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August 15th Live Feed Updates


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Janelle leaves the room (Kaysar, Janelle and Rachel) and says she is getting some cheese. Rachel tells Janelle (laughingly) to go eat all of the food. Janelle says she plans to not eat all of the food later, but to get extra beautiful. She says she will get extra beautiful, so they better watch out. They all laugh as Janelle leaves. Rachel jokes that BB will cut that scene to Janelle just saying "They better watch out!"

Rachel talks about how she just loves Janelle, genuinely. She feels that Janelle has qualities that Rachel wishes she had, but she is of an age and position in life where she can't have those qualities. Kaysar agrees and says that he and Rachel are alike in that they have those qualities in themselves, but they restrict them and can't let them out. Janelle CAN let them out, and she has pizzazz.

Rachel and Kaysar discuss how this show is a huge scientific experiment and they are like rats in a cage. She says it is so interesting how the house divided among these lines, and she likes to sit back and watch how each side acts, talks and looks. She says she feels that the house divided among the weak and strong.

Kaysar wonders if he had gotten the veto, if the other side would have taken out James then? Rachel and Janelle (who enters the room) say that no, they would have taken out Howie, definitely.

Kaysar says now he gets to go home and have another birthday party. Kaysar seems to be enjoying his time with them and taking this in stride, mostly. Rachel has apologized to him several times this afternoon, and he keeps telling her it's fine.

Janelle asks Kaysar and Rachel if they feel there is any reason at all for her to be nice to the other side? Rachel says no, there isn't. Kaysar says that he isn't going to tell them what to do at all any longer--they should do as they want.

Janelle says the next time Jennifer stares at her, she is going to ask "What are you staring at bitch?" and she isn't going to think it is because she is Mexican. Kaysar and Rachel ask each other what THAT meant, and they don't know. Janelle says that Mexicans stare a lot. Rachel says "O-kay." Kaysar tells Janelle not to bring up Mexicans and not to go out being racist. Janelle says she isn't going to go out being racist--she will not be racist but will instead be buxom. They all laugh.

Ivette, Maggie and James are talking briefly when the feed switches to them. Maggie says that "They don't trust us" and then Maggie leaves. James and Ivette are playing chess. James tells Ivette that he calls what is happening a "holy war" because it truly is. He says that in a holy war, each side believes they are right or good. He says that is what this house is like; each side really believes it. Ivette can't believe the other side believes they are right or good. James tells her that the other side does believe, truly, that Eric is a bad person. She is amazed by that. He tells her that there are reasons for that. He says that she should remember that each side believes it is right. He tells her that Kaysar and Howie know that Eric had a final four agreement with them and James and Eric, but Eric broke that agreement. Eric also had an agreement with Beau and Ivette to the final four. So Eric did lie in his agreements he made to the final four. That is what the other side sees, so they believe they are right. James says that "There is no right or wrong here--there is only survivors. And somehow I survived another frickin' week!"

The game ends and James goes over to Howie and asks how the workout is going. Howie says it's fine. Howie says in a low voice (Janelle is listening, and I'm not sure if James heard) that they drew first blood, not him. He says that he has been playing a role, acting good, but they will see the real him soon. Kaysar and Rachel are in the hammock giggling at Howie, and Rachel is telling him to stop laughing, but they are giggling so hard they can't help it. They are giggling at Howie and Janelle, and Rachel says that they are complete opposites to Kaysar and Rachel, and she can't help but giggle.

Rachel is talking with Kaysar about how Howie will put up April and April is scared shitless. Janelle yells "You Fuckers!" and Kaysar and Rachel giggle. Rachel says Ivette doesn't know what to do.

Janelle: I'm gonna wear stillettos the entire rest of this show!

Howie: I'm gonna wear red cause I'm MAD!

Rachel and Kaysar giggle. Rachel asks how Kaysar wants them to vote. She giggles again. Kaysar tells them to vote for him. Then he changes his mind and says vote Janie, because they will vote Janie. Howie comes up to them, and Howie says that April hasn't come outside since he went off on her. Janelle says she is "fucking pissed!" but she is giggling.

Rachel: You've changed clothes again, Janelle! That's so cute!

Janelle says she doesn't give a damn anymore. She will tell them off.

F1 switches to the weight room.

Ivette is swearing, telling Maggie personal attacks on the others. She says that Howie has never really fucked a woman, and that he is tired from having sex with himself. Maggie says it is hard to not make personal attacks on them, and then proceeds to make them.

