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7/14 - Live Feed Updates


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  • 3 weeks later...

8:45 pm BBT: Kathy comes out and tells them all that the liquor has arrived. She says they need some help because "they" told her there was a lot of it. They're all like... Oooh boy, they want us to give them some drama tonight don't they?

8:50 pm BBT: Annie makes yet another plea to Andrew to keep her. Andrew tells her he's more worried about her than he is Rachel. He also says that it's up to Hayden and she says she wants people to go to Hayden and tell him they want her to stay over Rachel.

10:19 pm BBT: Apparently Annie has told the girls that she has a secret about Brendon so Britney, Kathy and Monet plan on getting Annie to tell them the secret and then vote her out anyways.

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10:20 BBT In the kitchen Monet has told Britney they have one day to go on a fact finding mission about what Annie know about Brendon's "real" job and they need to get this info for next week to use against him...They plan to vote her out after they get the info..

Kathy tried to say Annie may be making it up but falls make in line when Brit and Monet think Annie was telling the truth ..

10:23 BBT "you're a fucking Hillbilly" a drunk Annie tells Lane as they go back and forth over whether she drinks beer tonigh. the oh so classy Lane tells her "i'm gonna hump ya tonight" and makes Annie spit her drink out laughing and asks her "are you throwin up?"

Annie now is going back into campaign mode..Annie says she'll do anything even "throw the HOH"...and Lane goes on about everyone think she is "the steongest woman here" and Annie "what about Kristin" and goes back to she'll "appease' everyone to stay..Lane "I think you'd be perfect for me" Lane says and she says "you need to tell Hayden that"

10:27 BBT Monet joins them outside and offers some of her nasty looking cookies..Brit comes over to sit with Lane and Annie as Britney starts talking about sleeping all day with her...

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10:30 BBT

Britney talking to Annie when Annie asks her if she wants to lay in the hammoch but Britney declines saying she wants to watch the pool game going on...a little Brendon bashing though..

Now Sabotuer talk. Brit thought he/she would make an appearerance today for tomorrow's show...Monet comes over and tell Annie "we'll stay up late" to talk

All the guys are playing pool and are loud probably from the alcohol....as monet Brit and Annie talk about their caloric intake...

10:34 BBT Kristin and Rachel giggling on the couch about the saboteur...."my boyfriend looks like Brendon" Kristin tells Rachel.."they're both hot..let's be honest here" Rachel says as they giggle . Ragan comes over and Rachel gets up for another beer and offers Kristin one but says she's good for now...

10:37 BBT Monet Annie and Brit are now talking about their hair.....Annie may go 'back blonde" if she stays..as they discuss hair color...as Kathy has joined the convo...

10:39 BBT Back at the the couch Kristin Ragan and Rachel were talking about "getting caught up in all the drama" say they like but missed the convo when BBad went to commercial and missed the feed..

10:41 BBT Alright rach and Kristen are talking about getting the only hour to pack coming to BB as they discuss what shoes they brought...

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10:44 BBT

Ragab has joined Kathy Monet , Brit and now mostly small talk about what they are wearing Thursday.. Taking about being on LD and get BB warning about production...

Annie has returned with beer in hand..Annie "i can't wait for my speech" she plans to tell the house what Brendon told her because her "backstabbed " her.....Monet "i wanna know" she asks....as Monet tries to guess what his "real job" is...Annie bitterly avoids answering the questions...

Annie gets up "to get another beer" Annie returns as the group just engaged in small talk...as Monet keeps asking about brendon's job.. but Ragan mic drowns out the convo, Annie saying she'll fight till the end..Ragan's loud mic drowns them out..

10:51 BBt they turned it down as Annie tells Monet "he's coming after you next' as Monet asks why and says "i promise you I'm not lying..Monet saying she "got lucky" at POv and Annie "i know he need and I got shit on a stick"

Monet tells her "my votes not decided as they get up to go to the hammock to talk..

10:53 BBT Annie saying her staying depends on Hayden and Bren isn't going after hayden as Annie says she never had an alliance but he "backstapped me as a friend" and Annie is bitter becaus eshe consoled him when he was nominates and when she got nominates he said "just have fun" your last days here..

Annie bitter becaus ehe chose "fake boobs", "fake hair" over her and is throwing the game away and goes into throwing HOH..."vote anyway they want"....Monet says if Brendon wins HOH he will put her up because of the 10k and she says "its a cop out" and "keeps his hands clean"

"britney can stay as long as she want" Annie says as she campaigns amile a minute

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10:58 BBT

Annie warning Monet that Rach and Bren will be the deadly duo if they leave them in the game...Monet agrees about Rachel being the provacateur and then playing the victim and says "her game is to play the dumb innocent Rachel card..and she's not fooling me"

They are now talking about Kristin and says "she's hard to read" and Monets says she tries to play the "tom boy" but still "hot" and Monet calling Brendon "cocky" and a "sore loser"...

