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9/3 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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9:02 BBT Enzo Brit and Lane in the CR talking about wanting the Eminem CD back this week. Enzo a lil upset he lost, but he looks at it was there was no way he was going to beat Hayden in that comp, he was doing too good. Hayden joins them, says no HOH room yet. They asked for cards again. They joke about wanting to cram the last few weeks all leading up to Finale this Thursday (lol, we sorta wish that too)... Then talks of turning cell phones and computers back on, as Lane remembers his Go Daddy website is still up and running as we get WBRB. Now back to Brit talking about Facebook some more. More talk about cellphones and we get another WBRB.

9:18 BBT More talk about Facebook, and Nick, mostly from Brit. Enzo is "napping", Lane is laying down most still chatting a little with Brit and Hayden. All still in the CR. Talk turns from Nick to clothing, and since Hayden and Brit were talking about Northface Clothing Co. Hayden brings up Steamboat, CO again, obviously. Hoping they are big fans of the show, the people who own the mountain...

9:24 BBT Brit (called to the DR) has left the CR room leaving just the BG, as Hayden says he hopes they give em shirts, to stir things up in the house, cause some drama, make Britney cry. Enzo and Lane wake up a lil bit for this now, Lane says he doesn't think Britney will go to Steamboat, CO. Its just talk. If Nick doesn't go, she won't go. Hayden wants a board shop. BG Board. Brigrade Boards they say.

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9:36 BBT Enzo wakes up to go grab some sunflower seeds. Him and Hayden joke about Britney finally cleaning up a little, then complaining about how dirty the house was. Hayden says what Ragan said about Britney being the dirtiest one was true. Enzo wonders why sunflower seeds are so fattening as begins chomping away (LOUDLY - this should be fun.) Enzo doesn't get why Britney is so mad about some comment he made about Nick being so white. He tells Hayden its not his fault hes like an albino, chomps away some more... Hayden says he was so glad that was the competition. Enzo was scared Brit might win 'cuz she has small hands.

9:51 BBT Thankfully Enzo and the sunflower seeds didn't last long, but he's gone to snack on some chips. Wondering where Brit is, Hayden says still in DR, he replies with she's talking mad sh-t in there. Now Enzo starts to pace around wanting some more beef jerky. Lane is still napping in the CR, he's been out cold for a while now.

9:54 BBT Enzo comes back into the CR, Hayden makes sure he has enough room as the three Hayden and Enzo chill out alongside their BG-mate napping.

10:08 BBT Snoring now, as all three BG boys dead silent napping in the CR. Enzo gets up for some more food, as Hayden asks what time it is and if it the back-door is open yet. Nope. Hayden called to the DR. Enzo goes to Jumanji to see Brit and says finally! Said she had a long DR, she says "Nah, you guys were just asleep, I came in here" She repeats the wants the Eminem CD back this week. As Brit and Enzo begin talking about how close they are to the end. Enzo hopes his wife still loves him, Brit just wants to get it over. Both want the POV comp. tomorrow, and Enzo repeats he wants more beef jerky. Says it sucks he never got to get a letter. Play the doo-doo part perfectly.

10:14 BBT Lane now up, getting some Sprite and chips n salsa in the kitchen, screaming with Enzo. Saying they are just going to be screaming all week. Enzo screaming at the cameras. Brit joins em in the kitchen, Enzo says he wants beef jerky (again). Says when Hayden gets his HOH he's going right past the pictures for the beef jerky. He begins cracking up, saying he cant wait to Lane announcing he HOH competition in the sled. Lane saying he couldn't see anything. They want to make burgers, and want the back door open. Enzo says he is about to nuke is. Britney sees they only left 8 cups for them as she grabs a glass of Coca-Cola. Enzo says we should just go hang out upstairs, "Hey OVVER HERE". Right to the CD and beef jerky. (Steamboat, beef jerky. steamboat, beef jerky... Im going to be dreaming of slim-jims going down mountains of snow after tonight.)

10:22 BBT Enzo notices Coca-Cola got a new label. 62 days in a f-n house! Hayden comes out of the DR, no HOH room yet but they got the outside opened up. The final four hosueguests head outside. Enzo and Lane begin a pool game, as Hayden turns on the grill for burgers. Enzo thought he saw his first UFO, as they notice a set or and some lights or something. Enzo screams OVER HERE to them as Hayden cleans off the grill.

