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9/15 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 3 weeks later...

12:24 BBT

Still the Finale message.

3:40 BBT

Feeds will prob not be back until the BY interviews after the show.

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Thanks for another great job! You guys are the best on the net!

Your effort is truly appreciated.

I hope you'll be back next July for BB13, maybe 13 will be our lucky number!



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Backyard interviews on live feeds/Superpass, interviewed by Missy:

If you have Superpass account, you can WATCH HERE

Kristen(3:48 on the video):

(Missy)Was it difficult watching the show after being evicted?

(Kristen)It was probably the hardest thing, watching the show after I left, because I just missed the jury house by one week. So that was very difficult. And then watching some of the competitions that I knew I would be really good at was really difficult. Like after I left, seeing that paint can competition killed me, because I'm like, this competition was meant for me, I could have won HOH!

(Missy)It was your competition?

(Kristen)It was my competition! You know, some of the ones we played in, I just felt like, they weren't to my advantage, and they were to other people's advantage, like every other competition throughout the game. So it was really hard leaving the house watching things you knew you would rock at.

(Missy)You definately rocked at alot of things. Speaking of rocking alot of things, have you eaten any spiders lately?

(Kristen) No, I haven't eaten a spider since, but if someone dared me to do something crazier than eat a spider, I probably would.

(Missy)Chocolate covered?

(Kristen)yea,chocolate covered would be good too, I like chocolate

(Missy)How does it feel now to have fans?

(Kristen)It feels really, really great to have fans, and I feel like I have alot of them, and that's awesome. It was really hard leaving the house when I did. It was really hard to come out of the game when I did, and to have fans made it so much easier.

(Missy)easier for you?

(Kristen)so much easier

(Missy)That's great to hear. What are your true feelings for Hayden? Even though you touched on it a bit on the show

(Kristen)I think my true feelings came out in the house

(Missy)The hand underneath the door?

(Kristen)yea, you guys know, but um, I don't know what things would be like on the outside world, so I can't really say anything more than what you saw in the house. That was real and I don't know what's in the future for us.

(Missy)Well good luck to you both, you are very cute together. Do you think keeping the showmance a secret made you more closed off to the other house guests?

(Kristen)Yes, I do think keeping the showmance a secret made me more closed off from the house guests, um, because I only socialized with certain people. I didn't spread myself out the way that Hayden did, and that's why when we were up on the block together, he had an advantage over me. And it was so early on in the game, I didn't think that I had to have that, but I did, and..

(Missy)It is what it is.

(Kristen)It is what it is.

(Missy)Who will you stay in contact with?

(Kristen)Ragan and Kathy

(Missy)Ragan and Kathy?


(Missy)Why Ragan?

(Kristen)um, I just, I know what kind of person he is, and I think we share alot of the same thoughts and beliefs, and he was somebody that I should have alligned myself with, like day two, but it didn't work out that way, because he, he um... I think he was feeling things out, like I was, didn't want to jump into anything too soon. It wasn't that I was a floater, I mean, personality and stratigic wise, I didn't want to be considered a floater. I also didn't want to jump into something that I was going to regret, that ended up happening too, with Andrew, but um, you know

(Missy)Are you still mad at Andrew for-


(Missy)You're not? You've cleared that air?

(Kristen)We cleared that air, and after I came out of the house, I kinda realized, even though it wasn't the right strategy, it was a last minute attempt for him to try to stay in the game, to make people realize he has the know on things that they don't know about, and it wasn't necessarily to just hurt me, or to ruin my game, even though it did have a huge effect on me in the week to come.

(Missy)Floaters, get a life vest?

(Kristen)Floaters, get a life vest. Well, you're claiming I'm in a showmance. That is not floating. And, I had an alliance that you didn't know about. So, it just didn't pertain to me, wrong person, not a floater.

(Missy)Not a floater at all. If you could go back and start over, what is one thing you would have done differntly?

