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9/7 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:29 PM BBT

Jordan, Michelle and Kevin still doing the pedicure thing. Jordan is now scrubbing her foot skin into the tub. Jordan pleading her case and talking about all the ways Michelle is wrong. A lot of everyone justifying why they have done what they have done. Michelle sleeping in SSR.

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10:11 BBT

J,K and N in HT-M in Kitchen eating, just kissed her wedding ring and said "I love you Tim" (awwww) N and J were talking about final 2 and Nat said she was going to drop as soon as Kevin does, or maybe a little later so it is not so obvious. Same deal she made with K earlier.

Michelle is now outside on the couches eating-Jordan telling story and now FOTH

Back, now FOTH again-Must be talking about peeps that did not sign the releases.

10:15 BBT Back, but not much happening (out for now-will check back.)

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10:25 BBT

K/N/J out by the jacuzzi. Nat saying that before Jeff used the coup, Jeff said that me and Jessie controlled the house, but after the coup,, Jeff controlled the house. K agrees, said that he even tried to control K HOH.

M then come out to join them by the jacuzzi. They now start to talk about what they would change about their bodies. Nat and Jor hate their thighs.

Now they are talking about the type of guys that hit on them. Nat said she used get hit on all the time by guys at Home Depot.

Jor said black guys used to hit on her all the time at hooters because of her butt and thighs.

Kev said that he has never been with an Asian or Black guy.

They are now talking about where they are from (heritage wise). Nat says if she wins she wants to go to Argentina (where her dad is from).

K said that he would love to visit the family has in Japan

He also says that he would love to go visit his bf family in Mexico.

Mich said that she would love to visit Hungary (where her dads side is from). She said she would have to take her dad because he speaks Hungarian.

Kev said that he always imagined Hungarian men as hot eastern Europeans.

10:36 BBT

Kev now mentions that he needs to find a new dream, because his dream was to be on BB.

Nat said she does to, because she is on BB and is engaged to her boyfriend. But then she said that he dream is to win.

Jor: I love how u always making little jabs

K: Yeah don't push your luck.

K said that the first thing he will do is get a new car.

they are now all talking about cars and leasing and things like that.

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10:40 BBT

N mentions Kev needs to paint all his nails or take the polish off that one nail he has painted. She said she will paint then when he is sleeping.

K: I sleep like and I wake up swinging.

Now talking about sleeping arrangements. J said that the beds in the pool room are too hard. N offers to let J sleep in HOH with her.

more random convos such as shaving legs and other things. Nat ask if anyone wants to play BS. No one responds.

10:45 BBT

J gets up to take a shower. small talk continues. They mention how weird it will be when they get back to reality. They will do things such as extensively talking about their day to random people, forgetting they personally have to restock their fridges. BB tells them to they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions, they all say that they were just talking about hypothetical situations.

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10:50 BBT

They are now talking about different things they do or can do to keep and interesting sex life. K is leading the convo and then says to N "What do you like"

Nat then said that that is too personal, that too many people can hear this info, and she only tells her close friends things like that.

K now saying her is too pruned, and gets up a grabs a towel. He almost grabbed Nats that was close to the jacuzzi, she threw a mini fit, so K goes to get another towel then says he is going to go inside.

10:57 BBT

N and M get up out of the jacuzzi. N mentions that she has been in there for hours. N goes inside, and M grabs a bunch of cups then also goes inside. N mentions the fact that it is only 11.

K now chilling in RR

M now doing dishes

N now goes to RR. They are talking about an earlier convo with J and how she told K/N that if K keeps M here and she gets to F2, she will vote M. They comment on how much J is saying that if M gets pass this week, she might win. They are now talking about how strong M is in comps and the veto comp this week. It sounds like there was two names on each block and that you had to match the names with the each side of questions. K claims that the Ronnie one was the one he got stuck on. They now talk about hoe good M is at mental comps.