10:33 - 10:45 BBT They make fun of Ragan not being into the dancing at the end, Enzo saying he was being a 'pill', whatever that is. He was being a Tylenol PM. Hayden says the burgers are looking good. Enzo says they smell good. Hayden makes sure swiss cheese is okay. Enzo says some beef jerky on the burger would be nice too (OMG, enough). Hayden eases his fears and lets him know the beef jerky will be available soon. And of course, more Steamboat, CO talk. Enzo wondering about the cold temperature and the sauna. Says he can't wait to tube, snowboarding not so much. Wants a meow-meow sticker on his snowboard. Says he might practice when he gets home, buy a snowboard and just do at home. (lol) Enzo says there's only four people, but it still feels like forever to go, but he has one foot out the door. Says he wants beef-jerky again. Wonders if the burgers are fattening, (?) Brit says nah they are turkey burgers. She goes inside to grab Hayden a plate, Lane wonders if the reason it is taking so long is maybe because they are making shirts. Enzo says Brit came out of the DR with an attitude. Enzo says Brit has checked out, she is done and just wants to go home. The BG jokes a lil about Brit just pressing the exit button, we all miss our family as they head inside to eat, with Britney, of course, in the kitchen as she thanks Hayden. They sit down at the table, and beging chomping away.

10:55 BBT - 11:25 BBT Gang still eating. Brit wonders if Annie will even remember what the house looks like, she's been gone so long. Then Rachel bashing begins with talk of Ragan going into the jury house this week. Still wondering what is taking so long for the HOH. Hayden starts talking about his little sister. Being nicknamed Bean. More wondering what is taking so long. Then, more Rachel bashing. Brit wishing (again) that they got rid of Rachel not Annie week 1. And more talk of the bowling POV. Now they talk about Shane (Kathy's son) and Kathy hating them after this season, Hayden hopes he she still has a job after this (after the caramel comp. and some of the things she said). More Steamboat, CO shout-outs. And more talk of wanting the Eminem CD again this week and how great it was. Hayden wonders who was snowing in the CR earlier (it was Lane) as they say they are all still tired. Hayden loved the dance clips, being honest about having two left feet when it comes to dancing. Brit hated how Ragan interrupted her again. Gives Ragan a hard time, goes through all the cleaning things she did all week. Enzo just saying "Yeahh" "You shunned his shun." Hayden saying its crazy he won't see Jury House. Hayden called to the DR again... Enzo and Brit rejoice. Brit and Enzo say if he wins this HOH, he's gonna win half a million. Maybe even if he doesn't. Enzo is happy for him, Brit agrees. Enzo says he'd almost feel bad taking him to the F2 and not having him win, feels he is a good kid. Brit agrees, saying he is a good person. She knows, because she is not, so she can see that quality in other people (lol - you got a point there). Lane joins the two at the table as they begin to talk about how big the house is, Lane wondering if its more than 3500sq ft. Brit thinks less, Enzo more. Some Ragan bashing, from Enzo and Brit about his annoying voices. Enzo says his name for Ragan in the DR was Evil Andy Dick. Brit wants to know what her nickname was, He says B-Smooth. She doesn't believe him, persists asking repeatedly and he keeps saying B-Smooth. Brit asks her other nicknames, as we get BB warning them about not talking about DRs twice. They say they already know (one would think, right). Now talking about how funny and loyal Monet was. Enzo really liked her. Brit thought she'd be stuck up just looking at her. Says she was so funny, they'd sit there and make fun of Kristin and Rachel all day.