(Kristen)I would have made a big alliance, just the way that the boys did. Even if it was with people that I was unsure of, you can change things. This game does change every single day. It's what I should have, I shouldn't have waited so long.

(Missy)Will you be watching Big Brother next season?


(Missy)It's been a pleasure

(Kristen)Thank you, oh and shoutout to room 92! They told me

(Missy)Is that your room on Superpass?

(Kristen)It's not my room, but it's my best friend's mom's room, and she said shout out to room 92.

(Missy)Did you watch the live feeds?


(Missy)Good, good for you

Annie(10:11 on the video):

(Missy)I'm very shocked at something about you. I didn't know that you were team Enzo?

(Annie)You know, I didn't want to be team Enzo, but he got me out! It was his fault that I was out, but you know what, I said from the beginning, I'm not going to hold grudges. He manipulated everybody, and I think he did an amazing job.

(Missy)I'm glad that you just put that out there for the world to hear, absolutely amazing

(Annie)Yes, yes, he got me out, and he deserved to win.

(Missy)We have some great questions for you, are you ready for them?

(Annie)Yes, I love the questions

(Missy)Did you have 'the choice' to be the Sabatoer?

(Annie)What do you think? I can't actually talk about it. I cannot... let's just say that I knew going in, that I knew

(Missy)you were going to be the Sab?

(Annie)Yes, that I was going to be the Sab.

(Missy)Very intersting.. moving right along, obviously we know you were rooting for Enzo. How shocked are you to see Hayden win, over Lane?

(Annie)I knew he was going to win. Day 1, everyone worshipped Hayden, they loved him, he just won everybody over. I knew if he was in the final 2, done, he had it.

(Missy)Was it difficult watching the show after being evicted?

(Annie)It was so painful, it was really bad, because you know, here's these people that I know, and I'm screaming at the tv, I wanted the power to shift, I wanted to see more drama, and I just, I really think the game would have been way different had I stayed, and the girls had stuck together.

(Missy)How did the Big Brother experience change your life?

(Annie)Ohh, it changed my life in, wierd ways. It got me motivated to be back in the arts. I've been an actress my entire life, I have a degree in theater. It made me realize how much I want to be involved in theater, and back in arts. So, I'm taking a step in that direction. And, it's just wierd, I feel more motivated, more positive, and I'm trying to change some of the negative attributes about myself. Just looking at myself in a different way.

(Missy)Thanks awesome. Knowing that you just said that, staying in Miami? Moving to LA?

(Annie)I'm moving to LA!!! It's going to take me about 5 ot 6 months, but I'm moving to LA.

(Missy)If you could have chosen one female or one male-

(Annie)Kristen... to hook up with?

(Missy)well wow, yea to hook up with, how did you know that was my question?

(Annie)I got asked that before, and I said a couple different people, because I couldn't think straight. Absolutely Kristen, she's beautiful and I love her

(Missy)If you can go back and start over, what is one thing you would have done differently?

(Annie)I wouldn't have talked so much about real stuff that has happened in my life. Because my life is kinda extrodinary, and people didn't believe what I was saying. They didn't think that I weighed a certain amount, and they didn't believe I got attacked in the subway. I was just trying to get to know them, and they thought I was lying, so they saw me in a way that I didn't realize they were seeing me, and it put a target on my back. So, I would just keep my mouth shut.

(Missy)Well, many were upset that you left the first week. It's been a pleasure talking with you. Good luck with everything.

Brendon(13:42 on the video):

How do you feel about Hayden? Won when it counted. Personal level, don't like, hurt by things he said in house, wasn't necessary, respect comps.

Rach/Bren decided together? She was upset about things he said behind back also.

Why choose to have showmance so early? I didn't choose it, it chose me. Amazing girl, would have used POV, selfless, pushed me over edge

Endured many punishments, what were you looking to gain? suceed? Stay in game, lasted another week, competitor, wanted to fight, handcuffs to keep Enzo from her

How survive after Rach left? Stay focused, she'd want me to fight, not give up

How annoying was it for Kathy to interrupt you/Rach private time? surprised, what are you doing? sweet girl, come on, really? Give me little moments

CBS interviewed your ex, she said you were team Rach, all you said she's heard before? I was in love with her, so she has heard that before. To hear she was on team Rach, huge shock, huge stepping stone for her to be on side of girl I'm now in love with..

