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August 2nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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still outdoor lockdown...

B/M/I/J/S sitting at patio, talking about car accidents... Beau told about one he was in... Maggie says she doesn't want to be in one, because the other party will be claiming injuries, and she'll know if they really are...

S: ok, so you used to be a nurse, and now you are a dolphin trainer, or you just are a dolphin trainer? [is that what they have her believing now?]

M: I'm just a dolphin trainer

S: so how do you know about that?

M: I did that for the show, I had to study for the show, premeditated

Jen: they wanted me to be from a different state, but I didn't feel like studing

A: I said, let's be from a different state, but what if someone else was from there...

[they are totally snowing Sarah! lol]

S: I just don't feel comfortable lying.. every time I think of telling a lie, know what I think of? In 5th grade, I always got good grades... I think it was math we did in the afternoon, I forgot to do my homework... I was telling my teacher, I don't feel good... went to the nurse.. of course my mom is best friends with the nurse... my mom didn't come get me, my dad did... he took me home, made me sugar toast... I felt horrible... he had to go back to work, I was home for an hour... I thought, I will never lie again!

(talk of cellulite... talk of unemployment... planes flying over...)

(patio group joins pool group)

Howie said they don't get paid until Oct 1st

Howie says he got $100 for Ellimidate, plus meals/etc

M: you are worth more than that!

H: you have to start somewhere.. Tom Selleck was on Love Connection before he hit it with Magnum PI

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everyone says howie talks more then ivette..

Ivette: if you're not talking your singing.

everyone chimes in singing the carpet chomper and butt something song.

brownie seeker or something.

aprils getting another dog the minute she gets home.

ivette wants a little great dane named howie.

jamie wants a chichi dog to name him howie

sarah says the dog will probably be humping people.

rachel says she will take the real howie. then howie comments that rachel is too old for him.

april wants to travel across the nation as the howie girls.

beau beau is included

ivette is going to give howie one of her 'underwears' (with an S) if she leaves before howie.

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Janie says they are getting rid of all the people she acutally likes...except cappy, she adds. Jame says its their turn this week.

Jame: I still think my plans the best

Janie: I think so too

Jame: they will flip

janie laughs.


Jame: just gotta get there

Jan: I think its going to be physical.

jame and janie talking about maggies key being first..hard to hear because they are both working out/panting and all machine equipment is on.

meaningless chitchat in the BY with everyone else.

Jame: whats the first thing you will do when you get out?

Janie: relax..spend time with my dogs..take care of problems that may have ocured when i was gone..make sure my bills are ok. go to minnisota for awhile

James: I wanna go to PN to see my grandma..shes getting sicker and sicker. shes the only one i got left..the other 3 died of cancer

random James facts: grandma is 76, his dad is 65. james has 2 half sisters and one real one. he doesnt consider them sisters [1/2s], he doesnt want to meet them. his halfs live in LA

fish all 4 feeds

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James and Janelle talking about Jame half sisters.

James has 3 sisters. He has never really met the other two (from fathers second marriage) doesnt consider them sisters. He doesn't really want to meet them.

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R/S making their lunch. or snack

in BY talking about anestesia, novicane, antibotics..etc

people in by: crappy cult + kay + howie.

Janie/James still working out.

sarah looking at the wall of faces.

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Beau, please put on your mic.

Howie: come on beau beau!!!!!!!!!

april asking if she looks dark..everyone replies yes.

slowly poeple start getting out of the pool..

looks like rach is making grilled cheese.

howie says at first he wuld never see him hanging out with K [or maybe beau?], then 3 days later he is like oh man i love you!!

April, Ivette, please put on your mics.

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A: I look like a texas trash whore [[talking about props they wore at the food comp]]

howie & kaysar want to wear their fake afros and rent a ferrari when they are in the real world.

Jen and Sarah talking/ whispering...can't hear what they are saying

rach: ughh howie put your shorts on.

k: hes getting too comfortable will just his underwear..thats scary..

jen/sarah talking about how jens best memory here so far is watching that movie. jen/sarah sharing nachos. (?!)

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April/Iv/Mag/Jen in HOH

April explains to Iv how they confused Sarah about Maggie being a dolphin trainer, not an er nurse... Maggie said her 'show' occupation is an er nurse...

M: I said that was part of my strategy for the show.. she really believes me

I: because of the pants you wear, all the blue

M: that's why I eat tuna.. dolphin safe...

A: I can't wait to hear someone start asking you about dolphins, because you don't know shiznit about them!

M: only what I've seen on Discovery channel! lol but if I can bull my way out of being an er nurse, I can bull my way into being a dolphin trainer

A: I have to be around for that... I said in 20 minutes it will be going around

M: I told Kaysar, he totally was laughing

A: Beau and I were talking to him, about James thinking she's not

M: what is his obsession?

A: he needs to know all the secrets... at the pool, he said people are saying things about themselves, and I said, are you talking about yourself?

