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8/9 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Thank you!

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9:14 BBT Chima, Jess, Nat and Kevin in the HOH talking about Jeff using the power. Chima said if Jeff uses the power she will f'ing go off! Jess said because of the editing, Jordan and Jeff are the under dogs. Jess said only girls and gays vote for stuff like this and Chima said the southern people with who cant talk voted for Jeff....then Kevin joked that the white people voted for Jeff *Commercial BBAD*

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9:20 BBT Lydia, Russ and Jeff are in the BY. Lydia is upset that Kevin might not use the veto. Lydia asked Jeff if he was on the block and Jordon won the veto and decided not to use it wouldnt he be mad.

9:23 BBT Russ is bashing Chima saying she has not won anything. Saying she hasnt come close to winning anything. Russ says Ronnie is the best game player.

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9:17pm BBT

Lydia, Jeff, and Russ in hot tub talking about food and other chitchat

Kevin, Jess, Nat, Chima in HOH room talking about how Russ is going to blow a gasket. Jessie talking about how Russ didn't pick him and that made him think "what the hell?" Everyone thinks Jeff has the power.

Everyone talking about who is picking the power player, what type of people they are. The HOH room said all the red states and the hot tub people think that it's middle america.

Jeff is saying that everyone thinks Jordan or I have this F-ing power, that's why we're safe now. Russ is very unhappy with Jessie. Lydia seems pissed that she doesn't think Kevin is going to use the POV on her.

HOH room is talking about Russ and how he dropped so much weight in such a small amount of time and how bad it is for you. Comparing to Ronnie and how Ronnie did it in a healthy amount of time.

Russ thinks Ronnie is "the best game player". Lydia said yeah he was great at the game but this is also a social game.

When Russ talks about Jessie he always looks over his shoulder.

Talking about the POV game I am guessing how htey had to drop something into the right time of the game, day of the game.

9:26 BBT Still by Hot tub Russ thinks he can piss off as many people as he wants since he thinks he's going.

In HOH room Jessie is drunk, (wine). Keeps talking the girls ears off about fighting and training. Jessie is talking about how Russ is legit about his fighting.

9:28 Lydia and Jeff inside. Lydia back outside, Russ inside to bathroom where Jeff is. Russ whispers something to Jeff "they keep it the same..... " Sounded like a threat against the rest of the house. Jeff showering.

Russ is now talking to Jeff "there is no chance for one of the guys to win" Jeff saying, "I got it, don't worry."

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9:25 BBT Russ is saying he is going to go off when he leaves. He says he is going to tell certain people to suck his fat d*ck. Lydia is upset because Kevin may not use the veto. They are talking about the veto compitition. Lydia and Jeff goes inside the house leaving Russ outside.

9:29 BBT back in HOH, Kevin, Chima, Jess and Nat are talking about the have not comp.

9:31 BBT Russ is still ragging about Chima. saying that she knows that she cant beat him. Lydia says that Russ rattles Chima's cage. Lydia still upset about Kevin not using the veto. Both are saying people in the house talk shit about them. They are now ragging on Kevin. Russ is saying Chima f'ing hates Lydia. Lydia is telling Russ that Chima said that Russ will blow up on her again. Russ is telling Lydia that Chima called her a whore. Russ is saying that everyone will see Chima kissing him and grabbing his stuff.

Lydia tells Russ that at least he gets to watch a movie with the 3 muskateers....Russ says yeah right, the f'ing douch and his mistress's

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9:36 pm BBT

By the hot tub is Lydia and Russ. Russ has been drinking beer, he's got a buzz. Chima told Russ that Lydia is a whore.

The HOH room Jessie, Kevin, Chima, and Nat. Talking about past comps. Jess saying bad things about Laura.

Michelle into the backyard. Just out of DR Joins them at the hot tub.

IN bathroom Jessie and Jeff talking. Jessie saying he's behind him.

Jessie is saying whatever Russ is say is BS. Jessie is telling Jeff about Rus called Jessie into storge room and told him he needed to put jeff up/ And Jessie is pissed that Russ didn't pick him for the pOV game today. Jessie to Jeff, "I give you my word." Jeff, "I appreciate it man". Jessie is saying that if the mystery power is used it's not fair because Jessie and Jordan didn't get to play in the POV game. As Jordan walks in and agrees. Jeff seems to be placating Jess, "I got it, I get it." Jessie seems to be in hypodrive.

9:45 BBT

Jeff asks Jordan in BR, so you knew that? Knew what asks Jordan. That Russ said to "make sure Jeff goes up against me, I have a better chance to win against him." SHe said "no, I didn't hear thta, I must have been zoned out I missed that part." Jeff lets on he's annoyed that she was zoned out on that info "it's a big part to miss". She snaps bck that if she had known she would have told Jeff.

