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8/16 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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some hg's are wondering what tomorrow comp might be? they say it might just be the SAB trying to mess with them. the message said something about a comp (or something) coming tomrrow that can change the course of the game. so now everyone is speculating what it might be. wondering if they should go to bed early or not. they dont think it will be some phys comp cuz bb is not settin up anything in the back yard

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BBT 900PM Enzo talking about how when he does the doggie paddle that it makes his "rear" hurt. Brendon now saying he is going to give swimming lessons to Enzo and Kathy. Brendon says that is what always pizzes him off when kids drown and that there is no reason for it since parents should get lessons for them. Hayden asks were there ball is and kathy says they are lost. ( think they are talking about brendons LOL) (not any game play now so if there is any in the next hour i have but then out for the nite.)

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10:20 BBT

Brendon. hayden & Matt talking about "always" having a "handler with you" Bren says and foth..They are working out and a pool game is going at the pool table..as Brendon walks over talking about "loser brackets" and such..

Brit saying she feels like she can 'actually go to bed" as Ragan whos is "slop depressed" says he can as well...Brit whethet they like it or not "we definitely" have to eat some slop in the morning..

Enzo 'its an early night tonight" as he says he won't sleep till two as Matt says he won't sleep til after 4 since he's been up only 4 1/2 hrs...Lane Enzo and Hayden talk their sleep will be "out of whack" and talk work..Lane says he's not going back...

Matt talking about "get a producer" for their rap...{delusional} and cashing in on their faux fame..

10:26 BBT Kathy talking to Brendon in the kitchen..Kathy is "suprised" she hasn't had a heta stroke..

Kathy telling Bren Brit "feels so confortable" about not going up as Matt says Matt is either depressed or worried as Kathy calls Brit "cocky" and Rachel took the "princess room" in the JH and its all pink...as Kathy says Brit "played pool with Rachel...as Kathy says Brit gets into "rachel's head" and makes her "feel bad" and Rachel doesn't see it and Matt just put them up and "that's it"

Brendon says he first thought of putting Matt up but Kathy says he needs to "get passed that" as she tells him how scary of a BB player Brit is...as Kathy says Rachel says to tell Bren "i love you a million times" as Kathy continues bonding with Brendon.{the Devil to her according to her last week}..Matt comes in and listtens to the convo..

Kathy continues about how many timess he said i love you as Matt says "it was painted on her body"

10:32 Outside Brit and Hayden 'are freaking out about this thing tomorrow" as Hayden says "if Brendon wins ...we're screwed..regardless"...as they discuss "the ting" tomorrow...as Hayden says he like "matt" and "you" a lot as Hayden says Brendon hasn't told him....as Brit says he told her "people" are telling him to "put me up" and she doesn't know who the "people" are..

They talk about Brendon winning "coup d'etat" and says "we have to win tomorrow" as Brit says she's going to bed...

10:35 They talk about what tomorrow is going to be "do you think" its "ental" as Brit says they haven't set "anything up" as Hayden says "you have a good chance" it its a "quiz" as Brit says "everyone knows the " same things as her..

They continue about talking what's coming tomorrow...and "total domination" of Ragan's POV performance..

Hayden said he tried "to cheat" of Lane and "enzo" who's "the worst" person to cheat..Brit starts talking crap about Kathy .."we just need to win this thing tomorrow"

10:38 Kathy talking Crap about Brit to Bren in Kitchen..as bren asks she would be happy to see Matt or Brit "walk through that door" as Kathy says "absolutely" as bren says its a hard decision as he says he trust Brit more than Matt as Kathy says trust neither as both of them will go up "she' the one" that makes "all of the decisions"

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10:41 Outdorrs Brit and Hayden talk game and wanting to win "this thing" tomorrow as Brit says "i want to be here" as Hayden says everyone will be "fighting hard" for it tomorrow.."I mean everybody"

brit says "i'm pumped"

Brit says "she doesn't tell Matt anything "because I know how Matt is" and is careful about trusting Ragan since he tell Matt everything..