Jennifer says that she is sorry she made the house so bad for them. Ivette leaves. Maggie says this is hard, she doesn't want them to do it, but she is having it come back. Jen says its like you don't care what they say to you, but it is bad when they come after your partner. Maggie says that she doesn't want them saying anything that will "defame" Eric's character.

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5:40 p.m. BB time

Ivette is sitting on the bed which James is lying on, and they are talking. James is being philosophic and says that he is thinking of the first week, saying that everyone liked each other so much that they felt it would be a boring house because people would hate to vote each other off. He felt that way, he says.

He tells Ivette that he will be playing FOR HER (Ivette).

James to Ivette: I'll be playing for YOU.

They tell each other to be careful when they are talking to each other. They start whispering.

James says this house is so funny--the people, the house. He says that it is so funny that each side feels so strong that they are playing right. Ivette says it's not that they feel they are right. They just had to step it up a notch, because they couldn't play the way the other side wanted them to play. James says that Jennifer played the way BB is--there are no rules other than not obstructing their microphone. Ivette says that her side is actually playing right because the other side "still lies to each other." Big pause, and then James says she is right.

James: Since your group acts as one, it basically is all of them. Sarah is going to be so happy this week, because she is the one who started it all.

Ivette says that the other side has people who are talking trash and stirring things up. James says that is why her side doesn't trust him.

Ivette badmouths Rachel.

James: I cannot believe I am safe for a week, this week.

Ivette says her instincts are right sometimes. Her instincts about James were right. James agrees.

Ivette says that her instincts led her in the pinata thing, and she was the one who caused James to win, so her instincts were right.

James: Like I said, the only reason I'm here, still here, is that other people made dumber mistakes than me. This is the best strategic move of the entire game so far.

Ivette: Craziness, James. Craziness.

Ivette checks the blue square in the wall, in case they put anything else in there. She wants to know where the black light is, but BB must have taken it away.

James says he has to get HOH next week. Ivette says or she has to get it. She says that when she didn't get it last time, it just meant it wasn't her week to get it.

Ivette whispers to James that Rachel is full of shit.

She says that Howie is out of control now and is being mean.

James and Ivette whisper about Rachel and Howie. BB turns the volume all of the way up, but it is hard to hear.

James tells Ivette that last night he opened up to the Bible verse of Daniel and the Lion's Den. Ivette doesn't know what that is. James explains that the King threw Daniel to the lions, and the lions didn't touch Daniel. So the King came down to see if Daniel's God saved him, and he was upset. Ivette says that is funny, and James agrees.

Ivette says she feels funny lately, and James says it is stress.

James: I guess the great thing about being a lesbian is that you never think you are pregnant.

Ivette (loudly now) says that a doctor told her she was pregnant, or might be, and he kept saying she could be and she argued that she knew she wasn't, and then she said she liked women.

Ivette immediately starts talking in a near whisper again after this convo.

Janelle is called to DR.

Ivette: April? Come here!

Ivette asks if she is okay.

April says she told them in the DR about Howie. She said they are aware of everything Howie said, and they have everything he did on tape. She acts excited about this (obviously she doesn't realize this could be good for Howie and not bad). James says she isn't allowed to talk about that (DR stuff) and she says she doesn't care.

April: He was out there and said "You fucking ass is gonna be in sequester with me and your fucking ass isn't gonna have cigarettes." She says that he talked about her "fucking fat husband and dog." April says that she would never say anything like that about people's family, and they got her "riled up" and that is what they wanted.

April says Howie said, "Your fucking ass is going down next, you fucking bitch!" and she told him she didn't care. He told her that she is there for the money and won't get it. She says "James, you know I'm not here for the money!" but James doesn't answer. She tells them that Howie said she wasn't even worth the nomination. James says that Howie said the same to him about April.

James: This was the first strategic move in this game.

April says that they told her that James would be coming after their "fucking asses" next week.

James: They're still trying to turn you guys against me.

April: I don't care.

April says that they think she has a bunch of money for some reason. She says that Howie told her that she would be in fucking sequester making fucking minimum wage.

April: As much as Michael made personal attacks on Eric, this was the worst that has happened in this house.

April says that Howie was "fucking on the table like this on me" and Kaysar had to push him back.

April: He said there is a fucking pussy in this house that hides behind everybody that has power. I said, "Are you talking about me?" and he said yes!

April: I hope to God Matt, Matt is a way bigger person and I hope to God that Matt doesn't say anything to Howie.

April tells how Howie said that she would be looking at his face everyday, making minimum wage in the sequester house.

April: I told him Howie, I want you to look at your life and look at mine. Period. April goes on to say how she has a much better life than Howie has, and he needs only to look at that.

