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8/9 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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9:02 PM BBT: All HGs are in the BY hanging out. Lane and Britney start off the second round of the pool tournament. Hayden and Matt are working out on the weights. Britney and Lane continue their witty banter back and forth.

9:06 PM BBT: Britney loses and Brendon and Rachel face off next.

Rachel: "He might sabotage this game!"

Brendon: "After the saboteur message and if I win now, you might break up with me. Man I do bad in one competition..." [i would say more than one!]

9:08 PM BBT: Lane, Enzo, and Britney talk about going crazy with the monotany of the game.

Lane: "I feel like I'm about to crack."

Enzo: "It's either going to be a panic attack or I'm going to hit someone."

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9:21 PM BBT: Brendon won agains Rachel even though every time she asked if she could redo a shot, he let her. Next up is Enzo and Ragan.

9:25 PM BBT: Libations have arrived. They got their normal beer and wine, not the 24 cans of beer Britney asked for.

Rachel gave Enzo a beer and it exploded on him and he looked at her and exclaimed that she is the saboteur! Britney is looking very sad in the hot tub. Rachel says she is going to join Britney. Rachel gives Brendon a smack on the butt as she goes to get on her bikini.

9:33 PM BBT: Rachel and Brendon in the taj.

Rachel: "What are you thinking?"

Brendon: "I'm thinking that I want to be your knight in shining armor."

Rachel: "You are."

Brendon: "I know. I want to let you stay here."

Rachel: "I am going to ask Britney one more time to use the PoV. What can we offer her?"

Brendon: "I want to ask Lane, Enzo and Hayden to vote to keep you here. Would Britney not vote to keep you here? I don't get it."

9:37 PM BBT: Kathy and Britney in hot tub. Kathy tells Britney and Ragan about Brendon telling Kathy that everyone was planning to get her out. Rachel also has tried throwing people under the bus to Kathy.

Kathy: "You can't rationalize with someone who is crazy. And she is crazy. She wants to yell and scream and holler and I am more disciplined to play in to that."

Britney, Kathy, and Ragan are annoyed that Rachel keeps telling them that they don't know what it's like to be on the block, but both Kathy and Britney were and they question where she was during their difficult time. Kathy says that Brendon apologized for Rachel then finally Rachel came and apologized on her own.

Ragan: "If she was how she was today, it would be fine."

Kathy: "Well tomorrow will be different."

Britney: "Tomorrow will be bad after the veto ceremony."

Can't hear the rest of the conversation over Enzo's yelling in the background and an airplane overhead.

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9:44 PM BBT: Rachel and Brendon discussing Brendon's plan to get Rachel to stay. Rachal asks Brendon if he is sure he wants to do this because she has already done a lot in the game and he hasn't.

Brendon: "I think that you have a better shot than I do."

Brendon seems very confidant he can get Enzo and Hayden to get the votes to keep Rachel. Rachel straddles Brendon in bed.

Rachel: "What if I'm voted out next week?"

Brendon: "Then you are voted out next week. You even have a somewhat bond with Britney that you can use for a couple more weeks. Do you think I'm Crazy?"

Rachel: "Yeah!"

Brendon: "Well I can see the greater picture. There is more outside this house and I'm ok with not winning the money and being with you and giving you the shot at it and giving you yuour time to shine."

Rachel: "I don't need my time to shine."

Brendon: "Yeah well you deserve it. I love you. When I walk out that door you better not doubt it."

This continues on. Brendon keeps reassuring Rachel that he is ok with leaving over her.

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9:50 PM BBT: Rachel adjusts her bikini bottom and Brendon takes it upon himself to stick his hand down her bikini bottom. Ofcourse making out ensues.

Brendon: "You're going to do better than Janelle."

Rachel: "No one is better than Janelle!!"

9:54 PM BBT: Matt and Britney talk about how annoying Brendon is.

Britney: "It's just my hatred for him that makes him annoying. Everything he does annoys me."

