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7/26 - Live Feed Updates


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9:10-9:30PM BBT: Not much happening at the BB house. Kristen is telling Matt and Hayden outside on the couches about the different proteins, how whey will bulk you up, and how soy isn't good for guys if they want to bulk up. Kathy goes into the kitchen & Andrew passes by & asks if she's okay. She just says "I cleaned the jumanji room" & looks pretty sad.

Matt, Lane, Enzo, Britney, Ragan and maybe some others are having a pool tournament. Matt is wearing adorable footie pajamas. Someone says they bet he's going to start a trend with those. Hayden says that everybody has something to start except for him. Britney says "I don't have anything, Hayden". Britney then says she's going to start a line of Britney/Old Britney merchandise. She says there'll be t-shirts with her BB head shot on them, & Ragan says in a singsongy voice "Britney uses a magnifying glass to read the bible", then in evil-voice "Britney burnsthe eyes off of kittens with a magnifying glass". Britney says she's going to have people write in ideas. Then she says she's going to have an app where people can send off things that 'Britney' would do, & they get sent back to them the 'Old Britney' version of what she'd be doing.

Matt starts getting mock upset when Lane is beating him. Apparently there are rules on the tournament that are new to Matt & he keeps saying "Fuck your rules! I don't like your game". Eventually, he goes "No really, are you guys fucking with me?" (Not sure what the new rules were)

9:30PM BBT: Britney and Enzo are up in the tournament. Kathy & Kristen are in the kitchen, Kristen is comforting Kathy. She gives her a hug, and says "No matter if you stay or go, just know that if you ever need anything from me, I'm there".

Britney's actually doing really well at pool against Enzo (the resident pool shark from what I can tell)!

9:43PM BBT: Poor Ragan, he's feeling out of the loop with everyone since being a have-not. He says "If you think about it, we drink together, & we cook together, those are the two things we do; and if you can't do that"... he says he just needs to get out of this funk.

9:45PM BBT: Ragan has squeezed himself into someone's one piece bathing suit (over his clothes), and is parading around for everyone like a great fool (that's one way to get out of your funk)!

Apparently the bathing suit is Rachel's, she'd asked Big Brother for a one piece barthing suit "since my boobs keep falling out of my bikinis"; Britney says "They do?" in mock surprise; and Rachel says this is the bathing suit BB gave her.

Enzo pulls out the win in the pool game. Both Enzo and Britney hop in the hottub, and Ragan joins them.

Ragan: "Britney hunts for flowers; old Britney hunts for skulls".

9:52PM BBT: Britney is saying she enjoys the stuff that they ask her in the DR that she knows is going to make it on the air more than the stuff about the game or strategy, the fun stuff, "like you know, about people's personalities" (I bet I know what she means!). They cut the feed to inside for a minute, and when they come back she is saying that the wqholew week she was a have-not she was uncooperative in the DR, that she'd just be like "Sorry, I don't feel like it". She says they hated her that week.

10:15PM BBT: Rachel, Brendon, Matt & Ragan are having a fun conversation in the bathroom about how un-conservative Rachel is for Brendon's parents. she's talking about dressing conservatively for church, wearing "a tube dress & a flirty sequined skirt". One highlight of the conversation is Matt saying "Okay, what would you wear to a church wear the priest *isn't* dressed like Elvis?"

10:20PM BBT: Apparently there were two blackouts on the first night, not one as we were shown on TV. Britney, Hayden and Kristen were talking in the hottub & Britney said "The first time I thought it was just a technical difficulty" and then they all say they realized something was going on the second time. Britney says "Do you think they did it a second time because she couldn't get it done the first time?" and Kristen said "Definitely, that's the only reason". So we were only shown the one blackouot, but apparently Annie couldn't get over to the supply room door the first time, so they did it again. Andrew comes over to the hottub during the conversation & says he knows it was him who bumped into Annie, he says at the time he didn't know, he knew it was a girl but he didn't know who.

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10:18 BBT

In the bathroom Rachel,Brendon, Ragan, and Matt talkingabout Brendon saying he was talking in his sleep to JC and Enzo heard...

Ragan talking the camera following to his cot "expecting me to cry" and jokes "just having a moment"

Rachel called to DR and the rest ask what she's scheming..as Brendon jokes she gets dressed up and called in so says he's being cheated on..