11:06 BBT

N/K quiet in RR, M/J in BR. J is scrubbing her feet, and I think M just went into DR.

K asks N if she wants to play spit. She said to let her change first then sure. n also grabs clothes to wear tomorrow up to the HOH because she kept her clothes in RR.

11:11 BBT

Nat goes up to HOH to change, K alone in RR now

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11:27 BBT

J/M now out in BY. J thinks that K is going to keep M. M thinks it is the exact opposite.

M brings up the fact they had shorten HOH (her and J). they are now talking about how they both blame themseleves for not winning. M saus she is going to go get the clear stuff, then they show a closeup of J doing her nails.

11:30 BBT

not much going on, J/M painting nails and N/K playing spit


m ask what J ate for dinner. she said she warmed up some chicken and made a baked potato. M said she had a piece of cheese, nuts, and leftover steak. They keep talking about random things, not much going on.

M mentions this is the first time she has to make a speech to ask to be saved from the veto. M wishes their was a veto reversal. M thinks out loud about how messy he house is now because she hasn't been there. M/J try to think of something to do.


Slight N bashing from M, and then Jor ask if she were to win F3 and it was N/K with her, who would she pick/ M said that she can't answer that. J saying that they are different from her and M because they both want first and J/M are fine with settling for 2nd place and would consider themselves a winner.

11:41 BBT

N in RR with K and organizing another one of her speeches against M. Talking about how it is vengeance for Ronnie, Jessie, and Chima.

M/J discussing whether there will be a America's favorite this year.

M says that she wants to see N cry. She said she knows it's mean but oh well.

11:47 BBT

J/M having random sprouts of convo in between silence. J says that she wants to know if she is leaving soon, hopefully by Tuesday, so she won't leave the house bitter (Seems as if BB has not told then that the PoV Ceremony and eviction is live on Tuesday). Talk turns back to the nail polish they just did. M goes to check time in the dryer, said that she put it in for 25 minutes, and it says it still has 20 minutes left, and time is going bye slow. J/M decide to put their feet in the jacuzzi. M decides she is going to jump in in her bra and panties, said that they might be a little see-through but she doesn't care. J says she might go pit her bathing suit top on.

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M mentions that she can't wait to get out so she can use the Carmen Electra strip-tease exercise DVDs. J ask if they are fun, and she said yes. Now they are talking about doing thing such as saying they want to do something random like saying it's their birthday to get free drinks and such.

Now talking about N red-dye allergy and what she can or can't drink alcohol wise. Also talking about their fave drink combos.

12:05 BBT

J/M decide to go inside. K/N still playing cards in RR.

M goes to to BR to change

J walks into RR, and K/N were talking about Hometown Buffet. K loves it, N thinks it's gross. J said she has never heard of it, but she likes Chinese buffet. They are now talking about places they like to eat. J now saying that seeing the Britney Spears "Toxic" video made he want red nails and she went to the salon the next day to get them.

card game going on, N claiming K is cheating.

N is now talking about wanting to plan her wedding. Jordan said she hasn't seen her mom's dress, and that her mom burned her wedding pictures (lol).


Talk turns to the white HOH slippers and how dirty they get. J mentions how the dyer destroyed Chima's. N/J both says theirs have gotten really dirty, and K said that his are still pretty white.

M is BR. Looks like she is getting ready to work out.


Nat claiming that K cheating again. J ask what they are playing and they say spit.

J: How do u know all these games?

K: I learned this one from N

J: that's right, Nat knows all these games like poker and stuff because she wants to be a professional poker player.

j said that she won't sleep in the SS room because it is dirty and has a lot of ants.


M starts to workout in BY.

12:21 BBT

N/K start to argue over the game they just played. Nat trying to saying that k didn't win because she flipped a King and not a Queen (Really Nat? is a game of Spit that serious?) N claiming K is a cheater, then takes another turn and claim she wins. K goes to make grilled cheese for himself and N.

J telling N that she was talking to M earlier, and that what she is saying seems different than what it was earlier today.

