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8/16 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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6:32 PM BBT

Workout still ongoing. Other HGs general chit chat in background.

6:43 PM BBT

Brendon and Kathy have come outside. Kathy for a smoke, Brendon to discuss dinner.

Brendon says people watching the live feeds are probably sitting around wondering why they are watching us. "All these people do is eat, sleep and start at each others faces all day" Britney says most stuff happens late a night when no one's watching. [We're always here and we're always watching - like a good security company!]

6:57 PM BBT

Brit, Hayden and Enzo talking about College Football. Enzo working out. Hayden picking zits on his chest. A few moments ago Enzo was telling us how you get zits in places you don't think you can get zits on in that house.

They discuss making pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. Britney says you can't pull a pork chop - you have to let those simmer for 12 hours. It will be a pork chop on a piece of bread.

Enzo tough talking at the camera. "Pow!Pow!Pow! I could just fight someone in here. Bring someone in here from the outside and let me fight 'em for HOH." Hayden suggests asking Britney to fight. "Not a girl," says Enzo, "Like someone in a wheelchair or something." He is now going to go in a pool, maybe hot tub it. Maybe shower and shun it.

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7;25 BB time

The Brogade laying in BY on towels/ mats ... doing exercises.

doing some kind of heel touch while on their backs.

Bending side to side touch their heels while flat on their backs.

Ragan sitting on the side observing.

Says / laughs ... you all look like a bunch of sperm trying to

swim up the birth canal.

Enzo standing up - looks like he's done while rest continue.

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7:16 – 7:26 pm BBT – Hayden is trying to lead the Brigade inexercise while complaining about the ants. They start with a side sit up while Ragan is sitting on the weightbench. (100 sit ups). They do an exercise while on their back and Ragan says, "You all look like sperm swimming in a birth canal racing to the egg." Hayden is complaining about being stressed out and getting bumps all over. They try to decide on the next exercise of choice. Enzo says that he's effed up in the head right now and his eyes are still on the prize and he wants to see his wife, kid and the movie scripts thrown at him. Enzo wants to know where they are at and Hayden says that they are in Studio City and that the Yankees are going to the World Series and Brett Favre is coming back. Enzo says that he's not going back to work when he gets home. Enzo leaves the exercise group and jumps in the pool.

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7:27 – 7:37 pm BBT – Kathy and Ragan are whispering in thekitchen about Brendon and how Rachel left him a message to nominate Matt. Ragan asks if he can tell Matt and she says OK as long as he doesn't say anything. Ragan believes that keeping his word is the way to play the game. Kathy says that she was humiliated when Julie asked her about not apologizing to Rachel and how she doesn't want to set a bad example for Shane.

Exercise time is over. Hayden thinks that BBQ pork sandwiches sound good and Kathy says thatthey are going to start using paper plates because no one likes to wash dishes. Kathy says that Brendon is freaking out because he's made deals with everybody. She says that Ragan and Matt and Brit toldher about the deals Brendon tried to make with them and that they shook on it. She says that she and Hayden have each other and that's it. She's through with everyone else. She's not playing the dirty stuff. Brendon comes in kitchen and thanks Kathy for doing the dishes. Brendon is talking about cooking the pork and how its fatty.

Meanwhile, Hayden, Enzo and Ragan are in the hot tub while Lane and Matt are playing pool. Ragan is talking about the future veto competition.

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7:41 – 7:48 pm BBT – Ragan is leading the Andrewbashing. Enzo says that he would love topunch him in the mouth. Ragan says that Andrewknew what he was doing ahead of time when he made his speech. Ragan says that they got rid of a lot of the crazy people and they were up against each other but Rachel nominated the "normal"ones. They think that Rachel made a bunch of mistakes. They are rehashing their exercising routine and how it sucks without music. Enzo says that he's not going back to work right away and that he wants to spend time with wife and daughter.

Ragan says that it will be weird to go back to teaching theclass but he did prep by making PowerPoints and Youtube videos for the class. They can tell if a student is plagiarizing by a software so they can tell if it is from the internet. WBRB

<I'm out...>

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7:53 PM BBT

Hay, Enzo, Ragan, Talking about how they got into big brother, Hay just flirted with the girl to get in. They get away with a lot of production talk before they finally say "You are not allowed to talk about production."

They then start talking about friends who sent in videos.

Then Ragan starts talking about some random person he met in line and we get WBRB.

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7:55 BBT

Feeds back. Brenden in kitchen slaving away on dinner alone.

Hay, Enzo, Ragan in hot tub talking about life outside the house. The oil spill, etc.

"Britney please go to the diary room". Haven't seen her in a while.

