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9/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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9:25 BBT

One feed is showing the shark in the HN room. All other three are on the HGs talking about Enzo's house in the kitchen area.

Hayden goes into the SR and says something that I didn't catch. He grabs an apple and says to the camera "I win, I'm in" and smiles as he walks back to the kitchen.

9:30 BBT

They're now sharing their nicknames for sexual favors. Britney and her man call BJs 'mouth hugs'. Enzo says his wife doesn't like the P work or the term 'finger blasts'. Britney explains that a woman can die if a man blows in her vagina. Enzo says him and his wife don't even have to have sex, they just have to look at eachother, but he's crazy during sex. He says before wifey, it was a party if he could last longer than 6 minutes. Britney says wild sex like that is called the Pretzel.

(It's either reporting this or not saying anything at all.)

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9:35 BBT

Hayden changes the subject saying they won't have the faces veto game this year. Britney says they didn't have the midnight messages or things going missing from the house. Enzo thinks it's because they've all been predicting the games from the beginning.

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9:40 BBT

Britney must be in the DR b/c the boys are talking loud in the kitchen about being in the F3. Hayden jokes with Enzo about saving Britney and Enzo gets flustered, saying if he keeps Britney, they all know Britney will take Lane to the F2. Enzo keeps repeating that Hayden will win if he's F2 and wants to know who Hayden will take. He says that's not important, but what is important is which of Enzo/Lane will take him. Enzo says lets not worry about that now and how he believes Hayden deserves to win. Hayden says if they take him to F2, they can throw him under the bus and he'll throw himself under the bus. Enzo says not to worry about it b/c Hayden will win the final HOH.

Enzo doesn't understand how everyone says he'll win b/c the jury loves him. He says no one in the JH likes him.

Hayden asks what he should tell Britney and he says that he'll tell her he won't use the veto and how they started the Brigade on the second day and they have to go F3 together. Hayden asks Lane if this is alright and he says yes. They think about telling her tonight and say she will cry.

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9:45 BBT

They're going over how/what they'll say to Britney. Hayden says she just won $10,000, so that will help them. Lane says they should tell her sooner so that she won't stress and can just have fun the rest of the week. They're going to tell Britney once she gets out the DR.

Hayden stops conversation and asks if either of them will take him to F2. They laugh and keep talking about Britney. Enzo says Hayden will win the last HOH over them and Hayden says they can beat him. He says he didn't want to win the POV today and that he had all his answers and thought about it before he pressed the button, on whether he should throw it or just win it. Lane says he was throwing that competition regardless.

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9:55 BBT

Hayden says he wants to take Britney upstairs to the HOH room to tell her. Lane says that the HOH room is so compact, that if Britney goes crazy... and Hayden laughs. Enzo goes to use the bathroom and Hayden heads upstairs to change clothes and possibly shower, as this will be a big deal.

Lane joins him and Hayden says he's taking Lane to the F2. Lane says same there and that he knows if Hayden wins the 500, that he wins it, too. Hayden says that everything he's told Lane is legit. He mentions that picking Enzo will be tempting to Lane and Lane says it doesn't matter. Hayden reveals that Britney told him last night that she may for vote Enzo if Enzo/Lane were the F2. Lane doesn't understand this and Enzo walks in. Hayden repeats it to Enzo and he says Britney is f*cking good with her strategy and trying to convince the boys.

One feed has switched from the shark to the flamingos now. All others on the boys in the HOH room.

10:00 BBT

Britney is out of the DR and is looking for the boys.

10:01 BBT

Britney heads upstairs as Hayden is brushing his hair and saying this will make television. He has his back towards the door and tells live feed viewers to get ready, b/c they're about to tell Britney.... Just as Britney walk in the door. Hayden is startled, but shuts his mouth.

Britney says that she had to read all the clues in the DR, as to why she was in there so long. Just general chat right now.

Hayden changes his shirt and they make fun of him, saying he wins a POV and gets all glam now.

10:05 BBT

Enzo is talking about whether winning HOHs or POVs is more important. Britney is laughing and you can see Lane is uncomfortable.

Hayden heads downstairs to request libations again.

Enzo talks about how they all thought it was going to be the face veto tonight and it wasn't.

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10:07 BBT

Enzo is just laughing and asks Lane what he's going to do tonight. Lane doesn't really say anything and Enzo continues to laugh. He says Hayden's first HOH doesn't really count, b/c the group helped him win (the hot dog HOH).

10:10 BBT

Enzo is trying to hint to Britney about the Brigade. He asks who was her favorite BB player of all time, then who played the best game in their season. Lane asks who she'd vote for between lane/Enzo. She says she can't answer that and Enzo says she'd pick Lane.