Britney and Kathy are annoyed that Rachel is about to join them in the hot tub and she will be drinking.

Kathy: "She'll be able to go to celebrity rehab after this

Britney: "Shoot me in the face, she is going to get her wine and then come out here! I don't even want to hear her voice 'Tequila, 100 dollar bills'"

Rachel walks to the hot tub with two glasses of wine.

Britney: "Are you double fisting?!"

Rachel: "No, one is for Brendon. What are you guys talking about?"

Kathy and Britney make up some lie about talking about what aired on tv tonight. Tension is in the air.

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10:10 PM BBT: Rachel tells Britney that they should take a bath and do clay masks but Britney keeps avoiding and not answering and instead gets out of the tub.

Brendon and Enzo have joined and they talk about how big they will be or if no one will care who they are after the show.

10:12 PM BBT: Matt and Ragan are in the hammock speculating if there will be a double eviction this week.

10:16 PM BBT: Rachel pulls Britney aside to talk in the taj about using the PoV. Rachel is telling Britney that she will offer her anything she wants, the $5,000, an alliance, never putting her on the block etc.

Britney: "Either way if I use it or not, one of you will go home, so you should just petition for votes."

Rachel: "I can't petition against Brendon."

Britney: "But using the veto is signing my death warrant."

Rachel recaps the speech she will give at the ceremony tomorrow. She says that is all the campaigning she will do against Brendon. This isn't affecting Britney; her mind is made up.

Rachel: "I feel like you don't want me to go home"

Britney: "I don't but I'm not HOH and these aren't my nominations. Me using the PoV will not change the outcome."

They both keep saying the same thing over and over again.

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10:17 BBT

In Taj Brit is tellling Rach "if you really wanna sray" her "best option" is to get votes..

Rachel says she'll offer Brit $5000 in her POV speech "just for you to know" and says that's the extent of her camapigning

Brit saying "I can't sign my own death certificate" Brit tells rachel and go against the house and says the other person would go home and not "change the course of the game" and tells her no and Brit says "i don't want you to go home" but if she uses the POV "i don't want to go" and make her look "suspicious" and Rachel sayseven if people think she did it for the money

Brit says even if she pulls him off its "110%" Brendon will leave and says yes the other would go even if the other won POV and says the are the most competitive alliance and the most "well known" as Brit lays it on thich she feels bad and knows she's "upset" and will be "emotional" because they will be split up

10:22 BBT Brit continues to tell rachel she isn't using the pov...and says she "feels bad for you" and can "sympathize"..

Brit asks "are you on the same page" her and Brendon want to stay...Rachel as k Brit "what if it was you and Nick" on the block...Brit says she would "leave it to the house"

Brit says rachel is better competitor and says "you haven't missed" a quiz question this season..

10:25 Telling each other they deserved their respective HOHs and POVs and again repeats "people see you as a better competitor"

Brit saying "when am I finally gonna win an HOH its so frustrating" as Rachel says she's won POV as Brit says "1/2 of the power" but "none of the benefits" comparing POV and HOH

Brit says she doesn't like when people says it isn't "personal" when it is and says in this "point in the game" it doesn't matter and says "how different things would be" had Andrew of Annie stayed..

10:28 BBT Brit again lying "puts me in a tough position"...and says "I just can't do it" as Brit tells her it will be a "6-0" vote "either way" when Rachel asks...but says "who knows" with the saboteur factors in..

They discuss the saboteurs vote and would only do it in close vote...not in a "5-1" and aks her if she will vote with the house and she says "yes" because "it does not change anything"

10:31 BBT Rachel ask if she was really "that close" to Monet that she would give her a vote and she says they bonded when they were HNs and no one talked to them..and says she told "matt I was doing it"...

10:32 BBT Brit says Matt "is genuine" and tells her "its not personal" [contradicts what she said earlier} and doesn't "mean it against you guys..

Talking Monet wasn't personal but kristen was..