9:52 BBT Seems like Nat might be sleeping as Chima is talking nonstop. Stil in HOH

In PR, Jor and Jef talking about what Jessi said Jeff said "Jessies drunk". Kevin's not using POV because thy're scared of the wizard.

Jordan can't figure out who has the mystery power. They are gussing Kevin. Jeff wonders why Jessie is telling "me this shit now" Talking about how it will go if they vote Russ out, who the final three will be. Jor asked Jeff if he ws even trying to win HOH, he said, Of course he has been trying. and then he walks out pissed that she thought he wasn't even trying to win HOH.

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10pm BBT BY

Jordan wants Russ's Chicken socks, Russ says no he's going to use them as a halloween thing. He's sorry..

Jeff smoking, Russ and Lyd by the hot tub.

HOH is CHima, Nat, and Lyd.

Jessie and Jordan in kitchen. Jordan tells Jessie to keep sides. Jessie says "I gave you guys my word." then heads up to HOH on his way up he says, "I love you Jordan, take it or leave it, it's out there."

Inside Jordan is doing dishes and Jeff is knocking on the window. She flips him off with a smile on his face."I can't see you" she says.

Kevin and Michelle in the BR.

10:07 BBT Russ and Lydia still.

Jeff joins Jordan in the kitchen. Michelle in kitchen too.

HOH people are talking aout being tired and wanting to go to bed.

A lot of chit chat all around the house

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10:19 PM BBT

Natalie, Jessie and Jordan in HOH room.

Jessie saying that Russell is trying to convince Chima to put Jeff up and to vote him out. Jessie is saying "I"m telling you to your face that I won't put you and Jeff up. I won't swear on my Mom, I won't swear on my old dog, I give you my word. I gave my word to Ronnie (and someone else) and I stuck true to that. You can't trust his word (Russell) as all he's done is lie. I told Jeff this and now I'm telling you."

Jessie says he's not sure what happened, he's trying to make it seem as if he's coming after them. Jordan says "If he's staying, he's going to come after us. I think he'd put you and Jeff up."

Jessie says apparently you have an obligated (?) to him and so do I and that's why he's trying to play us against each other. Jessie was assuming that the sh&t Russell was telling him, he was also telling her and Jeff. Jordan says, obviously Jeff and I are together, and you and Natalie are together so he's going to try and get us.

Jessie and Jordan say they are both packing for Thursday and Jessie is going to say "Thanks a lot wizard" if he's out. She thinks it's Michelle or Kevin that have the power. She doesn't think Kevin would do anything bad with it. She doesn't think Jeff has it unless he's playing really dumb. Jessie says Jeff takes everything for a grain of salt and he has to be careful because everyone has lied to him. Jordan agrees.

Jessie says he's trying to tell Jeff, and I'm serious, I never drink but the alcohol content in my body right now is making me so honest, I tried to tell him....

Jessie thinks he'll only get one vote and that's her [points at Natalie] and Jordan will get one, Jeff. Jessie was trying to type in numbers so fast but he couldn't. They say Russell has already made like $20,000. He won the 10k and then he's in the jury now at least so he's already got like third place. Jordan's got bills to pay, forget him. Chima there now helping with the math. They say he's already told them like 5 different occupations and Chima thinks his family comes from money anyways, and that he has a good job.

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10:12 BBT. JEff and Jordan talking about being on each other's nerves. Jordan is annoyed with Jeff because of his little comments.

Chima to DR

Jordan walks up to the HOH to use the BR.

In BY Jeff and Russ on the couch. Lydia in kitchen. Jessie and Nat in HOH room still.

Jessi is still complaining about Russ not picking him to play in POV comp. to Jordan. "I hve you guys" says Jessie. Russ told Jessie in green room that Russ hopes that Chima puts Jeff up against him. Rehashing it over again. "he slapped me in the face" says Jessie "by not picking me".

Jessie "I'm not going to swear to God, or my mom or my old dog, or my car.." (ha ha, that was funny) "I promise you that you're good" I told Jeff that.

Jessie reiterating that he hasn't told Jordan yet, "I hope jeff doesn't think that I havent told you yet."

Jordan and Jessie guessing who Russ would put up if he stayed and won HOH.

10:25 BBT On BY couch Lydia and Russ sitting on opposite sides of the couch stareing off into spacce with the occasional dirty look. Jeff on hammock

Kevin outside, Russ inside

Michelle in kitchen

Lydia is hurt because Kevin is not going to use the POV on her. Her voice sounds on the verge of tears.

"mystery power is not, I will tell you for a fact, if you take someone off you can put someone on. I know, I know," says lydia. Russ walks out to by and Lydia and Kevin go to greenroom.

