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8/4 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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Kristen: I'm getting a feeling across the board [with the guys] which makes me feel like I have a chance. I don't know if it's just bullshit but... in some way, every single one has said it in one way or another. Maybe it's giving me a false sense of hope but.... it's like people's game faces are finally on.

K says Hayden and her both *deserve* to stay.

Ragan says she needs to go out and do the uncomfortable telemarketing now that she has the angle.

K thinks she did a great job yesterday, but needs to continue. She says everyone who left before hasn't gone done without a fight, but she won't.

Rachel interrupts them telling them "libations are here, 8 beers and 2 bottles of wine."

she exits.

Kristen thinks maybe she's just overthinking [regarding the guys] "but there's somewhat of a pattern forming, bits and pieces."

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9:11 BBT Ragan and Kristen split up

Ragan heads outside.

Kathy asks Kristen if she wants to talk. She accepts and they're off to talk

Kathy: how did that go?

Kristen: it was ok, nobody wants to tell anyone what they're doing.

Kristen saying she needs to talk to Britney.

Kathy wishes she could help

Kristen: maybe we should go back in the cabana, because I need... I need to talk to her. I just want to stay in here so bad.

Now Kathy is giving Kristen a pep talk based on morality, how much Kristen deserves to be in the house and how undeserving Brenchel are.

Kathy: The problem with Rachel is she doesn't even know who Rachel is. She can't love anyone when she doesn't love herself.

Kristen decides she has to go talk to Britney, and Kathy and Kristen hug and Kathy wishes her luck and wishes she could do it for her.

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Not much going on. Kristen still sitting alone in the couch outside, everyone else seems preoccupied with working out, chitchat in the background.

Hayden joins Kristen

H: how ya doing

K: alright....

H asks if shes ticklish. Kristen is noncommittal. He tries to tickle her. She cracks a small smile.

H: I'm gonna go work out.

K: k.

and she's alone again

Meanwhile, Brit/Rach/Ragan discussing the various big brother update sites.

Enzo and Lane VERY into a game of pool, various obscenities from Enzo about how bad he's doing.

Matt the onlooker commenting their shots every now and again.

Enzo loses, which he's glad Lane put him out of his misery since his game was so bad.

Matt and Lane are now facing off. All conversations revolving around pool.

Enzo joking to matt and Lane how kristen won't stop talking to people all night

Enzo says he's just going to tell her she's voting for her so she'll go away. they laugh, and convo goes back to pool

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Hayden, Lane, Enzo in the BY

Lane says best case, Brit wins hoh next week

Lane asks Enzo who Brenden would put up.

Enzo says probably kathy and lane.

Lane says he doesn't care because if he's up with Kathy then she'll go

Enzo says Brenden also said Matty and Ragan are in an alliance.

as if on cue, Ragan comes outside and the boys disperse.

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10:20 Well I just missed Kristen doing her repetitive sell to Britney as brit just left the Taj room and Kristin asked her to send her next victim in Lane or Enzo..

Brit tells Enzo mand he says "no" tell her you didn't see me not wanting to talk to her so Brit sends Matt...

Matt now Kristin's victim as Kristin now saying "i might" have a chance with people she didn't think she had as a vote and "vice versa"

Kris doing her "its gonna be a close vote" {hmm 7-1 is a close vote]..She continues to Matt with her delusions of having a chance to stay and will be the brendon and rachel slayer for the house..

10:24 Her selling point seems to be hayden "is more open minded than me" {she's repeated this a million times}...Kristin trying to tell matt "i'm not really going to have anybody" and essentially will be a free agent to any alliance...Matt: "how do you even pick?"...and says "good question" and says she wants to be "aligned with one person".....and Matt says "next week" the house will be "a united front" but after the guys will be there for the pickings as Matt calls that "a concern"...."with me that's not gonna happen" Kristen declares...