Brendon leaves and Ragan whispers "i want to hear the story" about "Andrew being mad at Brendon"..Matt doesn't remember at first and then remembers talking to Kristin but Brendon returns into the bathroom

10:23 BBT Outside hayden in the Hot tub with Brit and Kristen....talking about "another twist" as Brit suggest "America's Player" and the oh so worn idea "Coup d'etat"....

Andrew comes over and hayden tells him the were talking about "the saboteur thing" and rehas how he was the most suspicious..as Brit says its funny now "that you weren't the saboteur" and Andrew says "it was me that bumped into Annie" and says that it seems "so long agao"..

10:27 BBT In the kitchen Brendon is making bok choy as Kathy wonders how the baby food was paired with the bok choy..whatever brendon's making he says its "vietnamese"

Rahan asks Mattt what he should do if he gets HOH and never says who but "what is most important you"..Whatever you do "have a reason that doesn't sound like bullshit" and if you can "justify" the noms then it will come across as an ok decision..

Ragan whining "3 more days of this" as a have not..."5 more nights in that cot"...

10:30 BBT Brendon and Rachel coking alone in the kitchen talking

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10:32 BBT

Brendon asks what Rachel made and she says "chicken with cheese" and he says "chicken cordon bleu" and laughs and says no..

She actually wants some of his HN bok choy...Brendon tells Rchel that Ragan is going to put up Matt because Matt said "he looks like Toby" from some TV show..

Ragan and Matt talking about his $1500/month 1 bedroom condo...with no laundry in the unit..

Hayden says that's how much he pays for a 4 bedroom house with a yard he shares with 3 people...

Matt is "wow what keeps people out here" referring to Los Angeles..

10:36 BBT Matt and Ragan bonding session continues in the bathroom

Andrew comes in ask how "the bok choy coming" and says if he "perfects it" he may "use it " tomorrow and mentions he's going to change and go to bed..

Rach hears Ragan talking about Jase BB5 and says she loves him and leaves to go talk to Ragan about it in the bathrom as he was making fun of holly...

10:39 BBT Kristin and Brit talking outside..in ht as Hayden sitting there listening talking about I think her brother while Kathy puffs away on the couch...talking about someone having "heighten senses" who's 17 but looks like 12-13 and he's "funny" and "really perverted" and evrything he says "is so funny"...Whoever it is this guys has "autism" and treat him "like a lazy student" in public schools and Brit says "there are no a whole lot" of options for him..."he's misunderstood for sure...but I get him" as she says if she wins HOH she will see him...

10:44 BBT Lane and Enzo talking about being tired of nice to people...and joke about what they would do if they HOH and would say "britney toyr fucking safe....safe for now"..and Enzo jokes he wants to make people scared to put him on "the block"

Enzo jokes "I want enemies...I wanna fight..you" and says "the most people brown nosing me" gets put up on the block and "whoever stays away from me" is safe..

Enzo keeps going on...Lane says "i'll put two members of the brigade up if you fight with me" joking and mocks Matt's Noms...and Enzo "he fucked up yo" and says they had the perfect chance to put them up"...and Enzo says "I say we get rid on Andrew" and persuade Kathy "to vote this way bitch" Lane says and Enzo says Kathy in JH is "a vote for us" and Enzo wants to switch to vote out Andrew...

10:49 BBT talking again about getting "brendon out" and Enzo "what the fuck we need Andrew here for"..Enzo "i like the kid but this is business though" a..."get rid of him now...fuck this"

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10:51 BBT

Lane and Enzo talking "we'll win HOH" and get cocky saying no one can take them out they are "insane mode"...as Enzo says who's "do my wash" gonna "iron my shirts" for the live show "you" if they get rid of Kathy..

and Enzo "get one more haircut outta Rachel" Enzos says "and send her home" as Lane says he needs one but doesn't trust her as Enzo complains about his haircut he did get...

10:55 BBT Enzo wants to getBrendon out next week and Lane says "next week is our last wee" and Lane continues "i want someone out of the brigade to win this"

Lane says "if I win HOH I'm calling everyone out" saying who he hates and why...as they joke how everyone's idiosyncrasies annoy them and use those reasons to put people up..

10:57 BBT They are back to working out...

In the Bathroom Rachel talking about her Sony Laptop as Ragan talks about his iPad and talks Macs are better than PCs because they don't get viruses and says becaus ehe has a mac he can't get HIV {lame joke}

Matt says PC are better for "nerdy people" who know how to use computers and Macs are better for casual users..

