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7/21 - Live Feed Updates


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9:01PM BBT: Ragain, Rachel, Brendan talking in storage room. Ragan is saying that Monet walked out of the house meeting looking like the victim, and Matt came out looking suspicious and with a cloud hanging over him. Ragan is working hard at keeping both sides happy with him. He says Matt never told him that he wanted Brendan/Rachel out because he knows Ragan is close with Brendan/Rachel. Ragan says he thinks Brenchel can make a deal with Matt, but not with Monet. He says Matt can be trusted with a deal. Ragan says it would also be better for them to keep someone in the house with a veil of suspicion over them (Matt), than to keep someone that everyone feels bad for at this point (Monet). Racheol says "I agree", but she keeps looking over at Brendan & giving him what appear to be meaningful looks, so she *may* be getting suspicious of Ragan (just my interpretation). Ragan is working *really* hard to keep Matt.

9:04PM BBT Ragan says he has a lot more respect for Britney now after the house meeting, that she seemed genuinely hurt. Ragan asks if he can talk to Matt first before they do, & that he would never try to make their decision for them, he made his pitch, that's it. He says Britney & himself are in a fucked place, because he's in a situation where two people that he genuinely cares about are going at it, that's not good for him. They break up & Ragan goes to look for Matt.

9:06PM BBT: Ragan find Matt on the hammock in the BY. Ragan says he feels like the only part where Matt was dishonest is that he acted like it was a complete blindside when he went up. Matt says again that he only asked once to be put up as a pawn, the rest of the time he just said "do what you need to do". Ragan says (rightly) that this is just semantics. Ragan goes over what he pitched to Brendan & Rachel, how the only person who came out of thast meeting "with a fucking halo on her head" was Monet.

9:12PM BBT: Monet is sitting at the DR table looking really pissy. Everyone except for Britney leaves, & Britney says "Well Monet, you put your trust in me, & I deliver results for you" and they laugh. "I'm tired of f-in workin so hard, so can you please just get the target off your back, okay?" More laughter. Britney says "I'm done for the week, I'm clocking out". Monet says she feels slapped in the face. Oh wait, Kathy's in the room too. Britney says she wants to get some more medicine, "whatever they gave me last night". Monet says she'll get roped into a DR session if she goes & asks for it, so they decide to go together. They go wait at the door & are eventually let in.

9:17PM BBT: Matt says he was biting his tongue, saying he really wanted to throw every single person on those couches under the bus besides Ragan, telling them that everyone else said they were after Brendon/Rachel too. He said he was feeling bad for Ragan when Ragan was standing up for him during the meeting. Apparently Britney has come out of this smelling like roses, both Ragan and Matt are totally cool with her & say they respect her a lot more. Ragan tells Matt he was the one to suggest calling the meeting because he felt like Matt was getting thrown under the bus with no chance to defend himself. Ragan: "You just have to stay. No matter what deal you have to make, you have to stay" (I think he's trying to forge something between Brendon/Rachel & Matt so that he doesn't have to straddle both sides so precariously- Ragan is fast becoming my favorite person in the house -PrincessPoohs) Matt says he doesn't think they're receptive to making any deals with him. Ragan says they did seem receptive.

9:21PM BBT Rachel & Brendan in the HOH, saying that there are other girls in this house that would come after them before Britney would. Rachel thinks that Britney's going to be on the other side of the house, but that she's going to be someone on the other side that's never going to come after "me and you". Brendon says "Okay, if you believe that" & Rachel says "Not onoly do I believe it, but I 100% guarantee it. She does not want our blood, & not only that, she doesn't want us to be broken up" (Where is she getting this from?! And why is Brendon not questioning her? -PrincessPoohs)