10:28 BBT Matt asks about "the tiff" bewteen rach and her..and blames "andrew" and her hanging ""out with Kathy" and now says Rachel brought into a situation....because Brandon..and admits had she kept her mouth shut the night of HOH she probably wouldn't be up..and Kristin says rachel's nomination of her and Hayden.. "there is no game play involved" {hmm getting someone out that's after you is great game play in my book}

10:30 BBT Matt asking what her alliance situation is and she double talks her way through it with hypotheticals....Kathy interrupts with her laundry delivery....and asks if they "need anything" and leaves..

Kristin still double talking her way through who she would align with....

10:33 Matt lying about not being in allinace but has friends that have their backs as long as they don't do something "stupid"

10:34 BBT Kristin going on...

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10:35 BBT

In Taj...Kristin making her case to Matt...She says One person {Hayden} isn't going to step up and try to get out people...and the other {herself} isn't going to be afraid to make those moves..

Matt seem to like that answer....

Matt saysing she's not a floater...and she agrees and says she will win "HOH" ands Matt says "you're fired up" and will do anything to stay "except LIE and throw anyone under the bus"

10:38 BBT Outside in the hammock Ragan talking outside getting his usual BB warnings

Enzo talking about "Chuck Wepner" and tells Hayden to google his name...as they talk boxing and his fight with Ali...

Boxing talk...and the "rocky" franchise...

Rachel talking in kitchen about workouts...there convos are all over the place now talking about beer..

10:42 BBT Back in Taj Kristen still going on...now says "that's how I'm gonna leave on" in her spandex get up....Kristin tired of Rachel tells Matt and says "our plan was gonna work" until rachel threatened brit to put up lane...

10:44 BBT "i don't know what else to do" kristen said and he tells her to "just chill" "hang" and just "have fun" and talk more on a social level...

10:47 BBT Now she is saying she deserves to be here and wants to be here....and Matt asks "outside of Kathy" he wants to know if people are soildily going to vote and says she says they are going to wait to see how the house is leaning as Matt says these "are the people" he wants to talk to "to get their perpesctive"

Kristin says no names and says he should "ask around" and would be able to find these people {in other words there's no one}

10:49 BBT Matt listening politely as she goes on about the different advice she's gotten fron different HGs..

Matt telling her to talk "organically" and her disadvatge to hayden is "her social game" and advises her to "spend the day" fixing that and tomorrow night go back to talking the game aspect...

10:52 kristin campaigning continues..finishes up with with woulda coulda shoulda...and send Enzo or Lane...

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10:53 BBT Matt goes in to kitchen and says Kristin wants to talk to Enzo and Lane .Lane says he's taking a shower while Enzo says "i wanna be more fucked up" when he goes in there..{ I wonder if kristin gets the hint}

Outside enzo telling ragan and brit that "desperation" is a bad thing...and doesn't want to talk to her....now he's complaining about "peanut" counting with Rachel and Brendon..as they make fun of Rachel.....

10:56 BBT Enzo "everyone is terrified to go into the Taj" and says everyone is ducking..and is begging for someone to go with him...Brit says she's been in there...

Enzo says people are sneaking "upstairs" and enzo complaining...that Kristin should just have a "house meeting" says what she needs to say..and let them decide..

matt comes out as Enzo asks if Kristin said him and Matt says "you're making me look bad" and says all you have to do is "smile and nod" as Enzo wonders what different from what she barraged him last night with...."i don't want to do this" Enzo whines...

11:02 BBT Enzo still trying to get out of a long winded kristin campaign session....and says "tell her" to think of a great speech and Matt says he'll base his decision on a speech...

11:04 BBT In HOH Hayden making his case to Brendon and rachel trying mend faces..brendon says they never wanted to put him up..."we still don't want you to go" as Hayden says it "makes me feel good" and it "helps" to know people "want him here"...

Rachel tells him if Brendon is on the block with her she would use the POV on him...

11:06 BBT Rchel saying she doesn't trust Kristin..and says "she's that manipulative" that she would put them up..