Hayden : "absolutely key" Brendon doesn't "win this thing tomorrow" as Brit says he "deserves to win" because he has "a good heart" because he play "fair" and is "honest" and has "integrity"..

10:44 BBT At the pool table they are watching the Ragan and Lane pool showdown..Bren doing comentary as well as Enzo...

Hayden is working his jury vote with Brit as they talk about what's happening tomorrow..

10:51 BBT Hayden and Brit talking only to be suprised by everyone yealling as ragan defeats Lane...for the pool semis...

Brit talking about all the comps in a row...as her and Hayden Jedi drill dates...

Not much happening...

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10:54 BBt Brit and hayden think "rachel" is the saboteur as Hayden says he could be wrong...as they get off the weight bench whe Lane returns from his "long ass game" to workout with Hayden..

10:55 IN LR Ragan and Hayden are talking...about this comp tomorrow as she tells Ragan he "shined" for POV as he says he's "happy" as Kathy talks baout the block "and knows what it feels like"...

Kathy says "i have no clue" who Brendon is "going to put up" as they talk about Brendon's noms...how they were shocking and says "you're safe" and that's all that matters..

Ragan says Bren is doing "damage control" and reminds Kathy to remember what happen prior to this week..

10:58 BBT Kathy blabbering how "hard" the game is...their convo is interupted by Brendon's quick pool loss and Ragan goes to play in"the semi semi finals" Enzo says as Ragan says "the quarter finals"...

11:00 BBT Lane talking to Brit who's on the hammock...talking about his bruise from the "rope" from HOH as she questions how he says he doesn't know..as Matt talks about the power that is up..as BB may have no plan and just pick one of their theories..

Brit says she is going to unload after tomorrow.. especially after "last night's events" as they talk pool..

11:03 BBT Pool tournament continues without much worthy discussion..

Brigade working out minus Enzo who's playing pool..Brit told to exchange MIC in SR from her cozy postion in the hammock ..and Enzo and Ragan play pool...{boring boring boring}

11:06 BBT The same..

Hayden joins Lane at hammock..as they discuss it being hard to get him "out later on" about Matt saying "later on" it will be a "shocker" as they talk about him and Hayden being "final two"

Ragan comes overas they discuss what will happen tomorrow

11:10 Kathy now talking to Brit who says things are out of control as Kathy agrees as they talk about what's happening tomorrow..as Brit says it can't be "double eviction" because they haven't had pov as Kathy asks if it will be fun as Brit says "no because it will change the course of the game" as Ragan comes over and says it "changes the game this week"..Kathy "I just don't know"....

11:12 BBT Ooutside Hayden and Matt work on their abs...as Lane come over and talks pool..

Kathy and Brit talk in bathroom as 11;15 BBT Matt and Enzo start their pool game..

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11:18 BBT

Brit makes her goodnights before she heads to bed..

All that's going on is pool or people in bathroom getting ready for bed..

Ragan flouncing arond in Jamaji talking to himself how warm his pants are

Enzo asks if they should be "worried" tomorrow as Matt says they should worry about getting "her" on the block...as Matt knows what going down as he again says they have to make sure he puts "her" up..{ I think its Brit}

Matt saying it may be a "saboteur" thing and theirs not "really a comp" tomorrow.. as Enzo agrees..

11:22 BBT..Back to pool and no more game talk..

In HN room Ragan is staring blankly while laying in his cot/chaise bed..no one else is in there..

Brit comes in and takes her cot/chaise complaining about"some crazy power".."i'm so tired of it" an says she may be wrong but feels things seem to go "a certain way" and is getting "really ticked"...Ragan asks "do you think' it will be super early in the morning...Feeds FOTH

11:26 BBT Hayden comes over to watch Matt and Enzo's pool game...feeds FOTH

As Enzo loses his game to Matt as he says "first time I lost in the finals" as Matt gets to engrave the trophy as Enzo says "i just wanted a repeat" as they head inside..

11:29 BBT Kathy asks why Enzo why "you look so sad" as Kathy watches Matt engrave and enzo blames "bad strategy" for his loss..