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10:34 BBT

Rachel saysing "My head wasn't in the game" about POV she says "everything was against me" as she tells Brit bowling wasn't her game and she was crying...

10:35 BBT Brit says "eventually I'm goin to be on the block" and will "understand"

Rachel says "i just wished you" took the money and says that would put a "target" on my back as she says people don't like people winning money..

10:36 BBT Brit says the prizes could come back to haunt them..as Rachel talks about the pinball POV as "intense" as Brit says "i thought the bowling one was intense" and talk about Jeff and Jordan were there and rach says isn't it funny they were there and the POV was called "lovers lane" and says "me and Brendon" were on the block...They talk how cute Jordan is and she seemed less "ditzy in person" and more mature..

10:38 BBT

"Im so the bad guy" and the "wild sassy girl" Rachel says as Brit says she's "the princess" and says "i don't like princessy girls" and Rachel says "neither do I"...

10:39 BBT BB11 talk..

Outside Brendon is playing pool with Matt as says "thank you" because the house is more pleasant and says his "company" is appreciated for the house...for keeping Rachel in check today..

10:41 BBT Back to playing pool

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11:10 BBT

Hay, Brit and Ragan doing a HYS-terical 'faux' talk show for Live feed viewers. Hayden is the host. It is a huge Rachel bash. Hayden says it should be a 'WWJD" What would Julie Chen do? If Julie Chen would switch to another person, don't do it. JC would not walk around the house with your vagina hanging out. Too funny. I can't.

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10:42 BBT

Brit and Rachel head to the bathroom rachel discussing what she'll do..HT or working out even though she's drinking or just "go to bed"

Brit checks herself out in the mirror and takes her turn with the toilet....

10:44 BBT Lane and Matt playing pool as Matt seems to be undefeated today....

Brendon in the Kitchen with rachel telling she says "funny stuff" when your drunk..."the liquor alliance"..was one of them..Enzo sitting at the table also..

10:46 BBT Enzo and brendon talking pool as BB keeps telling Rachel mer mic is "askew" on her bikini top..

"is nobody drinking alcohol but us brendon" Rachel observes as Enzo says he's gonna start drinking...as Rachel says she shared her chamapgne and when she's in Vegas and has "overflowing tequilla" she will only share it with your friends..

10:49 BBT Enzo talking about bringing his wife to Vegas and the baby and his mother-in-law to watch the baby..

Brit outside telling Kathy what her convo was being her two faced { } that she is.."you're going hooooome" Brit sarcastically says about Rachel....as she continues to tell Kathy and Ragan her convo..as Kathy says "i never will" apologize to rachel..

Ragan being holier than though saying "you can't treat people bad" and ask for votes as Kathy says "its ridiculous" as Ragan "anyone else" I would listen too..

10:53 BBT Brit continues her replay for Ragan and Kathy...Talking about questions being "a crap shoot" and Brit adds "a mind trick" and they talk about going with gut instict as Ragan says he's nervous about upcoming HOH..

10:55 BBT Rachel Brendon and Enzo talking about "Evel Dick" as clueless Brendon says Dick wasn't that "evil"...and Rachel bashing BB10 "gay guys" calling them "lame" as the continue..Enzo says "this season is strong competitors" as rachel says "uhhh I disagree"..{me too}.....as Enzo says it has good competitions..

10:58 Lane comes in and Rach asks how long Hayden was on the elipitical...as he says how long as Brendon "i did 5 miles"

Rachel talking about "point Pleasant" run as Enzo ran it before and Rachel two years ago...and talks about running and drinking during the run....and her ex "paul" won it two years in a row.."fast and ripped" she describes him as Brendon's insecurities opo out and talks about fighting him.."i hit him and he hits the floor" as he attempts humor at that old joke of 2 hit fight and FOTH..

Outside Ragan "brendon and I" haven't exchanges a room as Brit says says she doesn't talk to him and goes on how "annoying" he is...as they just keep talking crap about rachel and Brendon...Ragan gets up and makes fun of Rachels walk..acting like a 7th grade girl in middle school....The gusy playing pool ask what ragan is doing...

