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9/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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8:00 BBT

Looks like Enzo and Hayden are up in the HOH room

Enzo listening to music,

Britney and Lane outside.

Complaining about the cheap weight equipment they have.

Britney gonna spend a month seeing people she missed.

Lane talking what he will do when he gets out.

Brit wants all her friends to come to one place to see her.

Lane wants to know if Brits BF will come to the finale show.

Brit: I don't know. What do i text him? I know I'm gonna miss my dogs.

Lanes misses his dog Tucker.Wonders if her will recognize him.

Talk about pets now.

All 4 feeds are on Lane and Britney now talking dog shots and having puppies.

Lane: You gonna be happier to see your dog or Nick. Britney: That's a tough question right now

They're wondering how there friends will treat them when they get out, if it will be different.

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Lane and Brit sitting by hammock talking about how they would spend their money. Wondering if they had a good season. They think they had one of the better BB seasons so far (GASP) Brittney has watched this show since she was 14 and always wanted to be here and now she is. She thinks this is the biggest reality show ever. They think they have THE BEST CAST EVER. Patting each other on ther shoulder pretty good right now.

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Enzo gets called to DR.

Britneys says her mon got cast for the first season of Survivor. Made it all the way to the finals.

Talking about "the Simple Life" being filed in Arkansas and a few WBRB's

Talking about Ragan bashing a WBRB and Ragan said it was funny. Ragan sez Perez this and WBRB (Grrrrrr)

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Enzo walks thru house, checks BY then heads up to HOH. Wahes up and climbs in to bead with headphones to listen to music.

The rest are outside again complaining how crappy the gym set is.

Talking about having libations tonight.

Thay have been complaing about having cards all season and now that they have them they are bored in 20 min. Britney does not know how to play poker. Talk now swithes back to movies and books, and now coffee (there killing me)

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