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August 15th Live Feed Updates


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jenn is seriously pissed about the 'stupid girl' song... she started singing it and we had fish for a few...

a- after it is done you can go in there and curse them out for playing that stupid song...

jenn- i just won't say much more during more reign

a- do you want some muffins or some oj?

jenn - no i am fine

they are talking stradegy now... FISH on all 4

11:29 BB time FISH

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Guest BigSis

(In case no one else posted this I will.)

J,M,B,A,I in GR talking about the song that was played this morning. J is pissed because the song said something about stupid girl. She is trying to figure out if BB is referring to her and maybe what she is about to do is stupid. Says that it won't change her mind, actually makes her more determined now. She tells group what her speach is going to be, and yes, she is going to put up Kaysar.


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Guest BigSis

(In case no one else posted this I will.)

J,M,B,A,I in GR talking about the song that was played this morning. J is pissed because the song said something about stupid girl. She is trying to figure out if BB is referring to her and maybe what she is about to do is stupid. Says that it won't change her mind, actually makes her more determined now. She tells group what her speech is going to be, and yes, she is going to put up Kaysar. They talk about if they should just go straight to GR after ceremony because everyone is going to be really mad.


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Guest BigSis

(In case no one else posted this I will.)

J,M,B,A,I in GR talking about the song that was played this morning. J is pissed because the song said something about stupid girl. She is trying to figure out if BB is referring to her and maybe what she is about to do is stupid. Says that it won't change her mind, actually makes her more determined now. She tells group what her speech is going to be, and yes, she is going to put up Kaysar. They talk about if they should just go straight to GR after ceremony because everyone is going to be really mad.


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just before all FISH..

the friendship was in the HOH bathroom talking and preparing for the POV meeting. They are still making suggestions as to what to say and to keep it simple. Maggie asks Jen if she still wants them to surround her for the entire day to prevent K from coming to her. They all decide to come directly back to the HOH room after the ceremony. April (once again, running it in the ground) reiterates blaming the decision (to put K up on the block) on the entire group, not just Jen. Maggie comes back with a team motto. April asks Jen if she wants OJ or a muffin and Jen says no.


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12:20pm BBT

Back Yard

James: Kaysar said that Jen is going to go down as the biggest scoundral and liar

(James talking to Ivette and April)


Gold Room

Rachel: i'm so sorry, I almost wish it was me going to go home instead

Kaysar: I don't want to stay here

Rachel: she was crying about about wanting james out. She's not going to be the most loved player or the big brother sweetheart. we had an agreement.Maybe they are better at the game but we are better people, being nasty and shady they are good at that, being stronger competitors thats us.



James: this is the first strategic move this house has made

James: i told them they're a strong group, we were supposed to be unbreakable, but we didn't have that trust, there is a leader over there and I think that's why he wanted me gone.



R: Go to the DR

K: I need to get out of my self

H: they did it out of fear, they knew if they put James up

R: In my opinion she is just as bad as james, maybe worse

H: for this week, this is the worse decision they could be made, they are stuck with me for the remainder and thats going to be unpleasant

R: Be funny if james wins this whole thing

K: You morons (the friendship)

H: i got nothing to loose, if they want to play dirty, I got to get them out of their element

Jan: I feel like killing someone



Jen: i never said i had a hallow over my head

Apr: If james and jennifer go up next week, then james goes.

Apr: or they wil put up someone from pairs, don't talk to kaysar by yourself

Jen: it was a group decision kaysar so i think the group should be here to defend themselves


Rachel: we could have gone against what we agreed, we let them do this

Jan: basically because we played nice they one

male voice: tear he appart

R: my reputation is more important than this show

K: i'd rather maintain my composure than become a low life, I'm not one to apply to a million reality shows, I chose to come here just to see how it goes

R: i did't come here to win money i came to help out howie

K: she has to keep reiterating 'my team is very close' what are you talking about, what does that have to do with the game

H: this week is about swearing about getting james out, but it was a great move for them, it still bothers me about swearing in the pressure cooker and the HOH room last week. April better not say the wrong thing to me.