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11:34 BBT

IN the kitchen Matt continues to make his mark onthe pool trophy as they discuss "everyone" is going to bed early..

11:35 BBT Feeds FOTH

In Kitchen talking about the origins of the "trophy"

Brendon says he's not going to bed as Hayden heads up and Hayden tells him "how nervous" she is and she is looking forward to "campaign' against Lane...as Brendon says "that's good" as Brendon "what about Matt" why he hasn't come up as Hayden says Brit said "he has the votes" as Bren says he's full of it and "deserves" to go up for saying that as Hayden backtracks ..Enzo heads upstairs....and enters....

11;39 BBT Brendon wonders if there is any "legitamcy" to this whole saboteur thing..Hayden throws out his theory of "HOH card" to play back to back HOHs..

11:40 Brendon "matt hasn't talked to me once today" as Hayden said Brit said he has the votes and Enzo says he and Brit don't "talk" anymore..

11:42 BBT Brendon saying Matt's strategy to to go back and fourth and "talk shit"...Hayden keeps bring matt up as secure with votes and Enzo trying to get Brit nominated..

Feeds are FOTH BBAD commercial

11:44 BBT reurns with Ragan talk...as Brendon saying power will shift...next week talking about next week...as Brendon wants to bring Lane in "to secure" another vote..as Hayden says he needs to talk to Lane and says he will tomorrow..

11:46 BBT The Faux alliance in HOH continue to discuss the upcoming POV ceremony..as Hayden is now calling "britney..dangerous"..as Brendon asks are we threatened by "brit or Lane" or by "matt"....Brendon says if they get Brit out they will have lane...as Brendon discusses the possibility Lane may be the saboteur..as Brendon discuss the Lane situation of being "with us or against us" and talk about Bren and Kathy on the block how Lane would vote..as Hayden says "america" picks the saboteurs vote..as Brendon says he hopes America would vote to keep him "over Kathy"

11:50 BBT Bren says he asked Brit about Lane's choice for POV players' choice and bren says Brit told him they discussed it before hand because they thought it was a physical POV.

11:51 BBT they talk about who to put up to secure Lane to come over to their side...Hayden gets out pretzels to display the possibilty of Kathy and Bren up...as Hayden says Lane's vote is better than 50-50 in Bren's favor because "america" likes him..as Hayden Lane will "come over" with Brit gone...

11:53 BBT Bren says that they always have to talk "outside of Lane" since he may be the saboteur..as Hayden continues his pretzel explaination to the road to the "final 4"

Enzo says Rachel told to tell Brendon if he's nominated next week 'to just have fun with it" as Enzo Brit is "22 years old" and says he will make sure she doesn't get the money as they discuss how rich Brits family really is...as they are working hard to get her nominated..

11:56 BBT Bren says there isn't one person who deserves the money over the other...as Hayden says there are...as Bren turns back to Matt and what he got for releasing the saboteur...they continue discussing Pandora's box......

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11;59 BBT

Outside Matt and Kathy discussing who really deserves the money as Kathy says if she finds out someone playing is a "a millionaire or billionaire" she will punch them in the face....they convo finishes up and Matt says he'll talk to brendon tomorrow morning...as kathy is alone outside with her cigarettes..

12:00 BBT Matt walking around in and out of the SR lloking for "my meds" status..and says it looks like its "not happening" before heading to DR

Lane taking one of his marathon shower as Ragan comes in..and out heading back to bed..

Back in HOH talking about surving "this Thursday" and being final 6 as Hayden says they need to "play our asses off" every comp and not get complacent and cocky...as hayden brings up enzo heard Brit will put up Brendon with Kathy as Enzo really doesn't confirm it as Enzo brings up with Ragan and Brit got personal and their nominations will relect that as Brendon agrees..

12;05 Talking about studying for tomorrow...Enzo saying he doesn't like "britney"...as Hayden says next week to Enzo he nees to put up "matt and Ragan" as Bren comes back from pissing talking baout the Lane and Brit convo as Brendon doesn't thing Lane initiated that convo as Enzo says that's how Brit is and discusses putting up "Matt and Ragan" as Enzo says Rachel told her "either Matt or Britney" out this week...