Maggie comes in the room and says she just "briskly walked" two miles.

James talks about his workout. Maggie starts going through drawers, asking where "Beau's hidden candy stash" is. Then April tells her that is all Beau had for now, and he told them they can't eat the rest until next week. (So their team has a hidden hoard of food).

April says they (BB) can give her a PN (penalty nomination), she doesn't care! (She is still going to talk about what she said in the DR) Then she stops herself and says that everyone will be shocked when they see how he acted.

Ivette says that Howie said he can be the joker, he can be whatever America wants.

Ivette: According to him, he's good looking.

Jennifer comes through the room. They talk about clothes.

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April goes into the weight room to gripe about Howie again. Maggie, Ivette, Beau and Jennifer are there. Howie peeks in and asks if they are doing cardiac. April turns around and asks him "Can we have a minute?" in a snappy way. He says he just wanted to say one thing--to let her know that he will get a DOR form for her and she can turn it in. (This stands for "drop out request"). April says that she feels physically threatened by Howie. Maggie says that he is allowed to do what he is doing right now. (Howie continues to yell, like a cheer, that he want her DOR! He wants her DOR!) April changes what Howie said and says that he said he wants her DOR RIGHT NOW! (In a mean voice) and says he is trying to break her down. Jen says it will just get worse in there. April asks them not to talk to Howie, not to talk to him. They don't answer. We hear the "Oh Howie" from Janelle outside the door. Jennifer says that when they act all cute like that it is for their benefit--just an act. April tells them about what the DR session was like, and that they told her that since she felt that Howie personally attacked her family, she could say something to them if she wanted, so she did and she cried during it.

BB comes on the speakers and says "APRIL and HOUSEGUESTS: Do not talk about your DR entries with other houseguests!" April wants to know why Howie is focused on HER?

April again says she doesn't want them to be nice to Howie, and then leaves. Ivette or Maggie says it is really getting bad.

April locks herself in the bathroom (we see only the closed door), and cries and starts praying out loud, saying "Dear Heavenly Father, please stop him from being mean to me" and calls Howie an asshole in her prayer.

F1 with April gets FOTH.

We can hear Ivette outside yelling at Howie, saying "Nasty, nasty" but we can't see it.

Janelle: Are you getting evil Howie?

Howie: I'm trying, Janie!

Janelle: I'm gonna help you!

BB called Jennifer to DR

Janelle: Jennifer, please get a life!

6:28 p.m.

April is hiding in HOH, looking at the spycam.

April hides behind the door as Maggie comes in the room. She asks Maggie if she can hang out up there? Maggie says "Absolutely."

April: I'm afraid!

Maggie: Did you hear what Janelle said to me?

Maggie says that she was telling Jen that they would be hanging out outside later on, and Janelle said "Maggie?" and she said "Yes?" and Janelle said, "Go fuck yourself!" and she said "Thank you, Janelle!"

Maggie says that the producers and security will protect them, but they aren't being protected from the verbal attacks they are getting.

Maggie says that the comment from Janelle could have caused a fight. She feels like she is dealing with Psych patients from the ward.

April says that he can hit her, but she can't hit him back. Maggie says that he won't hit her, and can't hit her.

April says that she is just crying because of the things he said about her husband and dog. She knows it wasn't so horrible, but still...

Maggie says he just says it to April because he feels he can.

April says she could slap his face, and the worst they could do to her is send her home.

Maggie: You can't compete with these people. If you hit him, it would bring him pleasure because it would send you home. So knowing that you can't compete, let it happen. We are being assaulted personally, verbally, emotionally and there is nothing they are going to do about it to stop it. Nothing. Michael was allowed to say that he was going to hurt Eric outside of this game and they didn't do anything about it. It's a game, and no one is going to enforce a rule unless they physically touch you, and no one is going to physically touch you. Janelle telling me to go fuck myself..

April: Do you swear she said that?

Maggie: Yes. James was staring at me and asked if that really happened. He said he couldn't believe it and I said I could--I deal with it in the ER all of the time.

April laughs.

Maggie: I'm glad it brings you pleasure.

April says that Janelle sat out there and said that Janelle comments that they looked like idiots for breaking a promise, and yet she does that.

Maggie says you can't point out to them that they are the ones who broke a promise first, or how horrible they look.

April asks if they attacked David, would say say nothing?

Maggie says she would say nothing. They probably will--they have attacked Eric enough!

April starts crying AGAIN. She feels that she shared how much Pepperoni means to her, and how she loves Matt, and they turn it back around on her and use it against her.