James: unbelievable, you guys chose me over kaysar, especially after last week

Iv: least we went out in a bang

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K:Don't tell me everyone has lied

April: everyone has lied in this game, who is the one who said first that oh my god, i think james and ivette have a pack

Jan: Jen

Howie: we all four pieced it together

Janelle: april, you brought up the Ivette thing, Jennifer brought it up

Jen: we didn't come to you going let keep sarah, and go after ivette

apr: sarah came and told us how you came to her and told her about all this


Kay: can you cry on que like that, thats impressive

Jen: you said you were f'ing with me for 5 hours

apr: why are you attacking jen. we all came to this decision

Kay: she's trying to justify what happened that day

Jen: you never are going to believe anything i say, i was going to stick to our deal, i was going to go to the group and tell them what the deal was between us. we believe you f'd us over last week after ivette was put up

kay: how do you want me to believe this, when i had nothing to do with last week

Jen: you know how it is to be HOH, I was thinking 2 of us as pawns, or 1 of you and 1 of us. but the numbers make me not trust you. We don't trust that james is not part of your group.

How: you can lie everyday there are no rules, but you all came

to my room last week and sweared on everything you could that we would be 6-1 sarah then james this week

Jen: you guys were going to screw us with the ivette vote, thats when the deal was broken, you guys tried to blame us to maggie

Jan: you guys are the ones that tried to go with getting ivette off, rachel went to maggie cause we didn't trust you and felt you were going to blame us for this

Maggie: you are not getting an explanation from me

K: i don't want one from you i want one from the HOH

Jen: i already gave you one

K: Everyday i asked you about this and you said we were going with the plan

Jen: for a few days i said i was going with the deal with kaysar, but as a group this is what we decided

Kaysar: i just don't understand why you even made the deal with me, condition after condition

Jen: things change on a dime

Jan: nothing should have changed cause we had a deal jennifer

K: i'm thoroughly amused, we are having a great conversation right now, I'm still convinced you are just starving for attention

Jen: arent' we all

K & Jan: NO

Maggie: you say its not personal but now you are making personal attacks

K: i'm done

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M,A,J,I,B and James sitting in BY

Condensed version

I: Kaysar is upset because he got f**ked over by a woman

Maggie gave I a dirty look

I to Maggie: Are you mad with me now for saying that?

Maggie: (very non emotional) no

Jen: American picked Kaysar to come back because he stirred up drama in the house, well he is leaving and I am stirring up the drama now.

I: I am going to protect all five of us against R's personal attacks

Jen: They can do what they want, I have had sh*t thrown at me all my life, it rolls off my back now.

Maggie just sitting there not even responding to others questions. She gives the impression she wants this to all go away and just live her life.

Jen: I am going to the sequester house now so I don't care what happens.

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M,A,J,I,B and James sitting in BY

Condensed version

I: Kaysar is upset because he got f**ked over by a woman

Maggie gave I a dirty look

I to Maggie: Are you mad with me now for saying that?

Maggie: (very non emotional) no

Jen: American picked Kaysar to come back because he stirred up drama in the house, well he is leaving and I am stirring up the drama now.

I: I am going to protect all five of us against R's personal attacks

Jen: They can do what they want, I have had sh*t thrown at me all my life, it rolls off my back now.

Maggie just sitting there not even responding to others questions. She gives the impression she wants this to all go away and just live her life.

Jen: I am going to the sequester house now so I don't care what happens.