10:25 - 10:45 BBT Hayden "Who wants to see my HOH room." a half-assed "Yes" from the other 3 as they get up from the kitchen table and head upstairs. E "beef jerky here i come." L "is this everyone." Enzo goes right past the pictures as Brit and Lane look at em, and grabs a bag of beef jerky just like he said he do, then goes to look one of the snowboarding pics of Hayden they're all gazing at. Enzo opens a different bag of beef jerky as Hayden begins to read his letter from his Dad, who says how proud of him he is, and Jackson, Hayden's younger bro is his new biggest fan, saying he just won HOH. Has a third-place trophy from some Yo-Yo competition in 1998, says he is really good at it, probably gave it to him cause he had a talk with Brit about how many trophies he has. They're all happy because Hayden got the Eminem CD (it is awesome), joking its prolly still scratched from last week. Brit laughs cause she can see floss down in his HOH basket. Hayden checks out his HOH fridge. They hang out up there, Hayden talking about his dad's fam and his younger brother. ENzo and Brit laying in the HOH bed, Enzo pounding away on jerky still. Lane sitting in a chair, mostly quiet. Hayden goes through his basket some more. Enzo wonders what per serving means (are you kidding) Brit has to explain it to him. More talk of Steamboat, CO. Hayden wishes both his parents could go, they're divorced too and don't get along at all. Lane says he cant wait to be in snow, real snow. Enzo says it looks like he is gonna bust a lot of ass doing that (pointing to Hayden's snowboarding pic). Enzo asks everyone if they've checked already, he almost has. Then asks the other 3 if they'd do all-stars, Lane say no. Brit laughs, Hayden says he would. Enzo would have to wait two years. Hayden misses his family alot, but hes got nothing else to do, why not. Brit lies in bed and puts in the Eminem CD as the three boys pile out of the HOH room, starting with Hayden and then Lane and Enzo together. Enzo just grabs a drink and heads right back up there. Hayden cuts his new bracelet, grabs a drink. Enzo can't get in, the HOH room is locked and Brit can't hear (lol) Hayden goes to SR, they got beers too, and wine. Enzo gets Brit to open the door, the boys pile back in the room, beers in hand. Enzo in the bed. Reading off the states that Corona bottles are accepted for 5cents back... lol says Miami for one. They chat about Corona and Hayden tells a story about a guy who started a brewery in Brooklyn.

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415AM BBT WBRB on all 4 Feeds for about 15 mins. All HGs are asleep when feeds come back and another WBRB Looks like Enzo (thought at first it was Brit) fell asleep in the HoH bed with Hayden with headphones on (?) Lane has his usual bed in the Palm room back and Brit sleeping in the bed in the corner. (WBRB keeps popping in and out)

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1020AM BBT Enzo running in backyard talking about he is going home if Brit wins PoV (nominations already??) Lane working out with weights. Hayden just re-entered the house while mixing a shake in his hand. No Brit on any feed. Lane "can't work out my chest over here". Enzo "individual PoV, we all do one thing at a time in BY" still running. Enzo "GD gotta shave my chest".

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1030AM BBT BB "outside lockdown" Enzo and Lane laying on turf by weights talking about time left in house. Brit on couch eating cereal. Hayden laying on couch napping. Lane "been counting for 3 months now". Enzo "eight days from Monday". Enzo "Brit wins PoV, I am in jury house".

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1055AM BBT Still outside lockdown. Enzo and Lane still talking. Hayden napping and Brit now napping also. Enzo "small list, don't give a F" Lane "don't want to read the label, don't want to read the card, throw it in trash" Enzo "let's finish this off, no HoH, one less chair, let's get done already". Enzo "maybe someone will be in there, like Keesha (?) reading off the card, 11 days left" "don't F with us, we like killers right now, don't F with us" "killed thousands of ants while in here, we are killers now". Lane laughing while Enzo does his usual 'whine' routine.

Enzo starts talking about his 'german shepherd dogs' First one lost use of his legs. Second one was his dad's constant companion while Dad struggled with leukemia. The dog got cancer and the treatments did not work anymore. Two dogs had to be put to sleep for different reasons. Enzo "take them to the Vet and they take care of them, I was the last one to see both dogs" Lane "we bury ours in the back field" "buried a steer, dogs, just a lot of animals, had them facing east cause that is the direction home was in, where they grew up".

more talk about childhood pets and recent animals.

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1110 AM BBT Lockdown over. Enzo "let's go see the small ass table and 4 chairs". Brit gets up and carrys in her dirty dishes. Enzo puts on shirt and heads for house. All 4 back in house. Ooohhhhhhhsssss and Aaaaahhhhhhhhhssssssssss about small table. Enzo "smells brand new". Enzo "final 4, this is it". They all sitting around the table feeling and touching it, like they can't believe it is a table....or (maybe they have never seen a table before). Hayden "we still do keys, don't do keys anymore do we?" keybox will fill up the top of table. All are yawning.