"i would never look in a mirror" ragan has the nerve to say about Rachel as Brit calls her "a storm of feces" as Ragan says new rules for BB future HGs..no extenstions...Hayden interrupts about Brendon getting jealous about "paul" and Brendon wanting to fight....

11:05 BBT Bashing Rachel...Brit says she would "chhose death" before drinking out of Rachel's belly button {only if it was true} as Ragan says the most foul water is Rache's "bath water"

Back to new rules...Hayden "represent yourself well" {hmm sleeping with a girl with a boyfriend is upstanding}

ragan ..going on about Rachel "tricks" as Brit says they need to think before they say something so it is "classy" and Hayden says WWJD "what would Julie DO" and think before...

11:09 These ass hats think they are being entertaining talking to America about Rachel's "expose" her "areola"

Hayden says the "saba toe" as the make fun of someones toenail as Hayden is as articulate as ragan's farts as he's having trouble pronuciating his adjectives of the toenail that they find offensive..

11:12 Matt doesn't understand their "talk show" as Matt is their guest about pool challenge..and go over the rules and tips about being future HG as go over what was said...

11:14 The {very unfunny} talk show continues..

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11:15 BBT

Rules for future houseguests include, not wearing hair extensions that don't match. Covering your 'genitalia' and if you're toe ..or the sabaTOE...is inTOElerable than you should see a podiatrist. This conversation is very very very funny. Matt says that FBBHG (future Big Brother House Guests) that when you're telling a joke should be understandable to everyone else. Ragan says all jokes should come from the movie 'Cable Guy'.. the punch line face is key. Any time a word has 'to' in it, they make a 'toe' joke. Brit includes having fake laugh prepared and does hers. Ragan says a good strategy is not to tell people how ridiculous their opinion is than theirs. So don't do the "I don't know." Hayden is GREAT at this. Now talking about preparing food for others. Leave out the garlic, parsley, diced red peppers.. sometimes people just want pancakes.

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11:16 BBT

More toenail nonsense...as Matt says fture HG should have jokes with the punchline hits "face on" and its "key"

11:17 BBT Brit says "work on your fake laugh" when the jokes aren't funny...Ragan hammers on about making faces and saying "i don't know" about having differencees of opinion..

Hayden going on about food prep..not to use spices in pancakes...as Brit names off in gredients not used in pancakes..

{this crap is on all 4 feeds and BBAD so there is no escape especiall ragan who is atrocious at being funny}

11:19 BBT They continue bashing Brenchel and basically repeated everything they say 24/7 as Ragan says they need to do this every night as they try to think of a name...

"big Brother tips"..as brit says "just the tip of BB12"...and Hayden says "i enjoyed it" as Ragan says we "hit it" ...

Ragan "wahh god" when he sees brenchel in the kitchen.....he wants to get something to eat "i don't want to hear the laugh"..as Brit says 4 more days as he tells Brit "just walk away" if Rachel goes off

11:24 BBT More Rachel bashing...and how to avoid listening to her.."q tips" "cotton balls" in the ears...Ragan says "i would be such a priceless moment" if Thursday they did that during Rachel's speech..

Matt says "you can't blame her" for trying to buy the POV as Brit tries to repeat the POV offer yet again...

11;27 BBT Enzo looking for the beers and finds them...5 left..as Lane and Enzo drink as Brit talks her "tips" and keeps repeating her Rachel stories like a broken record....

Lane ask about Taj convo with Brit and says she told her she would use it and she's safe as she jokes to Lane...

11:29 BBT Rachel comes out and all says hi and asks why they didn't drink..."i wasn't in the mood" Ragan squeals..and rachel says she's in the mood to booze it up every night..

11:31 BBT Talking about how {unseaonably} cold....

Brendon and Kathy talking in Kitchen

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11:32 BBT

Brendon talking about heights and Kathy talking about having "no control" from falling as she talks earlier food comp when she was tapped to the wall and she says she just closed her eyes..