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Ivette: outside of this house i'm sure kaysar is a good person, but i don't know about game wise, and you had me fooled (rachel) thinking that you really liked cappy

Rachel: i did like eric, we'd sit out here every morning and talk

Beau(to maggie): I didn't swear on anything about what I'm doing, I didn't go and swear on the bible


K: lets evict someone who just walked in the door, I'm not attacking you personally

Maggie: you can

K: thanks for the offer but i don't want to


James: Rachel and Howie know that they had two more buffers, but now one of their buffers is gone, they only fought hard in the last HOH cause they knew I would put them home

Ivette: Kaysar got beat by a women

Jen: I have been treated like shit my entire life, it just rolls of my back now

Ivette: I don't care what they tell me, she can come at me with more more more and she just gets angry, shove a horse up your ass

James: America you can have your gift back

Jen: i think they voted kaysar back in cause he stirred shit up

maggie: she called you a f*ckin liar

april: howie didn't say anything cause he knows janelle wasn't right


Kaysar: they saw we became strong when I came back and that scared them

R: what did howie say

K: about how the sweared

K: none of them would even confront us

J: they asked who came up with evicting ivette, i said jennifer and they were like thank you

K: I told her she had kindergarden tactics, and she left the room

J: take you chin implanted self out of this room bitch

K: you actually paid for that

J: you look like a bird

R: you should have seen the jealousy in jennifer when you and april one something in that room

J: she's searching for something but she'll never have it, she's too insecure

R: bunch of assholes

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April: Can you believe janelle is so adimant on saying we came up with the ivette idea

( I'm starting to know when April is not telling the truth, she repeats the story over and over more than usual to try and convince everyone)

Jen: Oh I know

Maggie: they were asking if I knew that james was hiding in the bathroom when i was talking to eric, and I don't care, i don't believe james or kaysar

Beau: deals are off when you tried to back door my partner

Maggie: i don't owe that group my thoughts, i only owe you guys and the diary room

Jen: he admitted that he was trying to screw with me every half hour in that box



Jan: you guys tried to F*ck us over, jen is the one who said what if they are working together

Janelle: we never approached sarah, she told us that jen came to her and said that ivette volunteered

April: they never approached us until the day befor the votes, they said that you came into the gold room with a big smile on you face and they were like what is going on and said i can't tell you right now, but there could be some hope, and james told sarah to not get excited cause they could be screwing with us. rachel told them to go campaign to me and jen. and rachel was cussing you out for being in the hoh room

janelle: she did

april: yeah, and she tried to make a deal for her and howie for 3 weeks, and without kaysar she will backstab you

janelle: i though i could believe you about me not going up and now i'm up

april: kaysar swore on his life to not put up eric yet he did, we have all lied

janelle: thats not how i'm playing this game

april: in the rule book it says there are no rules, james has lied and kaysar has lied

jan: why did jen cry

april: she wanted to stay in for us

jan: what kind of person would do that, swear on everything and then do the complete opposite, thats not how i'm going to play

jan: she was supposed to put up beau and ivette

april: who said that? Kaysar? Its a lie, he said maggie and ivette, and if maggie stayed up there she'd have the numbers against her

Jan: howie trusted you guys, strategically they were on our side(james and sarah), i don't think i can trust you anymore

april: jen and i know what happened, you may think it was our idea but it wasn't

Jan: you guys persuaded howie, but that won't happen again

april: kaysar said put james and sarah up

Jan: no, thats suicide for us, we did it for you guys

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M,Jen,B in HOH room

They are mainly talking about how K keeps thinking that Jen is looking for attention with the HOH thing, but they all agreed that K got his spot light when he was HOH and got rid of Cappy.

Beau and Jen are recapping old stories about how K and his group have lied to each of them, while Maggie keeps saying "I doooon't care any more about this stuff"

Jan and April in the Kitchen talking about who was really going after Ivette last week.

April: I knew you didn't like Ivette or what ever, (interrupted by Janelle)

Jan: why did you guys say we did it then

April: we never said we were thinking about voting I off. Sarah was so hurt because she said R and Jan was going to vote I off and she just needed our votes.

Jan: we never went to Sarah about this.

April: Look here, everyone is going to have a story, you are going to say someone said this, we are going to say someone said this, who the f**k knows.

