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8/20 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:15 BBT

Lydia working on tye dye shirts in the bathroom and insulting anyone who infringes on her tie dying muses...

Michele in there as Lydia seems to be most tolerant of her....."this house just seems to bring it out" talking about her craziness to Michele..

"dude I want bright colors" Russ says and natalie asks if they need to "soak it in water" as Lydia bitches not all "painters paint the same"....

10:18 BBT Natali saying she should make a "BB11" one like "shout outs"....Natlie wants a "bb Logo one" and have everyone "sign it" at the finale..

Russ "lydia's ruining mine" about his shirt...

Natalie saying Lydia "is "crabby as hell"...as Kevin says "you should soak yours" like he and Nat are doing

10:21 BBT Russ asks "will they let you tie dye your unitard"

Outside Jeff is reading the instructions as Natalie and Lydia wondering why Lydia is a bitch....."did Russell admit to the story" Kevin asks as Jeff indulges him and Natalie with answers "she couldn't remember" and Kevin "that's messed up" as kevin that sucks he's "gunning for you at the final four" as natalie panders for votes to stay....

10:24 BBT Jeff reads the instructions as Michele prepares the dye...."leave undisturbed for 24hrs" he says...as the dye bonds with the fabric as Natlie turns it on Lydia "no one should fight over tie dye"

Back in BR..Russ "thank you lydia...I'm being nice" as she works on his shirt..

back outside "lydia plans on taking" all the dye she warns Jeff and Kevin...as Natalie snitches "she's already used 3" as Jeff says he doesn't need to ask questions "I followed the directions"...

10:27 BBT "i'll be on jury soon enough" Lydia tells Russ

10:29 BBT "to bad" Kevin says as Lydia wants to use the yellow and they don't want to let her..

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10:30 BBT

Outdoors natalie seems confused to when to remove the rubber bands as Jeff says "after 24hrs" as Michele conforms it....Natalie with the instructions in front of her face concedes.."i've never tie tyed before"

Talking about Ronnie and his {useless} BB facts...

10:32 BBT talking why they can't see stars Jeff "city lights"....

Lydia is cleaning up her mess in the BR as Natalie says yes to Lydia "so they are not really giving me some yellow"

Lydia geeting bitchy saying she has 4 shirts and "they only have 3" as she says "jordan told me to make hers" as Natalie tells her to calm down ....Natalie leaves and Lydia continues working on her shirts..

10:36 BBT

"were using it right now" Kevin whines as they argue about "the yellow" saying they are being "tie dye hostages" with th eyellow dye..

Jordan comes in "they look good" as Lydia tells her they are being "assholes" about the yellow "i'm upset about that"..

10:38 BBT Outside the by the book crew continue on their shirts....they are finished with the soaking phase in "soda ash"

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10:40 BBT

Lydia is working on her shirts sans the yellow and is doing her's more free hand

10:41 BBT J&J head up to HOH... .......Jeff goes to relieve himself as Jordan looks at her pics..Jeff grabs the suitcase to move Jordan out as they joke about their DRs about his deoderant he uses..Jordan moves her shit back into the splish splash room as Jeff heads back outdoors to the tie dye session..."yours looks good for reals" he says to Michele..

They are opening them and not follwing directions and taking a play out of Lydia's and free dying all the large white areas..

10:45 BBT Lydia alone cleaning up the mess she made......

Back in SS room "welcome back to the humble abode" Russ says to Jordan....as she says "i'm unpacking"...."i'm glad I approach you tonight" and she says she wouldn't have talked to him.. Feed switched

Russ now in BR as Lydia informs him "they're gonna give me yellow' and says not to worry "yours will be boyish"

Russ heads outside "mine sucks" as he sees the others.."i'm taking yours" he tells Kevin..Jeff "fuck his is goods"..as Russ laughs about Lydia's bitchiness...mock her...

10:49 Jeff "mines gonna be wierd as I was trying to be" Russ finishes hs sentence "creative"..

10:50 Kevin natalie and Lydia doing a little scheming as Lydia tie dyes...as talk turns to the shirts...

Russell really wants Kevin shirts {they all look so bad to be honest..they can't even tie dye without messing that up}

Natlie comes out as her's looks like a bad colored easter egg...as she inform Russ she's still working on his...

10:54 bad tie dying continues..