Enzo wonders if there's been any big alliances in the house and Britney says yeah, Brendon and Rachel, Matt and Ragan. Enzo laughs and Britney thinks they'll learn more when they get out, such as who was Andrew really with.

Enzo says something about an alliance with him and Matt. Britney asks who else and Enzo laughs, asking who else to Lane. Enzo says it was him, Matt, Lane and Hayden since day 2 and how they named it and had nicknames for eachother. Britney asks what the name is and Lane says Brigade and him and Enzo laugh. They tell Britney about the BG and No GB for the BGs.

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10:15 BBT

Enzo asks her if she's surprised and she says no, that Matt told her about them. Enzo says that Matt never said Brigade and Britney agrees. He thinks they're the best alliance ever and will go down in history. He says that even the Four Horsemen didn't make it the the F4 (but they did make it to F2 together, much like the Brigade made it to F3.)

They're telling Britney all their secrets, such as how they would throw eachother under the bus to the others to hide their alliance, how no two Brigade members could be on the block together and how they always had and controled the votes. They tell her their code words. She says they didn't make a good choice about including Matt and Enzo says that's why Matt had to go. Lane says Matt was good b/c he won competitons.

Britney is listening, staying mostly quietly, biting her nails. They tell her about Matt's plan during Week 2 about going up as a plan.

Enzo says how Hayden had to go towards Brendon and Matt had Ragan, as they had to have other people. (Lane doesn't say that he had Britney...)

Britney says she doens't think the others will be surprised about them and Enzo says Ragan didn't know anything about Matt, as Ragan would always talk Matt up, but how Matt was really with them.

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10:20 BBT

Enzo says this has never been down in BB history, people keeping a secret and going to the F4. (Once again, the Brigade didn't make the F4.. And BB3 Danielle and Jason had everyone fooled.)

Lane tells Britney that's why they would always ask her about alliances from other seasons, just to see how good they were doing. Britney says she doesn't remember that stuff so well, so they shouldn't have relied on her.

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10:25 BBT

Enzo is just going on and on, saying there was a whole other part of the season that no one knew about. Britney says everyone knew Enzo/Hayden were together, but Enzo claims he was closer to Matt. Enzo states he's like Britney from the beginning, back when she was with Monet (possibly trying to work Britney for her JH vote).

Enzo says Matt screwed up with voting Kathy out and knew he could no longer trust him. Enzo says that Matt still doesn't know that they were pushing Britney to nominate Matt.

Enzo wonders who was the second SAB.

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10:32 BBT

Hayden walks in the DR and looks uncomfortable as Enzo is saying No GBs for the BGs. Enzo tells Hayden they told Britney everything and he's surprised, especially since they did it without him. He asks Britney how she feels and she says she's not surprised. Enzo keeps bragging about the Brigade, as if no one heard him the first time.

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10:35 BBT

Britney now realizes why Matt threw Ragan under the bus and didn't say anything bad about Hayden. Enzo says that Matt would tell them that he would push for Ragan to go and once he talked to Britney, the other boys needed to go up to Britney to re-enforce it. Enzo says that instead, they called Matt a backstabber and pushed for Matt to go.

Hayden apologizes to Britney and asks if she's pissed. She doesn't say anything and Lane says yes, she is. She asks if this means she's going home and there's a long pause. Hayden says he won't say that, but isn't going to use the veto. No one says anything and Enzo, from the bathroom, says it was the best alliance in BB history, regardless if he wins or not. He walks into the room and asks what happened, as everyone else is quiet. He says they have enough respect for Britney to tell her. Enzo says he's willing to bet his wife's savings that Hayden wins it all. Hayden doens't know if he'll have the votes and Britney says she'll find out once she gets to jury. Enzo pauses and says they can worry about that later.

Hayden asks Britney if she'd rather them be up front about it and she says they have. It looks like her eyes may be watering, but she's far from crying yet.

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10:43 BBT

Hayden asks if she'd rather them not tell her and she says no, it just sucks. He agrees and says the last thing he wants is to make her sad or cry. Enzo backs this up by complimenting her and says this is why he was glad she won the $10,000 yesterday. Hayden gets up to give her a hug and she says she needs to go downstairs. Enzo asks why and she's trying to hold back tears, saying she needs her time, as she just found out that she's wasted 3 months and now has no chance of winning. They apologize and she heads to her bed.

Enzo says that's how he thought it would go and Lane laughs, saying he just lost her vote. Hayden smiles and they rehash what just happened.

Feeds so Britney go to the DR on her own. Now, all feeds on the boys upstairs.

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10:50 BBT

Lane goes to head downstairs, saying he needs to use the bathroom. The boys yell at him, saying to stay upstairs and leave Britney alone. Lane says they can follow him downstairs if they want and he leaves.