Ever find out Brit nicknamed her Neanderthal? Doesn't surprise me

Your toe... consider advice of podiatrist Andrew? Now that I know, I will! I have ugly, runners feet

When you voted, personal or based on game play? I voted for a bit of both. People left didn't play competitive, made it on social. If competitive, they'd have been targeted. To win with 2/3 left. To find out what was said behind back...

Anything to say to fans/haters? Thanks for both. Can't imagine what life is like in house.


Was it difficult to watch after evicted? Incredibly, first week, analyzed if I did this or won that, mind wrecking, almost sad in a way

How does it feel to have fans? Didn't expect to have fans that are so into it

Who were you rooting for? Britney or Ragan, when out rooting for Lane. I'm happy for them

I hear that laugh way down, Rachel, how hard to answer question tonight? Didn't expect that clip to air. Her face definately showed her displeasure. I answered the way I felt, you say things in house that you wouldn't in everyday.

How did experience help your acting career? Opportunity to do lots of interviews, modeling some. I've read some blogs, someone didn't like my hair lol some said I was crosseyed, I was like what?

Have you chatted in the superpass rooms? No, never chatted, technologically inclined

If you could go back, change? Only thing to change in the game is not win the money, but I got $10k and some got nothing, so I can't say change anything, wonderful opportunity, enjoyed, would have loved to gotten farther, but didn't leave empty handed

Plans for money? Attempt to save it... got home late at night, shopping addiction, Walmart was open, made a run for facial cleaner...


Most difficult part of being in the house? Mental down time is very tough, pool table, pool. I cleaned a lot, missed my daughter.

Will you or have you returned to your profession? Yes, back, not looking for reality.

Patients saying "I know you"? Some with no problem come, I say just pay the co-pay.

Brendon's feet? Yes bad, and Matt, had nails removed. Brendon is coming? Sure

Baby food? Blueberry and apple was my favorite, now I skip that aisle in the store

Why did you out Kristen/Hayden? Why not blackmail them? Even if I did that, how do I trust them and give me their vote? I was trying to protect Brendon, and get people to make their decision there and then.

Have your family/friends called you Captain Kosher? Yes, and I have a shirt out there, going to charity

When a HN/broke down, what were you thinking in that moment? They show pretended I was upset over Kristen fight, I was honestly missing my family, it was hurting me.

What is your relationship with Brendon in the house, you seemed to think of him as your ally? We connected, same page, he knew I had his back, but he was with Rachel, I couldn't handle her, he was with her so I would have protected her.

Any changes? I wouldn't have acted like I did first week, due to the sabatoer, not be so creepy, but I was having fun.


How do you make your eyelashes so long? They just grow, they are mine, after chemo, when they grew back, they were long, Clinique mascara

How much different do you see Matt after revealing his lie? It's deep, real deep. I struggled, still am, lots and lots of tears, I couldn't face him. The hope I wanted to bring people, he brought down, I don't see remorse from him. He played on our feelings, I'm a forgiving person, but I can't say I have.

You seemed to be suffering the house, was it an illness, or something else? I was sick, when I came in the house I was, got larengitis, before caremel challenge, I got a shot and iv, upper resperator, ear/phenmonia, but wanted to fight and stay in game.

Competitions vs being a sheriff? Caremel, I was sick, shouldn't have participated, the others I threw, I didn't want a target on my back. I thought it was a good strategy.

You will be returning to sheriff's dept? I hope so! Unless you know something I don't! (no, all is fine)

You came into the house strong, did what you wanted? I'm not one to do what people tell me to do. Matt put me on the block for voting against him. No one could control me. If you do, you lose yourself.