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10:55 BBT

Jordan observes "yours is gonna be so blue Jeff" and says not to worry about it and opens his.."i'm going with this..."

10:57 BBT jeff derubberbands his...as Russ seems happy with his shirt...as he unravels he's not happy "mines not even tie dye"...."fuck me".....

Jeff taking forever to reveal his masterpiece...Lydia comes out and jordan sees hers "i likey" as lydia moans "you like your now"

jeff "mine's dope" .....and is happy with the results...Lydia wants to cut hers so it will fit correctly and Jordan agrees...

Jeff's says he's done {i think it looks the worst} as he asks what do they do.....as Lydia interjects what she does...

11:04 BBT Jeff getting less happy with his and concludes "i hate tie dye"

Lydia heads back in to work on at's shirt Michele wants hers more "purpley" as Lydia agrees to help fix hers...

11:06 BBT Russ saying if BB will "wake us up early" and Jeff thinks they will as now he's back to liking his shirts as Russ asks if he's gonna try to color in the large white blank areas..Jeff says "no way"

Michele as now completely colored her shirt to mirror the ones lydia has created..

11:08 BBT Tie dye continues as Lydia tosses hers in the washer as Lydia says "do you want yours in......ok fuck it" as natalie doesn't respond..finally saying "i'll wash mine later"

11:09 Lydia now working getting all the dye off her hands..."i wonder if hydrogen peroxide will work"

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11:14 BBT Michele and Lydia trying to get the dye off their hands and nothing is working.....

Outside talking about who's been on slop.."natalie" is the only one and Russell "for a day" as Russ says "who hasn't been on the block....Kevin" as they talk about who has money as Jeff says it would be nice to evicted "with 10gs" and Russ "who's going to Hawaii"

11:17 BBT Natalie's shirt is a mess as she tried to wrie "my boyfriend's last name" and asks how to "fix it"

11:19 BBT Jeff playing badmitton with kevin as everyone sitting around or messing with their shirts..

11:22 BBT all feeds on BY russ playing solitaire Jeff/Kevin playing badmitton and Natalie messing with her shirt..

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11:27 BBT

Jordan says she's gonna head to bed and ascends the HOH stairs as HOH {for what I believe the last time as a HOH} and says she will enjoys "this bed for one last night"..

jeff says he'll be up after his snack ...

11:29 BBT Michele cleaning up all the dye tie containers and putting them back in SR as michele offers Jeff her last beer "to help you get to sleep" as BB told her it has to be consumed before tomorrow...

Michele "the splish splas room smells like raid" and can't wait to sleep in there "at least all the ants" are dead..

11:33 BBT Jeff telling Michele 'what's the point' of getting all worked up at this point saying it will just make him a target..and says he will have to drink the beer as they both eat from jeff's little snack plate he's prepared..

11:37 BBT Lydia says why Jeff has beer and he jokes its not....as he heads to the BY with his new alliance kevin and natalie playing badmitton

11:39 BBT Russ is burning up as michele says take some advil and Russ says "i just took 4"....as michele toched him to see how hot he is.. {swine flu hits BB house..well i hope not...umm maybe}

11:42 BBT Russ groans in pain he walks around the house..and heads to DR..

outdorrs Kevin and natalie playing...

11:43 BBT jeff talking off camera with Lydia as Michele is in the BR getting ready for bed..

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11:47 BBT

Outside natalie telling Jeff what russ said "he's on the number side" that Russ says Michele is a "fucking liar" as Jeff says "well what goes around comes around...evening up the odds"...as Jeff goes in "Lydia ..that was perfect" for their little lying set up as they hope Russ or Michele get backdoored..

11:49 BBT Jeff inside cleaning his dishes...

Jeff heads to SS room as to get some sweats has a few words with sunburned Russ and heads to the bathrrom and asks Michele if she's getting some sleep tonight..as he tells her he's heading upstairs..

11:53 Jordan in dark HOH as she says she was "just laying here"....as he asks what she did with the cards and he gets then from the kitchen...back upstairs...

11:55 BBT michele enters the HOH and Hugs Jordan..."if I won POV" would she be mad if she removed Natalie..Jordan says "do what you want" she says "Lydia is still is going to go"...

