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August 15th Live Feed Updates


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Hi, my first time so I hope I get this right.

M: Ive, Janelle came to me and said that you and I promised you would never be used as a pawn since you have been used twice already.

I: I said if I was HOH I wouldn't use you since you have been used twice, that is all I said.

M: Well she said you and I agreed not to use her and she wants to know why she is being used as a pawn. I was blindsided because I didn't know you even had a conversation with her about this.

Then the group tried to cover for Ivette and say Janelle lies about everything, then Jen tells the group to let it go, no big deal.

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Guest Shockalot

Woop.. I guess I should jump in here..

Maggie, Beau, Jennifer, Ivette and April are all having a meeting, essentially to narrow down whether Kaysar or James goes up to replace Rachel.

Between talking about those two - they interject complaints about 'Howies Head' Rachel.

They are very resentful about how Rachel was pretending to be friends with them. How she had them going.

April wants to kick Rachel right in the Puss.

Ivette wants to ask Rachel when she decided to fuck them up the arse without vaseline.

Jennifer reminds them that just in case anyone was being afraid to say anything (to Sov4) dont worry because if she puts up Kaysar its gonna be a 'Free for All' around the house.

Intermixed in the Rachel bashing convo - they seem to keep narrowing it down to Kaysar.

Almost no talk about James at all and almost all discussing what the reactions will be when Kaysar goes up.

Ivette really has a plan to use Cappys saying "Dont piss in my ear and tell me its raining" on Rachel.

Now they try and speculate who the other side will be worried about going up. (if that makes sense).

Jennifer rationalises that Howie is worried he is second choice after James.

The group becomes confused about what they are gossiping about.

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Maggie and Beau are the only ones in HOH right now

Beau to Maggie: so what are you thinking?

Maggie: I have already spilled my guts.

Beau: No I mean what are you thinking right now?

Maggie: What is there to think? We won't know what is going to happen till Jen makes her announcement.

Beau: I want to pop some pop corn and sit back tomorrow and what the sparks fly. I love this kind of sh*t.

Maggie: How are you going to feel if she puts up James tomorrow?

Beau: No big deal

Maggie: same here.

Maggie: how are you going to feel if she puts you or me up?

Beau: Then I will be shocked

maggie: me to, I don't like those kind of surprises.

Beau: I like watching Howie squirm so much

Maggie: me to, they have had so much security that it is good to see them not feel secure. I think the house will keep you and April because they don't see you as strong.

Beau: You don't see me as strong?

Maggie: Oh I know your a strong player, but they don't think you and April are strong.

Group starting to come back now so Beau and Maggie start talking to them instead of each other.

Jen is singing "you never know what can happen tomorrow" Now Beau and Jen are talking about what to wear tomorrow because they want to be cute.

Maggie just thought of something else that was said but she is waiting for the group to get back so she doesn't have to repeat it over and over.

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Guest somniac_mommy

12:00 am BBT: Howie, Janelle and Kaysar out in back yard near hot tub.

Howie is furious about something April said to Kaysar. He is swearing Fu** her this, Fu** her that, Fu** her dumb dog Pepperoni, Fu** something about Matt...... He is really mad about something.

I think I heard H say how dare she (April) tell them to be nice to James after what they were saying about him last week and how they (The Friendship) treated James and Sarah. He is definitely not talking about boobies tonight.

Janelle asks Kaysar if he trusts that they will do what they promised to do and put up James. Kaysar said he is pretty sure they will do it, but he is not certain. He says he trusts Maggie, but not 100%. He said she says one thing but her body language doesn't match it, so he's not certain about her. They discuss how stupid the other team is and that they don't know how to play the game, especially without Eric, "their leader" to guide them. Janelle tells Kaysar that Maggie doesn't like Ivette as much as she likes Jen. Kaysar is very surprised to hear this. He asks why. She tells him that Maggie thinks Ivette is mean to people.

Oh yeah... Howie also said that April is lucky she quit smoking, because if she was still smoking he would tell her she smells like fu**in' sh**!

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Guest Shockalot

Jen mentioned she was an extra in a movie.

Howie and Especially Janelle are really very pissed about what a fucking idiot the 5ft nothing bitch is to be bragging about it.

Howie says he was in a commerical and can't believe Jennifer would brag about standing around in some motion picture.

Janelle says she has done commercials.. 'National' commercials with speaking parts.

Axe Deodorant Girl.

She and this other girl were to act stupid and sexy in front of a waterfall.

Sony Debit Card.. she is the 'Dream Girl'.

The Commercial is still running and she gets Cheques.

Also, she did a T-Mobile commercial.

They are really disgusted with Jennifer as they workout in the backyard.

Kaysar is not joining in the contempt and even tells Howie and Janelle to calm down or take it easy on a few occasions.