Audio is Kathy and Andrew talking about the week and peps Kathy to keep her head up and asks if she's gonna stay up "and party" or go to bed and she says she doesn't party but will stay up to do laundry..

11:02 BBT Back outside Enzo and Lane still talking about the benefits of keeping Kathy.."manipulate that bitch" Enzo says about keeping Kathy...and say he needs to rethink....Enzo "he's gone" and says he'll talk to Matty about the change... "it is what it is..he's going home" and Lane says they need to make "final 4" and says he doesn't want to be first in JH and says "i'd rather lose to Kathy than to Andrew" and Enzo "that's what I'm sayin"

11:04 BBT Seems Lane in deep thought as Enzo bench presses..

11:06 BBT Back in Bathroom Matt Brendon Rachel and Ragan talking about "wes Craven" and his movies....

Haydem Kristin and Brit still in HT talking..Brit where she's been...Kristin talking about skiing and Hayden says "skiing or boarding" its an "absolute blast" even in the lodge "sipping on hot chocolate" is fun...Brit has never done either..Hayden advises her "to take lessons" as Kristin regales them about her first time and nearly "choked myself" and Hayden talks about his Dad and sister on the "bunny hill" and "took out 8 people" into a "dogpile" their first time.."i'll never forget that..never" he fondly remembers...

11:12 BBT more bad ski stories in HT

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11:13 BBT

In the HT Hayden Brit and Kristen talking about where there were suppose to go but aren't because of BB..Hayden San Diego...Kristin Vegas and Brit..missed it..

11:15 BBT

Matt like "Twilight Zone" his favorite TV show..the old one as Rachel brings up "Goosebumps" as Ragan remembers the books were popular when the show came out...

Talking about movies...as Ragan "Tarantino..I really really adore him"....

Ragan says he "loved Fiona Apple" and like "Jagged little pill" when rach asks about Alanis Morrisette..and the gushes about Fiona.."she does music what she wants to do" and says "she is a writer"

Matt brings up "Radio Head" and their album they posted for free and asked "for Donations" rather than chardged fans {In Rainbows}

Ragan talking about singer "Poe"..."she is so good" as Ragan talks about creative control...

11:22 BBT Matt "music industry is so fucked on so many levels" and rants about it...

Outside Enzo is in the HT talking about Brendon/Andrew talking in his sleep really loudly...

Lane on the couch as kathy comes back outside...

11:24 BBT just general chit chatting...inside and out

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11:27 BBT

Enzo says "i'm jupping off" if BB does the Haves are the first out....

back in the bathroom its just Ragan and Rchel talking now she mouths something and ragan says "yes" as Brendon comes back..saying he's "tired"

ragan looking as Rchel tells him how many "circle things" there are "6"

Rachel whispering inaudibly since her mic his covered...

Ragan says "soooo bored"...and make camera noises...as Brendon says "the cabana rooms's the worst"

Matt tells the HT group he was talking Brendon rachel and Ragon "music" and "pop culter" as Enzo says "hmm interesting" like he doesn't believe him..

11:32 BBT Brit talks baout talking cold showers and how she did it...Brendon comes outside to talk

Inside Rachel and Ragan whisper talking about him brendon and Rachel need to stay together "as long as possible in the game" as Rach says "i'm really scared" there are "ver few people" in the game who can win...that wouldn't put them up.."I don't know why" and admits "i know why" and talks about having to win POV so the other can pull the other off...

Brendon comes back in....as Ragan and Rachel whisper as Ragan gives "my word" he wouldn't put thenm up....Ragan says they both will get nomiated if the other side wins and says "week 4 is big" and everyone knows it and the hard to hear whisper session ends when Enzo come in...

11:38 BBT Enzo fells like "i'm coming down with something"

11:39 BBT Matt trying to get the brigade up to HOH as Lane goes in...

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11:40 BBT

Matt says he asks BB where his remote was because its hard for "the brigade" to meet if they can't see "who's coming"

Matt says "hayden was worried ragan was gunning for him" and lane asks what he said and Matt says he told him "Hayden no" when he asked....and says he told him to put up "brendon and Rachel" to please everyone or do what's best for "himself"

11:43 BBT Lane says he would put up brendon and Rachel "straight up" and says "we tried the dancing around" but now its just time to get one of them out

lane says "it would be Hayden and Kristen" to go up if Brendon gets HOH Lane says as Matt say things get fucked up if Kristin "won veto" and Matt says then it "would probably be me" and Lane says it would be him "i don't trust em"

11:45 BBTMatt says Kristin says Andrew is going for "brendon & rachel"...Lane says if brit owin HOH and puts up Bren and Rach what will happen the week after if Andrew wins HOH....

