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August 2nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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rachel in back yard noisly mowing her food down

rach says "Boy thats cold" to herself

coughing, sniffling, throat clearing... i wonder if R is getting sick

R says even louder now "It's cold!"

R makes weird "blubby' noise from her lips

R - "Ah the waters warm" and takes the cleaning hose out of the pool

R - "AAAAAhhhhh c'mon!" havinmg a war with the pool hose

r - "hmmmm!" and then smacks lips "Wow!" "This has got to be _________" mind you there is NO one else out there

r - "I should probably add some" (talking about adding chem to the jacuzzi)

rach grabs bfast dishes and heads into the house to put them away... she is being very noisy, not like her usual quiet self.

r - "howie!!! for God's sake God!" says this while walking to bathroom

r gathers towels in bathroom takes them out to laundry area & starts doing a load of laundry

other HG still asleep

***Beep Beep Beep*** R says "Yeah I'm trying!" rach then asks "is this clean or dirty? I'll set them up here" (still by her lonesome)

R - starts whispering something... all I get out out of it is "be a somehting"

Kaysar getting restless, rach still doing laundry

r - man thats cold

r - S***

R - folding a load of clothes from the dryer

r - "eeeeeeeew!"

r takes clean dish towels into kitchen, takes clean towels to BR,

Ok I keep hearing a noise that sounds like an electric scredriver/electric drill don't know what that is

r now in common BR and getting things out from under her bed and not being too quiet about it, plus she is taking things from out from under her bed and throwing them on the bed beside her, I am not sure yet if someone is sleeping in that other bed, it looks like someone is

r - whispers damn it

rach heads to bathroom and says 'damn it!', hic-ups heads back to common BR gets what she forgot and heads back to BR to start taking her shower...

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9:15 am BBT

Janelle woke up, used the washroom and then went to the kitchen to get herself a drink.

Rachael was telling janelle that it was cloudy and cold outside this


Janelle goes back to bed, rach just lays on the couch.

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Guest JollyPlayboy

9:15 bbt

Janelle up in bathroom talked with Rachel about it being cold outside

she then went to kitchen and back to bed

(Rachell needed to keep cappy just to have company in the am I think)

everyone still asleep

Rachell laying on the couch now that she has showered and done all her other moring rituals

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r out of shower and dressed

all other HG still seem to be asleep

Jan is up

r - good morning janelle

jan goes to br

r continues to get ready, lotion, files nails, sighs, brushes teeth etch... jan still in the loo

jan says something about a horse

r- a horse?

jan yeah

r - its cold outside cloudy and cold, i'm surprised

jan heads to kitchen

r being very noisy in br slamming things around

jan heads back to GR and gets back in bed

r - hmmmm... that will syke them out

r heads to common room and then heads to living room and starts straightening up the pillows on the couches

r - plops down on couches and lays down

in GR who ever Jan jumped back in bed with is now snuggling up to her, spooning if you will

r laying on couch in deep thought

i keep hearing some weird whining noise in the background almost like an animal whimpering

kay is wresteling bears while he sleeps

FISH on all 4

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Guest Archie_Bunker

0940 bbt

Rachel just said to herself (or to bb)

"can't spend two goddam bucks to get me a new peg, unbelievable"

Moved outside into a lounge and is huffing and puffing about forgetting her sunglasses. remember, she's talking to herself. lol

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cams back on rach still laying on couch c3 & c4 focusing on big round 'meeting table'

r keeps clearning her throat

r - hey!

james (I think) - they called me into the DR

r- are you kidding me????

j - no i'm not, they gave me a minute to wash up

r - oh my god

can hear j peeing in the loo

r gets up and goes to br turns on hair dryer and then my sound fades...

i can hear them talking in br but there is no cam in there and i can make out nothing that they are saying...

