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9/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Enz:I feel like a weight is lifted off us now that we told her... I feel bad she is crying

Hay:either way, she would cry today or on Monday

Brit is up... and goes up to HOH, guys think it's to listen to cd... but it's to get her shampoo from the shower

When she goes past sliding glass door, guys think she was hiding something, think she jacked Hay's monkey or picture

So... Hayden goes up to HOH to check on his things...

Leaving Enz/Lane outside, agreeing they can't take Hayden to F2 or they will lose to him


(I haven't don't LFU in a while, bear with me :) )

Hay back outside, to report that... everything is still there

Hay says he thinks it was her shampoo/conditioner


Brit goes to kitchen to get one of the games they have.

Every time Enzo sees her thru the sliding glass doors, he mentions it, and is suspicious of what she is doing

Guys talk allstars again, certain they will be targets right away

Enzo:it's inevitable they call us all back

Hay: we show up with tshirts

Enzo: now we take a different approach, Evil Dick would be there


Enzo:Jeff I think, but not Jordan... Memphis, but not Dan, cause he won the money, but he came back to host comp, so he has a bit of ego so he might

Hay: you think when they cast us, they thought we'd make it this far?

Enzo: who'da thought someone from Jersey/Texas/Arizona/Chicago would allign?


Enzo:just think, next Thursday we will be sitting here for an endurance

Enzo goes inside to change out of wet clothes, leaves Hay/Lane outside playing pool

Lane:how big of a dodo will I look if I win HOH and take you to F2? For me to win I needed to win this POV... I could have won it or throw it.

Hay:did you throw it? doesn't matter, you can tell me

Lane:yea... I wanted Enzo to win it

Hay: I was done for a few seconds, looked at camera, said do I throw it?

Lane: if I win hoh, I'll take you to F2

Hay: Brit said last night, even if I win rest of comps and take Enzo, he'd win... she made great points, he'd get Bren/Rach votes, said Enzo may get her vote over you, why would she tell me that? Ragan votes Enzo based on social vote... have to look at it this way, $50k is a lot of money, plus if you got more than $91 in Pandora's box

Lane: I got $91.17

Hay: in one envelope?

Lane: I may have got more

Hay: I won't tell Enzo... $5000

Lane: around that... either way, I'm happy

Hay: it worked out, I'm glad she won the $10k

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Hayden tells Lane that he plans to take Lane to F2 if he(Hayden) wins final HOH. Says Lane is guarateed $50k, because Enzo will take Lane to F2.

Lane:week 1 we said we wanted to be F2

Hay:we have a good chance, we just have to beat the dodo in there(Enzo)... I knew you were throwing that, I said it in there, I know Lane...


WBRB (not sure why)


we are back... Brit is under covers laying down in the OBR now, light still on but appears to be sleeping, no sign of Enzo, Lane/Hay still playing pool

Hay: we know now what they are going to do this week..."are you sure you want to take Lane to the F2?"

(short WBRB)

Hay: I feel you have a better shot at winning if you take me to F2 over Enzo

Lane: oh yea

Hay: $91.17... that's good... did you go for the Hawaii vacation and $5k?

Lane: I put 1 down for the $5k... but was scared I would win it

Hay: I knew I had no chance of winning POV at the point of $5k, so felt I should have put down more than I did

Lane: I was worried the phone call would be in the living room

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4 feeds on Hay/Lane pool game)

Lane:lowball it, we have 10 million viewers... how many will follow us on twitter? I thought 200 was good

Hay: I think 1 million

Lane: that will get us contacts at bars... we tell them, we will twitter we are coming to your bar...

Hay: we've got to beat Enzo at endurance and skill

Hay: my goal was to not be the first one out

Lane: our family is thinking how are we going to the finale to see our son...


Lane goes inside, Hayden talks to himself on the patio

Hay: what do I do, what do I do? I have to win the last HOH!