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1020AM BBT general chat about Brendon and his body never changing even though he worked out all the time. Enzo "Ragan wanted to F him from day one" some general kidding about Rachel Brendon relationship. Enzo "Ragan the poor postal worker all F up".

Hayden goes to see if HoH is unlocked. Lane heads to WC. Enzo mumbling about F up time wanting to see his wife. Enzo "hope she don't throw it in my face about the way I acted in here, can't even decorate a tree, never did anything like this before, going up against a yoyo champ, nice snowboards, he does all this extreme shi*, how am I to compete". Brit "I am ready to be home". Enzo "wifey I sorry, I really F up". Enzo "maybe I make money after this, TV worth 6Gs might have to sell it" Just chat about what they gave up and lost in comps wondering who got Hawaii trip. (between Brit and Enzo) Enzo "after taxes cup of coffee might be bought. Just hope after all this time, it was not burden to wife". Enzo "hope my Dad is doing better, wife works long hours, has the house, dogs, baby all over the place". Brit "your dad speaks English" Enzo "my grandpa speaks italian, Dad and Mom speak it to baby all the time". Lane kind of pacing around house. Enzo "Dad will get a kick out of this". Lane now feeding fish. Brit and Enzo talking about Ragan and arrival at JH. Brit "Matty will be happy he been living with Kathy, Brendon and Rachel, worse of worse, Matt will be so happy to see Ragan (but when Ragan finds out about the lie)". Enzo "depends on how Rachel treats Ragan, if she gets on his last nerve and Brendon jumps in, no account for the shi* will happen". Enzo "had way too much beef jerky last night, feel dehydrated today". Brit "I've decided how to count down, 12 days, today is the day I packed for vacation with my mom, 2 days in Barcelona with my mom, how I am going to survive these 12 days". Enzo "got lost in Rome, Europe, was off the hook, would love to do vacation, she likes beachy places, take her there, she will need one, than we do Steamboat, think she wants to leave from here, maybe Mexico, she might surprise me". Enzo "not going back to work right after this, need to be with family for a bit". Enzo "call my boss, (2 months later) tell Boss I just got my cell phone back, I had too much to do with contractual shi*....and the 'whine continues'". "Ragan has to go to work on Monday, Brendon has to go to school, Matty not sure if he has a job or not, Rachel never stopped working, Kathy don't have a job anymore"...all said by Brit. Lane joins Enzo and Brit at table, now discussing Kathy and stuff she said about best vacation she ever had, hoping she okay at JH.

<WBRB> Hayden hollering down from upstairs about room being locked. Enzo "Nap time till we get luxurious over with". (Enzo know something we don't??) Enzo "tied for second place, out of 3 people, but I got 2nd place". Lane "how would you sell me this house if it was vacant, what would you say" Enzo "sheet off line, make up shi*, give you a description, bedrooms are huge, this is fiberglass, soup up bedrooms, go upstairs to see Master bedroom with dual shower heads, saloon doors for bathroom". Lots of giggling. Enzo "first sale was 11000$ and boom nothing after that". Enzo "sold the first house without even showing my client a house, russian dude, went to open house, he gave them my card and name, I got 5% commission and never did a thing". And they continue chatting about real estate brokering and stuff. Hayden gets bored and heads into HoH room and puts on headphones.


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Enzo and Britney laugh hysterically over Real Housewives series. Going over the characters and what they do, how they act. Lane adds his opinions sometimes. Hayden still listening to music.


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feeds are back Lane/Enz/Brit are searching thru the kitchen/house "all bedrooms? Does that include the cabana?"

No sign of Hay. They keep saying it has to be in bathroom, kitchen or cabana.

Enzo says: yous go to cabana rm & i'll check to see if mine is still there. Brit/Lane: no no

Searching fridge and freezer.Enzo: poor boy is up there by himself. Brit says there is no where left to look.

Enzo/Lane in Wash area, Lane squishes the pillows on the seat, Enzo checks in the toilet area.Brit: we did that to the Bedrooms 4 no reason.

Lane moves on to the living room. Enzo says he found one here he can find another one.(what ever it is is bigger then the coffee can)

FOTH: back: cabana off limits now, so its not in there. Enzo looking in planter. Lane on top of fridge, Brit in the cupboards. Lane in cereal.