2nd Sabatoer Ragan? Shocked

S stood for Sheriff? That's the funniest thing I've heard all night. That's hilarious! I love it. I was mad because I did clean the room that day. I've been a cop, you don't leave evidence where you've just been, would be stupid to leave note in there.

Why do you smoke after battling cancer? Worse thing, most imbarrasing thing I brought into the house. I wish I could stop, I need to stop, I just haven't. Guilty feeling all over.

When you voted for winner, did you vote personal feelings or game played by person you voted for? Both, Hayden is wonderful person, learned a lot about him, reminds me of my son, game play he was just going thru them, absolutely pleased with them. Answered how he needed to.. round table jury wondered if he was genuine. He's an amazing man.

In jury, were you wearing Rachel's dresses? Yep, I was short on clothes!


Are you happy? Yes, very happy!

$25k richer? Yes, that's exciting, and title of fans favorite player, it's an honor, could use a vacation

This wasn't a vacation? no, some just hung out all summer...

How was your life in the jury house with Rachel? Didn't bury the hatchet, didn't see much because she was holed up with Brendon. Won't say I didn't hear her laugh.

How do you think Razorbacks are doing? Good? Two wins... super happy, doesn't matter the score.

If you were not engaged with Nick, would there have been romantic sparks with Lane? No, we were great friends, but I can't see that.

Do you think Nick apreciated the offer from Enzo for one punch? Yes

Your DR sessions were over the top funny. Ever consider comedy? No, DR was wants going on in my head just coming out.

America looked forward to your DRs. When Rachel came back, said your DR message was edited? Duh.. I think she she bought it. Definately a moment when I was like huh? really?

Some things you/Ragan said were pretty catty. How will HGs feel? Come on, deserved or not, come on.

When Brigade outed themselves, what were your true feelings? Devestated, hurt shocked, I could choose to be somber or have a good last few days. Had friendship with guys, can't fault them for a good game move.

What gave you idea for Just The Tips? You liked that? Good, want to go global. Wanted to go over things at end of the day, I'll miss it, would like to stream in.

Do it on Superpass? Sure!

If you could go back, anything different? Win one of the last 2 comps to make final 3. Didn't perform..

Favorite season? Allstars... 6, 2

Would you like to go in for an allstars? I just got out, don't talk to me about it now, I'm already feeling feisty...


Did you know you were going to lie about your wife's illness, or decide after entering house? Talked to Stacey before, what would I do to win? I joked about her being sick, then talked with Britney and rolled with it.

Knowing your lie didn't get you farther in game, and jury reaction, do you regret? I used it for if I went to F2, I had Kathy, Brendon, etc. I'm sorry to hurt them but can't go back on it.

Lie caught attention of many, some liked and some offended? For those that hate it, have they seen BB? I didn't inject anyone, didn't hurt anyone. Those that liked it, good game players.

Have Kathy/Ragan forgiven you? I don't think she ever will, she's being cordial. Ragan is ok, I think we'll be cuddling tonight.

When he left, he said he feels like you are his brother? I think he'll be a friend for life.

Who would you have taken to the F2? Enzo, because he couldn't win.

Do you think the way you won DPOV was fair? Should you have had to compete for it? Sure, I still would have won, it was a bit of a curse, but

Knowing Hayden/Enzo were going to evict you, why not evict one of them over Kathy? I knew I was low man of totem pole right away. What I didn't know is they were petitioning to put me on block.

I recall they said to you, we have a tough decision, we are voting you out? I knew they had to pick a brigade member, and they were voting me out because I was the best player.

Do you regret throwing Ragan under the bus? Yea, it was a skivy move. It was a game move, I regret he had to find out, but it's a game

What is the purpose of constantly putting your hand in your pants? Oh, this is a live feed thing. It's comfortable, I don't like pockets on the side, if they had a pocket right here, it would be socially acceptable.

Didn't Stacey tell you not to do that? Yea, but it's just subconcious.

Will you be going back to your profession? Yes, right away, I want to get back to normal

Why didn't you tell your contestants about being a contestant on Average Joe? I told Ragan, but I don't have a copy of it.