Brendon saying their word is gold and do everything that they save and tell Hayden about their Matt deal...about why he didn't put them up about "their one week deal" as brendon obliviously says not to tell Matt...and rachel tells they would have never put up Matt this week and reiterates it was "a one week deal"

11:10 BBt hayden calling them "the strongest alliance in the house"....Brendon says Matt "was afraid" that's why he made the deal and says he was in a good position...Hayden asks "so its a one week" as Rachel interrupts and says one week and after that its a week by wek and says he didn't talk to them...and Brendon thinks he may be after them again un til they win HOH again..

Brendon tells Hayden kristin has 3 votes and Kathy is the vote and maybe Ragan and now say it could be Matt...

11:13 BBT Talking about Matt as Brendon saying "he's really comfortable" in the game right now..and only wants to deal after the HOH..

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11:15 BBT

In HOH Brendon and Rachel giving information to the enemy unknowingly.....as Rachel explains why she didn't want to do the deal because it was because they were worried both would stay and would gun for them and reassure him that he was never the target..

11:17 BBT Brendon says Hayden won't have anyone to trust and gives Hayden his word he will not "put you up" if he gets HOH...of course hayden doesn't recipricote {red flag } and says if they are on the block and wants them to pick him for POV if they get HG choice....

Rachel doing her Kristin spiel of not trusting her..

11:21 BBT Kristin git her victim Lane as he explains his loyalty and kristin says no one expects Lane to keep her over Hayden...as Lane says "if my votes" goes you way it doesn't bother me either if she stays or leaves..

Kristin tells her his vote would be publically about his vote it will help her and says if people ask him and tell them he's keeping her Ragan will vote for her...

""if Brendon " is HOH Kristin says she will go up for sure...Lane blowing smoke up her ass saying he has his vote as Kristin says he doesn't care if people go up to him and ask....and says "its cool with me" if she tells them and says to go talk to him about his vote.

11:26 BBT Lane outside talking with Enzo as Kathy sitting smoking away...Enzo jokes around who Kathy would vote for in the end him or Lane...Kristin heads outside wine in tow...as Enzo says he couldn't believe he gets along with someone from Texas...

11:28 BBT Rachel still going on about Kristin...why she changed her mind about the deal....Hayden lies and says he isn't going to "hold it against you" for backing out of the deal...

Hayden asks who they will nominate....Hayden hints at Kathy and Brendon says they "don't know"...as Rachel delusionally thinks if brendon wins HOh they will be able to make "true" alliances....

Double eviction talk..."shit happens so fast" and warns you have "1 hr" ......Rachel explains "fast forward" and not really "double eviction..telling Hayden the double eviction happens in one night....

11:34 Rachel hopes its "water under the bridge" about Kristin....Hayden says he wanted her to stay but have to do "what's smart...best for me" and tells them "water under the bridge"....

Rachel wants a deal of not putting each other up if they get HOH Thursday and Hayden says "ya..I'm down for that"

Hayden saying Brit and Lane are in alliance buts says not really in an alliance but are close...as he throws Britney out there ....and says Hayden says he talked to Lane and was worried he was after them...as Brendon says people are feeding them this info and they are the dangerous players and need to go...

11:39 BBT Hayden Rachel convo continues as Hayden tries to get heat off the Brigade and on others....

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11:41 BBT

In HOH Hayden wonders if Brenchel has any other deal of not putting HG up deal with anyone else..and Brendon and rachel say no just with him..

11:43 BBT Rachel talks about people need to line up while brendon expands on that saying if he wins HOH people will be up there ...and Rachel claims she can see right through what people tell her..

Rachel telling Hayden "you need to be here" and says he helped her "week one" {nominating her helped her?} as she blabbers on about what could of happened if Kristin or Him won POV as she though he may have used in on Kristen but hayden says he would have used in on himself...

11:46 BBT Brendon explains to Hayden that Kristen using the word "probably" what made them doubt her sincerity..

Brendon and Rachel try to guess who will keep him..and thinks he might have Lane or Enzo{how does Hayden keep a straight face at such ignorance} Hayden plays along as he thinkshe has Hayden but not sure as he throws Brit out there as a reason he may not...

