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8/16 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Ragan still in Hammock muttering about what ifs. Double evictions this week? (he really is confusing as he is just thinking out loud). Ragan * Why do I have to be so *Fg* annalictacle and sweat over every decision. Only Bren would have the gall to make a deal with me, put me on slop for the week, than put me on the block, break the deal, Only Brendon would be this way, Matt needs to stay. Matt in with the other boys and again as we get closer to money Matt is bigger competitor.* (he is rambling alot and keeps saying the same stuff over and over).

Now talking about what he will say to Bren (as though practicing a speech). *Brendon if I won HoH and did not put you up, who would I put up?*

Ragan walking back to house saying *time to go back to bed* (or something like that) Snoring in background from one of the other feeds (not showing Kathy this time so she not the snorer). Ragan in HN room.

Me outta here looks like all are going to sleep for a while.

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9:00 bbt - [i just got back on and] Matt and Ragan are now in hammock. Sounds like Ragan is going over all the stuff he said to livefeeders. Matt advises Ragan not to make a solid deal with Brendon. Just kind of feel him out and be ambiguous. Ragan says another thing he COULD say is that he knows several of the people Brendon thinks he has deals with are lying but that would/could get Ragan in trouble with the whole house.

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Matt and Ragan now in Hammock.

Ragan asking Matt *you would not make a deal you would not honor?* Matt replied *No, I would just throw HoH*.

Matt telling Ragan *chose your words carefully* in reference when making a deal with Bren. Matt telling Ragan that *watch Bren's words* cause of the deal he made with Matt. Talking about Bren and him sleeping. Now talking about lockdown and waking others up? Ragan rehashing what he is going to say to Bren about deals with Britt and Matt. And how he can't trust Bren cause of *breaking* deals.

Ragan talking about *Matt's deal* with Bren. Matt said he had to explain to Bren about him Britt and Ragan. Matt telling Ragan he is not worried about being put on the block in his place. (Man, can this guy drop anymore hints to HGs about his not worrying?).

Now chatting about the other HGs and Kathy. Talking about *this* being biggest event in game so far. Ragan *lots of things in way before we get to next week*. Now speculating on next week and Bren going out. And what next PoV comp will be..bring back *web of deceit*.

Lots of yawning going on.

Ragan rehashing his speech to Bren. Bringing up points to Matt about Bren's other deals, thrown comps and that decisions should be his not anyone elses.


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9:32 am BBT

HG were given a wak up call. Rag and Bren in HoH room, Rag giving the speech that he and Matt were rehashing in the hammock...

Brit was up walking around, but I'm not sure where she went.

Other HG's still in bed...

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Ragan and Bren in HoH talking about who will take Ragan's place and scenerios of what might happen. Feed 1 & 2 show HGs sleeping.

Ragan says *Now is the time to put money where mouth is and people who do not want to dirty their hands*.

Bren *man of my word*.

Ragan *word has to mean something*.

Bren *Britt and Matt stay asking for myself to leave*.

Ragan *What would Rachel want you to do?*

Bren * Honest with not making a deal and man of your word*.

Ragan *Everything changes moment to moment*, Lane and Britt are close in house, If Lane had won compared to me, who won it is important to who to break up*

Ragan *almost fainted on balance beam cause of no food and no sleep*

Houseguests wakeup call. Brendon called to DR. Fresh batteries in SR. Music playing loud.


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9:32 am BBT: Ragan and Brendon in HoH room. Ragan is asking about who will replace Ragan on the block. He says if Britney is on the block, it is a slam dunk she goes home. If Matt is on the block then it’s a tight race between Matt and Lane.

Ragan says now is the time to put money where his mouth is and people who do not want to dirty their hands.

Brendon says that to keep Britney and Matt is just asking to be booted next week. Matt asks him what Rachel would want you to do. Brendon says that Rachel wants Matt out. He says, that he knows if he puts Matt up it’s for Rachel and not for his own game. Ragan jumps on this and tells Brendon he can NOT play this game for Rachel or emotional. He needs to make a logical decision. Matt has kept his word to you even when it pissed off the rest of the house.

Ragan rambles on and on going over all the things he had just told Matt in the BY.

Brendon tries to bring up that he wanted Ragan to fight for PoV so; he could see Ragan if he wanted to be here or not and Ragan cuts him off and tells him he’s not going to talk about that past with him. (Of course that’s conditional because he’s bringing up the past constantly trying to point out to Brendon why he should keep Matt.)

10:01 am BBT: Houseguests get a wakeup call. Brendon called to DR. Fresh batteries in SR. BB plays a Black Eyed Peas song… I think it’s called, “Tonight’s going to be a good night.”

10:10 am BBT: Feeds come back and we see Ragan in the have-not room telling Matt what he said to Brendon. Tells Matt he’s scared. Matt thanks him for what he did and says that he’ll go up to talk to him but, he wants to do it later… after everyone else has been up there.

10:20 am BBT: WBRB

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1019AM BBT

Another wakeup call and *lights must be on*

Britt and Lane on all 4 feeds chatting about PoV speech. Britt says she is hungry, Lane tells her there are snails and slop waiting for her. Britt says Lane needs to go on Slop than he will know how it feels. Bren still in DR.

<WBRB> no one seems to be getting out of bed.

