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7/8 - Live Feed Updates


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BBT 10:05pm

Backyard couch: Monet caught the inside group talking about sticking to the plan but the cameras gave her away with the loudness. That she doesn't know if the plan is to backdoor her or to get Brendon out.Monet and Kathy discussing how some houseguests think they'll be famous. Monet mentions not trusting Annie and how she will go with whomever.

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10:15 BBT

Andrew catches Enzo in the bathroom. Andrew thinks everyone is talking about him every time he walks into the room. Enzo says if he wins the POV, he'll keep the noms the same b/c why change them. Andrew is worried about next week (b/c he's save this week) and says that if everyone thinks he's the SAB, then he'll be nominated. Enzo asks Andrew if he's the SAB and he says no. Enzo wonders if BB is the SAB.

Andrew tells him that he has no one and Enzo asks if Brendon has Andrew's back. He says yes, b/c Brendon needs someone but he's by himself. Andrew is trying to save himself for next week. He says Brendon only talks to him, which makes Andrew a target. Enzo says if Andrew comes to him with something (like a deal) and it's good, Enzo will listen.

The boys discuss if Kathy is the SAB b/c she's done poorly in both competitions. Enzo keeps asking Andrew if he's the SAB and he keeps denying it.

Kathy called to DR.

10:20 BBT

Andrew wants Enzo to tell him what everyone was talking about when Andrew enters a room. Enzo says he (Enzo) is drunk and doesn't know. Andrew says he knows Enzo is smart and why is he leaving Andrew out. Enzo keeps telling him that he has a week to change everyone's mind and how the game changes very quickly.

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(lost feeds for a few minutes)

10:35 BBT

Enzo and Annie talking in Palm Bedroom. They say that both Brendon and Rachel say they won't campaign against eachother, which means one of them will go home. Annie goes to bathroom.

Enzo, Britney, Lane and Matt chatting in kitchen. Matt called to DR.

Monet, Kristen, Annie, Rachel, Hayden and Brendon in HT.

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10:45 BBT

Ragan, Britney, Enzo and Lane talking about Andrew in the kitchen. Enzo tells them about his convo with Andrew. Ragan says they need to study before the new HOH comp to make sure Andrew doesn't win.

Kathy and Andrew chatting outside. All others in the HT.

Kathy tells Andrew it'd be in his best interest not to use the POV if he were to win. He asks her if he should try to win it and she says he will be safe either way. Kathy says she thinks she may go on the block if Brendon gets off.

Andrew trying to get info from Kathy. He tells her they have to win HOH next week and she needs to get her strength back. Brendon called to DR.

Lane and Matt go outside to play pool. Britney is worried who will go on the block if Brendon gets off. She says that Matt said it'd be smart to keep Rachel, which means someone else in the house would have to go up and get voted out. They wonder if the veto comp will be tomorrow or Saturday.


Enzo joins Matt and Lane by the pool table. Enzo says he's annoyed with Andrew, who said Enzo was in a 'gang' (the Meow Meow Mafia??? hahaaha~lala) Somehow, all three men are playing pool.

Enzo wonders who Kristen will vote for this week and matt asks who she's with. They agree she's a wildcard and will need some coaching.

The men also agree that Monet and Kathy are together. Enzo keeps talking about Andrew and the 'gang' and getting HOH next week to get him out. Matt says they need to kill the 'gang' rumor right away.

Lane headed inside and Matt and Enzo cover the pool table and head inside to talk.

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11:05 BBT

All feeds on kitchen, with Lane, Britney, Enzo and Annie. Now, it also shows the HGs out in the HT. Talk out there is about not eating the slop.

Enzo and Matt resume up at the chess table. They soon decide to go into the HOH room, where Hayden is. Enzo repeats his convo with Andrew to Hayden.



Andrew called to DR. Boys upstairs say Rachel has said if she wins the POV, she'd save Brendon b/c she feels she'd be safe against anyone else. Matt says rachel would be good to keep around, but that'd be stupid for her to do. Hayden says Brendon told him if Hayden wins POV and saves him, he'd have his back and Enzo says the same thing.