11:33 BBT Brendon offers some of his slop and salsa as she says she's allergic to "cilantro" and it has it and Kathy admits she's been eating the salsa...and Kathy says "we'll try it tomorrow" as she says she can only eat slop..and says she just waits for "you can have a fishstick now"

11:36 BBT Kathy and Brendon..slop talk...as Brendon seems to be bonding with Kathy for a vote...

Outside where everyone else is talking about watching season until their favorites are gone as Matt says he stopped when Jeff and Jordan were one..

Ragan "i'm gona make ataco"

Brit says "this is the most expensive" house they will ever live in..{its not a real house but a studio genius]

11:40 BBT In the Kitchen Ragan asks Kathy "were you smoking in your room" and FOTH...when asks about preshow sequester..

They talk about doing puzzles watching DVDs..to pass the time..

11:42 BBT Kathy gets up and looks outside and heads to HOH to use the bathroomleaving ragan alone to cook..

11:43 BBT Outside they discuss "yous" as a word..

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11:47 BBT Talking about Bars and Weather in Texas as Lane says it snowed in Texas and Rachel pipes in "it snowed in Vegas"

Matt talks about going to Texas and rachel "you'd rather go to Texas than Vegas" as Matt says Lane will be the "brad pitt" because his town is so small..

Rachel talking about her "billboard"....Hayden says his sister was on a billboard in Vegas and rachel's been on the "jumbotron".....

11:52 BBT Brendon back in the Kitchen cooking as Ragan is eating and no convo is going on...

Back outside a lot of overlapping convos...Hayden and Rachel talking Convos as Hayden talks about his sisters billboard..and the "NFR" {rodeo} and talks about the billboards as rachel says "she should be paid $5000" for it and says "she needs a new manager" and hayden tells Rachel "she doesn't have" one and just was recuited to do it..

11:57 BBT Enzo wants "whoppers" as the discuss the candy and noot the urger King Burger..Lane and Enzo making fun of someone tight shirt..as Enzo says "i live in a ghetto" and he's going to get all trailer park..

12:00 BBT Brit and Ragan head to HOH and Enzo notices it...Of course Brit starts talking about rachel.....Ragan mocks and says do you think people believe her bullshit......and like all their convos revolve around Brenchel...

Outside Drunk Rachel....talking with Matt and Enzo as Matt says he needs to get Hollywood as says he's to grassroots

Rachel saying she's a "sequin color" and Enzo is "ring around the colar.."i'm that dirty stain that just sits there"...as rachel is that special occasion sequin outfit when you want to feel hot

Matt says he doesn't know what they are talking about....{me either} as Enzo and Rachel talk nonsense...Enzo talking about his jeans that haven't washed in 6 years...Rachel talking about her boobs..."Vegas and Jerset" Enzo says "we're just like this"

As Matt says "i'm never washing these" about his PJs.."you've inspired me" as Enzo and Rachel blabbering on.."you're fucking crazy" Matt says as Enzo says we scared the whole house inside as both talk about them having "charisma"..."you and me are the show"...as Rachel says 'they are talking away half the show" as Enzo says "you fucked up" at the beginning by taking away the wrong people..Feeds switch

12:08 BBT Hayden and Matt talking about Brigade "we're golden" {with Diamond POV..they are} and only thing that can "throw a wrench in it" is coupd'etat or saboteur as Matt says they are so safe and "gets ear to ear smile tinking about it" as they get happpy about the Brigade..

They talk about food and says he'll fire up his "pizza kitchen" as Hayden says he's gonna take shower as Matt asks who's in HOH..

Outside rachel trying to campaign to Enzo..."you have to give me you powers" if you leave he tells her as Rachel warns about Britney and ragan will give him a run for the money..

