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August 2nd Live Feed Updates

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M: today is the day of nothing right??

they are surprised it's 11:30 and no music yet.

howie wishes there was goggles in the pool, and wishes he brought his own.

H/R in BY

I/J/M in kitchen

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Ivette, maggie and jenny are talking in the kitchen about cramps.

Maggie is talking about when she is at home, she uses the timer on the coffee pot and it's ready for when she wakes up. Ivette is amazed that coffee pots do that.

Maggie is talking about what she does as a daily routine before heading to work. What time they get up, what time they head to work..

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Maggie has a coffee pot at home she times the night before, so when she wakes up and it's done.

her and dave have coffee together every morning.

dave is still considered a 'rookie', so he has to be there before everyone else.

dave has to be on the floor by 7:30, dave is there at 6:40

[bla bla bla, nobody really cares]

more dave chit chat

silence in the BY where h/r are

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whispering in the kitchen..ivette is whispering, I can't catch a word she's saying.

Maggie: tell them james is NOT an option, you pick james, and your partner goes.

m: put up r/h , theres no guarenteed partner for janelle

m: will she pick april? she wont pick april..she sees april as weak. not beau, beau hates her.

m: yesssss...janelle picks sarah...YESS..if sarah wins veto she wont take them off..so they cant pick her.

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I: im going to put up janelle and rachel.

m: we have 4 votes t get rid of james next week. want me to tell her she needs to---

i: no, no, put up janelle and rachel

i:" then sarah and james are out of the picture because we dont have that much against them

m: thas right. its a win win situation, if they win they cant get rid of one of our strong players.

m: lets talk about this next week. that was brilliant of me. but... i will die if sarah or james wins hoh..theres 2 heads on that snake..james gets it or james gets this.. lets go outside.is that ok? or did you want to stay inside?

m/I leave to go outside.

H: ivetteybird!

m: you guys want anything? coffee??

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Maggie, ivette and jenny where talking in the kitchen a little bit..

M: i'd fricken die if sarah or james get's HOH next wee, that would wreck everything, let's go outside..

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Maggie and Ivette..

M: if one of them get's it, unless we win the VETO, one of us is going home. we can pretty much 99 percent that one of us is going home.

I: yes maam

I: two more days.

M: two more days until a very big HOH, bigger then the one i just played for, although i did turn everything upside a little bit. We can only evict one person a week, which makes things hard in this house.

M: we are on week 5 and only 4 people will be gone

I: we are already in aug and don't finish tell sept

M: 7 more weeks and still this many people.

I: sept 27th or something so we actually have 8 weeks left

M: there probably wont be a double eviction this year.

M: i can't believe i can't play for HOH

I: you did a hell of a job though maggie, you really did

M: thanks

I: there is no better feeling then that.

M: nope, i did what i needed to do for eric, i'm done.

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M: if one of us or one of them gets it...unless we win POV one of us is going home. maybe they dont even want him to be gone, because hes still a vote for him

I: you can't count on it.

M: we can pretty much 99% guarentee if one of them gets it, we're going home.

I: yes ma'am, 2 more days.

M: 2 more days until a very big hoh.

m: bigger then the one i just won..although i did turn it upside a little bit..little bit. only evict 1 person a week..you know what I mean?? it makes it hard in this house.

i: there will be double eviction soon

m: we're on week 5, and only 4 people will be gone

I: we're already in august.

M: like 7 more weeks..and theres 10 people..although that makes sense.

I: we finish sept 20..so that probably is right

m: yeah, probably no double eviction.


M: I cant believe i cant play for hoh.

I: you did a hell of a job though..you really did

M: thanks

I: there must have been no better feeling then that huh

M: i needed to do that for eric and i did it.

jen enters

M: oatmeal?

I: I made french toast this morning.

M: Ic ant believe we can hear landscapers.. i feel like we're on an island.

J: I fee like in jail.

M: they msut think its nuts for people to live here.

they talk about how theres cars and life outside their walls...