Enzo says they need to keep Annie close for 3-4 weeks then get rid of her b/c she's dangerous. The boys agree. Enzo says Annie is playing the game.

They discuss the idea of putting Kathy up if Brendon comes down. Then they think of backdooring Annie, but if think people would keep Annie over Rachel and Annie would come back against the boys. Hayden says he likes Rachel, but she needs to leave if Brendon gets off the block.

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10:53 BBT Britney wondering when the veto comp with Brendon passing through and with Ragan in the kitchen...Britney is "guessing" it will be Saturday..

Brandon leaves as Ragan tells Brit that after POV everything will be settled and will be a relief......"this is a trip" Ragan says about his BB experience so far.

10:55 BB Enzi is obsessing over his prior conversation with Andrew as Andrew accuses him of being in a gang..Enzo upset thinking people "suspect" suspects "something" as he keeps repaeting "you're in a gang" and is pissed Andrew made that onservation.

Enzo telling Matt and Lane that he warned Andrew that he warned him about going against the HOH if he won PoV....saying "I can't wait for this fucking POV" as he and Matt play pool..

10:58 BBT

Lane also playing poool saying "we can't get found out" as Enzo goes on about other HGs

11:00 BBT Enzo saying "monet started crying" when Rachel "made that fucking face" when she pulled her ball for POV

In kitchen Monet saying "Brendon and Rachel do" when Brit ask "who?" wants her gone...Monet leaves as Brit stuffs her face and Lane comes in saying he lost pool because he wasn't "paying attention.

11:01 BBT andrew and kathy sitting on a couch outside as Andrew asks if the cookies are kosher..i guess they are..

In the Kitchen Enzo has joined Lane and Britney as they engae in small talk and Annie walks in complaining "I've gained so much weight"..."5 pounds for sure" since she's been in the BB house..

11:04 BBT Matt heads upstairs to play chess with Enzo..Both are being parnoid about being "found out" talking about "blasting the third HOH" and doing what they want to do and have "a sure fire ride" to the final 4 ....Matt saying "I can't wait to get that guy out of here' saying Brandeon out this week..Andrew out next and with the guys out they will dominate the rest of the comp...

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11:08 BBT

Hayden heads upstairs as thet three are in HOH room as Enzo fills in Hayden what Andrew said about them being in a group ...Enzo going on what he told Andrew about "respecting HOH" and hayden "next week he's gone"

Hayden saying the only reason to win HOH next week if Brendon get off the block...Enzo thinks if Rachel wins POV she'll save Brendon and hayden says she believes she has a better chance to stay against someone else..

Hayden hopes either him enzo or monet wins POV

Hayden telling them that Brendon tried to talk him into using the POV to pull him off the block.."i didn't tell him yeas but I didn't tell him no"

11:12 BBT the HOH pow wow continues as they discuss Monet being upset....Hayden "if brendon gets off..Rachel goes home" with Kathy as a pawn...as Enzo says if the put up Annie and she doesn't go home he's afraid she'll "start some shit"

hayden says they should "back off" for HOH week two as they discuss assuring each other of being "in the jury house"

11:14 BBT A lot of repetition talk especially from Enzo as hayden says Andrew told him "he's keeping the nominations the same" if he wins as Enzo he "better fucking' better keep it the same.

"Kristen is a wild card" Enzo sumises as they talk about her.."she doesn't care" about what's going on in the game...

11:17 BBT "best case scenario...Monet wins" hayden says as Enzo "there's not a sneaky bone in her body"

Matt happy if Rachel stays as it will keep her and Monet "cat fighting"..as Enzo wants Rach out week three...as they talk being in "good shape" in Brendon goes..as Matt says they need to have a "study session" if Brandon stays and share the info with the rest of the HGs so the will think they are "family"

11:20 HOH meeting continues as Enzo repeats "gang' talk

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