April: James and Sarah never confronted us till the day of the votes. They said you came in with a big smile on your face. They asked what was going on and you said I can't tell you right now.

now taking a break to talk about dill pickles.

April: You supposedly said, don't get your hopes up but we think we can get the votes to save you. They said they told you they were sorry and you and R were giving her hope that if she could get me and Jen to swing our votes she would have the votes to stay.

Now she is telling Janelle how Rachel was bi*ching about Janelle last week and how R couldn't spend time with Howie because of Janelle, so we as a group saw that without K you three were falling apart and that is good for us. We know that Rachel will back stab you in a heart beat without Kaysar here.

Janelle is kind of speechless.

April: Look here, you are the odd ball out with your group Janelle.

Jan: I know that but I thought I could trust you April.

April: Kaysar swore on his life that he wouldn't put up Cappy but he did.

Jan: but Cappy broke his word.

April: it doesn't matter, if you want a fair game and you swear on your life you follow through.

Jan: I would of believed you if you would of swore to me I was safe while you were holding that button.

April: If I had been HOH I would of never put you up Janelle. Believe me Janelle, everyone in this house has lied during this game.

Jan: NOOOOOO I don't play like that April.

April: Come on Jan, we have all lied in this house.

Jen: Then why was Jen crying?

April: because she knew we had to have her win HOH

Jen: NO I think she was playing Kaysar

I would never play like that.

April: Never say never Janelle.

Now they are argueing about who Kaysar wanted Jen to put up on the block, Jan says it was Beau and Ivette, April says no it was Maggie that Kaysar is lying.

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Jan and April moved to the BY to talk.

In a nutshell: Jan is pleading her case that Howie put up two of their group for the house and when April's group had HOH they didn't follow through and sacrifice two of her group to get rid of James.

April: You didn't put two of your group up, James and Sarah weren't in your group, you all admitted that.

Jan: yeah but they THOUGHT they were in our group so it is the same thing.

Jan: Howie didn't put our group first last week, he put the house as a whole first last week.

April: and without Kaysar, you three fell apart

Jan: no you persuaded Howie to do your dirty work and that won't happen again I swear.

April: bottom line is you all have lied to us to better your chances and now we have bettered our chances. Who do you think would be better for me and Jen to have leave this house? Kaysar, but we had to go with the majority of our group and I am not telling you who that leaves that wanted Kay out. Jen had to do what the majority of the group wanted.

Jan: well how do you think Howie feels?

April: I am not here for the money

Jan: then what are you doing here then?

April: you talk about the game and blah blah blah, I am here because Jennifer needed me to be here, if it came down to me and Jen I would beg you all to let Jennifer have the money.

Jan: That has nothing to do with this, it doesn't matter why your here for the game, none of us is here for the money either.

April: I don't go through this game thinking about the money

Jan: who do you think wants the money the most though

April: James, he is always thinking of the money

Jan: Absolutely.

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April continues to tell Jan every single detail of what R said about Jan a few days ago when R was so upset.

Now they are talking about the Ivette being voted off deal

Jan: even though we discussed this option, it doesn't mean we were going to do it so how can you see that as backing out on the deal?

April: How did James and Sarah know there was a chance that they could be saved and how did Ivette know about the discussion? You know Jen and I wouldn't of told Ivette about it.

Jan: I don't know

April: It had to of been you or Rachel telling them and they told Ivette.

Jan: Rachel wouldn't of done that, she wouldn't lie to you or anyone.

April: Come on Jan you said you didn't like Ivette, that you would of rather been here with Sarah than with Ivette.

Jan: I meant if Ivette and James were working together

April: Jan come on, it is a personality thing with you and Ivette

April: Sarah came to us and said she wasn't going to trash talk Ivette but you and Rachel told her that if she could swing our votes she could be saved.

Jan: Oh yeah maybe I did ask James if Ivette and him were working together, maybe they got something out of that?

April: How did they get the plan out of that Jan?

Jan didn't really have an answer for her.

Feed changed to Howie and Kaysar in the kitchen.