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I: if any one of us 5 are left with someone from our side..we can out vote them on the jury..so it's really important we get hoh.

M: yep.

I: it's very key

M: what if two of our players or one of our players..it could flip..numerically we need hoh.

J: at the end for votes if one of us and one of them, we'll win if we win hoh next week.

M: they have 6 then they have 5..then it's 5-5

M: unless they get hoh's in a row.

M: this hoh will determine..this is the one..they will vote against for sure at the end.

I: this is a very key hoh.

M: I agree

I: very very key

J: Its gonig to be bullshit if its biast

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Maggie, ivette and maggie are outside talking some more.

M: this HOH will determine, we know they are going to put one or two of us up.

I: this is a very key HOH. because after this...

M: it is extremely key for both sides. It's very unfortunate. They could be saying let's take the target of us and we'll put it on james.

(lost feed)

M: I hope you get it, i hope one of you four get it

J: it doesn't matter which one of us get's it, but it has to be us. I don't care if april get's it because of her birthday and stuff.

M: everyone really need's to fucking step it up

J: not that ivette is better then beau but she's really missing things from home.

M: i think that was last night. i think she is ok

J: you think it's over with her but 10 mins later she is still thinking of it, she seems tender for me

M: we'll treat her like she's senstive

J: she keeps talking about eric and as much as we tell her not to she still is thinking about him.

M: eric wouldn't want it this way, of course i'm happy someone in here cares about eric.

M: he would be heartbroken if he see's me crying. we talked about it, who ever stays' emotion is gone, not towards our "people" but in general.

J: it's all we do is cry.

M: which way did you vote,

J: when..

M: when it was me and eric

J: i voted for you because eric said he wanted to stay

BB - Houseguest's it's time to get up for the day

J: it's noon bitches get up...

Maggie looks extremely deep in thought...

M: that was good that everyone stood up and made it 5-4. that was really good. but when they said it i thought i was going home, i totally thought that...

J: that was edgy because we didn't know where that stood.

M: i wonder how smart it was to get rid of him...

J: there side is so vendictive and they make people feel that they are the best, they are always on top.

M: we are not doing that

J: if you are a weak person.

BB - attention houseguest's there are fresh battery's in the stored room.

M: i'm totally going to rush to go do that, this is me rushing * she is still sitting down*

Ivette is telling maggie and jenny that BB has provided them with the requested medication, however maggie is missing her midol.

J: i wish they would have told me the specifics of what they would allow us to bring and what they would provide for us, i would have saved tons of suitcase room.

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I & M talking in BY

m - we can 99% agree that if on eo fthem gets it one of us is going home

i - ye ma'am

m - two more days till a big HOH bigger than the one i did but i did turn it upside down for a bit

i - there is gonna be a double eviction soon

m - you think so

i - yep

m - we're in august .....

i - there is 8 weeks left

m - yeah cuz aug. has 31 days so there prob won't be a double eviction

m - i can't believe i cant play foir this hoh

i - you did a great job maggie

m- i did it for eric

i - i made french toast this am

m - i can't believe we can hear landscapers, i feel like we are on an island

m - they must think it is so nuts that they know there are ppl living in this hopuse

i- remember when we were walking in all the people that were out there

m - it was a lot harder for me to work out after i layed out yesterday

i - 10 more days

m - i can't believe i missed daves 30th bday, what a mistake

i - ya know what we gotta think about too, we gotta get past this week, if any one of us 5 are the last standing we need to out vote them, it is really important that one of us get hoh

m- yeah oh god

i - u understand

m - yes i do

m - numerically we difinately need hoh next week

m - but they have 6 right now

i- one of them are leaving

m - but unless they get hoh 2x in a row

m - if they get hoh this week they will vote against one of us....

