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8/16 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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1244PM BBT

Matt, Hayden, Enzo, Lane all in Cabanna Room discussing voting. Lane comments that he can't be friends with Matt this week. Matt speculating on who is Sab and that Kathy has no clue so it can't be her.

Britt in BY reminding Mom that Molly has to have had her pill 2 days ago. Now asking Ragan how is Matt. Ragan says Fine. Britt and Rag both say they hate Bren. Talk now is about Bren breaking his word to Britt and Ragan rehashing his speech with Bren.

Brigade is discussing comps and other BS stuffs. Enzo says it is up to him and Hayden to put up Bren, but that means 2 votes in JH. Matt has left the room as Hayden, Enzo, Lane discuss putting up Bren with Kathy. Enzo says he does not trust Bren at all, says Bren wants to keep Kathy in house. Ragan sticks to his word, don't trust Britt either. Still talking about votes in JH and who sent who home and who looses who votes. <WBRB> Back to same chat with some curse words added.

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12:52 PM BBT

Enzo figuring out jury votes. (Playing the future instead of the game in front of him). Hay says if you send Brendon home the jury will be happy to vote for you. This gets Enzo's attention.

Enzo saying this is the most 'this fucking guy has talked to us' (referring to Matt) in two weeks. (yeah, because he's playing a game with his side alliance instead of you ass's who are actually forming a REAL alliance).

Teasing Lane about his speech this week. Hayden tells Lane that America see's him as a butt-kisser. Enzo asks again 'what are we doin? are we splitting the votes between these 2?" Lane "are you kidding me?" Hay says if Matt asks "we are splitting the votes. I hate to do it but.." Hay says it has to be a 4-1 vote or they know one of the Brigade is the Sab. Hay says he loves Matty to death. Enzo 'what is going on in here, we just got a grenade thrown at us." Hay says "matty will understand, he's been in too deep way too long." Enzo asks "are we in deep?" Hay pauses. Jokes that he would like to pull Enzo's head out of his ass.

Hay says he will put up Ragan and Brit. Lot's of pillows moving around, hard to hear. Enzo makes fun of them for letting everyone else do the work. Lane says they have to compete. Inaudible. (BB how about a mic call??)

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1:07 PM BBT

Hay goes to the bathroom. Enzo and Lane in Cabana. Enzo asks 'wtf is going on? He threw us under the bus' for asking Bren to put up Brit. (Why doesn't this bother Enzo as much as Matt talking to Ragan?) Enzo and Lane joke how they don't even have to throw it because they don't win anyway.

Enzo cracking up about something.

Lane asking what kind of speech should be say. Enzo says something because his life is on the line, yo. What kind, says Lane. They talk about it being air-time. Talking about doing shout-outs. Lane goes into his family. Enzo jokes his whole speech should just be shout-outs. "Bitchy hooters, that girl at the bar-what up!".. Lane says Julie would be like "uh. ok. Let's vote'.. Lane says he's going against the Godfather of speeches.

Since BB doesn't seem to think Enzo obstructing his mic is a problem, things are hard to hear. Lane talks about how mu ch it sucks sitting up there. Asks Enzo if he thinks he'll be up there next week. Enzo jokes 'how about if you go to the jury house, will that suck too?"...feels bad and laughs. Lane says he won't vote for Enzo in jury. ENzo says that's everyone's cop out.

1:14 PM BBT

Ragan joins them. Says it's really hot outside. Enzo wants to nap. All quiet.

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106PM BBT Lane, Hayden, Enzo talking about no matter what they loose 2 JH votes maybe 4 depending on who goes home this week. (Hayden needs sleep, he talking nonsense) *none of us can win, so we just play our asses off*. Enzo pokes fun of Hayden. Lane says Bren will expect Enzo and Hayden to vote to save him if he goes on block. Talk about someone is thinking of throwing HoH comp so Britt or Ragan win. Lane and Enzo say they got to win HoH to get out Britt and Ragan. Lane says Britt or Ragan need to win HoH this week. Enzo says he won't throw comp but he won't win either.

(Enzo needs sleep, he got the giggles).

(SAB did good job of keeping them awake most of the night).

Lane asking Enzo what kind of speech should he say. Enzo *like your life is on the line*. Enzo makes it 40 seconds, Lane *what kind*.

Ragan joins the *boys* and talk turns to Ragan getting HoH this next week. He says *I hope, I surely hope*. Ragan leaves room, says to hayden * you have to remember we live with only 2 women so knocking would be another guy* seems Rag needed potty.