OOps Enzo dumps the rocks out of the planter. Brit says we would have heard that.(wonder who is going to clean up this mess LOL)

Brit: look under the chairs. Lane asks for another hint. Living room is still on.Brit head first in cupboards. Enzo behind the couch.

Enzo Lane looks in the other planter. Lane: they would hear that, no way. Lane: I am not in kitchen much so dont know good hiding spots.

In the kitchen but not the livingroom. Enzo goes back to the second planter. not in the muscle milk. Lane: we suck at investigating

Lane going cabinet to cabinet. Brit studying. Enzo opening draws...Cam zooms on on recycle bins. Brit/Enzo look under chairs.

Cam again zooms in on recycle bin. Lane near stove going thru cupboards. Enzo asks if its in the flamingo

Lane on top of counter again, jumps down stands near garbage. another recycle bin zoom in. Brit back up on counter. Enzo pacing around

Lane looks under the end of counter above garbage. Enzo says Hay losing it out/up there.Brit moves the recycle bin, opens it, closes it

Brit looks in stove. cam still zooming in on recycle bin. FOTH-Lane goes so all kitchen cabinets? FOTH..

Enzo pulls chair over to look behind big metal leaves above table. says he has to go back to plant..FOTH-Enzo: so its not in the cabinets

Enzo says he found Hay's they have to find one now. Brit: they said not inside cabinets. Lane looking behind the leaves above table.

Enzo: its not in the garbage right? Lane: need to find mine. are all 3 of ours in kitchen? Brit: said no stair way, no cabana, no bathroom.

Lane asks to play rock/paper/siccors. Enzo: can we play hot/cold? Enzo: come on whats going on, how did i find Hay's.

Enzo looks in microwave. Brit: come on guys i cut my finger open, it hurts.Enzo: where is it? Lane looks under toaster.

Enzo: is it in the pig? Lane: did Hay just get all of ours? Brit: you guys did good. Enzo: lets think this thru, where did you go?

Enzo: who is going to clean all this up. I am going to be to tired. Lane: who wants to split 10K? Enzo: then you didnt hid it good enough.

Brit: can we split the 10K? Enzo: think you got it on you.Brit: you want to pat down? Enzo: asks if they hid it in the garbage outside?

Brit 3 coins hidden somewhere. Cam zooming in on the mess. Brit: I am ready for nap. Enzo: stressed out from the mess.

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155PM BBT hunt continues, clothes are thrown everywhere, Brit climbing on cupboards and searching thru upper cabinets. Enzo and Lane pulling apart the CR .. no sign of Hayden. they are looking for something, still going thru cereal boxes. <WBRB> pillows, bedding all over the place. Lane searching thru couches. they looking in every crack and crevice they can find. Brit now tearing apart the couches, cushions flying all over the place, she is feeling each pillow and cushion, turning them upside down and feeling them out totally. Enzo now attacking lower cabinets in kitchen as Lane helps. They tore into the fridge a while ago and checked out every bag in there. They have mics on, but still no sound. <WBRB> Heads shaking, they go back over and start looking behind stuff and in jars, vases, Lane going thru chip bags and open boxes in kitchen. still no sign of Hayden. They are talking, but no c lue what they are saying. Enzo digging thru plant pots. Brit checking under kitchen sink area. Lane still checking out cereal boxes and bags on counter. Enzo destroying planters...(hope those are silk plants). They are going thru the drawers again in kitchen, check out stove and microwave. Enzo tearing thru cuupboards where pots and pans are. Enzo is eating as he goes, keeps picking up stuff and chomping away, but still looking for whatever. Lane checks inside coffee pot, and under microwave. Brit looking lost, but checking cupboards out, Enzo moving stuff around looking the same places as Lane...now taking dishes out of cupboards. Lane also taking containers out of cupboards and checking inside all bowls.

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210PM BBT (my sound returned and scared the crap outta me) Hunt continues. Enzo tearing into another planter. Brit tips up gallon jug of juice and drinks out of it. <WBRB> Enzo now checking upper cabinets and moving all the items up on top. Enzo "everything is off right?, what is kitchen and not another room?" Brit now looking inside jars. checking out freezer again. Enzo "smells like sour milk". Enzo shaking boxes again, Lane in bottom cupboards. Enzo "I found one already, so" Lane "suck at investigating". Brit not talking. (camera pointing to container by the cupboard that the microwave sits on) Enzo going thru cupboard under microwave. Lane "slop bucket" Enzo "checked in there". Brit looking under chairs, on the bottom of the seats. They keep checking cupboards drawers containers and under stuff. No one talking right now. Enzo "this is tiring" Lane "yeah I know" Enzo "CR is off" <WBRB> Enzo mentions the flamigo.