Rachel telling him "you have a good chance of winning" and says "i will vote for you" against anyone ..as Rachel admits "my social game sucks"......Rachel says in endurance she would gave Matt a a run for the money and that's why he wants her out and says she's not good at skills

She tells Enzo "you Brendon and Hayden" have to stick together to make it to the end...Rachel says Matt offred to be pawn and told everyone she put him up and Rachel says he's "playing agood game' but also "a sneaky game" and will "backstabb" them...and Rachel says she'll fight her ass off if she stays and will not campaign against each other..

They are talking about the Saboteur as Enzo "I think its Kathy" but Rachel 1. What the Saboteur wanted and today's says they wanted to thing Brendon was a strong competitior....and turn on each other...and 2. Brendon is not competing..and try to reenforce that Brendon is the target..and says "both of us are going" because the Saboteur said "you'll have to talk about it in jury"

Enzo "its either Kathy or Matty" and says Kathy has nothing to lose and rachel says "she's ballsy"

12:18 BBT Enzo goes pee...

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12:20 BBT Rachel outside with Brendon trying to walk him through her perception to what's going on....they go in to use the bathroom..

Hayden and Enzo laugh ta Rachel when she goes to the bathroom..rachel says "if you don't trust you and brendon" she tells Hayden and Enzo they need to trust each other as Rachel trying to get Enzo and Hayden in an alliance with Brendon...and they will go after Brendon first..."then Kathy..and you guys are next".."you have to know that"..and "matt and Ragan are together".....and "britney and Lane" and Brit tried to make an alliance with her and Brendon and went back on it when she didn't use the POV on her...Rachel so clueless with her perception as Brendon gets Rachel to come out who says she's trying to see "hayden's package"

They leave as Enzo says "we have Brendon" and Brit and Ragan "have to go" and hayden seems to agree..saying if Brendon wins HOH he'll put up Ragan

Brendon says he coulld hear her outside the bathrrom..and he's upset she's talking and Rachel is telling him "you have to work" and Rach says "matt and Ragan are in an alliance" and Brendon "everyone assumes" they are..and rachel "britney and Lane" are a pair and will do anything to stay and Hayden needs to understand that..

Rachel saying Britny Matt and Ragan "are a huge powerhouse" and will "beat anyone" in a quiz and Brendon says not him and she says "yes they will" and tells him to quite being "egotistical" that they can beat him...and wars him "ragan and Britney" will give "you a run for your money" as Rachel "she's good" and has people "backing her"

Rachel making sense and Brendon being senseless as he's upset rachel basically tells him the truth that Britnet is a better BB player than him...and whines about "size limiting" comps...and says BB looks at the last finishes and BB will realize its "unfair"

12:31 BBT Enzo comes out saying Brit is getting "lucky' against him in POV..

Brendon's hard head is starting to frustrate Rachel as brendon whines there's no gurantee and she drives it in to numbskull that Britney is better and more dangerous than he gives her credit for..

12:32 BBT Brendon says he can't tell something to Lane without Britney knowing....and Rachel says Lane is telling Britney "everything"..and warns both Enzo and Bren about Brit and Brendon goes on about unfairness and rachels says "no" it isn't....as Enzo says "it was a tough challenge for big guys" and FOTH..

12:34 FOTH

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12:42 BBT and the FOTh is still going

Opps came back and Rachel says she's going to go lay down and offers Brendon her wine as Kathy asks all their monikers they have for each other..."y'all have a variety" as Rachel says it could be anything even "pooh bear" as Brendon says "its very emasculating" being called pooh bear {come on Brendon has nothing over Pooh Bear when it comes to masculinity}

Enzo says his wife is probably saying he needs to toughen up and not bee such a "pussy"

12:45 BBT Enzo Hayden and Brendon talking around the pool table talking bars....

So the pulling in of Brendon commences when rachel makes her exit on Thursaday...

The camera switches to Rachel talking to Lane about "ride bitch" on motorcyles and talks Thrill of riding..and not bikes in particular "crotch rockets" and says "i'm a chpper girl all the way" to "v twins"

12:49 BBT Lane and Rachel talk about The Sturgis Bike Rally and Lane says a lot of people don't know what it is...