12:08 BBT More talk about future comps..Talking about Kathy and not to answer if its hitting a button on an eliminator type HOH...as saying they can use Kathy "she's a vote"and is better than Matt Brit or Ragan..as Enzo says "she doesn't like britney at all"..Talking they like Kathy..

12:11 BBT back to jedi drilling in HOH..

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12:13 BBT IN dark Jamanji Lane and Kathy talking about the comp they think is tomorrow..Kathy tells him she sucks at comps..as Kathy hopes the saboteur isn't anybody here as Lane says he thinks its not and his problem he's who he is in the real life and is to trustworthy as Kathy says that's her problem also...

Lane saying we are "almost through this thing" as Matt goes by as Lane wonders if they have to "get up early" as Kathy says she works evenings and nights...as they discuss Kathy's eating habits...

12:16 BBT Upstairs talking they like Annie as they immediately return to Jedi drilling..

12:17 BBT Lane and Kathy talking what the JH better be "a mansion" or a "trump tower" as Kathy rags on Kathy as Lane says he likes her and has given "her a lot of chances" but keeps messing up and says 'she's just not my type" and says he has nothing against her..as Kathy calling her "superficial" because something deep inside that needs fixing that makes her not "happy with herself"

Lane saying its "awesome" they have only 4 weeks left and says he never realized how "hard" it was "inside this house" as Kathy list why its hard...

12:20 BBT Matt comes in "i'm not tired at all" and Matt says bullshit that DR told him that because "its a Sunday night" they don't have "access" to his pills and FOTH

12:22 FOTH...as The feeds come back to "Ambien"talk ...as they discuss when they take it...

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12:23 BBT

Talking about side effects of taking Ambien...Matt says that's why he switched as it made him "too insane"...they keep discussing sleeping pills

Lane says if they thing "we'll get woken up in the midle of the night" as Kathy hopes it something that's "funny and fun" as Matt says a "luxury" comp doesn't "change the course of the game"...

Lane says "we're competing...uh I don't know" and suggest what if they are competing for "a million dollars" and Lane says that would definitely change as every will turn on each other as Matt asks Survivor secondary prizes and feel "shafted" because AR is "a million" as Lane says " the real world/ Road Rules challenges" its 200,00 and split it as Matt says "that's their jobs and do it "once a year"...they talk RW/RR challenge...

12:29 talking about 4 week to finale.."sweet"..Kathy says she's "fixin to find em" about her "roomies" Hayden and Enzo...as Lane says "why does she want to go up there" as Lane tells Matt that Kathy just came in sat down to talk and said he thought she was "going to bed" as Matt says to stay on her good side as they discuss tomorrow probably will be "more bad" than good...the joke about the prize the brigade would win as Lane jokes "i just won the whole town of Malibu" as Matt says he'sll just go lay in the dark for "4-5 hrs" as Lane says he can "pass out" anywhere except only when he takes these fat burning pills that get his heart racing...and FOTH..

12:33 BBT Matt and Lane talk in jamanji...and say'tomorrow will be crazy" and Lne says they will wake em up in the middle of the night as Matt says you think so since its already "1 in the morning" as the speculate what tomorrow is..

12:35 BBT Kathy has made her way up to HOH and planted herself on the bed..jedi drilling and are picking numbers of the lbs of popcorn..

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12:40 BBT Lane and Matt still speculating what tomorro's comp..Matt says he thinks it 'will be a quiz" as Lane says they haven't set anything up...as Lane Jedi drills the evictees and nominees and the # of votes as Matt has to correct him...

In HOH Jedi drilling still going on....

12:40 BBT In Jamanji jedi drilling..

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12:36 AM BB Time

Kathy joins the boys in HOH room, mentions that Matt had asked for his sleeping pills and production told him no, and so she didn't ask for hers even though they are both prescription. They are thinking that the next comp will be either tonight or early tomorrow morning. They then all start the jedi training for tomorrows comp, as they all think it will be a quiz of some kind.

