foot but they think Keith is with them, he is strong, and he is a big target.

Dom wants to put up J/J and backdoor B/R. Kalia thinks Rachel is the mastermind now that Dick is gone and that Jeff is the strongarm. The are all scared of Brenchal making it through the golden key phase. Kalia thinks the next HOH will be majority rules.

1:15 BBT

Cam switches Rachel and Porche in the parlor room. Porche is throwing Keith under the bus. Rachel tries to ask Porche who she think Dominic or Shelly would put up if they won HOH but Kalia comes in. Rachel tells Kalia she is thinking about using the POV.

1:30 BBT

The lockdown is over and everyone is elated. Rachel and Porche stay behind in the parlor room and Rachel asks if she thinks they could trust Keith but Porche does not think so.

Everyone moves outside but the the cameras don't move outside. Maybe some of the comp is still set up. Kalia delivers the news about Rachel maybe using the POV to Dom in the bedroom and they begin to discuss but Dani interrupts asking if they want to come outside. They stay in the bedroom - talk turns to Kalia's boobs then menstruation then in grown hairs..

Camera switches to B/R arguing a bit about making decisions together and Rachel reminds Brendon that she said she was going to act like she's using the POV but Brendon isn't satisfied. He thinks she's making decisions alone and his input is not important. Rachel: I apologized. What more do you want me to do?

1:45 BBT

Brendan and Rachel have made up. You can hear people on the other side of the yard but all 4 cams are on Brenchal. Cams switch to bedroom where Dani Dom and Jeff are joking with each other. Kalia is also there and Jeff leaves. Dani is joking that she told Rachel she didn't like her on the show last year. Dani says Brendon is a doofus. Dom says Brendon is whipped.

Kalia thinks Brendon has the perfect swimmer's body. Dani disagrees and says he is thick. Dani talks about how everyone on her season was mean and people here are nice and fun so far.

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1:45 am BBT: Brendan and Rachel have made up.

Dani, Dom and Jeff are joking with each other. Kalia is also there and Jeff leaves. Dani is joking that she told Rachel she didn't like her on the show last year. Dani says Brendon is a doofus. Dom says Brendon is whipped.

Kalia thinks Brendon has the perfect swimmer's body. Dani disagrees and says he is thick. Dani talks about how everyone on her season was mean and people here are nice and fun so far.

2 am BBT: Cassi tells the BY group (Shelly, Brendon, Jeff, Adam, Rachel, Jordan and Porshe) that she started smoking when she was 19 and that she had a roommate that chain smoked.

Porshe tells them goodnight and goes inside.

Inside Dani is chatting about how nice the people this season are compared to her season and she thinks it’s more fun. She appreciates how they all joke with each other and can laugh at each other and themselves and not get pissy about it.

2:17 am BBT: When the feeds some back Jeff/Jordan and Brendon are in the hot tub and Rachel and Kalia are sitting beside it talk to them. Adam talk about a dog he use to have and Kalia is talking about how dry the air is in the BB house. Rachel informs them how bad her boogers got last year.

2:20 am BBT: Porshe goes into the have-not room where Keith is and shares with him the information that Rachel told her to earlier. (That Brendon and her where going to use the PoV to take Keith/Porshe off the block.) Keith is skeptic of this information but, seems to have perked up at the same time.

Adam is in the bathroom with Shelly telling her how important it is that one of the newbies wins the next HoH because Brenchel have “mad” skills.

2:35 am BBT: Adam left for a bit and when he comes back he tells Keith/Porshe that he’s worried that him and Dom might be a target if Brenchel were to use the PoV. He also points out to them that Kalia is out at the hot tub with the PHGs and he’s “praying” she’s annoying the hell out of them.

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2:00 BBT

Lawon comes in and says are you talking about me? Dani jokes that she won't vote out Lawon so Kalia can get a golden key.

In the backyard Shelly Adam and the others are discussing smoking in public places such as the airport.

Jordon has joined the bedroom gang and they are joking about the veto. Jordon is embarrassed about her performance. Apparently Rachel said some funny things during the comp such as "Get me the diagonal piece" and (to Brendon) "I'm trying pumpkinhead."

Jordon leaves for the hot tub and Kassi enters. So do Porche and Keith and we get FOTH. Feeds come back after a few minutes to the bedroom crew re hashing the spin the bottle game from earlier.

In the have not room Keith and Porche are whispering about Rachel possibly using the POV and then they all would have the votes to send whoever they want home. Inside at the bathroom Adam is telling Shelly that he thinks Jeff and Jordon should be put up next week and use the excuse that Jordon already won. Shelly is just kind of nodding along. Adam leaves.

Back to Keith and Porche. Keith thinks they should plead their case by asserting that they are strong players.