9:25PM BBT: Britney & Andrew are whispering in one of the bedrooms. Britney is telling him the bwhole story of what happened today. When she gets to the part about Rachel telling her that Matt volunteered himself to go up, Andrew says "I knew it" & Britney says "He knew that night in the yard" (the night of the pow-wow in the HOH room), and they talk about how Andrew had a feeling, and apparently he had told her that night "Be careful what you say to Matt" & Britney said she thought he was just being paranoid, but he was totally right. Britney says "How the hell did you know?!" and Andrew says "I just had a feeling". Now Britney is telling Andrew that the others (Rachel & Brendan etc.) want Matt out, that they've flipped. Andrew seems really surprised, & says he would be definitely happy with voting Matt out, but he doesn't want to do it if that's not what they want, becuase he doesn't want to make everyone mad. She assures him over & over that they now want Matt out. He says "Are you sure they're not just trying to make Matt look bad for later, but still get Monet out?" (bingo!) Britney says no, & syas Brendon said directly "You're going home" to Matt. She tells Andrew to ask them about it. Andrew and Britney hug, and say they're not going after eachother.

Matt & Rachel are talking in the HOH. He says he's up there because he wants to clear things up without people watching, so they don't feel like they're performing. Rachel basically admits to lying about having Hayden unclog the toilet. Matt says "The fact that you're calling me out for sneaky stuff- while being sneaky..." Matt is giving his same explanation that he gave during the meeting, saying he didn't want to have to vote against Monet. Matt says he's not a floater, that he's not necessarily going with the power, he's just going his own way. Rache says "Why would you go to Britney & Monet & say you're coming after me & Brendan?" Matt says "Let me tell you what happened: i like you & Brendon as people, we will be friends outside of the house... Basically, where I was biting my tongue downstairs during this whole fucking shindig, is that I could've looked at every single person in this house, & I've had a conversation with every single one of them about getting you out." He says R/B are a target for everyone. "Let's say it was Hayden & Kristen are dating" & Rachel says "Uh, Hayden & Kristen are dating!" he totally ignores that & goes on about how it's not personal, it's the fact that there's a couple in the house that people feel are a threat, not that it's specifically about Brendon & Rachel. He says he's speaking for every single person sitting on that couch, that they all have said that. Then Matt denies ever asking Britney to throw HOH. Rachel says there are always going to be alliances.

Rachel says "You played your hand too quickly". Rachel starts questioning why everyone is targeting her & Brendon, saying "because I won HOH & he won PoV? Is that the reason?" Matt says "No Rachel, you're smart- I mean, that's part of the reason- I mean, you're not two dating dumbasses, you're two dating people who are fucking strong competitors".

Matt is doing a good job of explaining himself, & saying he is the only one getting called out for thinking the way any smart person would. Rachel brings up the point again that "Do you understand that there are other couples in the house? And they're just as strong as me & Brendon?" She then names Hayden & Kristen specifically. Then she names Britney & Monet. Matt agrees, & says he's got his eye on them too. She even says that him & Ragan are in a couple.

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Rachel goes to pee & Matt looks up at one of the HOH cameras & gives us a thumbs up and A-okay sign.

Rachel comes out & says that her & Brendan are more focused on eachother than this game, so she doesn't know why everyone is afraid of them. Matt tries to break it down & tell her what everybody's thinking: "If you're in a pair, like Hayden & Kristen for example, but not a showmance, people have no problem if a pair is sitting in a hammock or a couch going up to them & hanging out, breaking it up & just engaging in conversation. When you're in a showmance" - Rachel interrupts & says "Relationship- we're a relationship"- Matt continues "You go into the Taj & shut the door, no one's going to go fucking near that door until you come out of it, same thing with the hammock, they're on the other side of the yard until you're out of the hammock; so it gives you the opportunity to - & maybe you're just talking about life, & futures & vacations- but maybe you're talking game. No one knows, because they're leaving you alone. If you're just a pair, people will break it up & talk & fuck around; but a couple..." So he suggests that her & Brendon not do that anymore, because "People *will* leave you alone, and if you think people are leaving you alone just because they're being nice, it's hurting you."