Matt says its gonna be" 8-0" Kathy eviction when lane says people are talking about Andrew...Matt says "kathy is useless" and could use "as a pawn" ..the bad side "kath stays" she could be a vote for Bren and Rach but its one less person "gunning for them"

11:48 BBT

Matt goes out to look to see where the others are and says he told Hayden and will be there when he's done showering..

Matt asks "so you think we should keep Kathy" and Lane says he doesn't know...

Matt says "I'm totlly unopionated" about the vote...

11:51 BBT Kristin tells Kathy on the Hammock she will vote to keep her and goes on "i've never bee out to get them" about Brendon and Rachel.....

Back in HOH matt still trying to get a Brigade meeting together...heads to litchen where Enzo and Hayden are but ragan is parked there..

11:54 BBT Enzo farts "ohh that was a bad one too" Ragan says

Rachel in HOH eating candy...Hayden comes in and in bathroom lane tells Enzo about meeting..

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11:58 BBT

In the HOH the Brigade's meeting is being thwarted by Britney Rachel and Ragan have taken to snacking...Ragan says he came up with a "new" candy "Cerryieres"..Cherry flavored "a holes"

12:00 BBT

This meeting is now in doubt as Brendon has now joined the people in the HOH..everyone eating candy and talking..

12:03 BBT Kathy talking "rainbows" and "struggle" and her motherhood as Kristin tells her what a great mother persn she is...as Kathy talks about rachel "took it" her POV dress..and says she just "gave in" even though she was on the block...and quickly turns to "botox" and rachel's "superficial things" and gets self righteous "be who you are" and Kristin patronizes her what a loss it would be "without her" as Kathy throws Brendon and Rachel under that buss and want to get the "superficial" people out "and play the game"

12:07 BBT Kathy "i'll do anything to stay to win HOH one time".."to show them".."it doesn't work this way"...Kathy going on about Matt's noms...people who don't "deserve" to be here..and says "i don't understand what he ws thinking..and wasted his opportunity" to get Brit and Rachel...

12:09 BBT Kathy wonders if Matt wanted the Brendon and Rachel blow up and why he didn't finish it....Kathy whinning about Rach and Brens nammed pulled..

12:11 BBT IN the HOH the meeting has turned into a talk fest with everyone except Kathy and Kristin..


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12:13 BBT

Kathy talking about Brendon and rachel being "smart" "book smarts" but she has "street smarts"...and says "cut some of her heart out" so they could have happiness as Kristin calls them "phoney bullshit"

Kathy "you know" ...campaigning full steam..."you know" using her best weapon that she wants Brendon and Rachel out...

Now kathy says "i don't care" what people think of her...Kathy says she knew she would "have issues with the girls" "the cattiness" and all her friends aare "guys" and would struggle with because of her "normal beauty" saying "they sleep in their makeup" and gets all selfrighteous how she was instilled since birth.."you know"...FOTH...."be who you are"....and says "their self esteem is so low"

12:19 BBT Back in HOH Rachel talking about her insurance is "$279/month" for her "VW SUV" and says its because in Vegas it costs more..

Brigade is in the kitchen sans Matt as Enzo says "brendon's lucky" he won POV or he's be going home...Lane "what are we doing" Lane asks..."we are not sending home Kathy..there's no reason..she does my whites" and raags on Andrew "he wore spandex shorts" on TV...as nzo obsesses over Brendon.."we'r ethe Brigade" I want "websites: and "T shirts" anything "to make money"

12:23 BBT They are complaining the HOH is hijacked by the "blade runners" and Thinks Rachel "got in his head"

Enzo disgust fellow Brigader with his fart and says he needs to "apologize to America for my ass"

Hayden says "if Brendon or Rachel win HOH next week" and Enzo says he'll be "embarrassed"

12:25 BBT Hayden asks "what if the deputy wins next week" and Enzo "what the fuck show you watchin" and Hayden says "you're right" and they think "If Andrew wins he'll put up brendon and Rachel" and "worst case" Lane says he'll go after Brittney..

Hayden trying to Keep Andrew saying they need for him to compete against Brendon and Rachel

Hayden refering to Enzo's as "that thing" from yellowstone erupting every 30 minutes but Haydens brain cells couldn't remember the name old faithful...