At the hot tub we have Brenchal, J/J and Kalia reminiscing about good times with ED. Rachel wanted to wake up one morning to Dick banging pots over her head. She also wanted to be able to say Dick made my life hell in the house.

2:30 BBT

Now the hot tub crew is re hashing the Russel Jeff technotronics incident. Then they talk about the spelling POV from BB12.

Inside Porche and Adam are talking in the dark. Adam says "they" love Lawon. Porche asks if he's gay. Keith thinks he might be in denial.

Back outside Jeff is joking about the POV comp which involved a puzzle and it was a disaster for him and Jordon. Kalia heads inside to go to bed.

Adam Keith and Porche again. Adam is paranoid that he may be being backdoored and Rachel picked him to host the POV because she wanted to "throw him a bone" before she backdoors him.

Outside on the couches we have Brenchal, J/J and shelly. Rachel again says she may use the POV. Shelly turns the subject to Keith and Porche fighting last night after it was announced that Dick was leaving. Shelly tells Jeff and Jordon that Keith said he saw J/J in the bathroom laughing about it so Keith knew it was a stunt and a bomb was going to be dropped after the POV. Jeff and Jordon say it wasn't true, that they were helping Dick pack.

Dani comes out and Rachel expresses that she misses Dick. Dani says no offense but you only lived with him for 6 days. Talk turns to Adam and Shelly says he is just one of those guys that needs reassurance. Again they all laugh about the bottle spinning game from earlier. Shelly thinks Porche is just young and Jordon adds that she is sometimes "snappy."

Wow they just said Adam ate 4 lbs of bacon and drank 10 cups of coffee in one sitting. Shelly she was scared last night b/c Brenchal were thinking of leaving after ED left.

3:00 BBT Night everyone!

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2:42 am BBT: Adam leaves HN to go to bed and now it’s Cassi, Lawon, Kalia, Porshe, Dani and Dom having random convos.

HT group has moved over to the BY couches with Shelly. Shelly is sharing everything that went down with Keith the night before and how he freaked out on her, Kalia and Porshe; making all kinds of accusations about not being with them (newbie 8) She’s also trying to smooth things over for Adam with Jeff. (I’m gathering that Adam had made a disrespectful comment to Jeff about Dick when they all learned he was leaving the game. Jeff didn’t appreciate it and Adam has been upset with himself every since he said it.)

Dani joins the BY group and they Brendon makes a joke that “oh sure, now that you have the golden key you think you can just hang with everyone in the house.” They all chuckle and she brings up that when she 1st looked outside she just automatically included her dad in her thought process (she was like Ooops)

3:05 am BBT: The fab5 have told Shelly she is the one person they ALL completely agree is trustworthy and they plan on taking her as far as possible.

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3:19amBBT Outside on Patio. Rachael, Jordan, Jeff, Brendon, & Shelly talk about when Dick left. Jordan said Dick was sleeping outside and was called to DR. Jordan was worried and thought he had a heart attack because he was in there so long. Rachel says after Dani got out of DR, when they called her in, there was a note on the chair. She said producers told her to read the note when they tell her to in front of everyone. They talk about how they did not see anyone last night no Alison Grodger or anyone. Today they said they saw people who kept there heads down.

3:30amBBT Rachel & Porshe talking in the HOH. Rachel trying to get info out of Porshe as she talks about gameplay. Rachel takes off her pants and walks around in her thong and puts on another pair of pants. Brendon comes up to the HOH room and Porshe leaves. Rachel tells Brendon she looks sooo ugly right now. Rachel tells Brendon that Porshe told them that Jeff & Jordan told her they threw the competion today. Brendon says they are not that stupid to say that. Brendon says Porshe is trying to pit them agaisnt each other. Rachel says it may be time for Porshe to go. Rachel says she is going to talk to Jordan. Brendon says he trusts Jeff & Jordan. Rachel agrees and will question Jordan tommrow. Brendon does not trust Porshe at all, "I don't trust her as far as a I can throw her. She thinks she is a smart player and playing both sides of the house." Brendon says they need to keep her in the game to make other angry. Brendon tells Rachel not to attack Jordan or grill her when asking her. FOTH

3:50amBBT Brendon & Rach talk about how Porshe is lying all the time, they turn off lights in HOH room and talk about Porshe and her lies. Brendon says Porshe is a loose cannon and nobody likes her. She may be stupid and annoying, and does not know how to play the game. Brendon tells Rachel to talk to Jordan tommrow. Brendon thinks Jordan may have said that to act stupid

In Have Not room. Dani, Lawon, & Kalia laugh about Adam wanting to take one of Dick's shirts and his cigarets. Dani jokes he would aution them. They laugh about Adam with the note yesturday and how his DRs must be

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