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9/6 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 BBT

Britney wants to know if it's Showtime and someone's says yes.

Britney I'm going to change into my bathing suit and get into the hot tub (she goes inside)

Hayden and Lane do a quick "hey in 10 days one of us will have 500k and one will have 50k" as they set up to lift weights.

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12:23am BBT:

Brit talking about how the jury flipped on Natalie last season and that it’s a good example of how you never know what’s going to happen because everyone in there was her friend. Hayden wonders about what happened behind the scenes. He thinks it was obvious Natalie threw the comps. Enzo asking questions about the last comps.

Enzo thought Kevin was funny how he went off on Ronnie. He wonders why that didn’t make it on the show. Brit says a lot doesn’t get on the show. She doesn’t think the fight she had with Rachel, when she came in for 24hrs, made it on this season because she wasn’t asked about it in DR.

Brit talks about how two face Kathy was when it came to Rachel. Hayden doesn’t think Kathy got it. Brit thinks she was not all there and more emotionally spent than they thought. That it’s probably not that she didn’t like people but that things annoyed her and her only way to vent was to talk bad about people. How she didn’t really have any friends except for Kristen and even then that friendship came out of nowhere.

Lane taking a shower. Brit, Enzo and Hayden talking about Kathy. Nothing vicious. Just remembering the things that happened.

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FLASHBACK 1AM BBT (these guys are already for bed, just laying chatting) Feeds 3&4 on HoH Bathroom. Feeds 1&2 on Jum Room with Hayden, Lane and Brit laying in bed yawning and chatting in general about Enzo. Stress talk and the last few days in house. Lane "what convo can we talk about" Brit "something new" Hayden "Steamboat" Brit "noooooooo, something new" Lane let a 'prissy' fart according to Brit. And they get into a discussion about farts and moods. Now they talking about libations and how they libate, 'could not make it home cause we libated till late last night' Enzo is taking shower in HoH room, caught a glimpse of him coming out of shower. Lane "how have I gotten this far in life without using 'big' words". Brit "Matt used big words" Matt discussion about the big words. Matt has 8 yrs on us. (sorry can't spell all the big words they are repeating that Matt said). Enzo now doing nightly mouth care. Now discussing 'doodoos' Brit "Rachel not serious about her education", "she goes to school to be a Chemist and would rather be a cocktail waitress" Brit "Rachel would tell me the dumbest stuff all" Brit "Ragan had a theory about Rachel's letter and that it was code" <WBRB>

115AM BBT Enzo now listening to the CD in bed in HoH and watching the 'screen'. Now the other 3 are discussing what they said and how they will sound when they listen to their voices and actions. (lots of other comments).

130AM BBT All four feeds on Enzo in HoH listening to CD <WBRB> Still discussing former house mates on feeds 1&2 by Brit, Lane and Hayden.

145AM BBT Now the 3 Hgs are discussing Halloween and the costumes. Lane still farting.

2AM BBT Now they are discussing Ragan and Matt. Enzo now leaving HoH.

215AM BBT Now discussing Movies that made them cry.

230AM BBT Now discussing Romantic movies. Hayden is wandering thru the house. Hayden rejoins the other 3 in the Jam Room. 'Lord of War'


3AM BBT No noise, guess they all fell asleep. All sleeping in Jam Room (Palm).

315AM BBT Hayden and Enzo whispering about how they liked Ragan and he was a funny guy to have around.

330AM BBT Enzo restless, tossing and turning but no other noise at all.

(All chatting is stuff they have said all season long, sorry no details.)

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Enzo and Hayden catching SOME MORE zzzzzzzzz's

Brit playing cards on kitchen table.

Lane listening on headphones... closing eyes every once in awhile.

Sock puppet also relaxing in bed - partly covered up.

(have to go take a calmative... this excitement is toooo much)

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Brit at kitchen table building something.

Lane sitting across from her (next to Enzo) ...

LANE is TEACHING Enzo how to fly a small plane.

Everything Lane says and does echoed by Enzo....

hand motions, etc.

..............We're UP in the air ! !

Oh shit... now we gotta go DOWN.

Enzo not happy that they don't have parachutes :dontgetit:

Calling airport reporting the landing.

Happy feet on the pedals, coming in slow...

Watch those trees.

Slowly, slowly.... watching the nose.

Throttles all the way back.

tires hitting runway.

THEY're down :notworthy:

Enzo's tired. Lane was nervous.

Brit tells Enzo NOT to get a pilot's lisence


Back to normal at the BB House

Enzo looking for something to eat ... and CHEW

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Ohhh... Brit had been making some kind of Princess tiera and she's wearing it.

Brit and Enzo asking if Lane could fly one of the big planes.

Lane says different kind of liscense - training needed.

Brit asks if Lane could land a 747 if the pilot died.

Lane says yes. The important things are basic in all planes.

All munching.


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Enzo: we missed summer, no BBQ, no going to the lake, no floating. oh wait.

Brit: Kathy was our floater.

They want BB to ring the doorbell, bring some one in, a person to talk to. ((the men in the white coats))


Hayden gets his HOH camera, he did the HOH blog earlier. Lane asks why they had to do Good-bye messages on Mon. He had to one for all of them.

Britney:It's weird they did Goodbye's when havent done POV meeting yet. Something is up.

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Britney discribes how there are these update forums. They have pages and pages of stuff we do...

Enzo got up.Enzo went to bathroom. Enzo came out of bathroom & washed his hands. Etc

There are marked days with 12-13 pages per day. These are just what happened, not peoples opinions. There are different forums for opinions where we each have our own thread.

(what is she talking about? hmmm sounds like a good idea!!!)

They are talking about Chima. Britney tells them she was way worse then they showed her on TV. she was horrid for along time. She lost her stripend and had to pay for her mic and stuff.

Britney: Yeah and the mics are what $4500? thats alot for a mic.

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WBRB & when they come back, HG are in HOH...

Enzo: why are we up here man? I dont get it?

Britney: I feel we will have stuff tomorrow. Something is happening. Maybe a live show Wed. (for the record...neither Julie nor the announcer guy said Live show on Wed...They both said "Special Show")

Lane: I get to do my beard.

Britney: They wouldnt lock us down till Thursday.


Feeds back with Britney at the stove talking about video clips they got to see.

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Dinner of BBQ chicken is over. Talk turned to restuarants and food.

6:55BBT now they the guys are laying on the living room couches, talking about poker.

Enzo says the kitchen is disgusting, he is not going in there again. did dishes twice yesterday and its still bad.

Britney climbs under the foot end of Lanes blanket so they are foot to foot on the couch and tells him not to fart. (don't know why they have taken over the living room couches)

(I am done for the night and I start work back tomorrow so wont be able to update. Some else needs to take over. )

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7:42 BBT

The fantastic four are all lying around talking about movies.

Enzo: What time is it.

Brit: It's about 7:30

Lane wants to know if they have wine.

Brit now talking music. She likes Rhiana (sp)strats singing anddd WBRB

Back Lane and Enzo head for kitchen.

Brit asks for the time again

Brit asks enzo what celebs he has seen. he says he met JZ at a store. Also met Beyonce. Said JZ had a big ass watch on. Said he met him 3 or so years ago.

Enzo has met Bruce Willis several times. Also some of the Sopranos. Met Matt Lienhart (?) while in LA.

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7:52 BBT

Britney relating a story about being in a vip section with someone (missed it) and how you had to act so they would not throw you out. Like, no taking pics. I saw Eva Longoria once. Enzo sez his wife looks like Her.

Lane up in HOH room putting on headphones and listening to music. Not a whole lot going on this evening.

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