***large plane going over****

i - this is a key hoh

jenn - that is gonna be BS if it is gonna be biased

m - they could be making up this thing with james and sarah...

i - i gotta go to the BR

m - well if (to jenn)... i hope u get it, i hope one of u 4 gets it, i don't care if april gets it cuz she just had her bday... either beau or ivette everyone needs to really step it up...

jenn - i think she feels really ganged up on, she needs it

m - think it was just last night

jenn - she's fragile ( talking about ivette)

m - but eric wouldn't want her to be that way

m - he would be heartbroken if he saw me crying, we talked about it... no more crying, we cried a lot that week that is all we flippin do is cry

jenn - which way did you vote

BB - good morning HG its time to get up for the day

jenn - its like BITCHES ITS TIME TO GET UP


jenn - that was good that everyoen stood up and made it 5 to 4

m - i was like OMG its 5 to 4 i'm going home

jenn - that other side is so manipulitave, they want you think if you want to stay you should stay with them

i - they just woke everyone uo

jenn & mag- ITS NOON

i - we got midal we got benedryl

i - im getting mine this week, i got mine like the 4th or 5th last month

they use herbal essense shampoo

plane flying over

m - im sure they will go grocery shopping for us...

i- im glad i brought my shampoo and cond.

i - they learn from trial and error

m - at least they got to be together, that is all i want it is to be in the same house with you guys, it will be a party

i - wait till we see eric again at the end

m - he ma by in sequester

i- did you expect it to blow up like it did...

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Ivette is talking about how she is wondering why things blew up so fast into the 3rd week, they are trying to figure out why there are 14 housguest's in the house when usually there is only 12...

Maggie said maybe there is a pair of 4 in here other then groups of 2.

I: i'm ready for a nap

I: i'm so bored already maggie, are you?

M: no, i don't get bored

I: i guest i don't really want to deal with it. ya know>

Ivette is talking about how she want's to go on the floaty thing on the pool but if ivette comes out she'll probably want to take it

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Howie and rach talking.. outside ( feed just went to it)

Rach was talking about someone being an idiot and not knowing what they wanted.

Howie is telling rachael how awsome she looks, he wants her to stay on her front side.

BB - Houseguest's this is a lock down, please go outside and close the silding glass door.

Howie:let's go get a drink, they did that just to get people out of bed.

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everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get ready. Brush teeth, use washroom, do lotions.. to go outside for the lockdown.

BB keeps repeating that they have new fresh batteries in the storage room and to please exchange their old one

(this has got to be a record, some of the HG's are still inside, 7 mins after bb told them it was an outside lockdown)

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Sarah is complaining to april that if BB tries to give them "air time" looking like they are because they just woke up. She's not fond of that at all. April tells sarah CBS will probably show them the way they look today.

April goes outside and tells the HG's at the patio about what she just told sarah in the kitchen.

BB - HG's this is a lockdown, please go outside and stay out there until further notice

(took them forever to all get outside)

Howie is telling jenny that she should dump her bf on live tv, but to take her time, do it in a week or so, grieve the lost then he'll come into the picture.

Howie tried to go inside and use the washroom however they are currently putting down the door cages.

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BB tells HG again that there are fresh batteries in store room

jan up and walks into kitchen everyone ignores her

jan - im so not a morning person

m- what time did you go to bed

jan - like 2

mag - we went to bed way later than you guys, thats surprising

jan - oh my backs sore

BB - HG this is a lockdown pls go outside

jan -NOOOO! why!!!! I'm not even F***** dressed... this sux!!! what day is it,

kay goes to pantry, changes batteries

h - oooooh theres my little bobo

b - hi howie

someone just screeched - the eggs and bacey

now someone is singing little bunny foo foo...