11:01 BBt Annie going on about never having an alliance but were "best friends" in the house and Monet asks "does he know about Jen" and Annie 'no he doesn't" and says she didn't say anything because of "game play" and guys get wierded out..but now "its a game" so some parts needed to be kept to herself even though she's "poured her soul"

Monet says "yes when Annie asks "do I have a chance"

11:04 BBT Annie goes on about giving Brendon "more power" by keeping Rach...Annie says "brendon thinks he has this game in the bag"....."hayden is scared to death of him" Annie has thrown out for the millionth time...."throw the HOH"......"to prove myself"

Monet "don't you think he's worried about telling what you know" asks Annie...."of course" she says...as she goes back to her "i don't give a fuck about that guy" spiel...

11:07 BBT "how much as his lied' Monet asks and she says "about his occupation" but doesn't elaborate...

11;10 BBT Monet trying to justify her 10K and Bren is a "complete fool" for targeting her because she's a "strong player"....and says he's "a moron' to target her "for the money"

Annie Brendon bashing..

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11:11 BBT Now Annie is asking "have you ever seen them kiss" becaus both are wondering if Rach and Bren are "life long" friends...and the "showmance" is a ruse..

Annie says she feels "so much better letting it out" {gezz she should be on cloud nine she's been letting it out non stop for 3 days]

11:13 BBT Annie is looping her convo better than the feeds..pretty much repeating everything she's already said...

Annie: 'I will kiss ass with everyone' if she makes it out of this week...Monet now tells her she "owes Hayden something" because he didn't put her up...and "do what he want" but the othe rpart says "this is a game" and do what "befits me the most"

11:17 BBT Annie going on about never being in an alliance Annie "i learned my lesson" as she goes on about Haydon and goes into her pesperation talk of throwing HOH.....and warns about Brendon....again..

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Annie now saying no one will talk to her .."everyone is ignoring me"...ther'e "no way to describe it...Monet says she knows how she feels because "i thought I was going up"

Annie "they are voting" to Keep Rachel "because its easy" Annie says and Monet doesn't really agree...

Now Annie going into her weakling mode and how she can be used...Monet: "i want to know what his job is" Annie says "I can't wait to tel you" and says she's right about being deep down nerdy and just tries to come off cool..

11:24 BBT Monet: "i might be on to him" "a nerd a heart" wanting people to see he's "the jock guy"...Monet guesses 'something along the medical field"...Annie says "maybe"...and says "i'll tell you later" and says "he's way smarter" than he leads on and says rachel is smater than she leads on.....

Annie says he's confided in Rachel what he is when Monet asks...

11:27 BBT Annie "i don't know what else I can do"....and repeats about Bren..Monet asks "does his job require him to perform surgeries" Monet asks and Annie says "it could" and goes on about wanting "to send that asshole home"

11:30 BBT Annie says when she goes to hayden about brendon it means nothing...Monet tries to escape Anies clutches with the old standard "i have to pee"....but annie gets the "im isolated" speech before she leaves.....Annie to herself "please dear Lord" as Enzo come out the pizza ready and saying "hey neddle dick the pizza's ready" not know who or what he's talking about...

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11:34 BBT Well Rach on the couch annouced they got "24 beers' tonigh and even with that amount {not much excitement going on}

Enzo talking about the nice weather with Kathy, Lane, Kristin, Hayden, Brendon, brit , Monet and Rachel on the outdoor couch...

11:36 shopping talk with the girls as the guys look bored..Brendon asks about Lane playing college football....

Inside Matt cutting up the Pizza while talking to Annie as they talk about Matt's famaily...Ragan tells them goodnight as he heads to bed in the have not room...11:41 BBt "i'm so tired of this cot" ragan says to himself as he prepares for bed in his dilapidated chaise..

11:43 BBT Monet, Rach and Brit have come inside to eat Pizza with Matt..Enzo comes in and says he'ss be a have nottie if he wins but then says "every other day"

Rachel talking about munchies as Matt jokes "you are so pregnant"

11:46 BBT Andre changing in the Taj room..."what is that beeping" "what the hell is that beeping" can't sleep until someone "gets rid of that beep' ..."its not a joke" all this to himself...

Back in the kitchen the Pizza party has Lane now as they discuss how much food they eat...