Hayden says he is headed outside.

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1:15 PM BBT

Enzo ask Ragan if he thinks there's a power. Ragan says he would be tremendously happy. Hayden got Ragan with the face. Hayden going to nap outside. Ragan saying that when talking to Bren he was trying to insinuate that 'ya'll are not my friends' (to everyone) tells a story that Bren asked Hay to go check on Ragan (Ragan wanted to be alone). Enzo says we have to get rid of this f'ing guy. Ragan wonders how much destruction can he cause. Enzo calls him names (but will kiss ass to his face). Lane says Bren is 'dawgin' ya'll" Enzo says yeah I know but we've been 'dawging him since day 1' (but you will still kiss his butt). Enzo thinks that after Bren, the house will come after him and Hayden (?), Enzo says if he doesn't win anything he deserves to be on the block.

Enzo says you can't trust Brendon for nothing. .. and then passes out.

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1:23 PM BBT

Hay and Brit outside talking about the game. Saying that she doesn't have 2 votes in jury. Has no respect for those not playing. Saying she will have blood on her hands. Hay says no one has more than 2 votes, except Enzo. Think no one can beat Enzo in the final 2. Say that Kathy's story makes her deserve the money but she doesn't even 'suit up'.. she came to 'summer camp.' Brit likes Matt but believes he's sneaky (um, he's playing the game and getting his hands dirty like you THINK you are). Says his story about Stacy is sad but.... begin to talk about how Bren doesn't deserve it and has no chance of winning.

Brit contradicts herself and says that Matt is in the seat because he made decisions. Hay says it's hard to tell who throws comps. Brings up the rope comp...Brit believes everyone was legitimately trying. Hay can't figure out how Brendon beat him by that much (implying his lane might have been easier--production). Brit says Bren must have really looked at his lane before he picked one. Saying their courses were harder because Bren only had about 3 knots at the end. (seems the knots were the same, just in different spots) Hay saying how hard his was at the end. Brit says she would still be out there now if Bren didn't win. Brit does not believe there is such a thing as Karma in BB.

Hindsight is 20/20. Had they evicted Bren, she would be on the block right now. They would put her on the block with Kathy.

Brit says at this point she is just grateful for every week. Wants to be in final 2 but greatful every week. Thinks Hay, Brit and Ragan will be the only one's really fighting for HOH. Kathy joins them complaining baout her sleep pattern. All complain about Sab messages all night. Brit wants to go float in the pool (I'd be in there every day).

Nap time in BB (everyday around this time).

1:33 PM BBT

Kathy and Hay talking about the Sab. Hay asks her if she still thinks Enzo is the Sab. She says no. They discuss how if America voted they more than likely love Enzo and wouldn't ruin his game that way.

Hayden trying to sleep. (lookin' greasy)....and he's out.

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1:36 PM BBT

Kathy wakes Hayden up. Asking what him and Brit were talking about (who does this?) Now going over Sab messages, what each of the messages said. (again......) Kathy is too tired to remember them so Hayden feeds them to her. Hay says there were 14 messages and not to say anything to anyone. Kathy lies, with full integrity, that she doesn't tell nobody nothin' except Hayden and it will always be that way.

Hayden's too hot so he goes inside. Goes into Cabana room to snuggle with Enzo. Lane asks if it's hot. Hay tells him Brit is in the pool. Lane going to put his suit on. Hay asking Enzo if he wants to go to the Taj. I think Hay finally falls asleep. Enzo has been out.

1:44 PM BBT

Brit floating in the pool.

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All feeds on BY. Lane and Kathy on couch just general chitchat. Britt in pool floating with ring. Kathy *draining week, never ends* Lane talking about working out. Enzo and Hayden in cabanna, no sign of Matt, Ragan or Bren. Plane overhead.

(me logging for now nothing special happening)

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All 4 Feeds on Matt and Lane in BY. Lane in pool. Matt talking about *if someone got something* also making comments about *awesome if someone has that kind of power*. Matt talking in riddles *if it exists* Lane *hope they hand it out this week*. Lane and Matt headed over to hottub now. Talk is hard to understand, Matt *so weak* (not sure what this was in reply to). Silence, plane overhead. Matt tapping fingers on his juice bottle. *Week sucks* *long and slow*. Lane talking but no idea what he is saying Matt thinks it is funny. *If it is Kathy, don't think she will use it* Matt laughs.

Matt *we need to catch a break in this game* Calling Bren a *douche*. Lane says it will suck if he goes cause he has to deal with Rachel. Matt says *he needs to go*. Lane out of hottub.