I can still hear them talking but cannot make out anything

james goes and tells kay - that they called him into the dr

r in bathroom blowdrying hair it is loud...

thank god she is done! that was loud!

james in DR r rummaging around her BR goodies

rach continues to get herself ready...

rach puttin on her face and picking her nose... she is so human:)


rach back sitting outside in BY on the chaise lounge

C1 rach

c2 kay asleep

c3 big round table by kitchen

c4 empty LR

still all the same

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Kaysar is up and joined rach outside.

K: bb woke me up to go the the DR

R: did they really, they did that to james too

R: they wont do that to me..

K: yeah

R: it's been cold out this morning

K: really, it's cold. last night it was chilly

R: it was cold and cloudy when i was eating my breakfast

R: the helicopers amaze me, there are so many here, i always wanted to learn how to do that.

K: you are a smart girl rach but i don't know

R: i can drive a bobcat

K: what is a bobcat

R: it's for construction.

Rachael is explaining to kaysar what a bobcat is.

R: what time did you guys go to bed

K: 2:30 am ish

K: i think, i'm not sure.

Rach laughs

R: can't believe it's already aug 2nd

K: i know, i can't believe my birthday is in a few days

R: it's on the 10th right?

K: yeah

R: aww, i want to celebrate your birthday, aww bb, can't we celebrate for him before he leaves

K: i'm going home for sure, it's so sad.

R: how far away is it from where you live?

K: an hour or so, not to far.

K: so you just wake up early and do what?

R: i wake up, eat breakfast, clean, do lanundry, work out, take a shower

K: nice just sit here and wait for all the crap to begin

R: waiting for thursday, that is going to be.

K: today is tuesday, tomorrow we vote and i'm gone

R: yep, we vote tomorrow, thursday is live and we have to clean.

K: man.. I"m just going to go back to sleep

R: alright, did you go in the DR

K: i don't know what eles to do, see you in a little bit

R: alright.

*kaysar goes inside*

Kaysar said something about someone asking him out ( missed it)

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Howie goes outside and starts to talk with Rachael.

R: you are up early, did they call you in too?

H: no but they woke up james and myself when they called him in.

R: i feel bad, kaysar was just out here, we're going to miss his birthday.

H: i know, there is a tag on your head when you are good

R: that's the thing, he messed up.. he's not that good

H: that's what he did

H: he's not big in sports and that hurt him.

R: that's right

They are talking about baseball now.

Ivette is up now as well, telling howie and rach about the medication bb has now gotten for them.

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Howie is telling rachael that everyone saw his "junk" last night and how it was all small. ivette looked at it. Howie says "beau, beau wasn't up he didn't get to see it".

R: ivette is being really nice

H: of course they are going to be, power is up for grabs and they know they might not get it

R: exactly.

H: they don't want james to win it, we don't know what that crazy fucker is going to do with it

R: janelle need's to get it

H: i want to win it actually, so i can nack the power

R: i want to sleep upstairs

H: if i win it

R: yeah.

Rach is moaning (sore back). Howie is telling rach that he has a hole in his tooth because of all the candy he's eaten. Racheal is telling howie how she had a good healthy breakfast this morning.

R: ivette was so pissed at her the other morning (janelle) for singing that song. She doesn't mind when you sign that song but she hates when jan does it.

H: if you like someone and they hit you with a football they will just laugh, but if you hate someone you are right in there face

Ivette is asking howie and rach if they would like some french toast (she is being overly nice this morning)

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H: if you cook people breakfast up here you don't get put up

R: i made breakfast and dinner all the time and it doesn't mean jack shit.

R: you ate onions.. i didn't know beau was allergic to them

H: it tasted ok. the last helping i had was cold but it was great stuff.

R: that's good

R: i'll make some burgers tonight

H: really

R: yeah!

R: bacon cheesburger?

H: you are going to make burgers tonight

R: do you think we are close to an airport.

H: i dont know if we are close to it, but i think we are on the flight path.

R: i'm pretty sure we are close.

H: my buddy lives in FL and he lives in a place where you can see the planes a distance away but you can always hear it.