Enzo says he'as about to 'hit the "hot tub' and goes out there.. Monet heads up to HOH

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11:49 BBT Monet heads upstirs to talk to Brit and says she got what she wanted but needs to make sure she doesn't say anything or the info will be useless to them.."what is he" brit asks and Monet doesn't answer and goes over what Annie told her...

Monet says she asked if he's something "in the science field"..and Monet said she guesed "medical field" and she told her "maybe" and Monet says "i think I figuered it out' when she asked about "perform surgeries" and says "that's all i got" and Monet has says "he's some type of a doctor"

Brit asks if they are a pair and Monet says Annnie may have thought that...and finishes her recap..."brit: "they're the pair Monet" about Annie and Bren....that's why she knows so much about him...."why else would it be so bad" ....Monet says she asked why he would tell her that..and Brit says "why would he tell her that" if they weren't a pair..

"he's a smart guy...he's gotta go next week" Monet declares...

11;56 BBt "brendon will go as soon as possible" brit says "but what do we do right now'...Monets says "i don't know." but says "annie must go" and Brit says "she's gotta go' and

11:57 Monet still hoping she doesn't say nothing...but says Annie's speech will discredit Bren and make him the biggest target "next week"

11:58 BBT They think Kristen will get hayden out but Monet thinks correctly and says she is type of person 'to get one of us out' and say they need "hayden on our side"

Brit says they have Kathy ,Lane Enzo, Monet and Brit but need Hayden to complete their group..Brit "i have no intentions of going after Hayden" and Monets agrees...

12:00 BBT Now they are planning next weekbackdooring Brendon...and Brit says Kristin will throw the HOHs and will float..

12:01 Feeds are starting to get screwy... as Brit decides who to put up...they are thinking Andrew and Rachel....and hope they control POV and agree "they can't put Brendon up" because he will fight too hard for POV...Now Brit says if Brendon wins POV and pulls Rachel off then they will put up Kristen and Andrew goes home.."the key here is winning HOH" and Monet says she thinks it will be a mental comp..."there is zero room for error in this plan"

12:05 BBT In HOH brit and Monet doing their strategy session

12:07 BBT Brendon talking to Matt about Annie and Matt says Annie is "grasping at straws" to stay...Brendoan says he didn't want her to go but she overextended herself...as Brendon says he was hurt when everything came back to him...and Bren says he told her to go out with dignity...and talks about Annie telling him she doesn't want to talk him and made him feel shitty for something he had no control over it.

matt says he suprised no one has tried to make an alliance with him...bren says "i don't know give it a couple o' days"

12:10 BBT Brendon says she just wants to play the best he can and if he goes he goes and Matt says he seems like a genuine guys and warns he needs to prepare himself to go the end without her..Matt sounds drunk......and whispers about britney and Monet and Enzo and Matt says Enzo is "the male Annie" as Bren asks if the rest of the house sees him as that..

Matt says he loves him and Rach and Ragan and gals he had the have not bonding time with them..Rach comes in....

12:14 Drunk Matt keeps talking

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12:16 BBT

Annie has Kathy in her clutches....going on about being "isolated"..Kathy yawning..."people are scared to talk to me because they're afraid they'll have a target on their back" { umm no people are just tired of hearing you talk}

12:18 BBT Annie leaves as Kathy has the most disgusted look as she heads to the hot tub where hayden asks if she like "wierd guys" but Kathy says she likes "bad guys' as Kristen agrees but Kathy says "not to keep around though"...Kathy "my head is spinning again..I'm trying to keep her calm..I don't want her to go off...I'll be glad when Thursday comes" she says about Annie..

12;21 Talk about HOH and hayden says he 's not playing but wishes he could...

In HOH Lane is in there with Brit and Monet now..My feeds is looping on the HOH room..

12:23 BBT In bathroom Bren and Rach joking around as rach says she doesn't drink smoke and just listens to Jesus as Bren says he's going to bed and goes outsdie to say goodnight...says he likes getting up saying "i'm a morning person"

Annie has Matt in her clutches in the Kitchen as the cameras follow Brendon and Rachel to bed.....They go in Taj rrom as Andrew tells them about the "beeping" and Rach said she "heard it today" and ask if Andrew enjoyed "libations"...Rachel asks if he's sleeping with Monet and Bren says he didn't kmnow but after Thursday she'll sleep there..as Rach heads into the have not room as Brendon hears the beep....

12;30 Back in HOH lane Monet and Brit sitting around .."i don't know" monet says.."what do you think Lane" brit asks and says "everythings good" about HOH "worst case scenario" Brendon or Andrew.."we do have strength in numbers" Brit says and wonders who he would put up.."monet' Lane says and Brit says she could see him going back on Hayden's prmise and putting up hayden...