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Janelle and April talking in the By, A, basically saying that her and Jennifer aren't in it for the money, and they could care less on what happens, and that what happened last week they weren't a part of. ( I came in during the middle of the conversation, so that is waht I had picked up from it.

Then there are some nail files or something on the table that Janelle is using and these are the exact quotes that were said:

A: "Who's are these, are they Maggies?"

J, "They're mine!"

A: "Can I use them?"

J: "NO"

LOL. The "Satinship, has just saved James' A$$ for about 6 weeks or so, untill they are gone. That's the funniest part, because they are thinking that they will put up Jennifer and James, no it will be more like Jennifer and Maggie/Ivette.

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Well all hell broke loose in BY. I can't repeat all that was said because Howie was yelling so fast but he basically told April that she was a big target and she would be going home as soon as he won HOH, which he swore he would get HOH Thursday, and she would be going. He told her that she could earn minimum wage for the rest of the year because she is NOT getting the money and she f*cking wants the money. He also said she was a loser, and many other evil names. Then he told her that she could go home to her fat husband and ugly dog for all he cares.

All April said was "I don't care" over and over and over.

Maggie heard the yelling while she was in the kitchen and came out to try and calm down April, Kaysar got up and went to Howie's side and repeatedly said "Howie stop it, calm down" "It isn't worth this."

Rachel put an "Howie stop it" once in a while.

Now Howie, Ivette, Maggie, Kaysar and Janelle are sitting in the BY talking about why Kaysar is upset.

Maggie: Howie I would like to talk to you about this but I don't want to get into an evil talk like you just did with April.

Howie: You guys brought first blood. I am done playing nice guy, you will see the evil Howie.

Kaysar: Maggie go ahead and ask me what happen with Cappy, I will answer all your questions.

Maggie: I don't have any questions, I don't even want to talk about what happen over the last few weeks, it is over, we need to move ahead. (she is being very calm in her responses but you can see her face crunch up when they start slamming her team, calling them stupid)

Kaysar: Someone tell me what happen last week, all I know is I wasn't here and my bags aren't even unpacked and now I am leaving.

Now Beau has joined them.

Ivette: I told Maggie last week, something shady is going on against me. I don't know if it is from Jen and April or someone from Howie's team. Beau told them to put him up instead but I went up instead. When the ceremony was over everyone scattered like coachroaches and I knew for sure something was up by that time. I went to Howie and I said if the votes come back other than 6 to 1 then all beats are off right? If there was two votes then no one would know what was going on.

Jan: They were trying to trap me and Rachel.

Ivette: If I leave this house then I go unbended and honorable, do you understand Kaysar?

Howie: You know the way things are going you could be voting for James and Janelle at the end of the game to win the money.

Maggie: We know and that is fine.

Howie: I take this week and last week personally because I had everyone coming to my room begging and swearing on their Bibles, families and pets and now this is how it ends.

Beau: Did I swear on anything Howie, honestly?

Howie: Well almost everyone did.

Howie: If lying and cheating is the way the play the game then you all will see the real Howie.

Beau: If your partner was on the block wouldn't you try to protect them?

Ivette: If you volunteered to pawn yourself and then the key players were rethinking the plan wouldn't you take it personally?

Howie: yeah I would,

Ivette: Okay then game on.

Ivette and Janelle start talking loudly, Beau and Howie talking loudly, Kaysar watching and saying nothing, and Maggie got fed up and left.

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Maggie, Jen and April in HOH room

Maggie: I realized today that I can't leave this house and honestly say I didn't go back on my word. They all believe this choice was a group choice so therefore I have broke my word and I am not comfortable with this.

Jen: They think this was a group choice, not mine?

April: No I kept telling them that this wasn't your fault, you had to go with the majority.

Jen just looked at April and shook her head.

Maggie: I told Kaysar that we all have broke our word and therefore I don't need to rehash all of the past weeks, we need to focus on the future. I kept asking Kaysar, what are you going to do now Kaysar, the game isn't over.