12:25 BBT

J: So when is your first day of school?

N: in January

J: That's nice, you get a little break. On my God I turn 23 in Nov. When is your birthday?


J then says that her moms b-day in in March, and a lot of her friends are too. N then tells her her birthday is March 3.

N says she is not tires and that when everyone else goes to sleep she will most likely get ready for Monday.

J/N then talk about food they are craving. One of N is sushi. J comments that it seems like everyone in California likes coffee and sushi.


J/N talks turns to Nat's wedding and what might be going on in JH

K comes in with the grill cheeses for him and N.

12:36 BBT

after eating, K/N start to play Spit again. J in the RR with them. M still working out.

12:38 BBT

J decides she is going into SS to try to go to sleep. Nat is still claiming that K keeps cheating.

12:41 BBT

Now K is claiming N is the one cheating. (it never stops with these two)

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1:00 BBT

For the past 20 minutes, N/K have been playing cards and M has been working out. There has been very little talk between K/N. There was a brief mention of the proposal, and they also started whispering about something and BB told them they are not allowed to talk about DR sessions. Other than that, there hasn't been much going on the BB house

1:02 BBT

K/N briefly start talking about how or even why N should break the news to Jessie about N engagement. K says but if it is just a brother/sister relationship b/w N/Jessie than it should be easy to tell him. But N said that is was more Boy like girl situation.

K then talks about a dream he had that his bf cheated on him.


K ask about the relationship b/w N mom and dad. She says it just never worked out and we get FoTH.

all feeds gt to M running in the BY.


2 feeds go back to N/k playing cards.

K talks about the creatures that came out when N was in secret room in BF.

Then talk comes back to what are the next possible comps. they then they say they have both J/M confused. N then goes into another of her speeches. This one her speeches about what she is going to say to J/M. She even includes the fact the K leaving was never in her plan, and how this is vengeance because M has had a hand in all of her allies going home.

1:19 BBT

They continue t talk about this week and also what they might say to jury. K tells N to stop bringing the chess analogy. She said that this is the only thing she has against him.

They then talk about the bottom of their feet. Nat said that this is the longest she has gone without a pedicure. She goes every 2 weeks.

N then proceeds to tell K that she usually doesn't dress like this in reality, because she is always out and dressed okay.

K says maybe they will have to do a comp with the stationery bikes and the lights.

K hopes that there is nothing strength related for endurance. N says that she will hold on and K will throw it (because the plan is to let K win it).

1:26 BBT

M comes in to RR to get clothes to change into. Nothing but small talk about the chocolate milk that has been in the frig. It is a Nestle Chocolate milk and it expires in Dec. K says that is a long time ans he doesn't trust it.

1:30 BBT

K has reservations about the plan to throw some of the comps for final HOH. Nat tells him not to worry.

talk then turns to what was shown on the show tonight.

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1:35 BBT

talk goes to what happens this season. N said that the Coup was too big of a twist for America to vote on.

K agrees, and said that of course it's gonna go to the nice, funny, good-looking white guy. He knew it would be either Jordan or Jeff if America voted on it.

N mentions that the will not see the JH, they are both happy about that.

K also mentions he has never had to go through and eviction

They then talk about pawns, and how Dustin ended up leaving instead of ED.

Then they talk about how K has gone up on the block the least.

K then ask about how many comp N has thrown

N starts mentioning comps she did try in (she is practically mention really comp, such as the golf one, the bus, the egg one, the cans)

N: the only two I didn't give 100% on was the s'mores and graduation day.

N rehashing how Jessie knew him and N were going up with the Coup

They both talk about how Chima would always talk about positive thinking and hated anything negative.

They mention their ideal F4

K was Ly, Chima and Nat.

N says she would want Ronnie to come along till final 5 then toss him

also mentioned that Jessie might have kept Ly around.

