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9/10 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 2 weeks later...

10:00PM BBT: Enzo's in bed sulking. Lane and Hayden are in the hot-tub. Hayden: "Would you go on 'Amazing Race' if they asked us?" Lane: "I don't know, how long is it?" Hayden: "30 days." Lane: "OK.." Hayden: "But it's real intense, like they just drop you somewhere, like in a foreign country, and you have to figure out where you are and then get to a destination without any money.." Lane: "How do you do that? You gotta hitchhike?" Hayden: "Yeah, like sometimes they give you like $20 and you'll have to talk someone into driving you, but you don't have enough money." Lane: "Isn't that dangerous, getting in a stranger's car in a foreign country?" Hayden: "Yeah, but... I don't know." [Great, they can't figure out the show they're on, and now they're trying to figure out another one.]

Lane has a manager, Bruce, who Lane expects to book them in bars. He told his mom to have Bruce book him in whatever he could get.

10:15PM BBT: Back to talk about the photo mash-up competition, and taking each other to final two.

10:35PM BBT: The boys are getting delusional [OK, more delusional]. Lane says he wants to be in a beer commercial, or he's going to stop drinking beer. "Corona or Coors...."

Hayden says he wants to date a good-looking celebrity like Sandra Bullock, Megan Fox, or. Mandy Moore. Hayden and Lane says they're going to Twitter their appearances when they get out.

11:00PM BBT: Hayden and Lane are still sitting by the hot-tub wearing their "BRA-GADE" t-shirts. Enzo told them that's how he wanted it spelled.

Lane says in Texas they put up fliers advertising celebrities that appear at bars, and that what he want them to do for them, like when Derek Jeter came to town. Lane may move to LA, it depends on how many offers he gets, and that beer commercial, he wants it run during the Super-Bowl. Of course, Lane thinks he could also get a car or truck commercial.

OK, I really need someone to take over. I know it's not a pleasant job, but I can't stay up any longer. So please leave me something to paste-up in the AM.



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1240BBT Sorry but did they put manicans in these beds? Still sleeping. (I have no idea how some people can sleep this much during one 24 hour period)

105PM BBT The boys are up and wandering around. Cleaning up the house. BB "Enzo please put on your mic". Lane and Hayden throwing out empty whine bottles.

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1:24 BBT

Lane asking Hayden if he put cologne on

Hayden: yeah

Lane: Dang.

Lane: You just missed a helicopter

They start talking about tours of the house given to special people and WBRB

Back and they are saying Enzo went back to bed.

Hayden : Enzo;s depressed

Lane: why, cause he ain't won nothing?

Hayden: I think he misses his family

Talking about finale night, the wrap party and going on the morning show.

Now they are wondering when their families will arrive. Wondering if the jury families will be invited.

Hayden is "fer sure" his mom will be there as well as his grand parents

Lane "fer sure" his mom and sister will be there. Thinks his mom is out shopping for new clothes since she will be on national TV.

Lane comments that they finally get a football the last week they are there. (they are passing it as they talk)

Talk turns to 9/11 Hayden thinks it's been 10 yrs. but Lane corrects him that it's been 9 yrs. Talking about where they were and what they were doing when the attack happened.

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130PM BBT Enzo in bed. Lane and Hayden discussing wrap party and next day interviews. They have got a nerf football and are tossing it back and forth while sitting on the couch in BY. Lane "they going to let us get blitzed" Hayden "maybe they let us sleep". Now they are Jedi training and just general chat about how long they been in house and what all has happened.

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2:42 BBT

Hayden on elliptical

Hayden: Man, this time next week we will be in a restaurant, cell phone in hand having a party. Talking about flying to Seattle.

Lane: Man, we've done hundreds of interviews, got more to go.

Talk turned to most memorable house guests party and WBRB

We are back and Lane is heading off to take a shower. Hayden still exercising and Enzo doing what he does best. zzzzzzzz

Plane passes overhead as Hayden tells himself he has 24 more minuets on elliptical.

Feed 2 has Lane in the shower (I"m switching feeds as it looks like Lane is "in the mood")

Feed 3 in bedroom and Enzo's sound asleep.

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3:16 BBt

Hayden in kitchen getting something to drink.

Lane enters kitchen and they make small chit chat.

WOW, Enzo just rolled over.

BB: Lane, please go to the DR

Lane: (pissed) WHAT FOR! I won't go unless you tell me why! No comment from BB as Lane heads toward DR.

BB: Thank you Lane.

Hayden in back yard throwing away all the beer bottles.

Hayden talking to himself: What to do. It's a beautiful day in southern California. Maybe a BBQ

Lane inside changing shirt. Hayden asks if he's been in DR yet. Lane: nope.

Hayden: Where's sunshine.

Lane: Still sleeping.

Hayden back in kitchen making a protien drink. Sitting at counter reading the info on a box

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