Jen was talking about Janelle spilling coffee on April's (I think) picture.

Jen: she is so immature

Maggie: I told Howie I will talk with him but I will not allow anyone to bring in my family and pets and personal life into this game, they didn't sign up for this, I did.

April: if Howie apologizes to me, I don't think I could accept his apology because he brought in my husband and dog.

Maggie: None of us, even myself, can say we haven't lied or went back on our word now, NONE OF US. I want James gone next week, I want him f*cking gone.

Maggie: Howie is in a bind, he wants to play morally, but it has come down now that no one can play this morally, yet he wants to play with stratedgy. Howie is really hurt and confused and he is just venting.

Jen: If we kept Kaysar in the end, they would of had more votes and I have to protect my group.

April: Howie said I looked like a f*cking idiot on national tv for going back on my word.

Maggie: No one is going to punish me harder than myself for going back on the word.

Jen: we all have made fun of others in this house. We are all guilty of it.

April: Maggie tell Jen how evil Howie was being to me, tell her the magnatude of his conversation.

Maggie: I have never seen Howie be so evil and mean as he was this time. But he was venting and hurting and nothing we said would of made it any better. Maybe now that he has vented he will calm down and see the game for how it is.

April: Do you think he will apologize to me?

Maggie: Doesn't matter.

jen: There are alot of people in this world that thinks they can do what they want and then say they are sorry.

Maggie: it doesn't matter, the damage is done.

April: I kept saying the group, to take the pressure off Jen. I think I took one for the group.

Feed change.

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around 3:30 april, howie, janelle, kaysar and rachel in back yard

April: please don't be mad at me kaysar, you know i love you

Kaysar: just don't say this to my face how you are going to do one thing, and five hours later

April: James was definitely working it

Kaysar: i genuinely reached out to you, you are going to seriously base this on he said she said

april: you are a strategical player, we know howie and rachel will go after james next week, your group fell apart last week, that should be a compliment to you that you hold them together. rachel was storming around this house livid.

kaysar: what does that have to do with me, or promises, what about 2 weeks ago when you were making promises

Howie: you just threw your chance for the money out the door

april : i don't care about the money, but me up next week

kaysar: calm down howie

howie: you are a waste of a nomination, cause you suck, you wanted to take on lies and deception, you threaten me when i'm HOH then act all like you have power when your partner gets HOH, you are out the f*ckin door when i win HOH next thursday

april : why is it all about me, its not just me, we are a group

howie: bad move on your part, you are a f*ckin baby, i have been listening to you since you walked in this place, you leave your husband for minimum wage, you think michael cause problems, its f'ing hurican season now. when i get HOH pack your bags. lets see how much you care.

maggie: let it go april, he's the one looking like an idiot

janelle: atleast he's not a liar

april: you know you have lied

howie: shock the hell out of me

April: i don't f'in care

howie: bullsh!t, greed is what is driving you

maggie: he is so evil

april went back inside

Howie: james deserves to take me out, there is alot of truth to what i just said

maggie: we learned our lesson about swearing, when people bring up eric i have nothing to say about that

kaysar: james is a smooth talker, if i knew that was going on i could have sat there and told you lies and sweet talked all of you, but i didn't want to do that, when i was HOH james was tearing april a new one. All these different lies he would tell and i would seperate from that

maggie: what makes you think i believe james

kaysar: then why has it come to this, i was on my way out, i told you guys to get james out, i didn't know about the twist and then you guys think he's on my side when i came back

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Jan, Howie, and Rachel were in bedroom

Howie: why do we worry, there has to be a double eviction and BB will give it to us when we have HOH

Jan: Maggie was using my file and I grabbed it out of her hand and took it.

Rachel was laughing so hard.

Jan: I am done being nice, they are getting the b*tch now.

Then they talked about what they could do around the house to make them made.

Howie: I am done playing nice, I am out for the kill now. Do you both hate me for not taking things personally till now?