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235PM BBT Enzo "find the 10Gs" Lane "where did you hide it" Lane to Enzo "I checked under there goober" (camera still is going to the recycle bins close ups) Brit "just tell me where yours is at and we end this". Lane "did Hayden just get all of ours" Enzo "pig ate it, this place is trashed, we gonna have to clean it" Enzo "let's think this thru" Lane "I ran that way" Enzo "is it inside an apple, who is cleaning this up" "Thursday show, this will look like this, too tired to clean it up". "where is it". "you guys are lying" "who wants to split 10Gs" Lane "you all did not hide yours, you got it on yourselfs". Brit asking BB "can we split the 10Gs" Enzo "I am getting fatigued" Enzo "in the garbage" Lane "Hayden took garbage outside" Brit "how can there be 3 coins hidden in this and we can't find them" Brit "who had tape" Enzo now moving the metal sculptures on the wall behind table. Brit "hallway considered the bathroom" Lane "don't know". Brit "ready for a nap" ENzo "just looking at this place stresses me out, what a mess". Brit "this is impossible". Enzo "so its the kitchen" Lane "go where ever the camera follows me, good for TV" Enzo "told us it wasn't" Enzo "lie to us and tell us it is the bathroom, just lie to us, wow 10Gs, just lie to us" Lane rechecking stuffs on counter. Enzo, Brit sitting down to brainstorm. Brit "cabinet different than drawers" camera now zooming in on metal sculpture <WBRB>

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Lane: going to follow the cam following me. Enzo: lie to us tell us its in the bathroom. Wow 10K. Lane: is it all in the kitchen?

Brit sits down at the table to think about it. Lane: are drawers a cabinet? FOTH Brit gets up and looks in drawers. Enzo back to the Leaves

Brit: how did you hide it so well. Lane going thru recycle bin. Enzo: come on yo wheres 10K. Brit to drawers beside the stove.

Cam zooms in on recycle again. Enzo: so tried bro. FOTH Brit: lets search by our selves. they decide on 5 min Brit goes first.

Lane asks what searching by self will do. Enzo: you of yous sab & its not even in house.Lane: take your shades off. Is yours in the kitchen?

Enzo: mine is around here. Brit: mine is in the kitchen. Enzo: did we hide them in the same place? thats why we cant find them.

Lane: mine is in the kitchen too. Brit: is it on the outskirts? look at his eyes. Lane: its in the kitchen. everyone of us is in the kitchen

Brit: its gotta be inside some thing on the counter. They are all looking. Brit: Enzo am i hot or cold, he says cold.

(hunting has not stopped them from eating...they have grazed this whole time.)

They all go into cabana to talk..Enzo tries to close the door on Lane/Brit. Brit: I'll go first, check mine,see if any one elses is there.

Enzo: give us a clue. they all swear its in the kitchen. Enzo: is it in a food thing? Brit: its not in the cab so if its in food its in exposed food. Cam zooms in on the leaves above the table

its in exposed food. Cam zooms in on the leaves above the table. Brit: come on Enzo where esle. Enzo: i think we are all lying. FOTH

Brit looking thru garbage near eliptcial, talking to Hay. telling him they tore kitchen apart. Enzo: she is tryig to cheat.

all back in kitch. taking pans out of stove, drawers. Lane: recheck where Enzo been standing. Enzo: I am going crazy. FOTH

Brit: not in the kitchen, what are we missing? Lane: go to the cabana and let me check my spot. Enzo: just let me find yours.

Lane standing under leaves above table, cam zooms in right above his head.

Cam zooms in on same leaves now above Enzos head. Brit goes to edge of bathroom. Did some one check in the condoms?

Enzo back to the leaves.Brit: Hay been asleep outside for like 2 hours. Enzo: i am sore. Lane: my feet hurt. Brit: i want my jacket.

FOTH Enzo/Lane looking at leaves, move across room to near stove. Brit looking in leaves..found Andrew!!