Michele leaves and jeff thanks her for the beer and says says she keeps her promises sometimes.....Michele leaves and Jeff says he's taking a shower and says if "she wants to stay"......and of course she does and talks how DR asked her if Jeff "looked hot when he gardens" and michele says they asked...and FOTH

12:01 BBT Jordan wonders if Lydia worked on her shirt....talking about what would happen if she does take herself off..jordan 'we need to ask Jeff' about that one...

michele saying "i miss our time up here" and talk about it being "the craziest week" and michele and "russell being my new best friend" as Michele wonders about Russ being all hot and red....as Michele says she's "not Russell's keeper" as Jordan ask whre he's sleeping..

Michele going on about her extermination of the SS room with a can of raid saying he shouldn't be sleeping in there {yet earlier she told him it was alright} as michele talks about bites on her toes and her butt...

12:06 BBT "i wonder who's gonna be the new HOH tomorrow" Michele "not Jordan" and Jordan "I know hopefully you Jeff or Russell" as Jordan talks about him being "called out"

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12:07 BBT

Jeff doesn't know who to vote out..if Lydia gets POV and Jordan says "kevin" and what if Kevin wins and takes Lydia off..Michele says "put Russell up and vote Natalie out" and Jordan agrees "vote natalie out"..

Michele "do we trust natalie" and Michele says she came up to her and J&J told her that the target was Russell and she was going to save her...

Jordan "what do you think".....as Michele wishy washes her away around answering..just saying she didn't want to be seen as "schemeing...she came up to me' as Jordan waits for Jeff to answer if they trust Natalie or not...

12:11 BBT Jeff still in BR as they talk about snacks to wait for him to answer what they should do...

12:14 BBT they wait as Jeff primps in BR and Michele just thanks Jordan for letting her up there..

They ask what do they do if kevin win takes Lydia off "what do we do' and Jeff "what do we do" and says "yeah" to Russ going up..."what do you want to do' as Michele says it doesn't make sense to get him out "I guess we have to send natalie home" jeff says..as "that's the only scenario to send natalie home" Michele asks and they all agree and michele leaves "good night"

12:17 BBT Jeff plays cards...

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12:19 BBT J&J talking as Jordan tells him "it feels like I've kown" him forever and Jodan gets scared getting dumped at final three as he says there is no "scenario" he would do that and says he needs her..

"Fuck ya" Jeff says if will be dpressed if she leaves and says Jodan put on the "water works' if it happened to him Jodan says she wouldn't want to be like Lydia..

Jordan "i really really really want to backdoor Russell" and Jeff agrees...Jeff "i think russell is sticking with the final four" as they both says they're lying.....Jordan "i think they're helping each other"......

"if we get Lydia out" as Jeff says kevin has "to come over to us" and "we have Natalie" and they erronously think they will be safe..12:24 BBT Jeff doesn't want to talk game as Jordan is being paranoid and asks jeff to signal during "the live show" and we get FOTH

12:25 BBT FOTH

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12:28 BBT

Feeds back as Jeff is upsett about Jeff "taking a guy" to hawaii as Jordan wants to go.....as Jefff says "you wanna go" as says he would have sex with anyone that he would take to Hawaii...as Jordan is "mad" he wouldn't take her.."I would take you" and Jeff says "you would not take me"...

Jordan "you're basically telling me no" as Jeff wonders why she's upset and wants to talk about it later....."if we win first and second" they will go to Hawaii and jordan "k"...as Jeff "talk to me".........

12:31 BBT they bicker about Hawaii as Jeff "you're getting jealous..that's cute Jordan"..Jordan "no I'm not"...Jeff "Jordan's jealous awww" as she says she'll talk to him after his game of solitaire...

Jeff wants "to hug" and Jordan says "yes" and Jeff "really?"...

12:34 BBT they talk about their favorite movies.."pretty woman" "the notebook" "blow" well Jordo's favs..

jordan falling asleep as Jeff wakes her to tell her that.....

12:35 BBT Jeff continues to play solitaire..

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38 BBT

Jordan changes her pants saying she can't sleep in the one's she's wearing.. and get a view of her expanding derriere as she talks about how Michele cooks and then hardly eats..

J&J Lydia bash.......as they laugh hoow she asked to stay if he gave him the "V neck" shirt and says nah he has some at home....

12:40 Jeff still playing cards in te dark as Jordan says to finish and keeps saying this is "my last game"

12:43 Jeff has finished playing cards and says "i didn't win"

12:44 Jordan seems to have fallen asleep as she's been silent...