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10:18 BBT

In HOH Britney, Brendon and Rachel having a lovefest telling each other they are not after each other..They are also laughing that the BB producers are going overtime that their "house meeting" is the be-all end-all od season 12 so far..

Britney telling Bren and Rahel how respectful they are to everyone in the house...Rachel "i think your a genious at this game" as she sings Britney's praises that she's not a floater and a real BB player..

Rachel talking her get out the floaters......Brit agreeing and says she has "bigger targets" than Bren and Rach..

Rachel explans why she doesn't like Monet...10K didn't talk to her for 13 days...

Rachel is fine her and Brit will be opposite sides of the house...but "genuinely like you as a person" and Brit "so do I" and goes on about Brendon..

Rachel complimenting Britney in loops.....Brit reciprocating she's not going after them and likes them too.

Brendon says "get out the floaters" people who will "turn at a flip of the hat"

Rachel: Nobody bargained that they "like each other"

Rachel says she called out everything about Matt and his moves before they happened..Rachel bashing Matt and goes back to complimenting Britney...as Brit does it..

10:27 BBT In the bathroom Enzo Kristen Hayden Monet and Ragan talking about HG bowel movements...

Back in HOH they keep talking about who said to send who home...

Back in Bathroom Ragan says "tonight I get live feeds" because they think their "house meeting" was "crazy' "nuts"...

10:31 BBT Monet heads upstairs to HOH...

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10:31 BBT

Rachel still complimenting how Brit and Ragan "know the game" and loves they know so much...

"How are you feeling Monet" Brit finally asks..and starts in about Matt and how much she trusted him..calling it "a shock" and says "I feel like a complete fool"....as she bashes Matt for giving her shit about not wanting her to leave and says "i feel stupid" and said she told HG she didn't want campain against him...

10:35 BBT Rachel says "i can't belive he was so stupid to not plan his moves" about Matt and brags again she called it..Brit: "i want to make a puublic apology" for all her crying

Brendon being Mr Positive..about their behavior..saying its caused by being cut off from food..blah blah blah

10:37 BBT Rachel says Matt didn't count on "me and Britney Talking"...as they talk about Matt's behavior after POV...Monet:"i feel completely blindsided" and says if he could do that what "is he capable of" {no doubt to instill fear in Brendon and Rachel about Matt}

10:40 BBT talking about Pairs and they are not the only ones...{yet they are oblivious to the one contolling the house]

10:41 BBT in the hot tub talking about the "house meeting" happened and they got it out...Ragan says he had so much adrenaline when he was called out..Kristin Hayden Lane and Enzo there also..

Back in HOH Rachel going on about people who play only deserve to be there..Monet leaves.....Brendon and Rachel alone in HOH and Rach says "me and you look good" to everyone in the house...and goes on about her convo earlier with Matt.Brendon says "he fucked up"...

10:45 BBT Rach tells Brendon that both Matt and Brit tld her people don't like to come to them..as Rach says Matt and Monet are coming up think they have the power who stays.....Brendon comment about her nipples are exposed during all her talks and she giggle snorts and says she'll wear full coverage tops..

brendon "at this point I don't care who goes home"...Rachel says Brit and Monet are more dangerous but has "compassion' because they are like them and will not come after them anytime soon..Bren I control two votes.."me and Andrew"....Rachel doesn't know about flipping she has to think about it...and repeat Brit and Monet deserve to play and says they won't come after us..

Brendon asks who's the bigger threat and Rach says it Monet but says if they want to keep good players keep her or if they want to just get them further than vote her out and Rachel says she doesn't want a season where people like "jordan" make it to the end and Brendon says at some point they need to get rid of Kathy..

10:53 Rachel talking about keeping Monet completely unaware they have absoultely no chance Matt will leave..

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10:54 BBT

Brendon says they should give it a day and see.. Rachel thinks people think she has all this power when she says she didn't...

Brendon talking "efficeny ratio" as who has the biggest target....They turn to why are they the dangerous couple when there are other couples...