12:29 BBT They ahve moved their meeting to the cabana room sans Matt..Enzo complaing "people forget quick in this house"

12:30 BBT Kathy and Kristen doing laundry

Enzo getting antsy wondering what's going on up there

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12:36 BBT

Things may have gooten tougher for the Brigade meeting..Kathy's campaign session is over with Kristin and already was looking for Hayden..and told him she's gonna change and be back in the cabana room..

Kathy feeding the fish stating she's 'not following the fish rules" by overfeeding them and none other than 1 have not died uder her new overfeeding policy..

Kathy leaves and the guys start whispering about everyone going after Brendon and Rachel..discussing possible noms from bren and Rachel as hayden says "i think is me and Kristin" and then Kristin plants it in the cabana room..

12:40 BBT Brendon comes in and asks Enzo if he's coming to bed soon and he says "no" "had a cup of tea..a shower..two of them yo" as Brendon parks it in the cabana room..

Enzo asks Brendon "you gonna sleep talk tonight" and asks "about game"

12:42 BBT Brendon goes to bed...In HOH Britney talking about who would put Brendon and Rachel up...as Matt says everyone will put him up minus Kathy..as Brit brings up a good point who you want to be with in the end to win...as Ragan says what would Andrew do as brit says "my chances are better " with Andrew gone.."for me" "to stay in the house" as Matt tries says is Kathy really the weaker because maybe Andrew coud help break Brendon and Rachel up..

Now they speculate what HOH will be and Kathy or Rachel would do good a a "mental" as Matt says Kathy has "zero confidence"

12:46 BBT Rgan chmes in when Brit asks "its interesting two alphas in house could be interesting" as Brit says "they could be one" as a week ago everyone was talking 'brendon and Andrew were align" but the BB house has "short term memory" calling a Brendon rachel Andrew alliance "unstoppable"

Matt saying "it such a difficult decision" as Ragan says "andrew does very well" and its "alphas going at one another" or "knock out a strong player" as Ragan sidesteps answering who to keep..and Ragan says He hoped people would give "respect" for fighters" to stay...

12:50 BBT Brit says "its week 3 and time for big important decisions"

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12:52 BBT

Brit says she's playing "for myself" and not necessarily against Brendon..

Ragan said he would like to see people make better pitches..

Brit says Kathy said "i voted for you friend...you're voting for me" as Brit lies says she told her she had to think about it as Brit {last night assured her of her vote]

Matt goes to ask a question about final thre and we get foth

12:55 BBT Matt doing his best to keep Andrew as he keeps bringing up he'll go after Bren and Rachel

brit calls him "brendon part dos" and says "without the luck"..Brit says "big brother 101" make those big decisive moves opportunity comme up "you do"

12:57 BBT Brit wonders if she will be put up as Matt says she wouldn't as he's heard "otherwise" from him

Brit asks ragan "your close to them" and Matt admits on a friendship level he's close to them...Brit says to "Rachel" and Matt says he has nothing personally against them...

talk about "whole house consensus"..Matt says people have been open and Matt says after POV leaning towards Kathy and has started "shifting the other way" but still is "leaning" to Kathy..

1:01 BBT Brit sensenes Matt reluctance to get rid of Andrew and she now is saying "i see the benefits" of keeping Andrew..and is saying "its up in the air"

talk about it getting crazy and difficulty and "such a mind twister"

1:03 BBT Matt says to talk to "Kristin" about Andrew..

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1:04 BBT

Brit wonders if kathy is as with Rachel and Brendon as people think she is...Brit says she heard "annoyance" from Brend and Rach question why she was up in HOH the whole week.

Talk how much Andre and Kathy do around the house..

1:06 BBT Brit asks Ragan "does a immense desire to be here" scare you as Ragan says Andrew's desire makes him the better person to keep as Ragan says he likes the players who wants to play...and says "its something to think about" calling choice "easy" or "honorable" and Ragan says if sould be "a unanamous vote" this week...

1:09 BBT In HOH Ragan Brit and Ragan discuss Andrew and Kathy..

1:10 BBT IN Cabana room Enzo being Enzo with Kristin, Lane and hayden..talking about getting "bashed" from "the bloggers" and talks who "will get bashed the most" Hayden wonders..

Talking about Roided out payers and Jesse BB11 and BB10 is their discussion...

1:13 BBT Enzo talking about russell as Lane says he would have hate to be on BB"with Russell" and says "i wouldn't have last long" as Enzo talks about Russell and Ronnie fight..

