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9/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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11:17 AM BBT

Everyone 'studying' for the competition. Natalie helping Kevin think of dates and trivia. Jordan sitting in SSR thinking. Kevin and Jordan look very studious.

11:24 AM BBT

Kevin using his calendar. He must be trying to memorize dates. Jordan alternating between biting her nails and parting her bangs.

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11:42 AM BBT

Kevin knocks on the door and pretends to be Michele. Natalie says she knows not to come up to my HoH room and sleep on my couch. And says Michele keeps bringing it up that Natalie said she was the devil. Natalie was going to say satan but she didn't. Kevin says she's your New BFF now that you are HoH. Natalie says no way, she knows better.

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12:00 PM BBT

Natalie called to DR. Jordan sitting in BR staring into space. Think she is waiting for Natalie to come back so she can finish straightening her hair as it was only partly done when DR call came. They had ben discussing hairstyles etc. General chit chat. Jordan was talking about some Mom-ager on tv - didn't catch which show.

Michele now there - Jordan and Michelle whispering really low can't catch it. Michele told to move her microphone higher.

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12:11 PM BBT

Natalie and Jordan back in BR fixing hair. Jordan sharing about the ants all over the dishes left to dry in the rack. Natalie found eyeshadow inher bag. Jordan asks if she's going to put make up on today. Natalie says she will but needs help since she doesn't know what she's doing. Michelle wants to borrow nail clippers, Kevin in HoH studying. Cam 2 shows shot of spy screen on empty LR.

12:13 PM BBT

FOTH - Trivia

Looks like veto underway.

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2:26 PM BBT

Feeds back Kevin asking Natalie to swear on god, her engagement everything. Natalie said that BB said they wouldn't support her lie. So she told everyone the truth. Sounds like Kevin won POV. Natalie is saying you and Me final two.

Jordan saying she is the worst player ever. Michele and Jordan in the SSR looking very sad.

Back to FOTH

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2:50 BBT

Nat and Kevin joyfully chatting in HOH room. Kevin saying how she (Michele?) will have to come to him and beg b/c Kevin tried to offer her a deal before the comp and she just ignored him. Kevin is very excited he won, as he truly thought he was going home. Kevin says he fell to the ground crying when he won, and how Michele cried when she lost.

Nat says it's good times and they should go downstairs. Kevin agrees and says he doesn't want to rub it in their faces though. Nat says she had a plan, if Kevin won, she was going to grab two mics (I think she meant glasses/cups) and do a cheers, F2 with him. Nat complains that BB should have shown her the comp on her HOH screen so she could have seen who won.

Kevin is starring at the memory wall, and Nat joins him. She X's out Michele's picture, saying she did the same thing last week to Jeff's picture.

Sounds like either Michele or Jordan are in the shower. Nat sneaks near the bathroom to catch a glimpes of who it is. (Think it's Michele). Kevin used the bathroom and is now joining Nat in the RR.

2:55 BBT

They start (scheming), talking about still playing Michele.

Natalie says she would have won that veto comp (just like all those HOH and veto comps she claimed she'd win...)

Nat says they need to come up with speechs tomorrow for the veto ceremony on Monday (it's actually on Tuesday)

Nat gives kevin advice, telling him not to commit to anything Michele offers, like she did with Jeff. She strung Jeff along all week, saying it was a good proposition, but in the end, didn't take it, so he couldn't say she went back on her word.

Kevin talks about how Michele wouldn't make a deal with him before the competition.

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3:10 BBT

Nat is playing cards on the RR bed while talking to Kevin. Nat tells him to tell Michele that he wants her to feel how it feels to be going home and how Michele has screwed both of them. Nat brings up the GR lie and Ronnie and Chima (blaming Michele for all of them..)

Kevin says 'Bitch, you're going' and smiles. Nat says if Michele made it to F2 with either of them, she'd win and Kevin agrees.

Kevin starts talking about the final HOH comps and Nat says something about how that's never, ever happened in BB. Kevin says she's only been watching since BB8 and Nat retracts, saying it hasn't happened since then. Kevin says he can't believe he fast forwarded through all the comps (on the tapes they were given during sequester) and FOTH.