(Out again for a while, this is way toooo slow for me today. Only showing Lane and Matt in BY) (Everyone else sleeping??)

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305 pm BBT

Matt and Lane complaining how dumb the saboteur is, "all he does it make stupid messages"

Lane inside for a drink. Matt by himself in BY

Lane said hey to Bren in Kitchen.

Brit still in DR.

Bren and Lane talking about long DR sessions today.

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308 PM BBT

Brit out of dr Bren called to DR

Brit, Lane, and Matt in BY. Brit Talking about bribing production for Taco bell, "I'm not talking until you get me taco bell".

Brit now talking about requesting books in JH, she's read "amazing books". She's trying to remember the names of the books so they can request them when they get to the JH. Something that has to do with "Death" but not the word death, it's a one word title. On the best sellers list.

312 BBT

Ragan and Kathy talking in Jumanji room. Ragan's crying again. "this whole weeks feels like a tit for tat" Complaining about Bren getting back because of Rach. Now bashing Rachel, ragan is. They're saying that it's not about the shomance. She thinks that Matt and Rachel had something going on, they talked to eachother because they were so evenly matched in the game.


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316 PM BBT

Ragan is feeling bad because Matt is on the block "because of me". He's crying. Bren is full of ****. Complaining about Bren making the same deal with Matt and Brit. Rag says Bren tried to make a deal with him to keep Matt in the house.

Bren comes out of DR and they pretend to sleep.

Ragan goes back to saying he told Bren he wouldn't make a deal with him. Throwing in Bren's face how he knows about the deal with Matt and he won't do that.

All four feeds on Jumanji room, I'm tired of this talk, I'm out for now.

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3:21 pm BBT

Rag and Kath talking in Jumanji... Rag is rehashing the same story (the one Matt gave him the idea for) this morning.... Both Kath and Rag are saying they are very emotional people. Rag saying (again) that he doesn't feel Matt should be being punished...

Lane comes in and talking stops. Lane just stands there looking at them. Rag calls him stupid and then asks where everyone is sleeping. Lane says "cabana"...

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320PM BBT WBRB and than we get Ragan and Kathy talking

(Ragan either has been crying a lot or his allergies are really bad today)

Ragan *no deal with Bren* Kathy *they come out of DR and can hear us* Both stop talking and Rag acts like he has his back turned to Kathy sleeping. Door shuts, Matt called to DR. Ragan continues relating what he said to Bren to Kathy. Ragan sniffling lots. Lane walks into room and they both acting like they asleep. Ragan *stupid, Where is everyone?* Kathy rolls over and says Hi to Lane. Lane either emptying water out of right ear or cracking his neck. General chit chat, nothing important. Matt now entering room. Matt and Kathy talking about how hard it is to nap with lights on and all the doors opening and closing. Matt says it is harder to nap in HN room. Announcer *you are not allowed to talk about DR sessions* Matt made a comment about his *bitch* session. Ragan talking about *he is playing for an evil monster*, Hayden called to DR. Now speculating on the Q-da-ta (sp??) and wondering who might have that power. Matt making funny noises with his lips. Ragan *what time?* All talking about *slop tasting different*. Lane in doorway saying something about Rachel coming back again. Ragan *Hello Bitches, I am back again* Matt *Q-da-twat* Ragan sniffling.

(All 4 feeds on Kathy and Ragan, not much happening, well post later if something good happens)

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3:33 pm BBT

Rag, Kath, Matt in Jumanji room, rehashing Rach visit... Matt calls her the coup deTWAT... Rag going over the arguement (which can be seen on youtube) Kath says she has never seen anything like her, seriously.... Kath says if she gets fired from her boss for refusing to apologise to Rach then she is going to have him call them... Matt asks why they would fire her for that? Kath says she doesn't know depends on how she was edited...

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4:20 PM BBT

Kathy, Brit, Hay and Enzo outside talking about missing home. Most don't even want to go to Vegas, they just want to go home. Silence for a bit. Brit asks what they're thinking about, Enzo says the decision they have to make on Thursday. Enzo and Kathy agree this whole week has been the worst. Brit asks Hayden what his work week was he says being on the block with Kristin. Brit and Kathy agree their worst week was being on the block.

Lane joins them. Enzo says Matt is waiting for a special power. No one thinks there is any kind of power (this is fun!). 'If the Amazing Enzo doesn't have a power, there is no f*ing power".. make jokes calling Bren the pinball wizard.