They say they are sure he'll stay..not to worry about the vote

Hayden asks Bren if its an endurance should he drop..brendon just says both are good if either wins as Rachel says "its not going to be endurance"....

11:51 BBT More HOH talk in HOH what the comp will be...Brendon complaining how surfs upo wasn't fair and geared for "someone who was small"...."for Matt or a britney"....Rachel says even if Brendon doesn't win and next week after they both will be able to compete...Rachel going on about winning 50% HOHs ....."i've proven myself as agirl in the game" and would align with her because of it as Hayden calls them strong players and that's why people are gunning after them..

11:56 BBT Hayden playing along with Brendon and Rachel's faux alliance...

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11:58 BBT

Matt and Brit break up the HOH talk with Hayden to hang out in the HOH.."heeey" rachel welcomes them in..

Rachel asks "how was you conference" to Brit..

Matt says "making alliances' when Brit asks what's going on..as Matt yealls "bored as fuck" when hayden asks what's going on...

Brit says "we know their game talking" but were bored and said they figured they were done making their alliance.....as brendon tries to joke it off that he's made alliances with everyone..

12:02 BBT talking about their kidnap for BB when BB throws a FOTH

12:04 FOTH

12:05 BBT Feeds back just cookie talk going on..

Kathy is playing pool with Lane as can say she's a bad a pool player as a bb player..

Kristin and Kristen talking vodka in the kitchen..."i just love vodka"..Kristen says and can drink it staright "on the rocks"..Rachel "jewell of Russia" is the best..

Kathy taking tips from Lane and Enzo on her pool game gets better...

12:11 BBT the pool game is getting loud and obnoxious with the help of Enzo and made Lane lose to Kathy...

12:12 BBT

Enzo talking to Enzo and says "you got Ragan, Lane and Kathy" enzo guesses...and says "you gotta make sure you got these votes" and wonder if they're bullshitting...kristin "we both deserve to be here" as Enzo lies "hayden is really nervous" and says he's handling like "an audition"....

12:15 BBt Enzo asks about Matty and she says she doesn't know about him and enzo asks about Brendon and says "rachel wants me outta here so bad" and FOTH

12:16 FOTH

12:17 BBT "if you survive" Enzo says that rachel wouldn't come after them...as Enzo complains that Matt messed up as one of them should be home as Enzo says people think he's with them..

12:18 Enzo over acting his sypmathy.."i like both of yous"...as Kristen does the "i'm a strong competitor" and enzo adds "and a target"

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12:20 BBT

Enzo asks what hayden thinks about her campaigning and goes through she likes him doesn't want to say bad things about him but needs to say good things about herself to stay.

Enzo says Hayden is nervous...

12:22 BBT Kristin says she doesn't want Brendon and Rachel not "to have their own way"....Enzo saying Ragan with Matty and he's been asked by others and just "want to be friends" with evryone and Enzo says he doesn't want "to win HOH" and warns him "not to tell people that"..and Enzo says "i want to have enemies" {right tough guy with your hidden alliance}and would want to win HOH in an about face and says "its a game".."what are we fucking doing in here"

Enzo great a patronizing kristin...and says "I want fucking eenemies already" and wants to win HOH..Kristin asks who Enzo would align himself with down the road and Enzo lies and says Ragan..."i like the way" he's playing the game as kristin says she can see them "benefiting each other"

12:28 BBT Kristin urges Enzo to talk to Ragan and talk keeping her as he says he likes Line but the alliance word never came up"

Kristin again goes back to pushing Ragan and Enzo talking....."i need his vote" but needs to "hear" other people are keeping her...

12:30 BBT Talking about Hayden not holding grudges if 3 people voting against him...

12:32 BBT Kristin saying "i need to know" her votes so she can hit they next person up for a vote...Enzo acting torn saying "i'm up against the fence"

Kristin "shocked" "lane want to keep me here"..Enzo patronizing her about her campaigning...saying she's on him..and Enzo asks where he talked to Lane "in the taj?" and asks about Brit and says she will get 'eaten alive' as the onl;y girl and is " a no brainer" to keep her here..