Kevin said he wants to throw off the person who has the mystery power by not using th ePOV. Kev said he is looking into the future for Lydia.

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10:31 PM BBT

On the other cam.....

Lydia and Kevin in recycle room. Kevin says he doesn't want anyone to think he's got the wizard power. Lydia says "I'm sorry Kevin, that you won the POV, that you've never been nominated, that you aren't going to use the POV on me, that I'd use it on you, but.." Kevin says "Ugh. Someone told about what I said to Chima and I know it wasn't her.

Lydia says if he was her friend he'd use the POV on her. Kevin says Chima told her if he used it, she'd have to use the replacement nominee on someone in their clique and it would totally break up their group. Lydia upset because she's been nominated three times. She asks who took veto and took her off? He says I can't believe you're doing that, I'm doing this in your best interest. She says You think someone has the power out there and won't use it to evict YOU? He says they can't evict him because he's got the POV. They can't evict the HOH or the POV. Lydia says you haven't been ostracized. Kevin tells her to go talk to Chima and Lydia yells "OMG, she called me a f'ing whore!" he's saying Russel called you names too! They are yelling at each other. He mentions something about her relationship with Jessie, she yells, "But none of you have even asked me about him!" He retorts that he's never done anything to betray her trust. But she talks game with everyone. When Ronnie came in and wanted to talk game he said "Peace out" and left.

Kevin just told Lydia "You totally threw me under the bus. The one person who actually wants you to stay, the one person who's looking out for you.." She claims he's been ignoring her. He asks "I am???" Who followed you into the bathroom? WHo hugged you? Who else has been there for you?"

Kevin tells her he's been trying to protect her. Lydia says when he was up in HOH with Chima she was told that he didn't stick his neck out for her. He explains that he was only okay because it was up against Russell. Lydia says she stuck up for him in the game today. He says those gestures are nice but how about real gestures, like not talking game with other people?

He asks her point blank if she's talking game with Russell, she goes around it. He tells her he thinks she's making herself into a martyr here. She's talking with people who really said sh&t about her, her threw stuff at her, her f'ed her over. Why is she doing this to him now?? He says she's doing this to herself. She chose not to go up to HOH.

She says all of these people have wronged her. All of them. She asks for another nail, so she can put it in the other wrist and be hung up on the cross some more. He counters with "There you go Lydia, there's that defeatist attitude. You're doing this to yourself. There is no 100% in this game Lydia."

He says fine, I'm going to use the POV on you. And you're going to get f'ed in 2 weeks." She says don't then. He says "So why are you talking to Russell?" He yells "I am NOT doing anything against you."

He says POV is about game. Lydia says do what you want to do, you don't have to talk to me. and lists every day of the week. He says Lydia if you want to be the victim go ahead then. She screams "I"m not being the fing victim!!"

Things continue to degrade. He says I've always been there for you and if you want to abandon the relationship its there for you. Says he's been there to help her all along and then she goes ahead and has a conversation with the one MFer in the house who has it out for her.

He asks her to just listen to him. Stop talking to Russell. He says Russell actually tried to take 500ks out of your purse and now he's trying to cause trouble with the one f'ing friend who's been looking out for you. He says should I nominate you if I win HOH? Seems that's the only way to get close to you, f you and screw you over in the game and then you are so close to them.

Lydia says she's done. If you want to send me home go ahead, I'm done. You won't even accept the possibility that what I am doing makes sense. He says what do you think? Russell has the mystery power? The biggest a-hole in the house? Who put this in your head?

Kevin is trying to get her to explain to him her plan. He wants to look out for her.

She keeps saying you don't have to talk to me, you insult my intelligence, you think what I say comes from someone else's mouth not my own. You're better friends with people in this house that gets to make decisions. He says it's not rocket science, when people make HOH you TALK to them. You try to get in with them.

(it's going round and round now)

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10:37 BBT. agrument between Lydia and Kevin.

Kevin is mad that Lyd is talking to Russ and giving him info about him not using the POV. He's mad. Lyd is mad because she feels that Kevin should use the veto on her, and he's not going to. She feels ostracized by their group.

"You forgive peopel who ultimately screw you but the people who are actually looking out for you you're like whatever" says Kevin.

Kevin said that Lydia's forgived Russ, and she hasn't. But Lyd won't forgive Chima for calling her a whore. Kevin thinks she likes playing victim.

Kevin is saying she chose to not go up there, they didn't ostracized her, she has done it herself.

She's pushed Kevin into using the POV, and now she said, "no, don't use it on me."

"do what you want to do, don't talk to me tomorrow, or monday or Tuesday, or Wednesday and thursday we'll see if I'm still here." Says Lydia.

Kevin said he's looking out for Lydia," I said to have a conversaion with Chima and instead you talk to the one guy in the house that everyone hates."