Kathy wants to call the shrink and have a group session, laughs harder than she should. Enzo wants to skip the session and just be sedated. Multiple conversations going on between Kath and Brit and the boys.

4:24 PM BBT

Discussing sequester. Hay was only sequestered for 2 days.... causing WBRB.

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Lots of WBRB Seems the HGs are talking stuff we aren't to hear. Ragan mentioned psych, Enzo mentioned contract, Kathy mentioned wanting meds, WBRB kept interrupting.

Ragan *suicide watch guy needs to take a few out with him*.

Feeds switched from BY to HN room. Matt and Enzo talking about voting. Matt says give me warning. Matt keeps elluding to something happening, but does not say what, just says it is feeling. Matt says he not compaigning against Lane, it is what it is, Enzo says it sucks. Enzo *I'm done, he lies to everyone*. Matt agrees. They Bren bashing about his stupidity. Enzo says he feels like doing nothing, *Day of Mourning*.

Feeds following Enzo as he walks thru house from HN to Potty.

Feeds back on BY. Nothing much going on there either. Ragan *how was your diary room* Britt *stupid*. Ragan said he had a long session, Britt says her was really short. Britt *got to watch what she says cause she does not know if Rachel is seeing them*. Enzo outside announcing Matt in Cave. Britt is summoned back to DR. Britt *I just got out, I am tired (in her whiney voice)*.

Convo has died again.

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5:40 PM BBT

Matt asking Brit when she's making the eggplant for dinner. Once she gets the energy. "Let's go do it up. Give me something to do. who knows if it will be any good."

Off they go indoors to make dinner. An eggplant each. They got new eggplant frozen entrees. Mediterranean and Parmesan. They are going to bring them all in to try, "F U nasty eggplant." they say to the fresh stuff. Britney got the Michealangelos one - it proclaims to be the signature dish on the label. They discuss nuking versus not for the entrees.

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6:03 PM BBT

Lane, Enzo and Hayden talking outside about Matt possibly having a power and being able to take himself off the block. "Ahh that's why he keeps saying that." Says Enzo. "Maybe he got it from Pandora's Box" suggests Lane.

There's only 6 people in the house after this week says Lane. Enzo says let one of the dodo heads win - Britney or Ragan.

Hayden called to DR "I've got 6 more minutes!" he hollers from the elliptical. Ragan comes out complaining about his hair.

Matt and Ragan chatting on Hammock. Brendon wants Matt to go home says Ragan so that goes for you. "heh heh heh the Sweet Justice of that heh heh heh." Laughs Matt. [sounds like Matt is getting a cold he is sniffling like crazy today]

Matt found it out that they had a week off from have nots, America voted on something and it's due to come out somewhere. Ragan says you can't make your decisions based on that.

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607PM BBT Pool games have started, Hayden on that stepper machine (whatever they call it). Enzo makes remark about day being insane, we go to <WBRB> return to feeds on BY, Britt at pool table but all you can hear is Ragan talking to Matt.

Ragan and Matt in Hammock. Britt shooting pool by herself. Ragan talking something about final 4 deal with the 2 boys, Hayden and Enzo. Matt says he has concerns and wonder, I have this inkling, it just, before I was nominated, we had a week off of America voting, Sab showed up, .. Matt saying if he makes a deal and something shows up who is replacement. Deals are forseeable (Ragan). Ragan *secret power would be used before anyone votes, no one can see beyond what they know in the game*. Matt says Hayden and Enzo are trustworthy, Ragan agrees. Matt *what happens if, we are good friends, but* Ragan *off limits and unfair* Matt *of course I need to stay in the game* (IMO..Ragan just too trustworthy) Ragan and Matt keep going over and over stuffs and both saying Lane is not Matt and Lane is not going to work for what he wants. Matt *what made you say I was right about Kathy* Ragan *Kathy saying she has more and more respect for Ragan and Matt and no respect for Bren, because of what has happened to Matt and Ragan this week*. All four feeds on Matt and Ragan now. Ragan *I have to stop crying* *I will cry like a baby if you leave this week Matt* *I am such a pussy and emotional* Matt says he will just be himself this week, but if Ragan wants to play straight and gay cop, go for it. Talk about excersizing. Matt goes for towels, Ragan joins him in working out.

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6:21 PM BBT

Ragan talking to BY camera "SexyBitchAbs" by Gaygan and Matt. Special appearance by Britney.

They are doing their ab work out. Britney calling out the counts like she's one of the girls on the 30-minute workout. "And 5, 6, 7, 8 and kick it, kick it."

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