Lane calls Hay inside to see all the ants running around... well, probably running in a semi-straight line

Lane tries to go thru an entire can of spray on all the ants he can see...

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Before going back outside, Hay/Lane assume Enzo is in with Brit, talking with her

(I can't tell as all 4 feeds are on Hay/Lane, but last I saw, Brit appeared to be asleep)

Hay/Lane back outside on the patio

Hay: he's working on his vote already

WBRB off and on as Hay/Lane discuss BB production topics...


feeds come back, with Enzo/Hayden out on the patio, still enjoying their Brigade reign... no sign of Lane/Brit now

Hay/Enzo give their review of BB11 cast..

Enzo:they did nothing for me, Ragan was funnier than Kevin

Hay:Jordan was funny, she's cute

Enzo:She did her thing, had to win at the end, I thought she was chunky, but she was hot, she made my day when she called me 'meow meow'


no sign of Brit/Lane, Enzo/Hayden chatting on the patio... I'm headed to bed.. night!

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From 2-4am, Britney stayed asleep while the Brigade bragged to themselves about the season (Brag-gade?)

4am, guys take it inside, start preparing for bed. Hay/Enzo chat a while longer in the HOH, then Enzo retreats downstairs to chat some with Lane before going to sleep. Meanwhile, Hay has a short monologe in the HOH, where he states the biggest BB tip, skill and strategy help, but "we got really lucky"

6:15am and all HGs are asleep... a camera devoted to each HG (hey BB, can you keep it like that all week? one camera assigned to each HG? Is it that hard to do?)

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11:13ish BBT (?)

Brit in BY eating, talking to Mom: How should i act today? Like nothing is going on? At least I won 10K. Just gotta get over it. sigh.

Brit: sorry to my family, i was so stupid. Thought I was smarter then that. I tried. Bet I look like such an idiot. Its a game, it was fun.

Brit: I was such a baby, I need to buck up. Maybe I am spoiled or not doted on, maybe overly considered. emotionally spoiled.

Brit: when other ppl left I was like-Bye, thanks for wasting your time. At least I have 10K & the experience. F4, 4th place.

Brit: ready to get out now, its done. Ready to be on plane home, miss family. 10 days left, is easy to do.

Brit: hope moms not embarrassed I didnt do better. I just came up short. Talk finishes & she goes inside. Enzo/Lane in bed.

Brit to Enzo: last night it was hard for me to take in at first. I am not mad, dont want to be depressed. you guys played awesome game.

Brit to Enzo: Just want to have fun while I am here. Enzo: we came to heads & said yo Brit has to know. Brit: I had every chance to save self

Enzo: you also have to play social game. Brit: think you had a good shot. Enzo: Lane was F2 when he was F5. They LOL abt Lane winning HOH.

Enzo/Brit comparing notes on evicted HG. How they would do this w/one HG and opposite w/another one

Enzo: you watch show back & from day 1 its a whole diff game. Bren/Rach easily manipulated. By Matt not putting them up kept target off BG

Enzo: I told Hay Annie was Sab, put her up. ...I told everyone before they left BBH about BG, its just a game.

Brit: hard to vote any of you 3. Cany play game w/o lying, but I will vote for person lied least to me. Hay/Lane inside getting food.

Enzo to Brit/Hay: do you think Matt told jury about Brigade. Brit: I think Matt told Ragan, if he didnt Ragan will feel stupid.

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Lane tells Britney that he is sorry, him & her were tight from day one. Dont take what Enzo says personally. Brit is ok with it, nothing personal

(I know I am not the only Feeder checking in here...Help me out guys....Have to take a break)

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Banner plane flys over: Brit: its not for us, its says Phantom of the Opera.

Enzo jokes: it says The Brigade...


Enzo: it has two owls, some show.

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Hayden and Lane in Kitchen talking about if Enzo makes it to F2 he wins. Have to make sure he doesnt get F3.

Lane: I have to study harder.

Hayden: We have to beat him out in the first to parts of HOH comp.