Howie is VERY angry tonight. I dont think I have ever seen him swearing and cursing and name-calling with this much genuine anger before.

Janelle is pretty pissed off and agitated too.

Kaysar seems in more light-hearted funloving mood.

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Guest somniac_mommy

(referring to Jen) Janelle says, "What does she want a fu**ing cookie for holding a button. Give me a fu**ing break!" Howie laughed.

Janelle says that Jen wants all the glory this week for winning HoH but she doesn't deserve it.

Janelle says, "I'm sorry, but the way she got HoH, she fu**ing doesn't deserve it."

Howie: "you're right, she's a fu**ing piece of sh**."

Kaysar just standing by observing them while they're cussing and working out in the B/Y.

Howie: "I don't like April"

Kaysar: Yeah, she cheated (Jen)"

Janelle: "Cheaters never win."

Howie: "You can't make deals unless you have the power."

Janelle asks, "What was she saying about movies or something?"

Howie: "She was an extra in a movies"

Jan: "Why would you brag about being an extra in a fu**ing movie"

There is more talk on this subject. . .

Janelle says she should tell Jen about everything she has done. More than she will ever do. Things she only dreams of doing. She says she would be so envious and would say to her, "you fu**ing bitch."

Janelle says, "I should ask her, you ever hear of the screen actors guild? Well, I've been in it for seven years."

Now I have FotH. . .

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Guest somniac_mommy

My feed switched to Rachel and James in the GR sitting in the dark talking about the HoH competition. Feeds cut out to FotH again....[darn it].

R: "I hope good things come from this. I don't see it as a negative. I see it as a very iinteresting learning experience for myself."

R: "It's like an experiment. We are rats in a lab and I get that."

J: People are only seeing us in here and how we are in here not how we really are.

R: "I never would have signed up for this, but I appreciate the experience."

They are talking about what the public sees and how surprised they were to see Kaysar's Birthday card from his family that had the "King Kaysar" slogan and a picture of the six of them on the bed that they took with the digital camera.

They discuss how there is only about 70 people that know this experience, and now they can say they were part of that. James says that there is BB houses all over. The cams go to Fish again!!

I'm out of here....

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Guest Foladar

I think Howie, Kaysar and Jan are only ones up.

They're playing chess right now, Howie mouthing about Jen and saying he's gonna give it to her, telling her she hasn't won -anything- with a bit more of choice words. Give it to 'em Howie!!

Kay says to not waste your time over it Howie ..

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7:00BBT Howie is up and going to the BR. He looks in the mirror and then goes into the stall, washes his hands, walks to the kitchen (is eating something) stands and looks at the picture wall and in the mirror, gets some OJ, walks around and then walks into the storage room walks out and then (my feeds switched to James in bed) he went back to the GR to go to bed. (I am sorry this is a run on sentence. I was just expecting him to go straight back to bed!)

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R talking to herself. Gets up to go inside.

I said something. R did not respond. I is asleep.

R goes to Community Bedroom to gather her things. She irons her shirt (in the dark and being a little noisy considering people are sleeping in there)

She is preparing (and taking a long time) to take a shower.

Seems to be having trouble figuring out what to wear.

Making several trips from bathroom to bedroom (I guess getting more exercise in?!?!)

FINALLY getting in the shower.

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10:03 am BBT

Most houseguest are still sleeping. Ivette is sleeping on the lawn chair outside. Rachael is still getting dressed and doing her makeup in the bathroom.

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BB - Good morning houseguest's the veto cerom will begin in 90 mins.

Racheal is sitting at the patio table talking to herself. (like always)

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Guest BigSis

BBT 10:16 am

James is up, changed is batteries, says good morning to R, goes back in to make coffee.

I still sleeping in chair in BY.

R in BY sitting at table.

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Guest BigSis

BBT: 10:30 AM

James and Ivette talking in BY about his convo w/R last night. Says they talked for about 2 hours about everything but the game, probably for the first time. J says that R said she would want pictures of her coworkers and her horses. Not family. J & I think this is strange, maybe she doesn't have friends.

R back in BY so of course J & I convo changes. All talking about weather and where the Olympics might be.

The veto ceremony will be in 90 min they said.


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Guest BigSis

BBT 11:00 am

R & H talking in GR. Fish was because of the wake up song. R telling H about M asking her if she is going to use the veto. R says she is going to ask in the DR if she has stupid written across her forehead.

I,M,A and Jan in BY having coffee.

Switching back to GR

R & H talking about what frannie and peter might be doing. K comes in. R asks him how he slept, too hot, too cold? Talking about weather outside. Howie begins farting and then apologizes to them. General convo going on. R asking H if he is getting up, brush his teeth, put on his bandana? R tells K how great it is to have him back in the house.

Switch to BY. Jen is now up and they are all talking about the veto comp.

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