BB please check your mics

james - looks like a microhone

h- you like big ones

h - thats so sexy

r - this is hideous

h - oh god makes ringing noise

h - we don't talk about lockdown

james - she is a f**** mornon

h- who sarah

james - yeah

howie - she is NOT an idiot!!!

h - dumbass, dumbass

h - this is a lock down bo bo

alot of chit chat....

h - hi bobo!!!

m - there is like no one outside right now

h - its a lockdown

m- yeah!


james - i need to use the bathroom but the F***** Girls _________ its F************ insidious (sp)

h - oh man

h - let me try yoghurt... hmmm.... mixed berry, we could do that, yeah we could do that

BB James please exchange your mic in the storage room


k - k- yeah he is a dumbass

h - how does jenny look in there?

h - ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh the something about big boobies... I think I am mentally blocking him and his boobie talk now... LOL!

k - wake me up and make me go outside

k - i think ppl are getting pissed off that we are sleeping all day... to sarah ya know sometimes you think you have a good boyfriend and then you end up with a crappy one sorry..

k - HG please go melt outside uuugh

a - i hate james

james - i hate april too

s- i want to be a part of this... i hate you both

s- is there something for me to bring outside to eat

james - yeah a box of granola

a - somebody put tea in that apple juice container!!! UUUGH!

k - yeah its been like that for 3 days

everyoen gradually moving outside, can hear sirens in the background outside

a - still in kit. pouring orange juice

a - they are wanting footage for tonights show

s- like this tho??????? OMG!

a- jame is suck a f*****, also like I was tellin sarah...

sarah in kit making oatmeal real quick, she is starting to pick up on what an ass james is! u go girl

BB please go out into the BY and stay there until further notice!

s - sorry... 30 more seconds, oatmeal done... WHAAAAT????

s - waaah waaaah waaah!

h - one week rebound thing you grieve your loss by that time i will have taken sarah

too much convo for me to keep up on...

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beau is talking about a dream he had. He is talking about parking in manhattan and hard it is to find something. If you park at a mall around there you have to walk another 30 mins to get back to your car.

M: there is a mall like that in vegas

Beau continues to tell everyone his dream that he had regarding the mall. In his dream his sister lost her job and how he was concerned, he walked downstairs and there was a riot going on.

Everyone is laughing at him for the dream he had last night.

Howie is bugging james that he's going to use the dark light on the sheets to see if anything has been going on in the bed him and sarah sleep in.

(i'm out for awhile, bbl)

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I/Jen on patio

I: the best way to get James, is to blindside him, like they did to Cappy

Jen: my fear is that they will not have a winner

I: the only way to keep him from playing, is to tell him if he wins you will put up Sarah, does that make sense?

R/H in kitchen washing dishes.. Rachel got onto H for not using soap on allllll the glasses he washed, said some were sick, so.... they will need to rewash them all

H: there is a golden veto in there [in one of the two remaining safes?]

Jen/Iv discuss what they will wear on a day of the week.. Jen says it's jeans day... recalls her wardrobe for [guessing Wednesday? when she goes to DR to vote?]

Jen: we should all get french manicures... last week I gave Maggie one... she wasn't evicted and she won HOH

I: as much as my get along with Howie... you don't talk to him as much as Janelle

Jen: she talks strategy with her... he's never serious with me... one time he tried, and I wouldn't trust him.. it was a long time ago... I can't even remember

I: Maggie has been one of the best HOH's

Jen: it would be awesome if we got it again

Rachel in bathroom on two cams, Jen/Iv on 2

Jen debates to herself who should get HOH, April had her bd surprise, Jen got the movie... Iv or Beau would be nice...

Iv wonders if family/friends are watching them... if they are watching the live feeds

Jen: only I think would be watching is my brother's family, others don't know how to use internet or aren't home... my brother called me from hospital, I have this great idea.. last idea he called me with.. you should pretend with other HG that you are lesbian... my brother is a 'Howie'


Rachel changing to bikini in bathroom, Jen/Iv sitting bored on patio

Jen: did you see me yesterday, when I brought my brush to kitchen... guys, there are blond hairs on my brush, do you think they are my highlights.. I have highlights... Beau was like nooooo... April was laughing, I don't know where Jen was...

Iv: you don't like french toast? you like cinnemon on toast, you would like it!

Jen: you cook it in eggs? I'm bad about not trying things


Jen: Ashlea was gone after 10 days, couldn't get to know her... Micheal started getting crazy, I think even they wanted him to go

Iv: Cappy was so much fun, know what I mean?

Jen: even when he wasn't being fun, like right now, he'd be here talking, in his grey shorts, no shirt....