Hayden says that Britney convinced him last night that Enzo will win the game if he's F2. Enzo says no, b/c he's done poor in competitions and how the DR has been hounding him all season, saying he's been a donkey. Hayden says that Enzo has a geat social game and Enzo agrees, saying it's the best social game in BB history (He's getitng quite rediculous with this all.) Enzo says he went 49 days before going on the block and Hayden says Enzo has never been the target, ever, in the house. He's complimenting Enzo (basically guarenteeing that Enzo will take Hayden to the F2), saying that Enzo came up with the Brigade. Enzo says he's making good points and now he feels better now, as he feels more secure about going to the F2.

Lane is now looking for Britney, as he looks in the bedrooms, then tries to get in the DR. He's rejected, so he must realize Britney is in the DR. He's still wondering around downstairs.

10:55 BBT

Hayden tells Enzo that he will say positive things about Enzo if they both make it to F2. Enzo wants to hear again what Britney said about how Enzo will win the whole thing.

Lane heads upstairs and tells them Britney is in the DR. He says that the SR green light flashed many times, so he went in there and didn't see anything. WBRB. He then says he tried to get into the DR and couldn't.

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Enzo still going on about how america wanted this all to happen as it did with the three of them at the end and telling Britney the truth. That it's not that he wanted to make her cry, but he's sure america wanted to see that.

Talk about controlling the whole house.

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11:52p BBT:

Lane feels bad about Britney. Enzo thinks she'll still vote for him.

Talk moves onto the person who goes to jury out of the three considering they'll be evicted by one person. Enzo says he won't take anything personal that if he doesn't win final hoh he won't come to them and ask to be taken to f2. He believes that neither will take him. Hayden doesn't think he'll be taken either. Lane says nothing.

Enzo says he'll be happy with whoever wins the money. That it's not like he ever had that money anyway. Hayden mentions that coming into the house he had like 11 cents. That they need to think about what to do after the game. Lane wants for the Bragade to go to bars/parties and make money. Hayden says they can only do that for so long, so it's important to get to it right away. Lane has contacts in hollywood.

Planning to go home for a week and then heading to respective hometowns for work.

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11:59pm BBT:

Enzo was told before coming into the house was not to trust anyone. This was said to him by someone who had played the game. It was a woman.

Hayden says during press he was told that he needed to allign with three other guys and a hot woman.

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12:08am BBT:

Lane mentions that he told Britney how important it was not to be loud unless its in being funny. Then she went and did the opposite. Amazed she lasted this long.

12:10am BBT:

Shoutouts to friends and family thinking they're still on showtime.

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12:23am BBT:

Hayden tells Enzo in passing that maybe they shouldn't have told her. Lane thinks it's for the best and he doesn't have to feel ackward.

12:24 am BBT:

Brit comes out of DR and passes the guys. Enzo asks what/how she's doing and she just says brushing her teeth and goes to bathroom. Looks like she's been crying. Guys let her be and don't follow.

12:28am BBT:

Brit doesn't say anything to the guys as she goes to the bedroom. Gets her bedding and moves into the red room.

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12:31am BBT:

Lane comes in and asks if she wants to come outside. Wants to talk to her and she says it's not a good idea right now. He tells her he never played her and that he never wanted this to happen. She starts crying and says she gets that its a game. He lets her be. She's reading her letter from home for comfort before turning off the lights and getting under the covers still crying.

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12:35am BBT:

Lane talking to the guys about his brief convo. Not all of it but most of it and adding bits and pieces here and there. Enzo thinks she let it rip in the DR, but feels it's okay since he did the same.

Now playing pool. Thinks tomorrow she'll realize what a good game they played. Enzo says give her until tuesday and she'll realize it.

Talk moves onto finale night and who the 2n sab was. Enzo thinks it was either Kathy or Matt.

(someone take over please)

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Lane says tomorrow Brit will think they played a good game.

Lane/Hay start a game of pool, while Enzo stays in hot tub.

They get back to 2nd Sab topic, Enz is certain it's Matt or Kathy.

Lane says we are final 3, surely we would tell now if it was one of us?

Hay:I told about prizes, I'd tell if Sab

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Pool continues, Brigade don't care now if jury is upset about them having alliance... it doesn't matter...

Enzo:let them ask their questions... I was part of the best alliance...


Hay:any chance they ask us 3 back for Allstars?

Enz: no question they ask, question is do we want to do it?

Hay:I would

Enz: if I know you guys are there, I do it, would be good with Evil Dick, Jeff/Jordan, now we know we would have to start studying from the start. I want to know Matt's question, ask if we turned on him?

Lane: no, you turned on us first

Hay:that will be his question

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