Lane is talking to matt and doing the same thing in their room, I can't see britteney or ragan, I will assume they are sleeping in the havenot room.

The group in the HOH room is more organized than Matt and Lane and are practicing for things I wouldn't even think about. Watch the comp have nothing to do with anything these bozos are practicing for.

Everyone seems to be looking forward to tomorrow. I can't figure out why they are having another comp.

They have already don the POV, and the havenots have been picked, so what are they competing for???

Lane and Matt now talking about work and when they work.

Sounds like Lane has a heavy work schedule, and does a lot of overseeing, but some grunt work on the oil rigs. He works for his Dads oil company, he doesn't sound like a guy who needs the money, now does he??

Oh, his dad owns a company that fixes wells that break down, they actually build and fix the rigs that bring the oil out of the ground. No, this kid isn't hurting for money.

Lane, goes on to tell, Matt how oil is discovered by geologists..... isn't Matt supposed to belong to Mensa, and be super smart??? Even I know how oil is found!!

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12:43 BBT Matt saying he never gets 8 hrs of sleep and says "5 his a good night" but says in this house he naps all the time but at home he never naps....Lane says at ome he goes to bed at 11:30 and gets up at 6:30...as Lane says he works at 7 if he needs to visit a rig but usuall 8 or 9 and always before 5 and early fridays..

Lane says "yeah" when Matt asks "its your Dad's company" as Matt asks how it works and Lane says they sell Rigs when oil well's break down and discuss wells are money makers..

They discuss how they find oil as lane says "geologists" and explains how "huge" "natural gas" in these as Lane says that it cost 5 million to start drilling... foth..

12:51 BBT FOTH

12:53 BBT FOTH

12:54 BBT IN HOH the Jedi driiling continues with Hayden Kathy Enzo and Brendon..

In Jamanji Lane talks about his company's "2 million dollar" Rigs and "200,000 month" as Lane says people "make the big bucks" if they own the wells....Matt asks if the wells "break alot" as Lane says the pumps..do...

12:56 BBT and Lane says his compant "pulls pipe" "8000 feet down" and check the broken pump to a "store that deals with pump"

12:58 BBT Lane says BP "is just dumb" for their spill because without right equipment and BP had "a shit load of stuff go wrong" "they're jack asses" and makes oil people "scum"..

1:00 BBT Lane talking investing into oil field because its cheap...to get into it...

{Not a lot happening so I'm out for the night..be back tomorrow}

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12:55 AM BB Time

Nothing new to report, just came back from, bubbles, lovely bubbles. Enzo looks tired, his seems to be falling out, he is thinking so hard. Enzo has figured out that there were 86 pins knocked down in the POV competition when they were bowling.

Funniest part of the whole jedi training, Hayden goes over the order in which the hgs came in, during Brendons HOH win, Enzo is grumbling enough of this as Hayden says Brendon smokes it, followed by Lane, followed by Hayden, followed by Ragan, followed by Britt, followed by "ENOUGH", says Enzo, as Hayden lets it go..... it was priceless.

Brendon, just said, "Brendon receives the power to send home 2 players at once", that is how the game is going to change dramatically..... maybe there is something to it?? Everyone leaves HOH, and heads toward bed.

They make a quick stop in the bathroom, and tell Kathy that they tried everything to talk Brendon into putting Britt up instead of Matt tomorrow as a replacement nominee. Kathy, replies that she hopes that it works, and that she had done the same thing. She repeats her convo with Brendon from earler, everyone now brushes teeth and does nightly grooming.

Kathy tells Hayden how good he is at remembering dates, and he replies that so are matt, britt, and ragan.

Enzo comes out of wc, remembering that they forgot about the luxury competition and where it fell in order of days.

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1:15 AM

Matt, Enzo and Hayden in backyard talking. Enzo telling Matt to go upstairs to talk to Brendon before he goes to bed.

Telling Matt that they want Britt put up. Matt is now quietly alluding to the fact that if something they don't expect to happen, happens, don't worry, don't expose the brigade, we are safe.