If you could go back, do different? Not throw the last HOH comp. Did I give a thumbs up? I didn't realize

Ragan giving you the HOH? I told him I wanted to play it out

Stacey watches live feeds... calls our show? Nooooo, really? I can't believe it

Her and Chelsia are good friends, expect the unexpected, from your wife!

When you voted for winner, personal feelings, or game played by person you voted for? Both, last week I was in there, Lane skirted around, Hayden looked me in the eye and lied, he was the dirtiest, that's why I voted for him.

(Matt:if Enzo named me Brains, if he's the one who came up with idea of side alliances, how come he didn't follow thru on it? He didn't understand it.)

In the game, you all decided to take 4 strong men. When you broke off for your side alliance, he did also with Brendon... Matt:he made an alliance with Brendon early on, or week 6? I want to watch the show, live feeds, I've never done that, I want to go back and watch the first night of the Brigade, and see how it played out.


How did being a HN affect your game? I was a HN for 24 days, longer than any others. Difficult when you are hungry, cots were worse than the slop. With individual comps, first veto I won, I was dizzy, thought I was going to faint on balance beam.

Many fans upset at constant bad mouthing other HGs? Lots of my joking was in fun, like with Kathy. People I disliked, were doing horrible things to me in game, so I was blowing off steam, I'd say it to their face too. Some things, like comments about Rachel, I might regret at end of day, but...

Will you/Matt remain friends? Will be close the rest of our life. He's like 'a' brother... (Matt joins interview) our friendship is bigger than any lie he told on BB (Matt leaves) Karma is big in house.

Do you plan to go back to work as professor? I go back to work on Monday. I'm coming in on 4th week of class. Had lessons set up digitally. Will take 15 minutes taking questions, then back to class.

Going to Vegas? I'm thinking about it. If Kristen is going... my fear was others having significant others there.

Do you regret throwing HOH comps to Matt? Knowing when to lose is just as important as when to win. If target isn't on your back.. do it over, would have won paint can, put up Enzo/Lane

Would you please translate your tatoo? French, sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave. Ultimately(my word tonight), don't become a slave to your objects. Also in BB context, you can do a lot of bad things, because you are a slave to winning the game and lose yourself.

Last week in house, were you starting to crack? Early on I was cracking, majority rules, I was panicky, wanted to get on block. Last week, I knew I was going. Brigade and Britney were isolating me. If they went to HOH, unlike some like Rachel, I don't look for good lighting, I isolate myself, this experience is more than the money for me, what did I learn from the experience, amazing experience I've been given.

When you voted for winner, vote personal or based on game played? I'm emotional person, when it came to game play, I was straight up logic. Found it funny Bren said I was emotional, when he gave up game. I voted for person playing bigger game, got hands dirty. I like Lane more, but Hayden was better game player.


Your mom absolutely misses you. Aww, I'm glad she doesn't hate me!

Why did you choose to have a showmance so early in the game? I didn't choose to have one, I fell in love! When I met Bren, we connect on so many levels, plus he's hot, let's be real here!

How is your relationship now that you've had time away from the game? It's so much better, once in a life time.

Have you kissed and made up over fights you've had with Ragan? No, he's petty and a baby. I tried but it's over.

When you walked into HOH and Britney had extensions in, laughing at, not with you? Nothing I could do, so let them drink their hater-aid

Happy to go back to Vegas? Yes, happy to be home with friends, didn't feel I had any friends but Brendon.

Start over, do different? My first or second HOH, put up two of brigade, but didn't know. Everyone was so busy wanting us out

Did you/Bren discuss vote at end? It's possible...


Matt trying to take your thunder? Come on, I'm gonna put him in a headlock...

What was your strategy to get far? I wanted to make my mafia, to make some kind of team, use them to get to F3. I should have took it down at F3.

Do you know they were scared to take you to F2? I won 1 comp and they were scared

Proud of father/husband you are? Yes, my wife is hot, dime piece and a half, even if mom is in the house tonight.