R: really

R: i wonder what is going on outside these walls

H: i could care less, we have enough problems in here.

R: really!

H: (something about the hurricane)

H: if you don't hear anything then you know your family is ok

R: yep

R: if you could do anything after this show what would you do

H: in terms of what

R: another show, travel, anything! Would you want to do anything

H: something about work and stuff, something i like doing. I like working out, going to the beaches. i've been going to the bars since i was 18, i travel. it's all fun but you can only do it for so long

R: would you do another show

H: oh yeah

R: what would you do, i'm not doing so good around here, so i dont think i'd be ok in survior.

FISH - ( they are talking about other reality shows)

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Rach and howie are talking about james ( i think)

H: who ever wins HOH this week is not going to be his best friend

H: we have to get HOH and split them up, we have to create the tension between them. they don't see it now, but we have to do it

R: i know

H: if we are all here a month from now, things will be different, we all hated mike the first week and now i kinda miss him

R: i did too but we didn't have the votes to save him, then janelle would have gone home

R: it's something i said, i wish we could keep him (mike) but didn't have the votes, no way

Rach is talking about how BB gave them Chocolate milk, 2 containers.

Howie pinched or strained or pulled a muscle in his back.

R: i can't believe they have all slept up in that room every night.

H: they have it padded on the floor it shouldn't be to bad on their back

R: someone is cooking

H: outside?

R: like a grill firing up.

R: i can't believe i wont that lux comp

H: i didn't mind at all because jenny loves movies. but i was part of it because i got to be the host

R: you where really good, even without your shirt on

H: thanks.

Rach is talking about the movie again.

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r & k in BY

k - tomorrow they vote and i am gone

k - i am just gonna go back to sleep

r - did u already go into the dr?

k- yeah I'll see u in a little bit

k & h talking inside

h - who's out there

k - rach she asked me out

h- yeah? she has cute lil titties

howie goes outside

h - hows my rach rach

r - hows my howster

h - awww those cute lil jeans!!!

r- oh god!

talking about the veto comp going on tv tonight

r - i feel bad K was out here, he is gonna miss his bday

h - if you are in a war u cant tell the enemy your location and stratedy, and thats what he did

r - yeah i know

they talk about some football analogies

ivette up

h 2 i - did you get my genetalia cream?

i - oh howie

theny are talking about a guys member being ugly...

h- it is like looking at a cooter and going eeeew!

r - what the hell were you doing showing off your guy?

h - i went to get ice cream and sarah said go into the hoh room i was in my ripped undies and it was all beat up and i have to shave it down it is a hairy mess, little bo-bo wasn't up there so i didn't get to see his

r - my neck hurts

h - can i give you a neck rub

r- yeah

h- nice boobies

r - I was being nice

h - yeah cuz the balance of power has evened out, i don't want james to win it he is a crazy f***** and i don't know what he'll do

someother stuff i missed

r - don't smell your shoes that is so gross howie

r- i had a healthy bfast this morn... tells menu

h - u should have had eggs, some protein to build muscles up

h- talking about his carpet mucher song

r - i was so pissed off, she doesn't mind if you do it but she gets pissed when jan does it....

h - talking bout james, he has no credibility

i - do u want french toast

h - yeah!!!! thanx ivettie

r - yeah i'll try some!

i - did you check the jacizzi?

r- yeah i did this morning

h - they balance the pool don't they

r- yeah

h - cook breakfast around here and you donm't get put up

r- i make bfast all the time and dinner all the time, it don't mean jack s***, you ate onions! you ate onions! I didn't know beau was allergic...

r - make some burgers tonight

h - really?

r- yeah, bacon cheese burger

h - u gonna make burgers tonight

r - yeah

r - so do think we are close to an airport? he he

h - we could be in the flight path

they are talking about airports and flight paths and the distance...