Kathy joins the guys at the hot tub. They aren't sure they'll remember how to use their cell phones, or chew gum... Enzo "can't wait to walk his dogs, even though he hates 'em."

Talking about restaurants now.

They all agree that they zone out when they're in their cars. All reminiscing about getting out of the house.

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8:17 BBT

All feeds on Ragan and Hayden in the hammock.

Ragan is now telling Hayden what Kathy told him about Rach leaving a message for Bren. Hayden says that he already knew.

Hayden says all the campaigning going on didn't matter because of that message from Rachel.

"this is the game changing vote. you have to think who do you trust the most." Says Ragan. Ragan is trying to make a deal with Hayden. He trusts Hayden. He says, "me and Matt, you and Enzo" Haydens says it's possible.

Ragan doesn't want to go into the upcoming weeks with his life up in the air.

Ragan says britney's word is crap. They both agree that Britney is good.

820BBT (Ragan is just talking to talk about everything and everyone in the game, it's tiring to listen to)

"It sucks that they have to be up together" says hayden about matt and lane.

Hayden leaves to get food.

(i'm out)

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8:36 PM BBT

Ragan on the hammock talking to Brittany. Talking about it being double eviction. Asks Brit if there is some way they can do the season without a double eviction. Brit gives her explanation that she thinks they will take the season all the way to the end with 3 people. Ragan thinks it will happen on Thursday. Brit telilng SabRagan that she thinks the Sab messages are tailored to what they say. Since they know they've been talking about double eviction since last week the sab is messing. "I hate the Sabateur, it's stupid. Leave us alone' says Brit.

Ragan Bren-bashing but hard to hear since his mic is askew.

Brit's tired and wants to go to bed (me too.:-))

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8:41 PM BBT

Brit and Ragan talking about Bren. Bren told her he would not tell her which one it will be (matt or Brit). Bren told her Matt and Ragan are very close and once Matt's gone Ragan will have no one so watch out. He said Ragan will be mad at him for sending his friends home so he told Brit not to listen to anythng he says.

Can barely hear Ragan. Talking about how it ridiculous that Bren made it as far as he did in this game. Brit's slop drink is all milk and it wierds her out. Matt kills her slop--very sloppily. They tease him "oh my God Gremlin calm down! It's all over your face!"

Ragan tells Matt his nickname will stick with him forever. Matt says no. Talking about the Gremlin cave (the way Matt sleeps. He basically builds a tent over his head.)

Ragan wants to be mean and hide all of Ragan's favorite foods from Bren's basket. Brit thought about hiding the fruit loops but 'surely it won't come to that' she says. Discussing the cereals in the house.. fruit loops, Raisin Bran and mini-wheats.

Ragan says he needs to go in because Bren is staring at him and it's creeping him out. Talk about production.. WBRB.

Brit is very irritable because she's hungry and Matt reminds her it's PMS week for her.Says it makes sense because she almost cried. BRit wants to know why Bren is all over Kathy's junk. Matt says he told her he would be an ass kisser this week.

In the kitchen with Lane and Enzo....

Talking about votes. Enzo eating (UGH GOOD GRIEF--it's AWFUL!) Staring at the picture wall. Lane thinks they'll be losing a good one. Enzo says going to the final 5 with Ragan and Brit they have to hustle (?) Enzo drinking (just as gross).

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8:50 PM BBT

Enzo is having some chocolate and he's done for the day. "F eating!" (OH THANK GOD!) Still smacking on some chocolate.

(if you don't know what it sounds like, imagine someone eating with no teeth and just using the saliva in their mouth and their tongue to break down food).

Enzo eating a 'whatchamacallit'. Matt and Brit enter. Ask where they got more paper plates. Enzo says he's 'knows someone that knows someone.'

All talking about going to bed early tonight (they say that everyday). Enzo says to Matt I know you had a rough day, going on the block. Enzo says they'll all get out at some point. Matt says "yeah, but I don't feel like leaving.' Enzo says it sucks for him and Hayden because they have to vote. Matt asks just to make sure you have a good reason for what you're doing. Not a Bren bull shit reason, a good one. Enzo says Kathy is the most important. Matt says 'f this have not shite" too. Being beaten when he's down. 'At least I got my name on the trophy' says Matt.

Matt asked for meds but they said they're doing a bunch of 'pick-ups' tonight.. WBRB

Brit pops Aleve. Enzo says pork sandwich was whacked. Apparently Bren said he wanted to make pulled pork from a pork chop. Brit making fun saying 'you can't make pulled pork from a pork chop, it takes like 15 hours' mocks Bren.

Talking about pool tourney... Everyone just keeps talking about how tired they are.

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