Rachel says "America may hate me" and says "her bbobs are to big" and her personallity matches..and says they live "in a bibble" and will not know untill Set.

and her convo is all over the place and Rachel says she would rather be curvey than skinny and Lane agrees that skinny girls are out..

Rachel says she's out and apologizes for "drunk rachel" to "Lanezo".."boom boom pow these bitches are clockin my style" she tells the following cameras and FOTH..

12:53 BBT Kathy heading to her HN hovel as rachel randomness says if she wore "six inch heels" she would look skinny and sings "bbom boom pow" and foth..

Rachel is now outside and Enzo is beatboxing and FOTH..

12:56 Enzo says "it just came out of me.." saying he doesn't practice.."let the record skip" and FOTH

12:57 BBT Rachel kissing up to the "meow meow" as Enzo says they are starting to get some "good songs in da mornin'" and FOTH

12:58 BBT All feeds on Britney Ragan and Matt bashing Andrew

{I'm out be back tomorrow..night all}

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:animated_scratchchin: Rachel hayden and Brendon in kitchen talking about Vegas and strip club which Rachel knows all about

R--Treasures has fourty year old strippers

H--thats what I am into

Matt joins the conversation

M--I like the cute girls not the silicone LA fake girls.

R--what am I? What kind of stripper would I be? A hot one or a cute one?

**rachel is eating chips with a towel around her waist a bikini top and her mic inbetween her clevage

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hayden and ragan in HOH

R--Rachel is so unattractive. Annie said he hit on her first and she refused him. I am not sure if its true but it makes me think that he just needs a girl. When he gets out of here he won't like her

H--If I was at a bar I would avoid her. Her personality makes her ugly.

R--brendon is so attractive, I call him superman.

H--I give it a week after finally

R--No one will party with her.

H--I don't want to hang out with her . she says she can hook us up but its a sh@&*y bar. It would be all about her parading around .

r--the rachel show part 2

R--she should have been cast on bad girls club. she would be perfect for that show.

Matt,hayden,enzo agree

r-she will be on Dr.90210 getting something removed from her crotch, celebrity rehab, bad girls club

Other feed is the rachel brendon porno, bump chick a wow wow

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ragan telling brigade that brendon said he will terrorize the whole house so he can get voted out. But, he is not like evil dick. I won't put up with his bs

matt-I dont care what he does, how can he not realize everyone he tries to pick on will be against him next week?

Ragan say good night

still hoh brigade convo

enzo-this is bb everyone talks about each other , if you get caught you get caught. It is what it is.

bredon is a p*&$y. He backed down when lane got in his face, I am not worried about him.

m-britney is sneeky. she cracks up with everyone but as soon as she hears something she tells the other side.

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Matt is in HOH doing crunches at 3:40 in the morning. He keeps checking out the spy cam so he might be looking for the sabatuer.

He really has some toned abs. He works hard on them.

Breaks from the crunches and sits at his table with the ducks. Looks like he is stategizing in which order people should go. I think the duck with the green hat is rachel, that duck is out.

looks like he is going to bed now , still got the spy cam on.

good night

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HG up, eating breakfast, speculating about the Sabetour.

WBRB off and on

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12:13 BBT

Rachel and Brendon in bed in the Taj room.

Ragan, Britney and Matt in HOH room. Sounds like the veto ceremony already happened. Seems that Brendon called Britney out, saying she talked trash about Matt and Ragan last week, but is in an alliance with them now. Britney says something about what she wanted to say during the meeting, but how BB said she had to follow the script... WBRB.

Feeds show Kathy enter the HOH room, asking if she can sit in on their alliance. They laugh. She tells them that B/R think Rachel is staying now. Matt says that makes things even better.

Feeds switch to Hayden, Lane and Enzo chatting at the pool.

(I'm at work so not sure if I can continue updating.)

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