10:57 BBT Rach says ragan told her that everyone thinks her and Bren unless they are broken up they will go all the way...

In the kitchen Hayden is cooking pizza and Lane tells him to cook more because people will eat more..Lane is happy BB gave him the grren light before "i touched it" and FOTH...and says "i can't say" "sorry guys" hayden says...

Hayden says he's "pumped..to go to Ft Worth with you" and Lanes says "you'll have a blast"....and says they would like everyone to Go and Hayden says even "annie" but think Brendon has school ..Matt "has a wife" ... "brit has a fiance" as hayden and Lane seem to know common people and Hayden kows other in the area..Lane says "that would be one bad ass blast" Lane asks "does Kristin have a boy friend" and Hayden says "yes" and Lane thinks its funny she's never "talked" about it..

11:05 BBT Ragan comes in and says he'll go and will do anything "cast related"..Ragan says he's done drinking even though there is still a anothe bottle of wine...Talking about how well they'll sleep..

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11:08 BBT

hayden Lane Talking about the meeting as Lane says he has no problem to talk in the open since he doesn't have anything to hide..

Ragan talking about "america's Player" {I think they meany favorite juror} and says either Lane of Enzo will get it...even though Lane thinks Ragan could get it...

11:10 BBT The kitchen crowd is growing with Andrew and Brendon joining the guys..Lane wonders "all that beer was congratulating us" as Brendon says BB wants to keep everyone up..Lane "ahhhh"

at the hot tub and very inebriated Matt is saying he deserves the wine because "i had a firing " squad at him...

Enzo "i wanna se Matt's drunken DR session"..Enzo "why is there so much liquor tonight"..Enzo upset he couldn't enjoy it...

11:16 BBT Brit and Matt talking at the hot tub..while Lane Enzo and Hayden talking about food comp..and how Brit was taped wrong..they talk about the food comp...Enzo "bitch has it bad" about Brit being on slop and being taped up for an ho=ur for nothing...Brit says "monet has it worse"

A lot of drunk people and Enzo talking over each other at the HT...Brendon come out and joins them talking about the food comp..Matt holding his stomach like he's feeling sick...as he drinking wine from the bottle and someone says put it in a bag and drink "it like a bum"..Matt and his wine go in the house as Monet joins the HT crew..

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11:22 BBT Matt heads to the bathroom holding his stomach..{ i think to blow chunks}

Andrew is walking around "hey" he says to Matt and Matt says "hey" as he stubles to his bed and passes out face down...Camera shows him in bed and then the empty wine bottle...{nice camera work}

11:24 BBT Everyone outside sans Matt..even Andrew..just general chit chat...the convo keeps going back to the food comp tape job..

11:28...One camera on Matt passed out..

Kathy is laying down on the hammock like a slug...

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11:30 Despite all the booze not too much is happening..

Hayden working on his pizza in the kitchen....Ragan strolls in..."i'm not drunk...I'm vactioning by a place called drunk"..Hayden realizes Matt is passed out and Bri and him pull off his sandals...They head back in the kitchen laughing..Brit "where did he put the bottle" Brit wonders...

11:33 BBT Hayden says "next week I'm gonna have to be on slop" as Brit thinks another HN will be on slop as Hayden says "i'll put myself on slop" before that happens..

Brit and Hayden talking Food comp while Hayden works n his pizza...Lane comes in and man handles Brit and looks like she's not enjoying it too much...and says why he feels like choking people all the time..Hayden "aww you sucker' as he burns his finger as Brit "that's what you say"..

11:38 BBT Hayden cooked the pizza with the cardboard on the bottom..as Lane dives in to eat...Brit jokes call Lane a douche and asks.. Monet if he is and she says "sometimes" as Lane puts Ranch dressing on his pizza {disgusting}

11;40 BBT

Outside Brendon and Andrew talking about "breaking out" and says they could go through "the emergency exits" Hayden stuffing his face while enzo is being mostly quiet..