Maggie: It's horrible.

April: What Howie is going to do, when he gets out, he is going to say the Producers made me do it.

April agrees Howie says that all of the time.

Maggie: His family will probably believe him. They are down there laughing about what he did to you. That's good t.v.

April: What is Rachel doing?

Maggie: She is ignoring us.

April: I do think that Rachel has fairly good morals on that front. She is 33 years old.

April: In as much as I do not like Rachel either, I do believe that Rachel is mature enough to not do that. Howie and Janelle feed each other. Even Kaysar isn't doing it. I will say Hi to Kaysar. I am not evicting Kaysar because I don't like him. Apparently we did something right, because they are pissed.

Maggie; It's because of us giving our word and then breaking it. Again, I can't compete with their rationale. I can't.

April: The thing is, I don't care if I leave next week. I don't. Howie doesn't understand that. There is no way God could give HOH to them next week. There is just no way.

Maggie: God has nothing to do with this game. God is here. Not in this game. God guides you to be a better person. He does not guide this game.

April says she has to have faith. She says she takes things personally, that's who she is. Even with James, she cried when he was upset, even though she didn't necessarily like him, because he is a human being and she wouldn't want to be in that situation.

April: I feel like I'm a very giving person and I'm a giving person. (crying again) And people thinking differently hurts.

Maggie: I know. That's why I became a nurse.

April: Yeah, you see crazy things every day. If something is crazy in my life, I just do away with it.

Maggie: I'm so sorry they try to pick on someone like you, but that is why they do it.

April: I don't want them to pick on anyone!

Maggie: It could have happened to me.

April: I know Ivette will take up for me. I don't need people to take up for me, but I know--

Maggie says it may look like she isn't taking up for her, but she knows by experience that it doesn't help.

April says that "Beau and them" talking to them and acting normal shows them that it is okay.

April says that if they attacked Maggie, that she would go to them and stop them.

Maggie: I went up to James three weeks ago and said "James, are your parents proud of the way you are playing this game? He said, YES! I can't compete with that anymore. I can't compete with Howie now. I can't even discuss with him what a horrible person he is being. I see so much ugliness, I can't even compete with it."

April says that Howie has just lost the money, if he makes it to the end, and if it is Rachel and Howie, she will vote for Rachel.

Maggie says that Howie now says that he wants James to win the game.

Maggie: He feels we personally attacked him so hard, I can't understand WHY, but he feels we personally attacked him so hard, that he wants James to win.

Maggie says that nothing has changed in how she feels about James but she has now "seen so many people playing as dirty as he has" so this has done that for her.

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Ivette and Beau join April and Maggie.

Maggie tells them about Janelle telling her to fuck herself.

Ivette: Rachel is cooking, but she no longer cooks for everyone!

Maggie: So?

Howie goes by the door and loudly says "I want your DOR, April! I want it!"

Ivette says she told Howie to hate the game, not the houseguests.

Howie turned to Janelle and told Janelle, "Janelle, don't hate the hg's! Hate the game!"

Ivette told him if he had something to say, to say it to her face, so he repeated it to her. She said she didn't hate him when they voted Cappy off, so he shouldn't hate the houseguests, but hate the game. He repeated it again.

April says that Ivette can answer back, but she can't. Beau says that she can--she has before!

April says that she wants to go to Howie and tell him, "Sorry, no DOR for me this week!" She then says he will go off on her and continue to say these things.

Ivette: He is wanting to make you miserable so you will break down and give your DOR.

Maggie: You are not allowed to instigate someone to violence!

April says that he is trying to instigate her into a PN, though! (Penalty nomination).

Maggie says that MICHAEL was allowed to instigate Eric and get in his face (is she watching the same reality I am watching?).

Beau: That's why they were pulled apart, though.

Maggie: Yeah, but nothing happened to them.

Ivette is giving April a pep talk, saying Howie is nothing, and why should she worry about him, what's the big deal about him?

April keeps saying she knows.

Ivette says that Rachel is going back to horseshit and Howie is going back to sucking dick.

Maggie laughs and says she can't compete with Ivette, either!

Beau says that is great!

April says that Rachel is worried about her job, tries to play like she can't talk about sex and stuff because of her job, but she "links up to this crazy motherfucker!"

Ivette says that he knows everyone's weakness, and they see April cry.

April says she was in there praying for strength.

Ivette says that she needs "April's own strength." She tells her to stop the fucking crying, stop hiding up in HOH, etc.

Ivette says "It'll be fun. It's a battlefield, so let the games begin now."