Rachel comes out

Jen: why is she laying out, it's 11 in the morning?

Iv: I want to ghetto slide soon...

Jen: yea!

Iv: you don't know how to ghetto slide

Jen: yes I do!

Iv: that was good with the movie thing

Jen: I was working on my own... I didn't hear anything, aparently James gave it away... someone asked me if I was doing well... Maggie said Rachel was looking at you guys before it started... said you were strategizing, said you were going to work from the center out, so she said we needed to...

Iv: so she got it from us

Jen: I saw the two lines... when it stopped, they all stopped, I was in a zone...

Howie comes out

Iv: don't tan with your handkerchief on, you'll get a tan... did you brush your teeth, because you have a habit to forget

H: I brushed them....


H: Jen, did you have braces?

Jen: nope

H: a nose job?

Jen: nope

H: you have a cute little Hollywood nose... but you are taken... probably get married in 6 or 8 years

Jen: when the movie was done, the guy said.. you can have the candy... Sarah was putting it on a silver platter, but I asked if he meant we could have it, or everyone

Howie examining Ivette's bird feeder... apparently ants have taken it over... starts talking about the ghetto feeder/slide/toast/milk...

H: I haven't seen them anywhere, ever since the ghetto feeder

Howie leaves again

Iv: what were we talking about?

Jen: the candy, I didn't want her running down saying everyone could have candy, then find out you can't

Jen: I would have preferred seeing Dukes of Hazzard or film I was in! I think it's called 3001

fish for a while...


2 cams on Rach/Howie laying by pool, 2 cams on Jen/Iv

Iv: do you really think he stretches out? (Howie)

Jen: I don't know why he uses the towel

Jen is trying to get rid of a bruise, by eating a bananna

Rach: some of my family members may think I'm losing my mind, because I'll be hitting them up for money

Maggie comes out, Jen/Iv go with her to the kitchen

H: S/James/R/H/Jan, I want James to myself.. against the 4 weakest players of the game, if I can't win, I deserve to go home

R: sometimes it's just luck

M: today's the day of nothing right? that's why it's 11:30 and they still haven't played any music.... the doors unlocked right? ok, cool....

[they are as bored as I am watching them! lol note to self, try to always be entertaining to the feed watchers! lol]

H: you going to work out today? I wish I had goggles/earplugs, I'd swim a mile in there... otherwise it's too difficult... I should have brought some, I'm stupid... Maggie has some..

R: I've got some!

H: you brought them here?

M: Jen, I heard you get up saying you had a tummy ache?

H: I did 40 laps yesterday....

M: come on coffee... I neeeeeed you! I came downstairs... at home, I come down and the coffee is ready, it's got a timer

Iv: really? (she appears amazed at the idea of a timer)

M: I get up at 4:30... get up, walk the dogs... Dave leaves for his shift at 6:10... he's still considered a rookie... it's retarded, I mean good... he's not a rookie, he worked for the fire department for 8 years before this... he's worked here for 3 years...

Iv: when does he have to get there

M: the shift starts between 7 and 7:30... he's there at 6:40... he's serious about his job

Iv: what did he do in Boston?

M: worked for fire dept, and ambulance, with Eric, we have the same friends... come on coffee, beep already!

Iv whispering, VERY softly, something about James

M: pick two people, they don't have an option, if you pick James, then your partner goes.. you put up Rachel and Howie.. if Rachel picks James... the problem is, there are no other partners.. there's no partner for Janelle... if she didn't pick James... at that point, it doesn't matter, do you think she'd pick April? She sees her as being weak?

Iv: you?

M: me or Beau? Beau has said how much she hates her... yes... Janelle picks Sarah.. but if Sarah wins the veto... she wouldn't use it.. so she can't pick Sarah

(trying to work out a failsafe way of getting James out without nominating him... don't forget about the POV possibly not being used!)

Iv: what if you put up Jan and Rach... Rach picks How, and Jan picks Mag?