Kathy tals about an inmate breaking out of jail and coming back undetected through the ceiling..he got caught because "he was so wasted"...he was doing it on consistent basis..and came back..every night...

11:43 Kathy talking about her work...talking about people locked up and get really inventive like using crayons for tatoos.."they're very creative"

11:46 BBT Stockade talk..they want BB to do it "tomorrow morning"

Back in kitchen HOH talk as Rachel joins the pizza party..

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11:51 BBT

Outside Andrew says 2 days unti they see JC...Enzo really quiet tonight....Brendon straightening up outside before heading in...Enzo cold as everyone has gone in...

11:54 BBT Brit being pretty obnoxious asking everyone "where's the popcorn seed" fun of Lane calling it that rather than Kernels...

Upstairs in HOH Rachel is by herself... changing and putting on makeup...heads back downstairs...

11:57 BBT Enzo got walked in on because he doesn't answer his knock..Brit asks Rachel if she's going on a date because she's changed and put on make up...she's looking for Bren he sees her "what the" ..as she says she has a "date with the " DR..

Brendon wondering why she's all dressed up...."of course you look very pretty".."am I missing somethin" I thought "we were going to bed" and Rach says "lets go to bed" and Kathy says "i wanna take a shower" up in HOH..

12:03 BBT In HOH Rachel asks "why are you so wierded out" and says she wants to "look pretty"...as Rach cals him "paranoid" and jokes "i'm cheating on you with the DR guy".......and says "i'm just very confuses still" as Kathy joins them in the HOH...

12:06 Monet and Brit whispering in the bathroom...as Monet asks if she should check in with Bren and Rach and remind them she isn't going to put him and her up.....Brit leaves and says she's going to bed...

In HOH Kathy Brendon and Rachel in the bed talking about the vote..and asks Kathy what she thinks...she says she doesn't know what they said......Rach says it was all "bull shit" as Kathy thinks it was "planned" but confesses she has no idea what's going on...

12:10 BBT IN the kitchen Enzo and Hayden whispering about the house doesn't know about the Brigade...as they do dishes..

Seems like everyone is in bed..Ragan talking about the meeting with Lane.."a lot of truth was said" as Lane says when he's HOH it will seem like he's not because "i don't hold power over anyone"

12:14 BBT Kristen and Hayden on hammock as he told her I did all the dishes save her two slices of pizza...I think "monet is still going home" and Kriten "i know it" and Hayden says he suprised Brendon is voting Monet out...and Kristen says she talked him into believe Monet is the biggest threat..A drunk Kristen falls off the hammock and hayden laughs..."i'm not that drunk...no titties are coming out" as Kristin tries to get back on the Hammock as she nearly flips off backwards..hayden "oh my God that girl is drunk"

12:19 BBT Enzo says "i'm bored" looking for someone to talk to...Lane gets up and Hayden joins them in the Bathroom

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12:20 BBT

In the bathrron Lane Hayden and Enzo talking...worried about Matt getting thrown under the bus and even though it was bad Matt came out looking good..

Enzo says Britney tried today to help Monet...Lane trying to figure out where Kristin was going to vote for Monet..

hayden says Matt has a good reason to put up Brendon and Rachel...and says Britney "hates them" and if Brit gets HOH they won't get put up Lane says "we don't need to win HOH for the next three weeks"

12:25 BBT The Brigade minus Matt talking...saying they "love the DRs" Enzo recting what he says in his DRs about the Brigade...

Upstairs Kathy Brendon and Rachel talking...talking about hoe Brendon came to her aid..Rachel "we're the eay tagets ..because we're soooo happy"

12:29 BBT Inside the bathroom the guys are laughing..making fun of Kathy....not being called to DR "for 5 days"

Now they are talking about Britney..as Lane says he's going to bed..Enzo says he can't sleep..Lane heads back in saying they will be indooor LD "for hours" saying it wil be a good HOH comp..uses the bathrrom and says "do you think they will do the bell ringing tonight"..Enzo says yeas..Lane says the other night "it was 2 o'clock"

Enzo says Rachel talking about wanting competitors and "your best friend is Kathy" Enzo talking who needs to win HOH

"so many tagets" Enzo says...