both are yawning

r - i wonder what is going on outside these walls

h - i could really care less, we have enought problems here i don't need to know what is going out there as long as my car is not flipped over in the FL. hurricains as long as u don't hear about your family all is good

r- when you get outta here what are u gonna do

h - i want to get back to structure and systematics... the beach, working out, the bars... travel with my family and on my own

r - do u want to do another show

h- id like to do survivor but i am not doing well in here so i don't know how i would do on survivor, id like to do amazing race, if i can get a fake id i am gonna go on real world a room raiders

r- oh god (laughs)


r- he won't put us up he will put up maggie for sure

h - that is what i said that is the advantage he doesn't know where he stands cuz of his big mouth who ever gets HOH is gonna be his new best friend, we have to get hoh and split them up...

r - uh hu

h- they don't see it know

r - i kow

more talk on the voting process and about mike and the votes to save him and then for janelle to go home...

rach saying she wished they could have saved mike, but they didn't have the votes to keep him. they would have been stoned if we would have kept him

r- did you see the choc milk the brought? 2 big containers, i broght some up

r - what did you do pull some muscles back there

h - talking about strains

r- that is what you get when u turn 25

talking about all of them sleeping upstairs and the padded floor... talking about someone cooking outside and a grill firing up.

r - i can't beleiev i won that lux. comp

h - i was happy as hell about being the host

r- you had your shirt off you dork

h - did i look good

r - yeah!

h- hey is that a lotto ticket

r - the movie was good but it wasn't my type of movie, mark wahlberg looked good

h- hes hot> hes hot?

r - yeah! hes gotta be 40 at least 40

h yeah he might be

r - yeah that was kewl, yeah it has been great i have had a lot of opportunity to be in alot of things...

ivette talking to h and r about the french toast r&h go inside to get some of ivettes french toast

i - i hate this pan

r - cuz it gets burned

h - oh lil bo-bo, it is bo bo beauty hair cut today he scheduled me in, someone had a cancelation today

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howie saying he doesn't want to eat with out them cuz it is rude, they tell him to eat so he says ok...

howie keeps saying "oh my lil bo-bo"

r- did they wake you up

i - i was going to the BR so they asked me _

ivettes says she is gonna take a nap today


i - i hate these dam pans

h- u weraing panties today rachel>

r - yeah they match my top

h the pink panties?

r - yeah!

h - oh i love pink panties

h - ivette u still wearing those black panties

i - yeah

h - oh i love panties

howie goes on to talk about his member shrinking from being in the hot tub for 2 hrs.

h - who's panties are these

r - they are aprils, she got them from her hubby

talking about butter on french toast

h - i can'r believe bo-bo is not here to join us... my bo-bo (he is obsessed with him)

r - thanx ivette this is really good, it tastes just like a resturant

talking about a resturant and jerry's deli,

r - is it s real popular place

i - it is hip a lot of people go there

i - there is pork chops and eggs... blahg blah blah

everyone is chowing down

h - i like the beach, it is nice

i - you should try some syrup howie

r - yeah

r - howie i had bfast already, this is just a snack, i'm good

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Howie joins the conversation outside with jenny and ivette.

Howie is telling them that he's going to go outside and tan, ivette told howie to take of his bandana because he'll get a line around his head.

They are talking about how clean his toes are, howie tells them it's probably from the pool and hottub yesterday.

Howie is now talking about his "junk" and how people saw it yesterday, he also told him that he has to shave down there.

Howie made fun of jenny saying that she's probably going to get married in 5,6,8 years and then walked away.

jenny is telling ivette that bb said they could share the candy with the other houseguest's.

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Ivette and Jenny.

J: i didn't want sarah to run downstairs and bring the candy down until we knew that bb meant the entire hg's could have some

I: haha you said Ya'll

Jenny is talking about the movie and how she liked it however she would have liked to see dukes of hazzards instead. She is talking about a movie she is in as well. which has the same release date.

Jenny continues to talk about the movie she was in and BB went to FISH

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