M: they will see that as unusual... that only works if one of us wins HOH... heres the good think, we have 4 votes to agree on... cause I can vote next week... Jan would take off Howie..

I: no, you put up Jan and Rach, Rach picks How, and Jan picks you, that leaves Sarah and James out of the picture

M: ok, we only talk about this next week

Jen: I hope it's not a strange veto next week

M: that's how it's a win win for both teams.. if it is, either team gets rid of a strong team... I would die if Sarah got HOH... or James... either way there are two heads on that snake... let's go outside, it's so nice out there... is that ok, did you want to stay in here?


Mag/Iv goes outside to patio, How/Rach still by pool, Jen in kitchen

M: if one of them gets it.. unless we win POV, one of us is going home... maybe they don't even want one of us going home, because he's a vote for them... we can almost 99% guarantee if one of them get it, one of us is going home

Iv: yes ma'm... 2 more days

M: 2 days until a big HOH... although I did turn it upside down a little bit... only evict one person a week

Iv: think there is a double eviction some time?

M: we are in week 5, only 4 gone... and it's August... but 3 left at the end... Aug has 31 days... probably won't be a double eviction... I can't believe I can't play for HOH...

Iv: you did a great job though, you really did... must have been a great feeling though?

M: yep, I did it for Eric, and it was great

M: I can't believe we hear landscapers... it's like we are on an island, or in prison.. it's so crazy

Iv: remember when we were walking around, walking in, all the people that were there? [crowds watching them enter the house from outside?]

Iv: 2 more days

Jen: is today the first?

Iv: second

M: I can't believe I missed Dave's birthday... what a mistake

I: if any of us 5 happen to be the last 2 standing, with one of them, we can outnumber them... we will have 4 to their 3 in the sequester house, so it's important that one of us get HOH... understand?

M: yes, of course I do... but it could flip either way, because we are tied right now

Jen: in the end, if it's one of us and one of them, we'll win, if we win HOH next week

M: yes, yes... unless they get HOH two weeks in a row... oh, I see, at the very end... the last HOH will determine, because they will vote against us

Iv: this is a very key HOH... very very key

Jen: it will be BS if it's biased

M: very key for both sides... they could be making up this thing about James and Sarah... taking the target off them... they could still target us

Jen: I don't trust it... but I'm not willing to test, I'll believe it when I see it


Iv goes to rest room

M: I hope you get it, one of you four

Jen: long as one of you get it... April got her BD, I got the movie... so Beau or Iv... she feels ganged up on, so I think she needs it... she can appear to be over it, then 10 minutes later still be bothered, like not talking about Eric

M: he would be heartbroken if he saw me crying... we said, whoever stays, emotion is gone.. not against our people... but no crying, it's over... which way did you vote?

Jen: for you to leave... I talked to Eric that morning.. (BB: HGs, it's time to get up)... it's noon! I told him everything I told you... he said much as I'd like to see my family, I'd rather stay, and I said ok....

M: that was good everyone stood up, made it 5 to 4... I thought, I'm going home, I totally thought that...

Jen: it was edgy, we didn't know where she stood

M: I wonder if it was smart of her to get rid of him?

Jen: the other side is manipulative, saying if you don't go with us you are going home


Iv is back, they joke about others getting up

BB: fresh batteries in SR

M: I'm so doing that... this is me rushing... (still sittining with Jen/Iv at patio)

Jen: I wish they had provided us with specifics, I wouldn't have brought 3 month supply... like they said generic shampoo... Herbal Essence isn't generic

M: but we may run out... or what about sequester?

Jen: that's why I'm not using mine

M: remember that season, when they were going around shopping in Mexico?

I: I think they learn as they go

M: long as we aren't separated, I'll be ok if I'm with you guys, if we aren't going to win, it will be a party


James/Jan/etc stirring in GR

James: we are getting up BB

Jan: what time is it?

Iv: do you think they expected it to blow up like this? [the pair twist?]

Iv: those shorts look so comfortable

M: they are, you want to wear them?

Iv: I'm so bored... are you bored Maggie?

