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9/7 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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CBS production is blocking the live feeds today. Subscribers to real.com SuperPass will have access to special programming during that time.

The block will occur for an extended period of time starting today (Tuesday) morning BBT.

Since there will be specially created and fun content featured on SuperPass, you can check out the Live Feeds and Live Shows pages for the most updated programming calendar.

We have the day off! :party_smilie:

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FLASHBACK Midnight BBT All 4 HGs are in HoH Room playing cards. Actually they playing poker and Hayden is the dealer. Enzo "Rachel bring me some water" Lane "isn't this what she does" Enzo "yeah, big boobies in your face and hope for big tip" Lane "going to have to call my banker soon". Enzo "you beat me 17, try to take my money". And we have the normal chomping, belching and a couple farts.

1215AM BBT Still playing cards. No clue what they using for chips, looks like candy of some sort.

1230AM BBT Still playing poker. Black Jack. Hayden explaining to Brit why he would be busted for the way he is playing dealer.

1245AM BBT Still cards and still the boys explaining to Brit about real world poker playing.

1AM BBT Brit doing Lane's beard in WC and Enzo laying in bed in HoH listening to tunes. Looks like Brit having fun being the makeup lady. Brit "this is going to look real good" Lane "make my face swell up" Brit "I tell you when the beeper goes off, that will be 3 mins. Lane is in shower. Brit is now pacing in the kitchen. Lane "don't be lying to me". still talking about 3 mins too long. (Lane trying to make his beard darker) 3 mins up, Scrubbing face, Brit "medium dark nothing to be scared of".

115AM BBT Lane and Brit still working on the fact that his beard was dyed. Enzo and Hayden in HoH room. Enzo "Weds be endurance, WTF, they put it up today". Hayden "Weds live show, don't compete with NFL". the continue this line of chat, (guess they don't know eviction is Weds this week). Hayden rereads his letter and Enzo still laying on the bed listening to toons. Hayden and Enzo discussing Lane taking Hayden to final 2 and who votes they would get. (same chatting we have heard before).

130AM BBT Enzo and Hayden discussing what is going to happen from here on out and how hectic it is going to be. Lane finishing up in shower, no sign of Brit.

145AM BBT Hayden brushing teeth. Lane admiring his beard. Can hear Enzo talking in background. Brit in Jam room sleeping (?). <WBRB> Enzo talking about Brit and that Lane needs to forget it since she will try anything now to sway us and we need to stick together. We told her the truth, now she has to deal with it.

2AM BBT till 3AM Hayden and Enzo talking with Lane listening in Jam Room. Talking about studying and such. Talking about good times. Other contestants. Survivor. Lane has rolled over with his back to the other 2.

315AM BBT Now Enzo and Hayden playing 20 questions. Enzo "I can F'g feel shit, meow meow is great at this". The others are asleep.

330AM BBT Talking about actors and actresses and how they would never get F'd up being famous ( oh yeah right). Discussing female actresses and their bodies now.

345AM BBT Talking about wanting family to see house and who they want at finale.

4AM BBT I thnk they are all asleep

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Feeds 2-4 show this, Feed one shows BBAD repeat from the beginning. Hayden is HOH and nom ceremony will be on the next show. (not updating that, once was enough)

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3:15 BBT

I'm serious, I'm not stoned.

On feed one Enzo and Matt are upstairs playing a game of chess.

Now Enzo and Matt are in HOH room with Hayden who is wearing a towel.

All other feeds show that feeds are blocked for Tuesday.

Audio is low so it's hard to hear what they are saying but they are talking stragety.

Apparently BB is re-playing events from a previous week. (funny guys, very funny)

They are watching spy screen talking about Britney and Ragan and how they cannot trust them. Kathy's name is mentioned as well.

They're nothing better than watching nothing happen, again.

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Look careful steve....the SHO2 logo is in the right hand corner...they started showing BBAD from the beginning. I saw Annie there and the scroll said Hayden was first HOH.

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