12:33 BBT Brit home Annie's speech "blows him to pieces' about Bren....Monet says "its gonna be big"


12:34 Lane says he never says he can't stand crying if its for a purpose...Monet says she would cry if she got nominates but says she has a a lot of numbers to stay..Lane says they have the numbers....and Brit says we can't let them get HOH..Lane says "the numbers are stacked against them"

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12:38 BBT

Monet says she believes Annie about Bren but Lane says how strong can he be agains the whole house..as Lane gets up to play with the.. Laso....

Rach and Bren don whispering under the covers...and probably a little more....."my parents watch this" Rachel says..as they continue..with Andrew in the bed across the room....

12:43 BBT Not much going on..Monet Brit and Lane staregizing upstairs in HOH but mostly about getting Brendon out

and Rachel "we should not be doing thi" under the blanets with Brendon...

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12:52 BBT

Brendon to Rach "you make me smile" as they kiss in bed and Rachmade sure to say on the cam that nothing happened...

Bren tells her "i'll protect you"

12:53 BBT On the other feeds upstairs Lane, Monet and Brit watching the spyscreen "is everyone outside?" Lane asks and asks if they are staying up there waiting for hayden and says they wre just talking..Lane leaves...Brit "lane so wants Annie to stay" as they try to put the pieces together about Brendon and rachel.....Brit "she so good at being a Vegas whorebag slut face" about Rachel and hiding what she really does with her Chenm degree...Brit says "i wish I knew everything" and Monet wishes Annie told her and both agree brendon has "to go"

they leave HOH to prepare for bed...enetr the bathroom where Enzo is in the shower..


{I'm out early tonight.. really tired be back tomorrow}

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8:49 am BBT

The barnyard animals are eating (I have NEVER heard such a racket!)

Bren, Matt and Regan are in the BY... They are hoping for a drama free day. Matt is saying that his shirt is a GAP shirt, and it looks like the hot dog shirts... Matt says someone took his 'hotdog' shorts... Talk about Annie petitioning for votes...

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8:52 am BBT

Rach getting dressed in the shower, Kathy ADL's....

Regan saying that people are going to go with the numbers in the house though there are people that would like the house to flip. Regan says he admires the fact that she is fighting for a chance to stay. Bren says that he is not going to NOT vote to get someone that he cares about to get out of the house.... Bren says that he had a crazy dream last night about the show. They believe the SAB is going to come today.

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9:56 am BBT

Majority of HG in BY stretching to get ready to work out. Bren makes comment to Rach that she says "I love Vegas" a lot and that somewhere there is a meter that is going *ding ding ding* everytime she says that or alcohol.

Talk about Baby Einstein and the comparison of watch vs non-watch and the intelligence. Bren says that the ones that watch are less smart. More talk of 'kids shows'. Bren thinks that it is a way for parents to 'babysit' their kids while they do yoga. Brit says "Baby Einstein parents aren't bad parents" and "When do you just look up statistics" Bren says he gets his info from Yahoo....

(I can only update occasionally... have to work)

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10:00BBT Workout time, talk about Baby Einstein and Rosetta Stone

More talk: doing the splits (Rachel can do them, Brendon says he will be able to by the end of summer), old time computers and playing Oregon Trail, school years and.... FOTH

10:15ishBBT: Toddlers in Tiaras Reenactments. How to hold their arms--cupcake arms and pizzas hands!!

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Cameras staying on Annie today. Annie in the kitchen with the girls, Annie in the hammock with Lane: explaining why Andrew doesn't use the same silverware as the rest of them do. Annie in the pool with Matt: general chit chat. (if anyone else is left in the house I haven't seen them in the past half hour.)

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Noon BBT: Indoor LD called, they think for awhile due to HOH compatition tomorrow. HG come inside and hit the kitchen for food. Nap time.........FOTH at 12:30BBT

12:37BBT: feeds back and talk of Sabetour. HG decide to just keep playing the game,keep their eyes out and never leave another HG alone.

(someone else take over please)

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There was definitely an appearance of the SAB. Something now about cutting down the odds to now they know it's only 1 in 11 of them, so I'm guessing the SAB was speaking of those on the Block not being the SAB.

12:52 BBT Confirmed by Hayden that the SAB said that "they had ESCAPED the Block this week"

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1:18 BBT Ragan, Rachel, and Brenndon considering forming an allicance called "The Nerd Herd" in conversation sounds like just a maybe that it will happen ? (Wish I could type faster to catch word for word, please bear with Me.)

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