Enzo though "ronnie was gay because of the way that he talked" and hayden "gay?" and says he didn't think so..

1:15 BBT Kathy joins them

1:16 BBT Back in HOH more Rachel and Brendon obsession...as Matt says "America" likes them....Brit says they are.. lucky like "the nerd heard"......as Matt wonders if their season is as good as BB^ as Brit says do we have a Janelle and ragan and britney gush over their love of Janelle.."everyone loved Janelle"

1:18 BBT Matt "whoever wins HOH next week" will for sure be in the JH..and both say yes...

Brit "jury house is legit that determines your fate" and tells them to get "serious"

1:20 BBT hair product talk and Brit asks if Ragan could pass himself as straight and says BB asked him and Ragan says "absolutely not" and FOTH..

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1:26 BBT

the HOH meeting breaks up as Ragan and Brit are now getting ready for bed..

Matt walking around looking for the Brigade...Kathy and Kristen talking or whispering in the Cabana room about Andrew."he's smart" Kristin says..and "breaks my heart" Kathy says because "he wants everyone to be happy"

1:29 BBT Matt talks to the guys in the BR and Enzo says "we got fans" and if "we get rid of Kathy what kinda Brigade is this"..

Matt says they made some good points upstars as he whispers with Lane and Enzo...

Enzo farts as Enzosays "i've never smelled a gay fart before" as ragan comes in talks about Kathy Griffin...Enzo "loves her"

1:32 Ragan's appearance stops game talk and mentions DR and quick FOTH...

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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8:35 am BBT

Bren and Rach have been on the BY couches for about 45 minutes talking stragedy... Kris they don't trust but need to find out where her head is at. Brit, Rach trusts and has talked to but Bren is pushing for Rach to talk to her again and watch her body language. Bren is going to really push the issue that THEY have been HN for two weeks and how pissed he should be at the 'people not playing the game'. Talk about Andrew and they feel that he is loyal to them. Bren admits that everyone knows that Hayden and Kris have been hooking up... Bren is very snappy and Rach has told him that he is being mean.

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8:48 am BBT

Bren getting on Rach about attacking Matt at the meeting (does he not remember himself raising his voice saying YOU'VE been called out!)... more game talk and about Kath and her watching the game... Bren is really copping an attitude with Rach. Rach says, "well maybe I shouldn't be in the game! I suck at it!" Bren lowers his voice and tells her she doesn't suck at it.

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8:52 am BBT

BB just did wake up call for HG's and WHAM's "Jitterbug" (don't know the name of the song) came on and Rach screamed "Zoolander!"... WBRB

OK the song was that "Wake me up before you go-go"

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9:04BBT The other showmance Hayden and Kristen are talking about who they would put up WHEN they win HOH....Kristen is telling Hayden that Rach and Brit and new bff's...Hayden ask Kristen who would Andrew put up if he stays and she says Rach/Bren....and she doesnt think Kathy will stay....she says she loves Kathy, but they need to keep Andrew because he is better at comps.

9:08 BBT Hayden says he cant stand Bren and Kristen adds and Rach

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9:48 am BBT

Lane, Enzo and Hay sitting on the BY couches... Lane and Hay eating omlettes... Kath had told Lane not to tell anyone that Bren said that he is voting for Andrew to stay and so Lane tells Hay and Enzo... Enzo doesn't want Andrew to stay because he doesn't know'what that cat is about'... talking about backdooring... wanting to get rid of Bren and Rach (same song, different day).

9:50 am BBT

Bren comes out and asks Enzo if he wants to play pool... Enzo gets up and lets out a big windy-popper... they guys tell Enzo to take 'it' with him when he goes to play pool. Enzo asks Bren if he wants to play the champ. Bren says "Yeah, if I can beat the champ then that says something".

9:52 am BBT

Kris and Ragan sitting on the hammock talking about the fact that they miss rain. Ragan says that he is starting to notice more and more things. Kris says "Remembe I said a lot of things would come out this week" Kris is feeling bad because she feels like Kath really needs someone, as does Andrew, but tneither are approachable...

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10:30 BBT (all feeds)

Lane and Heyden in HOH alone. They are discussing putting up Matt if necessary, as in a replacement nom.

They're also pissed that Matt caused the remote to be withheld.

Matt and Ragan arrive in HOH and conversation changes to more of the same ol', same ol' on whom to send home.

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