M: no, I don't get bored

Iv: I guess I just don't want to deal with it... I want to get sun, I'm going to lay on that float

M: I think I'll work out first

BB: attention HG, there are fresh batteries...

M: ok, fine!

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BB: this is a lockdown, please go outdoors

H: they did that just to get people out of bed

Jan: what day is it?

Rach: lockdown, everybody goes in

H: it's opposite day

S: please let me just brush my teeth?

(everyone is moving around now, getting ready to go out, mimicing BB's annoucement)

James: I got woken up at 9.. had to go to the principal's office (DR) to verify something

A: you know what they are doing.. they want footage of us doing stuff for tonights show

S: of us outside? comeon!

A: usually they will do footage of us doing something today, and show it at the end... (announcer voice) and next time... James and I will probably be here til the end, they will make every comp for us, because we hate each other so much (joking at the table, James, Beau, Maggie is there)

BB: lockdown, go outside until further notice

Howie starting to entertain the troops... suggests Jen dump her boyfriend(like Jan did), he'll give her a week to greive...

H: Bobo, he's not a morning guy

HG debate being able to sleep til noon outside the BB house

R: you know I get up early

James: Howie, you didn't snore as much last night as you normally do

B: I had a normal dream last night... that we were in Manhattan, went to mall, takes half hour to get from car to mall... mom/sis were there, I parked my car, met up with them, couldn't remember where my car was... it was endless [anyone else thinking of Seinfeld episode? lol] long story short... walked outside, mall is closing, came out, art gallery across street, sis worked there, they say she doesn't work there now, there is a riot breaking out at a school, only way to get to car, is scale across beam...

S: yea right, you had a real normal dream! lol

B: slide down the pole, started walking, got to corner, no one there, suddenly suburban area... started running, second later, I'm back in Manhattan... drove home, not sure where home was, friend Zeta was there, mom's friend, 5 bedroom... [getting bored of his dream]... there was a closet... open the closet, there are samples... [realllly boring dream now, talking about the house... plane flies over to wake me up]

M: how did it end?

B: I was moving my stuff... [can't hear the rest]


Howie jumps in pool, splashes Iv on raft...

M: that was worth it, to hear Ivette

HG: I can't believe, we start to go to bed at 10

B: it takes us 4 hours to go to sleep

B/A/Jen/M/S at patio, H/R/I/Jan/James at pool

(nothing much being said, going to skip forward a bit)

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Well as the HG's relax by the pool on the lawn after the lock down, April decides to drag her lounge chair to a better spot. Not only did she find a better spot but she dragged the chair right over Maggies face!!!!! Dang I never laughed so hard in my life. :rofl

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they are talking about everyones intial thoughts when they stood on the stairs.

talking aobut who on what rows, ivette thought sarah was ashlea... james thought all the girls were pretty

talking who stood where, who was next to who, what step they were on..everyone is gathered by the pool.

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everyone in conversation with everyone else..it's actually decent.

ok..nevermind not so nice.

april said something about james, james said: atleast I didn't cry my eyes out saying I didn't have a partner.

sarah is talking about sizing people up and and hoping nobody was mean or stuck up.

h: i cant kiss her, shes a lesbian

I: what the fuck, do I have rabies??

howie singing her carpet chomper song

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No surprise Janie and Kaysar are the only ones inside

K asks her to play chess, janie needs to work out first.

outside everyone else talking about the beau beau dolls and how much his acessories will cost. Howie wants to make a competitor Janie doll.

K joins people outside.

now talking about the april doll and how much she will be...howie says a good accesory is the nictoene patch and the inhaler

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sarah thinks aprils [doll] should say "ohh yall kmart loves me"

ivette is going to have a little wind up mouth so people can put it up to the carpet

howie will have a lot of wires because he has too many sayings to program into the doll

kaysars is going to have him saying i cant kiss hands, i cant kiss girls

ivette says the best accesory will be kaysars hookah.

april sitll talking about being the kmart spokesperson

james & sarah dolls will come together

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