12:46 BBT Jeff fiddles with the spyscreen as Jordan asks "if everybody in bed" as Jeff hops into bed..saying we're done "talking about shit"

Jeff asks what was so important to talk about and Jordan "what do you want to talk about" as Jeff says he stopped playing to talk and Jordan says to turn the lights on and play and Jeff "feels like we've ben dating for 10 years"

12:49 BBT they talk about nothing...as Jordan says "i'm being stupid" as Jeff is lost "what are we talking about"......and Jordan says "the Hawaii" thing as now neither of them can figure out what to talk about...

12:50 BBT "I really want to backdoor Russell"..as long as he's here "it will be a struggle to get to the final two" as Jeff says they should stick....and feels bad sending Natalie home after they talked to her....and Jordan asks "would it be bad" and Jeff says "it would"

Jordan "i really feel like he's with us" about Natalie as Jordan thinks Natalie will put up "Lydia and Michele"....

Jordan asks between Natalie and Kevin" Jeff says "kevin" to split him and Lydia and "he has 10Gs"

12:54 BBT Jeff changes the subject to his hair..."its so soft"

12:58 J&J just giggling in bed and talk about DR and we get foth...


1:02 BBT Jordan Talking about Jeff's Bday on "june...5th" and Jeff can't remember Jordans and starts naming off dates in November......"this is terrible" Jordan says and says "the 21st" and Jeff ahhh "I was right there"

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1:04 BBT

Jeff telling Jordan "a lot of my friends are italian" as he calls his friends da "pa pa" and Jordan says it sould like "Pie PIe " "the sailor man" as Jeff laughs she can't says "pop eye" and says she knew a woman who looked like "Olive Oyl"

1:06 BBT FOTH when she sang the theme to Pop Eye..

1:08 BBT Still FOTH..

1:10 BBT Talking about their age difference Jeff "we talk about this everyday..nothing is going to change" and Jeff wants to talk about "my hair" as Jordan agrees to "scratch" his back..she calls him a "Goober" and says he doesn't like it since he doesn't know what it means..

1:11 BBT Jeff smells a "skunk smell" and determined it not either of them since they both showered "smell my hair"

Jeff talks about his peperoni/humus/olive snack..Jordan gets excites "make me some" as Jordan "hated blue cheese" but "like dipping celery in Blue cheese"

talks about Chicken wings sasying she hated working "at Hooters" and Jeff says he can see her working there as she says she "hated it" as Jordan talks about her firend {no mehgan} but can't say her name as she didn't sighn a release but goes on about her....

1:15 BBT Jordan talks about her friend working a hooter..she had boobs and Jordan didn't and she had no butt and Jordan did and says "a couple of months" she worked there ..Jordan says the tips were awful..because she had no regulars.."i just didn't like it..it just wasn't me"

1:17 BBT Jordan "this one man" "made me cry" as Jordan tells Jeff a rush of people came in "and there was only 3 of us there" talking she was running around like crazy....and couldn't get caught up as Jeff talks about how when he was a waiter and feels her pain..as Jordan says that table was rude...but got a "20 bucks" tip from an old man who felt sorry for her..

1:20 they continue to lay in bed as Jeff says "i'm glad those days are gone"..and Jordan "there are some rude people out there"

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1:23 BBT

In the donstairs BR Natalie Lydia and Kevin doing face masks as thet are playing the game "I spy" what they are looking at as their masks dry..

Kevin "will it ever dry" as he fans his face


{I'm out be back tomorrow for post live show late night..here's hoping for a Russell POV and HOH..I said it..night all}

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9:20 bbt Announcement from BB when we come back from FOTH. 'Good morning houseguests, its time to get up for the day'

('bout time - lol)

Jeff is cleaning his teeth. Jordan wandering around her room wrapped in a big blanket.

Michelle is the one who is showering getting ready for the day.

BB: 'I SAID its time to get up for the day'

Jeff: WHOA!

Jordan: Wow, he really means it!

9:25 BBT: WBRB

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9:39 bbt

Just came back from WBRB.

Lydia grabbed a spoon and yoghurt (?) and went up to the HOH. They must be on HOH lockdown.

Russel is finally up in the pool room. He heads up to HOH (but not before BB stops him on the stairs on his way up telling him to exchange his battery 'with one in the storage room'). Looks like everyone else is already there.

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