M: when you called him out, said James, you have lied more than anyone else

I: so she thinks you are?

A: yea, we went on 10 minutes about other things, and Maggie was talking about the er again... and Sarah said, wait wait, I just need to clarify one thing... you really are a dolphin trainer..

M: so you guys need to play along with this... only with Sarah around... in the kitchen...

Jen: be a lawyer for James

M: ask Kaysar what James thinks I am

A: I think James thinks there aren't really er nurses

I: I think he is scared of how smart you are

A: you challenge him, because his job is being an interogator...

M: I think he is doing this, that he said to do this to see what we will do

A: Kaysar knows...

M: Kaysar's leaving, why does he care?

A: if I was leaving, it wouldn't matter who I hated... James has made Kaysar look like an idiot, that's when he came to me and asked... one week he was on the top, now he looks like an idiot... he made decisions he has to stand with, but now... I told him but he didn't believe me...

M: but if he didn't believe you...

A: he said it was his only option, they were a group of 3, he had to do it... Kaysar is good at acting like he is still your friend...

M: I'm the one losing, because I put him up

A: no, James is the one, because Kaysar knew you were putting him up... he went to James and said let's play this fair... what have we got to lose, if Kaysar goes home and sees the tapes... I'm not in it to win at this point... but I don't want James...

Jen/M: hmmmmmmm

M: (making dolphin noises)

A: those pants seriously look like dolphin trainer pants! And they aren't even yours...

(friend having a wedding gave them to her, think of me when you are wearing them)

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Guest ilovebb6

F1: living room

F2: dining table

F3: HOH with maggie, beau, ivette, april, and jenn talking about how annoying they think sarah and james are

F4: HOH with maggie, beau, ivette, april, and jenn talking about how annoying they think sarah and james are

where is everyone else

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Guest ilovebb6

kaysar and janelle playing chess. janelle just got kaysars queen and shes happy.

janelle saying she is in a bad mood today.

james making chocolate covered strawberries.

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Guest Domestic_Goddess

Howie masaging Janelles back.

She is laying in bed, and he is straddling her.

Jan- Ooooohhhh

H-Feels good?



Jan-Howie just massage!!! Damit!

H-Deeper?Good rythum huh?


H -(Turns his head away stiffling a laugh)


H-feels good huh?

Jan-Oh yea...yea

Jan-Do you feel all those knots? How'd my back get so messed up?


H-Am I to big?

J -howie!!! stop, just massage

James and Sarah cuddling in the other bed, laughing.

Sarah- Janelle honey you need to watch what your saying. It sounds so....(giggles)

Jan-I can't help it, my back is f____d up!


Jan-Ohhhhh that feels sooooo good.Ohhhhhh

Howie-Hope I don't get a woody


Jan-Do you feel how tight it is?

H-I wonder what its from?

H-Yea tight, really tight....

FISH!!!! Almost like interuptus,LOL)



Jan-yes, thankyou Howie

H-Was it pretty good?

Jan-Yes,my neck is stiff now

Now they have switched,Jan is straddling Howies back massaging his neck and upper back.

Jan-You like it hard right?

H-Ohhh, yeeeeah,hard.

H-breathing heavy.....



H-was I good enough?


(Okay thats all I can take of this)

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Feeds one and two.... You guessed it.. empty rooms!

The other two on Janelle and Kaysar.

Kaysar is saying he knows he is going. janelle is asking why? Kaysar is explaining that James is insecure about Kaysar being in the game.

Kaysar: Just remember your connection to the other group is April. (apuse)

Kaysar: It's almost as if... Its weird.... James all week was like. I'm getting HoH and now he is saying Janelle you have to get it.

Janelle: What could it be? To take me out next week cause Im not HOH?

Kaysar: Maybe he thinks you will get it, draw attention to yourself. They will hate you and go after you and buy him a couple extra weeks.

Janelle: Ive been trying to be his friend which isnt hard.

Kaysar: Plus he is lying through his teeth. He has been like. Yeah plan kaysar.

Janelle: Plan Kaysar is toi try and take you out you dumb fuck!

They go on to talk about the fact that James may suspect that the plan is to take him out at some point. Kaysar tells Janelle to put up on of the other teams, win veto and then put James up.

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle and Kays outside having a talk.

Starting with Kasyar telling her that she is beautiful on the inside and outside and needs to meet someone who see's that in her.

(someone like you Kaysar?)

He tells her she is very smart.

Kaysar tells her he is going this week.

Janelle wants to know how he is so sure.

Kaysar explains.

"Because.. Some people here think Im too smart.. James for one. He is insecure about it."

Janelle suggest to Kaysar that maybe Maggie will keep him, but then pretend she made a deal with you, to disrupt Kaysars alliance into suspicions"

Kaysar says "No, Maggie is not that Evil"

Janelle asks Kaysar to think about that "Are you sure?"

Kaysar is convinced beyond any doubt he will be the one leaving Thursday.

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