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Hot dog time: Enzo will take 1 beef and 2 turkey, Brit will have 1 turkey. Hayden does the grilling.

(I'll take 2 turkey, with katchup, mustard and relish...the more burnt the better..TY Hayden)

Britney comments on how Ragan had a vulgar mouth and would say off the wall comments.

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Britney brings up how Enzo ate while a Have not. Asks him how he ate a piece of fried chicken. Did he sneak it to bed.

Enzo: I didnt do that.

Lane: you would sneak cheese cubes all the time.

Enzo: I didnt do that.

Hayden: You would put chocolate in your pocket, unwrap it and then sneeze to put it in your mouth.

Enzo: I didnt do that.

FOTH for a few min

when we come back they are talking about hotels.

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Brit to DR. Guys to BY. Enzo retells his & Britney's convo from this am.

Hay: I feel terrible.

Lane: The days going by slow now. (Ya think?!!)

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didnt see any reason for the forth earlier

You havent missed a thing, general chit chat, Enzo does dishes. Britney, Lane and Hayden in Jumanji chatting.

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6:05 BBT

Quadcam shows Enzo washing dishes while Hayden and Britney chat in bedroom

Britney explaining different southern cultures. How New Orleans is different from Atlanta. Arkansas architecture is different from everywhere else. Talk nows goes to different schools. Britney had never heard of a "rotunda".

Enzo announces a lockdown.

Enzo in kitchen cleaning dishes. "Fucking ants everywhere man"

Interesting to see Enzo cleaning kitchen. Talking to himself: You got more junk in your trunk than I got in my car!

Meanwhile, back to Brit and Hayden.

Britney pleading to Hayden to stay. She thinks she was promised a F3 deal and she now knows that's bunk. Hayden's saying his deal was always with the brigade. Hayden apologising for the brigade and keeping it from her. She;s says shes not mad about it but shes not real happy that Hayden kept it from her.

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6:20 BBT

Britney has gotton over the initial shock of finding out about the brigade and is chatting with Hayden.

Brit: I trusted you for no reason. I thought your were the nicest one hear but I don't blame you. It's a game, it's a game. I can go home with my head held high.

She didn't like the way the three of them came out and told her about the brigade. Like they ganged up on her. HA HA your the next one out. Ya'll came off very cold.

Hayden doing his best to justify it and assures her that they wanted her to know before she left.

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Just checked back in and it looks like feeding time at the zoo. There at the new small table grubing and gabbing.

Talking about some cartoon. There getting along pretty well right now.

Enzo loved watching alvin and the chipmonks and WBRB!!!

We are back and they are asking about different movies they have seen someone mentioned Aladin. Their favorite TV shows, yada, yada, yada.

A lot of chat about TV shows tonight

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7:00pm BBT:

Hayden, Enzo and Hayden talking about tv shows they enjoyed. Shows like Growing Pains, Family Matters, Flintstones, Disney and Nickelodion programs. Hayden and Brit's brothers watched similar shows.

Britney likes shows that deal with real stuff like Man vs Wild. Hayden likes the discovery channel. (looks like BB doesn't want hamsters mentioning other stations 'cuz we are getting lots of bubbles)

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Great, they start singing the theme song to Inspector Gadget and you guessed it : WBRB

Back and again conversation is about favorite TY shows and WBRB's

Back AGAIN and talk shifts to cards. I appears that Lane , Hayden and Enzo are playing cards.

Hayden: Britney hates me. Enzo : Iknow

Back to card playing. Enzo raises a bottle of hot sause. Hayden raises a hotdog. They don't have any chips!

There looking for something to use as poker chips.

Alittle game talks starts and WBRB

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7:00 BBT

Looks like everyone moved outside. Britney laying on couch. Enzo comments how how big back yards looks know.

Enzo and Lane bringing stuff outside to play cards. Whatever they are playing with for chips Enzo keeps eating them!

Ans so, the great Pre Labor Day Poker Challange Begins.

I'll be back,

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