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August 2nd Live Feed Updates

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I, M, B dicussing who to put up.

Tossing around ideas mostly of Janie/Rachel going up, or Howie/Rachel

lots of who will pick who for veto..Ivette says she doesnt want james playing in that competition.

They want Howie to pick Janie, and Rachel pick Maggie..they bring up the scenrio that Howie picks James, in which case that will be a test of 'loyalty'

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all or most hgs are in the kitchen getting ready to eat spaghetti.

looks like Rachel and April cooked it tonight.

'chef aa and chef raerae'

kaysar pretends to be the people from bb.. "Beau, please cut Kaysars hair"

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everyone dishing the food out... eating..

ivette sitting alone at the table (lol)

they have spaghetti or penne, and then sauce with meat or sauce without.

they are talking about beau's phrases.. "fabulous!"

fish all 4

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surprise surprise...

Rachel, James, Kaysar eating outside alone...

Jam: i care about maggie

K: k we'll save her next week

Jam: f u

R: lets have a nice evening..

K: not talk about the game

R: yesss

R/J/K talking about how 'she' only sees dan twice a year (jenny???)

they talk about its important to see someone more then that

J: sarahs the first girl ive lived with...we just did that middle of june..

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Crappy cult inside eating at the dinner table....plus howie who is in there, he asked where he should eat, ivette said eat wherever you want. he said he will eat half inside and half outside.

Sarah/James/Rach/Kaysar outside.

Janie is MIA??

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Maggie just went outside and yelled to James

"Hey james..thank you aso much, this sauce is incredible.. thank you so much..what did you put in it?"

james tells her, she goes inside.

S: did you notice shes a lot nicer lately

K: doesnt matter..take her out ASAP.

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S/Jam talking about there relationship.

sarah asking if he would ever cheat on her.

he said no

sarah is sick of him making fun of her eating habbits... sarah says he is annoying but not annoying enough

s: thats why i let you cook for me at home, because its healthy.

J: why do i love you.

j: you dont realize you're making me bring emotion into this game

s: why you doing it then..you said you wouldn't.

J: if it wasnt for you i would have had the 3rd veto title. they were doing so bad i could have gotten both of ours to 5.

sarah singing: you loveeee me...you loveeee me.

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Janie sleeping in the GR

we had fish and they came back saying

'well ya CANT penalty nom us all!'

they all are laughing and joking about bb calling fire, kaysar comming in on a camel, april comming in with 5 packs of ciggarettes...

they close up on an open bible, which is open faced down next to a sleeping janie

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all talking how full they are, and they want to sleep till 1 tomorrow.

everyone getting along but a sleeping janie.

april telling kaysar he does kinda look like a drug dealer...his eyes are shady, she says

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James popping Sarahs zit..James says its green..Rachel comes to look at it and says its a scab.

S: can you rub my shoulders without looking at it or playing with it.

James: I rub your shoulders like 10 times a day..and what do i get for it? the chance to call someone as wonderful as you my girlfriend & thas all i need.

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Kaysar getting his haircut by beau beau.

sarah alone in the room talking to the fish.

'you loveeee the attention don't you'

'did you eat a lot?'

'did you throw up?!'


some people watching K get his haircut..maggie drying her hair

howie singing carpet chomper...rug muncher...

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howie wants his haircut also..he asks about when he can come back to salon deu beau.

sarah telling james the fish's name.

they tell kaysar he looks like lenny kravitz. everyone is in the bathroom but Jame/Sar (by fishes)/Janie (still sleeping)/Ivette (cleaning kitchen)

h: CARPET CHOMPER..RUG MUNCHER... (says to himself) that never gets old.

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howie what uping kaysar from the kitchen all the way to the bathrooom where kaysar is.

kaysar wants him to do the whole song and dance

howie does it for them.. dance and all.

R/K crack up (it was funny, i havent seen the dance before)

h: fishies!! when i say 3 say boobies.

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Kaysar: I see potential for you two [r & h]

r: really?

r talking how she thought h was cuter then his friend when they first met,

h: really?

r: i gave YOU my number didnt i?

april is going to be afraid to see matt, because he 'hasnt seen it for 3 months' and you'kinda get shy again'

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maggie comes downstairs wearing some hidious outfit...[[is she serious??]]

r/h talking RL alone in the bathroom..well not alone alone..kaysar is by the mirors.

everyone else by fishys talking about getting pepperoni the fish drunk.

rachel wants a date with jason from the earlier season

rachel talking about the 'piece of shit' she went out with for a year and ...

r doesnt feel like getting to know someone, forming a relationship..etc.

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Jam/How/Janie talking in GR

james asked howie if he was putting him [james] up next week

howie said not next week, then laughed, and said he would just veto himself off.

((Break time for me))

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