Nat says she's happy winning second place, as she won't be in debt. She mentions they didn't sell their souls to the devil and Kevin says how he could have, by making a deal with Russell.

3:15 BBT

Jordan walks in, saying she was in the DR, telling them how embarrassed she was during the veto comp.

Michele is out of the shower, getting ready in the bathroom.

3:20 BBT

Kevin and Jordan rehashing the veto comp. Michele blow drying her hair.

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3:30 BBT

Nat tells Kevin, even though she nominated him, she's glad he won and is staying. She says she wants Michele out and everyone knows how she feels about her. She repeats that Michele is the devil (which I don't understand..)

Jordan asks Kevin if he'll tell her if she's staying or not before the eviction ceremony. He says yes.

Nat tells kevin she respected his wish when he was HOH, so she expects him to honor her. She says if he doesn't evict Michele, Kevin's a dummy, as Michele will win next week and Kevin will lose $500,000.

Kevin leaves to use the bathroom. Nat tries to get Jordan to go upstairs with her, but Jordan says she's find where she's at. Nat then says she's comfy there, too. Nat tells Jordan Michele will start to throw her under the bus and Jordan wants to know if Kevin has talked about her and Nat says no, Kevin just said he's saving himself. Nat tells Jordan to not be seen with Michele, as to make others think something. (WTH, they all know Michele is leaving.. why isolate her?)

Nat says if Jordan and Michele are seen alone together, people might think they're scheming, and Michele may go to N/K and lie about what Jordan is saying. Nat keeps repeating that Michele is going to get down and dirty, lying and calling Jordan out. Jordan is surprised Nat thinks this and says Michele should have kept Russ. Nat says Michele's vote didn't matter, Russ would have still left.

(I'm out for a few.)

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Kevin in shower, Michele in bed in pool room and Jordan eating at counter. Only sound is the shower and Jordans fork agains the bowl.


LD is over they can go outside now.

(we get random foth on different cams)

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5:50 BBT M/J in kitchen, Mic squashing ants. N/K in BY patting themselves on the back. Bashing Mic. Nat says she & Kev are a team.

Mic tells J she's surprised she's not crying. J says she's bad luck on the block, she thought about what if she went up on the block with Mic, then said, that wouldn't happen. J says if she goes, she better not see Mic come in next. She wants to see her win.

J/M discussing how the jury members might vote. N/K still rehashing all of Michelle's plays, and twisting their memories to suit themselves, convincing themselves that she's the devil they seem to believe her to be. Say M had a hand in everyone in the JH being there, she wants to have a hand in sending Mic there.

N says when she replaces Kevin's nomination, she's gonna tell J that M is her target. She'll go on about what a dirty person Mic is, same ole, same ole

K says he's going to say there's only one queen bitch in that house, and he's it. Said he's gonna say this to N when he takes himself off, and a few other mean things. They're trying to keep J from knowing they're a team (they really do think she's stupid, don't they?)

N goes on about how loyal, honest, and absolutely wonderful she's been (gags me)

M/J discussing votes and JH. J - If I go to the JH, it won't be that long will it. Like a week and a half? M explaining how going to JH works and final HoH works.

M/J now talking about nails. J likes the nail polish N got (in her HoH basket, I think.) M saying she wants to hook up with J when they get out. She wants them to at least go to a dance together.

M/J cooking pizza. K says he will threaten J not to tell M he's voting for her to go home. He wants her to sweat it

6:05 BBt N says for K to tell J to distance herself from Mic. going over previous conversation she had with J ( which she obviously didn't listen to, good for her)

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6:17 BBt M scheming outside, singing inside (lol) she and J were talking about karioke. Mic says she sings karioke. N/K still counting all the "Bad" things Mic has done in the house. voted for Jeff to stay just added to growing list

(my feeds are going in and out, i'm going to try to refresh. bbl)

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they're sitting at HT talking about past seasons. N - Ronnie says it changed in season 6 with the Golden Power of Veto. Players used to be able to choose who they wanted to play b4 S6. Ronnie said before S5 there was no PoV. If you got put up, you stayed up. Now talking about millions of people watch the show. K saying in his blogs he mentions that you often forget you're in BB with cameras watching you.

(it's very boring and I'm very tired, so good night all)

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