Brit runs outside and says Enzo. BB: Enzo you have been eliminated from the comp. Enzo: finally

Brit back in, back to the leaves. Lane looking on other side of leaves.Lane: where did you put it? Brit: you got sneaky.

Brit: did you put it in this tree? Lane check recycle bin. Brit check recycle bin.Brit: is it easy like your suprised i havent found it yet?

Lane: yeah suprised you havent found it yet. Back to shaking leaves. Lane: said stand on the yellow.

Brit: am i hot or cold? Lane: give us another hint. Lane motions to inner kitchen-off limits on yellow. Brit: havent won jack, just tell me.

FOTH both over by flamingos/stairs. Brit: anything on walls out of play. Brit goes outside to search garbage again.

Lane looking in and around microwave. She comes back in. Come on lane. so its gotta be over here somewhere. (by recycle bin)

Brit: we are fighting, very mad at you. They are wondering around bickering. Brit: i am going home this wk. Lane: what do you mean going.

Brit: thought yours was in the bedroom. searched that thing all over and its out here. Have you seen yours since we came in? Lane: no You? Brit: no.

Brit: takes drawer out of cabinet looks under it. FOTH Back to the stairs area FOTH

standing near end of counter looking at stove/microwave/recycle bin area. Lane: dinning room is out. FOTH

Brit finds Lanes in the Recycle bin. she is bouncing around outside. Enzo: I looked in there 5 times. FOTH

Brit gets her coin out of the garbage outside. She thought Lane hid his there too. she kept checking hers to see if there were 2 there.

Brit wins 10K

What happened with Brits coin was she put it in the garbage, put stuff on top of it. one of the boys took the garbage bag outside.

(phew--and with that I am done...Morty sorry its choppy, I was typing fast-in 140 characters or less lol)

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Before that Enzo was trying to talk Brit and Lane into going to CR for 5 mins.

Each would get a turn looking while no one was there.

NO ONE would go for it.

Now trying to give each other VERY SMALL hints. Nobody giving anything specific.

Even trying to play a little 'Hot and Cold'. Still no luck so far.


oops.. now WBRB again

(I'm getting dizzy)

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Hayden is enjoying his hot wings while Britney eats cereal. Kitchen floor is a mess.

Brit mentions "they were getting kinda mad" and we get bubbles.

3:55pm BBT:

Brit talks about how Hayden loves his wings and he responds with "how do you remember all those things?"

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Hay said noms are at 5 BBT , in an hour, have to clean this up. Brit: i will do it when I finish eating.

Hay took garbage out with Brits coin. he looked thru it but didnt see it in the cereal box.

To see the coin hunt for yourself-Flashback to Sept 3, 1:47 pm (there is about 20sec of FOTH)

Hay joins Enzo and Lane in Palm rm for a nap while Brit tackles the disaster in the Kitchen.

Hay help Brit clean up. Enzo trying to fix the plant pot. sounds like Hay broke something. Brit to DR boys talk abt winning POV & noms.

Hay finds 4 or 5 bowls with cereal in them, Enzo says they are Brits. Lane tells Hay to put him and Brit, Enzo doesnt need to go up.

Hay: Better if Enzo wins POV votes off Brit.

(really I am done, no more tonight, nope cant make me!!)

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5PM BBT BB: Enzo to the DR. Enzo "I'm going to do it. gotta put a hat on". Brit sitting alone at table in kitchen. Lane walks into kitchen with towel and starts wiping up stuff. Lane putting stuff away in kitchen, wiping off counters and cleaning up trash. Lane now putting dirty dishes in sink, Brit still sitting at table no one talking. Lane taking peanut jar and heading out of kitchen not saying one word to Brit. Brit sitting with her head in hands elbows on table, (she looks like she just lost her best friend). All 4 feeds on Brit in kitchen, now she is headed out to BY. Brit cleaning up trash that she dumped all over the yard. She is using what looks to be a cereal box bag over her one hand to clean with, lots of crunching noise from the paper. She does clean it all up, but gets most of the crap, puts garbage bag into the trash out back, walks back in and puts wastebasket back in the kitchen, drinks from gallon jug of juice, goes upstairs to HoH and talks to Hayden. BB "Hayden please put on your mic". Brit "got most of junk in back yard, but there are tiny shards of glass in the popcorn, so they can clean the rest". Brit "was fun, but tiring".

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