So Enzo is still saying throw Britt under the bus, but Matt says, don't worry, no matter what happens tomorrow, don't blow your cool, we are safe.... in a way he is telling them by not telling them that he has a secret power......

Matt then tells them, that britt wants the votes if she goes up. Enzo says if next week we win HOH, Ragan has to go.

Matt keeps saying don't freak out - don't let the secret of the brigade out. They are going over possibilities of what may happen tomorrow. Again, and again, enzo, pounds that Brendon needs to put up Britt.

Matt is talking way to cocky for his own good, he tells Enzo and Matt, that he will tell Brendon, he shouldn't put him up, as he has enough votes to stay, so he should keep to the deal he made with him. Hayden, reminds Matt, that Brendon, is upset that Matt hasn't come up to talk to him. Matts body language shows that he has no fear, and could care less what Brendon wants.

Matt, now walks inside, and Enzo questions, what kind of a deal, did Matt have with Brendon?? Makes them even more disillusioned with Matt. Enzo then says if we win HOH next week, we do whatever we want, and put up whatever we want

They are confident that by keeping Brendon for a little while longer, they are safe, cause others will be going after Brendon, not them

Matt goes back to Lane, and tells him that he didn't talk to Brendon, as he felt he was safe as he had a deal with Brendon, and hd didn't feel he was being cocky by not talking to him. Matt then goes to bed, in have not room.

Lane gets up and goes to join Hayden and Enzo in backyard. Hayden tells Lane, that Brendon wants to talk to him, to let him know that he doesn't want Lane to go home.

They decide that the real question is who do they want to go up?? Lane says who do we push for?

The brigade is really starting to crumble, they are all questioning Matt and all his deals, but then they backtrack and say maybe they should let ragan win this week to get rid of Brendon, these clowns don't know what they want.

Circling back in their logic they decide to have Lane go upstairs tomorrow and talk to Lane and talk to Brendon and make a deal with him not to vote him out next week. But only if Brendon puts up Brit tomorrow instead of Matt, and that it would have to be secret, to keep Lane safe with the rest of the house, and that makes him more worthwhile to Brendon.

Well. that is enough of these 3 amigos. I am going to have to say goodnight, these idiots are going to change their minds, over and over all night again, and again.

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2:41 AM BBT


When all feeds return, Matt, Brendan, Enzo, Kathy, and Lane were in living room.

Saboteur message happened during WBRB that said, "Wake up house guests, wake up!"

3:00 AM BBT

All HG back in bed. Brendan comes to sleep in jumanji room incase another message comes. Random talk between Brendan and Lane about the saboteur.

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Brendon comes down stairs now sleeping in one of the beds.

Bubbles up on the screen again.

Cams back up. must have been another wake up call from the sab

Enzo says it must be every half hour now.

oh I didn't post the time. I'm on east coast time. second sab message was at 3:13

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3:15 bbt

Sab message "Houseguest am I keeping you up?"

Only Brend, Haydon, Enzo, Kathy up for this.

Enzo goes to wr.

Hay asks Brend if his going to make coffee..

(looks like they are going to stay up)

The boys going over times of sab messages

BB - Brend put on your mic

Kathy, Enzo, Hay in cabana going over all of the sab messages.

Brend now joins in on the jedi sab message training

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sab messages

#1 Wake up HG wake Up

#2 expext the unexpected

#3 Did you miss me?

#4 did you say your prayers?

#5 Could someone be going home tomorrow>

#6 Am I keeping you up?

3:40 Enzo eating cereal (VERY loudly I might add!!! yuck)

They decided on pizza and while enzo gets cereal out he is being very load and Kathy has to tell him to quiet down. now all we here is enzo chomping on his cereal (omg I think BB is doing that on purpose!)

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4am BBT

Brend / Hay - Hay said that bb cant have a quiz with the sab messages because the sab would know all the answers and if they do have a quiz then that means that the sab is not in the house.

Side note lane/Brit/Reagan did not get up for any of the messages

Matt got up for the 1st 4

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