N ad She would have taken Chima and Jessie b4 Nat.

they now talk about about Chima's HOH, N mentions that she was going to respect Chimas wishes even though she didn't like Lydia. Kevin said she trusted Chima which is why he kept Lydia on the block.

1:50 BBT

1:N now saying that they (C,N,Jessie) went to Russell to ask for his blessing to not evict Ronnie and he was fine with it.

K questioned why Russell went up to Ronnie's room and gave him food to if they weren't really surprised.

Now talking about how they told the DR about how it was the plan all along to make it seem like they (N/K) weren't together, but they really were. They both said they wanted to make it clear to America they have been together all this time and wonder how it was edited.

1: 57 BBT

Non talking about non- game stuff, such as Nat cutting her cuticles and how messed up she is making then. K is mad N is getting cuticle stuff all over his bed (eww). K said he is going to make the queen bed tonight.

K thinks N is stressed because she is picking at her skin.

N claims this is the happest she has ever been because she has just gotten engaged.

K is trying to stage a clipper intervention, and now they are fighting over a nail clipper.

(this is it for me tonight. Goodnight Everyone)

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12:12 bbt

J/N in BR. J is straightening N hair. M in KT eating. K is talking to M telling her they are making a lot of noise outside. (Must be setting up for comp tomorrow). K thinks it is another luxury comp. M tells K they are keeping them on their toes by doing random things. HG are on indoor lockdown. Very boring today!

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12:14 BBT Nat sitting at counter, Kevin in kitchen. Jordan and Michele in Pool room beds.

earlier Jordan said she didnt think they would have the veto meeting today.


Jordan wants to take one if the bikes off the rack and teach Michele how to ride. They can smell Kevin making bacon.

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12:20 bbt

J/N now in KT. K tells them he hears construction and that it can’t be that. All feeds go to WBRB. K in kitchen throwing away gross food fro counters. N watching. M/J lying down in SS room. M and J talking about bikes. M tells J that she does not know how to ride a bike. J is freaking out. J telling M she can ride on, its easy. M says she is to klutzy. J saying she needs a bike to teach M how. N telling M more stuff will happen since they are the final 4. J thinks there is another luxury coming up.

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12:38 BBT

N talking about upcoming veto ceremony. N saying she will do the dishes later (yeah right). N and K going up to HOH room. N telling K lets enjoy the HOH room, we may never see it again. N wants to know what is going on. N talking about her speech again. K telling N he is going to say: He has to make a difficult decision. He says he will say he lost sleep last week and had a difficult decision. Even though that was a difficult decision, I am going to tell them this is not a difficult decision. He wants to make Jeff think he tossed and turned over it. N says that is not good for her. K says he is not talking to her. K starts to talk and N jumps in. She says how J was in the BR with her just standing there when she was in the shower. K says she is starting to freak out. K says M looks worried to. K says if they hate us they can do whatever they want. K says they don

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Feeds very quiet all HG sleeping.....

All of a sudden we have Control room with WBRB

feeds back...Kevin and Nat talking about tomorrow being part 1 of HOH.

Michele and Jordan still sleeping.

(did BB tell Kevin and Nat something w/o telling Jordan and Michele?)

Kevin asking if she will get the camera. Nat says she can make something up.

Natalie please come to the DR.

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again WBRB and when feeds come back Michele and Jordan getting up


Michele to DR

Jordan in wc


Jordan called to DR

(No talking at all.....its eeriely quiet)

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Michele just told Jordan that eviction is tomorrow. She is in shock. They think no veto. Michele has done her goodbye message. Jordan going to tell Nat. Jordan tells Nat tomorrow is eviction. Nat says she got her camera.

Nat: good I am ready to get this done

they said the BY may not be open till Wed.

Nat: i want to get this done. Why wait till Thursday.

Nat taking pics.

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Pic time over. Nat and Kevin discussion what to wear tomorrow. Kev says he could take some of the clips they have and line his hoody hood with them so his head is protected. Nat says how about a hat.

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