Went to your house this week, daughter got a penguin, Uncle Archie sending me a tshirt. What is your full name? Enchenso Palensbo(sorry if I misspelled it!)

Why did you eat when a HN? Were you ever given a warning? I definately was given a warning. But that's the meow meow, I can get away with that, I was called fridge face once, don't be saltly though.

I think we saw cheese, a peanut, what all was it? Everything, I had my hands on everything

Why did you stir your shake, when a shaker was provided? I don't like to waste my time

How did it feel to break the curse of the costume? That's the meow meow

Do you think you'll be offered jobs in entertainment, or be content to return to job in Jersey? I want movie roles thrown at me at wrap party. I want Denero/ganster movies

(checks out hair cut from Hayden)

Now you know Ragan is Sab, will you apologize to Kathy, signed S? If she asks for it, sure. Didn't ask, then no...

Will you watch the shows? Yea, wait a while first, but then yea

Who planted the seed about becoming an A list celebrity? Someone from Brigade, but mostly me.

We only get to see some DR sessions, what else have you said? I remember coming out, I'd probably have groupies.

You don't like your wife having Facebook? I have to do it now, because she has it.

(Enzo back while waiting for other interviews, says he has no clothes, did give them all to charity. Did try to click in on all the penalties during POV comp. There was a semi-arguement going on between Enzo and Lane. Lane gave Enzo the clothes he wore to the finale, but Enzo voted for Hayden to win the game.)


Why did you tell Hayden you won $5k from Pandoras Box? It's a lie, never said it! He thought I won it, he gets emotional, he might cry, so I told him.

Who's paying for Steamboat? He's paying, I'm not paying jack!

What are your true feelings? We wrestled a few times, I made her cry, so it's a good relationship

Is she your type, we could see it in your eyes? Yes she is, she's a sweet girl. Now I have to go cry.

You said real alliance was with Britney. What is Brigade reaction? We may duke it out, I think they'll be ok. Afterall, Hayden made out with Kristen.

How do you think Nick feels about you? I'll have to deal with that. Nine iron to the face

Millions of face, blogs, youtube, are you ready for this? No

Facebook? Will reactivate it

A family member has a page for you, dogs disappeared, but have been found.

Were you worried about Britney not forgiving Brigade alliance? No, she's a superfan, I knew she'd be ok with it

Laid low, part of strategy? It was, didn't want to go home week 1, 2, 3...

What were you taking from drawer, to bathroom, back to drawer? Wipes

$500k more to stay an extra week? Of course

3 more months? Who is in with me? Any estrogen, dogs?

What to do with $50k, we know you are rich, we see everything? Really, thank you for doing that.

Any shoutouts? Thank you, love me or hate me, you are writing, so thank you.


Are you excited? Of course, I just won $500k, how can I not be pumped?

What are you going to buy, me what? You going to the wrap party, we can work something out.

Do you have money now? I have a little bit

Why didn't you take Enzo? I think he would have beat me

Because of what Britney told you? I'm glad I took Lane, because I won. Lane and I have more in common. In the middle, Enzo and I were closer, we had a side alliance with Brendon. Lane was in deep with Britney. Kristen is very pretty, out there, but she's cool.

Who planted the seed of becoming an Alist celebrity after BB? No one, I doubt it would happen, I'd be happy to be a Dlist.

How about Just The Tip? Did the live feeders like that, I'd love to do a show! We can work something out.

You were never a fan of the show, will you watch BB in the future? oh yea, I'm a superfan now!

Would you have taken Kristen to the F2? No, I would not have, I said a lot of things.

What are your plans after BB? Have to get a job, somewhere.

When you getting a hair cut? Tomorrow, maybe tonight

Word of advice... cut your hair, put it on ebay, everyone wants a piece of Hayden. H:Tell the truth, do I have fans or haters?

Missy:Everyone was predicting you to win out of the F3, you have lots of fans.

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