Ivette: In the words of team Kaysar, we just put ten steps forward, but now they had to take a step back! Tough titty said Kitty, but the milk's still good!

Ivette urges April to mouth off to them if they say things to her.

April: But how is that gonna make me look on television?

Ivette says they will show everything the other side does on television.

April says that Howie will come after her even harder after that, though.

The pity party for April that she is throwing herself continues.

April says that is normally what she does because everyone tells her to shut up.

Maggie says she is not going to provoke anything, because she is used to dealing with this sort of stuff.

Ivette keeps coming up with things for April to say, and April wants to look in the mirror to see how she looks.

Maggie asks if they want to eat dinner?

Ivette says Janelle is in the weight room because "The fat blonde needs to work out more than I do."

Ivette: You know what, if you're gonna do a porn, try to look like you are enjoying it more. Because she didn't look that good sucking dick!

April: Are you gonna say stuff like that?

Ivette: They didn't attack me yet! I'm waiting.

April asks if Ivette will stand up for HER?

Ivette says she can't jump into a fight, but she will defend HERSELF.

April says she can't leave the room because she looks like she has been crying.

Ivette continues to spout bravado, calling herself a "fiery girl."

April goes to the bathroom with Beau guarding her. Ivette is there, too. They are loudly saying what April should say about Janelle's hair extensions, etc.

Beau: There's a war going on downstairs, folks!!


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7:30 BB time

We are experiencing a period of very long FOTH. I would assume that BB either doesn't want us to see the possible confrontation, or BB is trying to calm the waters.

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Janelle is VERY drunk, and is going off in the bedroom to Howie, James and Rachel (couldn't see Kaysar, if he was there), about everyone else in the house. She's being very loud.

Howie keeps saying to BB that he wants an uncut version of this (Janelle's drunken rantings) on video.

James encouraged Howie to take Janelle into the Diary Room to vent to them... so, he did.

Feeds went to fish briefly.

James has escaped to the couch. The Friendship is talking to him, from the balcony.

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8:30 p.m.

We are back from the extended FOTH.

Janelle has been drinking margueritas. She is drunk.

She is talking about everyone, completely drunk and belligerant. Howie is lying on a bed laughing, and Rachel is laughing. James is lying there listening.

Janelle was telling James to listen to her, and James said "This is like a long, unending nightmare."

Howie says he wishes he had it on video.

Rachel: We do.

Howie says he wants it all on video.

Janelle is talking in a loud voice, but also in a melodramatic, laughing way.

Janelle: I want to hit someone in the face! But will I? No.

Janelle has said various things, like saying that Jennifer is short and ugly. She says that April is not the blonde bombshell--Janelle is! She says that they are all geeks and don't deserve to be there.

(Go! Go! Go! and chugging yells are heard from the other side of the house, with the other side, but BB is showing them.)

At one point, James says that personal attacks are not part of the game.

Howie asks if they are being unsportmanlike?

Janelle says she doesn't care right now, and James says he knows.

James asks a few times if they want him to move to the couch?

Rachel says he can if he wants.

Janelle says that the other side doesn't deseve to be in the house. She says the only one she can stand is Ivette, because she is a real person.

Janelle yells to Maggie to go fuck herself.

Beau yells back and yells "go fuck yourself!"

Howie is laughing hysterically. Howie says that BB has to give him a tape of this, unedited.

Howie and James urge Janelle to go to the DR and talk about it. They seem to have been told that if they are upset they should go to the DR and talk.

and FOTH again, but the audio is still available.

Rachel accompanies James to the living room. Apparently, the chugging and yelling that is going on is in the HOH room with Maggie's group. The other group is in the big bedroom (not sure why they aren't in the GR).

James is lying on the couch. He says that the funny thing is that everyone is so mad that he's not gone. Someone (sounds like Rachel) says she isn't mad that he is there, and he says he knows. Maggie's group comes out and looks over the railing and Ivette talks to him. He says it is his "reflection day" today.

Someone said it was theirs, too and someone said "reflect this" and made a gagging sound.

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8:50 p.m.

BB has apparently given them pizza and booze. Several people are drunk.

April says 2X that Ivette is their fearless leader.

Janelle was yelling a cheer, and April continues to smart off (in a low voice) "At least we don't sell ourselves for a living. I mean, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, America!"

April: The devil has been living here with us all the time, and we didn't know it!

Beau interjects with "I love it!" and laughs occasionally.

April yells over the railing that James isn't having fun. He says he is reflecting.

April: On how fucking evil those people are?

April tells Maggie that she isn't fun and isn't drinking enough.

FOTH again.

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