12:35 BBT She tells Enzo Brit and Hayden have similar game intentions...

Kristen doing the desperation ploy "i gave up my entire life for this" saying no home job blah blah blah..."i don't want to leave" as Enzo tosses salt into the wound "kathy made it past you" .."there is no justice" and says "i'm not gonna bullshit you" and says no decision on the fence and wants to hear all options....

12:38 BBT kristin says she's willing to make "big deals" with certyain people because its "so screwed up" she won't make it to the JH as Enzo tosses that saly "kathy chained smoked" her way to the JH...

12:40 "i'm the most trustworthy person in this house" Kristin declares..

and "i at least deserve to know" where people stand and hopes "people aren't bullshitting me"....

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12:43 BBT

Enzo calling Matt's HOH a "realy fishy" week and says he doesn't trust him...Kristin says Lane "doesn't take girls seriuosly" thw way he talks about ex's and says she's different and he respects her....and says Britney jsu someone to hang out with and Lane doesn't talk game with her..

12:45 BBT Enzo talking about "start getting my hands dirty" by winning HOH's and Krist says "if you never talk game with a person" they are coming after you..

Kathy comes out "can I smoke" and Enzo gladly says yes to break up the marathon campaign session he so dreaded doing earlier...

12:47 BBT Enzo tells her "you're getting beat up left and right" and shows off her bruises..as Kathy goes on about her bruises as they talk about Kathy's performance during the Lux comp laughing Kristen laughs saying during the TV show they will play "circus music" {hums Entry of the Gladiators} during Kathy's part

12:50 BBT talking about decompressing after leaving BB house....

In Cabana room Brit talking with Brendon Lane and Brit..talking about the food comp where they wre taped to the wall..

12:52 BBT in Jamanji Matt talking to Ragan...talking about his veto ticket and what it might be as "more odds" gainst brendon and Rachel...Matt says "kathy is the only person to take the 5 grand"..Ragan says "about Kathy "skill is probably her thing" and both laught and the ridiclousness of that statement..

12:55 BBT Ragan making fun of Kathy with Matt about her cigarette smoking

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12:57 BBT

Matt and Ragan talking how strange the dwindling numbers feel "what a trip" they are in single digits..

Ragan says "its not gonna be good" about the tantrums "that will ensue" next week as Matt says "everyone will be on a united front" and hopes it will be a double eviction week and the other will just want to go....Ragan says he doesn't think it will be a double eviction and says He will not want to leave but Rachel will want to leave...

12:59 In Cabana room Enzo says he wants a roast beef sanwich as Lane says he wants a turkey dog....Enzo wants a "turkey burger"..and Enzo says Kristin wants to talk to her and is forcing her to go "listen" as Brit says "i don't want to listen" as Brit acts like she's getting a root canal by going to talk to kristin and threatenes Enzoo with "i'll tell Kristin " "you have a few questions" for her and Enzo changes the subject...."where's Matt and ragan...fuckin?"

Brit talks about going to HOH just to break up the Hayden Brendon and Rachel talk..

Lane says they planted a seed when Brit asks if they tried to make an alliance with him..

1:05 BBT "i think I'm in an alliance with em' Enzo jokes when Brit asks if Brendon and Rachel try to make an alliance with him..

1:06 BBT Back in Jamanaji ragan and Matt talking about squashing suspicions he's working with brendon and rachel by nominating them...saying "i got a feeling about it" winning HOH...

Ragan hoping they will be "the last two standing" on the next endurance comp...."I can't believe people are still not going to bed" and Matt agrees "i thooght it would be an early night" and Ragan says what if it is an endurance and both hope as Matt says he wants to "play it out" andwait till they actually drop ...and says unless he really needs it and Ragan says no and want to see their limits....

1:11 "i'm totally good with that" Matt says about and endurance comp.."that would be so bad ass" Ragan concurs...