Both Jan and Rachel said no of course not.

Rachel: Howie I will do my best to play for you

Howie: your not giving up are you now?

Rachel: no I am just reassuring you I have your back.

Jan: I am not going to let them kick us around any more.

Howie: America loves us, we are the greatest

Rachel: Thanks America.

Jan went to see what Kaysar was saying, Rachel went to do something and Howie is working out.

Feed change to Maggie, April, Jen and Ivette in HOH

Ivette asked if Jen was okay

Maggie: Jen is hard as nails she is okay.

April: No I am the one that took the bullet for the team.

Now Ivette and Beau are recounting what happen outside with Kaysar after Maggie left.

Ivette: I told Kaysar that we all put our two cents in. I told Kaysar that I thought you should of left in the first two weeks.

Jen: I know Kaysar isn't going to believe me, but I was going to keep my promise but when you (Ivette) said we should of taken Kaysar out instead of Ashlea the first week, that is what changed my mind.

Ivette: Kaysar, you are smart, you don't think out of your ass, you think with your head. If you have someone like that in the house with three people behind you, what would you do? I would take out the smart one who has Janelle who has a lot of luck, Rachel who blends in with everyone so well so what would you do.

Ivette said Kaysar said: Damn, Ivette your good, I see where your coming from.

Ivette: Do we waste more chances and weeks of getting out the strong players to get James out? James has no one in his corner, you can't work in this house alone, he is no threat.

April: Did he say anything about me, or about us being weak?

Ivette: he said we are all weak. He is telling us all that we will always work for minimum wage.

April: Why am I the most evil one in this house?

Beau: Howie said Jen is HOH this week, but April was HOH last week.

Now April is recalling how she isn't in this for the money. I am here for Jen

Jen: I don't think anyone really needs the money, fame or center of attetion but the money would be good for each of us.

April: Did Howie say how I first drew blood?

Beau and Ivette: No not to us. He just keeps saying how we are going to see the real Howie now.

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Kaysar, Rachael and Janelle in gold room

Kaysar: I take this as a compliment. They didn't like the way I played, they voted me out, America loved me and how I played and brought me back in, now they are getting me out again.

Kaysar: What do I do, I stood in the box for 14 hours, I had a little girl crying to me so I gave it to her because she made promises, what else could I do?

Rachel: stomp on her.

Kaysar: I will have my way with her during the live show. I will make sure she pays.

Jan: I am going to be so evil to all of them.

Janelle admitted that she put her wet coffee cup on Sarah's picture (so it wasn't April's picture)

Rachel: I told him I am sure it wasn't on purpose, but he said he knew who used that cup.

Jan: I didn't think it would stain then she laughed.

James has moved out of the gold room.

Rachel: I am glad I got to adjorn the meeting so Jen couldn't talk more.

Kaysar: Yeah Jen was going to say something and you butted in and said meeting adjorned.

Rachel: I didn't know what to say.

Kaysar: You did great, short and sweet.

Rachel and Kaysar all think Jen did what she did for spotlight. Now Rachel is complaining that she should of gotten her spot light during the veto ceremony, it was her ceremony not Jen's.

Jan: I am going to wear what ever I want and i am going to prance all over this house.

Rachel: that purple is pretty.

Jan: I am really pissed off about all of this. I am going to change outfits all through the day from now on. I am doing to do so many f*cking out fit changes they aren't even going to know what hit them.

Rachel: I love it.

Jan: I will be back.

Rachel: I love her.

Rachel: I am not jealous of Jan but I think that is where alot of this evilness comes from, they are jealous of her.

Kaysar: They are jealous that we play well. If the Ivetter thing hadn't happen last week we wouldn't be in this situation. You shouldn't of fallen for it.

Rachel: I DIDN'T fall for it, when Howie told me what he was doing, I was so pissed at him.

Kaysar: It shouldn't of happen, it was a mistake.

Jan came back and the conversation switched to what Jan was wearing.

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