12:37 BBT Upstairs they are talking about Matt and didn't want to come to the have not sleepover...and kathy jsut blabbering on with "you know" 3 -4 times in a sentence....

Kristen warned to not sleep outside on BR

12:41 hayden getting ready for bed..

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12:42 BBT Kristin staggers in with some pizza and water into the caban room with Hayden asking "are we good" and "how buzzed are you" as Kristin is more interested what's going on in the walls....Hayden "oh boy"...as he's trying to get info.."you feeling pretty good" and tells her "brush your teeth" after she finishes her pizza and says "i'll see you in bed"

12:45 BBT Kristin Staggers her way to the BR Kathy comes in..."ya finally wake up" "did you her em paging you"..Kristin in the stall doesn't answer..

Kathy leaves..Kristin staggers to the Kitchen and cleans up the dishes and bites another piece of pizza..and wraps the leftover in foil and proceeds to brush her teeth

Upstairs Brendon and Rachel professing their BFF status while smooching and yawning...

12:53 BBT Kathy walking around the kitchen drinking milk...before heading back to the HOH "sorry I'm back"

12:55 Kristin and Hayden whispering in bed..talking about BB warning about sleeping outside the BR...Kristen saying "left me" deserted me" outside...Kristen: "whatever" hayden says she'll sleep good tonight she says no because "i'm in pain right now"...then kiss...

Hayden: "that was pretty awesome" {not sure what he meant since I can't see her hands} ...Kriste "we'll have to send each other smoke signals throughout the day"..more kissing..

1:00 BBT In HOH kissing a lot less discreet...

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1:04 BBT

We'll you have a choice between the Hayden and Kriten show on one camera or the Brendon and Rachel show on the other..take you pick...

Kristen tells hayden though "this is the drunkest you'll ever see me"

{looks like its an early night unless they get called to the stocks so I'm out for the night}

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4:27 AM BBT

Kristen and Hayden asleep. She stirs, wakes up, brushes her hands through his hair, ties her bikini top back on and rolls over and tries to go back to sleep. She gets up, goes to WC gets a drink and goes back to bed.

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7:55 am BBT

Rachel is in the stockades, Brenden is out with her and is doing laundry.

B: I'm going to wash this others tuff

R: Thanks Brenden

R: you're welcome... I'll make you some coffee , I'll have tea

R: I'll have tea

B: are you sure

R: yeah.... thanks Brenden

B: I'm washing the stuff on cold just in case

R: Is it just the pink track suit and stuff

B: Yeah

R: Well lest just face it it I don't take care of it very well... man this ant is doing some serious business here

B: you want green tea or regular tea

R: what are you having

B: Green tea

R: OK I'll have green tea


Brenden goes inside to make tea, Rachel squeals...

Rachel doing stretching in the stockades...

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8:26 am BBT

R and B: have been in the BY discussing movies, Disney, Walt Disney being frozen, favorite animated movies (R - Lion King B - Roger Rabbit), What if any plans R has about what to do and who to get out R states she just went to sleep and hasn't thought of it, talk turns to what R's parents do, they own a furnitur company in Japan and are branching out... we get WBRB

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9:54 am BBT

(Gag) R & B: having a serious make out session right now...

B: One day when we get some alone town

R: yeah we can do a puzzle

both giggle

B: Yeah????

R: Yeah really bad (I don't even want to know)

B: That makes two of us.... does that excite you?

R: Yeah (laugh)

B: is that a nice little extra bonus for you

R: Yeah

B: did it catch you off guard

R: I don't know what its doing

(missed the rest... phone call)

9:59 am BBT

Kathy just came in AGAIN and pulled off a major CB!

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