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10:41 BBT now talking about jobs.

she's unemployed, wants Lane's dad to hire her

Lane u can't have a boyfriend, because u have to flirt with guys go to drinks, take them to dinner

Brit, can u get me a job in miami with the dolphins

lane, no u cant have a boyfriend

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10:52 BBT all feeds on back yard. but u can faintly hear Ragen in the DR getting his directions. you can hear R well but production guy is faint. telling him : go to the wall, then go to the door ( now cant hear cause outside folks r talking)

10:55 BBT Everyone on couches in BY, can hear door closing.

Enzo: so there's no comp?

someone else: no comp.

10:56 WBRB

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1050AM BBT

Lockdown, HGs outside

Britt and Bren chatting in HoH Room. Talking about Ragan maybe throwing comps. Britt's deal no Bren this next week if Britt wins HoH.

All feeds outside. HGs running in and out of door getting drinks and whatnot for lockout.

Background chat of Ragan saying *right, right* but no clue where he is or what the other voice is saying. Just Ragan agreeing.

All outside, no sign of Ragan. Kathy saying that Bren scared her when he walked into room with his *sleep mask* on his forehead, it glows in dark.

<WBRB> no sign of Ragan in yard yet. (I can still here him agreeing with someone but can't make out other voice, just the *okay* *yeah* *I understand* *alright*.)

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11:39 am BBT

Matt pacing around in kitchen, asking Brit what kind of fun is she going to have with Lane next week, and what is she doing? Already writing him off?

Lane eating Fruit Loops, which is annoying Brit

Enzo, Kathy and Bren going over SAB messages in the BY...

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Matt said he would be eating FrootLoops with Rachel next week. Matt on the block.

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11:42 an BBT

Matt and Hay in the cabana room. Matt tells Hay "I really have a hunch that there is a power out there"

11:44 am BBT

Matt is basically TELLING Hay and Enzo that there is a power out there... "he says it could be you, it could be you, it could be me, but it will be used... Keep the dream alive"

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11:49 am BBT

Rag, Enzo and Hay in the cabana room... Enzo saying that he can't sleep for s*** in this house and he needs his 15 hours of sleep and he is only getting like 12.

Rag is upset that Matt is on the block and doesn't think Matt should be being punished for doing what everyone in the house wanted to do.

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11:54 am BBT

Brit came into the cabana room where the boys were talking and she asked what they were talking about and they told her "Game Talk" so she asks if they want her to close the door, they say no and so she plops herself down... they talk about this 'special power' that Matt told them about, and ask if she thinks there could be a special power floating around. She says "No I means seriously, what more could they do to this house? SAB...."

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12:30 PM BBT

All HG's minus Bren and Kathy are in the cabana room. Talking about Kathy. Made a pact that if anyone brings Kathy to the final 2 the others will vote for Kathy just because they deserve it. Making fun of Kathy's deal.

They still insist that Double Eviction is this week (ugh, enough with this. They swear it every week)

Talking about family packages you get when you're on the block (when they interview someone you know).

Brit going to nap outside. Ragan wants to swim.

Ragan saying 'it's so disgusting' (Ragan believes that Matt is being punished for something everyone else didn't have the balls to do and that's why he's on the block). Matt tells him 'it's alright' (DPOV!!!)

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12:39 PM BBT

Brigade in Cabana. Matt insisting their is a 'special power' in the house and someone will use it. (he's basically saying HINT HINT HINT ASSHOLES!) Matt saying that if there was a power, the person who has it wouldn't be able to say anything anyway.

Brendon bashing. Matt saying there was a blank week that America voted on something. That's why he knows there is a power. (this is ALMOST amusing). Matt says if not he's gotta start trash talking. Lane: 'I know. We can't be friends this week' (poor Lane). Enzo jokes their lives depend on Kathy. Making fun saying that if she wants to keep Lane she might actually keep Matt because she doesn't understand what is going on..'Vote? We do that?' They think Kathy says whoever's name she says in the DR is the person who stays.

Matt wants the ducks to figure things out.

Matt wants to know if Hay and Enzo are going to be buddy-buddy with Bren this week. They say yes because they can't burn bridges. Enzo says things have been fun. Matt says it's not over. Hayden starting to think there is something. Enzo being pessimist--if there is nothing.

Talking JH and how to stay away from Rachel. Enzo says' they have a lot of work to do. Hayden says they have to start winning shit. Matt freaks 'YEAH YOU ASS'S YOU'RE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF AMERICA". Say the rope challenge was Lane's to win. (screw you Hay and Enzo you guys have done NOTHING!)

Matt asks if Bren made deals with Lane. Hay says that Bren told Brit that one of them was trying to get her out and one of them was trying to get Matt out. Matt asks how deep they're in it.

Matt again says there is a power out there. The BG (Brigade) has had such horrible luck.. Matt gets called to the DR. Lane jokes, maybe it's the power. Enzo asks what are we doing? Hay says WTF, taking a nap. Enzo says that's what I'm saying what are we doin? (Make up your own mind Enzo.) Enzo wondering if they put up Bren if they win HOH or POV (WTF!?!?!? Who's deep now??) Enzo says because that will mess up their chances in the jury house. Hay says they do it.

Enzo wondering who Bren will put up if Brit or Ragan win POV. (You guys HAVE to win. Time to play boys) Enzo wondering if Bren will vote Kathy out. Saying he doesn't trust that MF'er what-so-ever (um, then why are you team Brendon this week!?)

Enzo thinks Ragan will stick to his word. Doesn't trust Brit.

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