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1:13 BBT

Ragan and Matt talk about vetos and says he would have loved to play in the last one "luxury vetoes are awesome"

Matt "this week is critical for HOH..and for veto" calling ragan's taking the veto ticket over the 5 grand a "good move"

1:16 BBT IN Cabana room Enzo admits he had a lot to drink as his slurring obnoxiouness confirms it...They decide to get some grub and Enzo and Lane heads to kitchen..

Hayden and Brit talking about what Rachel and brendon desperation of trying to make alliances in the house with everyone..Hayden going over his convo.....Brit says Kristin won't say anything bad about Hayden but for every person she has a different reason and Brit tells her kristin told her the guys will make an alliance together and send her home {hit the nail on the head} as Hayden says he won't get mad at her for trying but says to Brit "i want your vote"

1:20 BBT Brit goes over the convo and says kristen will never want to get rid of Kathy, ragan or Matt so her talk about geeting rid of the non hard playing HG isn't true...

"she's trying to play the girl card" telling her that she will never make it past the guys..

Hayden asks it its true a girl always loses to a guy so it would be stupid not to take her to the end..

Brit: "have Brendon and rachel offer you an allinace" and Lane says no...just planted the seed.."i f brendon wins HOH" it would be "two of you guys" Brit predicts..and says "i don't know if they'll get Kathy out" brit differs from Lane's guess and says "you're just trying" to stress him out and she says then win HOH their odds are good "7-1"

1:26 BBT They get up to go out and play pool

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1:32 BBT

Everyone is still up around the house..though Rachel and Brendon are in bed in HOH talking...about the POV comp..saying "if I would have taken hayden out" he would have gotten "second chance" and give it to Kristin and she says "could you imagine"..."that would have been the scariest thing in the world"

Rachel "my boob is hard" and gets hard "every couple of days" aor "maybe I'm just being paranoid"..as she feels herself up...They kiss {I barf..I switch cameras}

1:36 BBT At the pool Table Brit and Hayden trying to figure out why dew is under the table as he says "i don't know" and joke "i'm not Brendon" as they talk about their alliance they tried to make.....Hayden says his offer or "song and dance" was the same except he got the "you wre not the target" and mocks her "bring it on" at the POV meeting...

1:39 BBT "kristin wants to stay so bad" because "she's thristy for revenge" britney says and Brit says she would have never pulled Kristin off and only him....Enzo comes out and says the turkey burgers are done..

They head in and Matt Ragan brit hayden and Enzo are munching on hsi burgers with "ball sweat"..."were still awake It's 1:40" brit says...and she says "i know" as they devour their food..."you fucking whore I love you" to his burger..and Enzo says he cooks more at home because "i have more time"

1:43 BBT Brit doing her impressions of Rachel doiung the pinball as Ragan laughs.."that's amazing" and does Rachel when hayden got the veto..and was upset when Ragan took her "veto ticket" like he stole her first born child..

1:46 BBT Everyone outside making fun of Rachel or playing pool

Brendon and Rachel upstairs doing whatever they do and Kathy and Kristin in bathroom showering or laying down like a slug..


{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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5:03 BBT Kristin and Hayden are still up in the backyard.

They talk about how Brendon and Rachel ask too many dumb questions before competitions. Talk turns to Harry Potter. Hayden has read all the books and is raving about it. Kristin has only read one of the books. There's discussion of a lock down at 6am.

5:13 BBT All feeds on sleeping house guests.

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9:17 am BBT

Rach got up and went to the HoH WC, came out, went downstairs to the downstairs WC, came out, washed hands.... went back upstairs, had to knock on door because she was locked out.... Bren opens door, she gets back in bed...

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9:49 am BBT

Matt up to use WC, comes out and heads to SR to get batteries...

Heads into kitchen, goes to fridge.... grabs nothing, heads back to bed...

They are on IDLD...

9:52 an BBT

Lane up and used WC, comes out of WC, looks in mirror at his face, doesn't wash hands, heads back to his bed and gets in...


Up in Hoh, Rach is massaging Brens head...

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