Lydia (being passive agressive) says, "Fine I won't talk to anyone, ever. It was better when I didn't talk."

10:45 BBT. Jordan joins Jeff in the hammock. Jordan tells Jeff the convo she had with Jessie.

Lydia is playing the poor me still. in GR

Jordan telling jeff about the money thing.

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11:00 PM BBT

Jeff explaining to Jordan that his theory behind keeping Russell is that without Jessie here he (Russ) has no choice but to be with them.

Now showing Russell in the bathroom. He's talking to Jessie, says he's tying to get Kevin not to use the veto then it will be him, Jessie, Jeff and Jordan. Jessie says awesome, just tell me about this tomorrow ok? Did you eat a bunch of onions tonight? (lol they are buzzed).

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10:50 BBT

Jordan talking about how russ said he's a commercial real estate agent. Jeff says, No he's in Finance, he just told me in the Hot tub.

They're going over all his things that has said he does. Jeff thinks he's all show to pretend. Jordan wants Russ gone.

Lydia is apologizing for telling Russ about t he veto. Lydia is crying now. She's saying after all that's she's gone through in here she's thinking that going home would be work half a million.

11pm BBT. Jeff says we need to get rid of Russ. Jordan says that's what I've been saying.

1105 BBT Russ in br with Jessie says Lyd and Kevin are flighting and if he takes her off you should put up Jeff or jordan we back into it. Winks at Jessie and walks into the bathroom.

Jessie up to HOH and shares that info with the room. They laugh.

I'm off now.-jamiehuns

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11:11 PM BBT

Jeff and Jordan talking again, Jeff would love to see Natalie on the block with Jessie. He's apologizing to Jordan, says he doesn't mean to be up her behind (fight with her) because he likes to talk to her.Jordan says she wasn't feeling well today and she just wanted him to go away. He says he was just getting short with her because sometimes he needs his space too. Says he never gets mad at her for talking to others he just wonders why they talk to her now when they never talk to her before. She asks if they think she's stupid. he says yep, but he laughs at them because she isn't. Jordan gets scared when he talks to Jessie because he doesn't want him to go off on him one day. Jeff says, nah, did you see him today? Guy has one beer today and starts to get all tough because he's had one beer. Laughing how Chima came out today and said she thinks she's part of the loser crew. Jeff says, so you were laughing at me while you were driving the bus and running me over and now you want sympathy? Jeff saying he'll tell Natalie about her 'boyfriend' (Jessie) errrm.. 'making out' with Lydia. He'll call it right out. Every one in this house has f'd him over. He doesn't think anyone is gunning to break them up. Jordan had mentioned that April and Ollie followed each other.

Jordan asks him what he thinks about her camo and beer shirt? He jokes that he bets she drives all the guys wild with it "Let's go hunting and drink some beer - look at that girl."

They are just plotting/planning now. Jeff explaining about his plan to keep Russell again. She's not entirely agreeing with him.

{edited to fix Natalie and Jessie on block together comment}

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11:30 PM BBT

A whole lot of general chat going on.

Russell, Jeff and Jordan out back eating salsa and chips.

Kevin, Michelle, Chima, Jessie and Natalie in HOH room. Kevin explaining how he's trying to get Lydia to come up and talk to her. Chima says, tell her to walk her butt up here. I'm not doing anything but laying in bed.

(Should anything interesting happen I will post).

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12:30 AM BBT

Natalie, Chima and Natalie up in HOH talking.

Natalie says straightforward honest with you I'd like to see the 5 of us go straight through. (not sure who the 5 are) Natalie says she was very vocal about voting for Ronnie to stay. The only person she didn't tell was Lydia. She says she can give lydia her word. She is going to vote to evict Russell. Chima says, and she's saying it in front of me too. Natalie says that people have come to her and said stuff about her and Lydia not getting along but she can put her differences aside because it's not like with Russell where stuff was taken to a level it should never have been taken to. Says her and Lydia have never clicked. She doesn't know why and maybe they won't ever but she's willing to put it aside.

Natalie says she wouldn't split Jeff and Jordan up, she'd put them up together. Chima says we may all be friends but we do whatever we want.

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12:33 AM BBT

Russ in his room putting a black t-shirt over the camera. BB says "Russell" and he takes the shirt down.

The girls are still in HOH talking. Natalie says, "I hope we can work on our relationship Lydia, I really do." Lydia says Russel thinks that the power can replace the two nominees.

There's a knock at the HOH door and the girls yell come in. The door is locked. Chima lets Jessie in. Kevin is also at the door. Chima tells Jessie not to pee on her bed. Lydia standing up on the bed and you can see a boom mike hanging down.

Chima tellign Kevin, the plan is to lock themselves in there Monday night. Kevin reminds them that Thursday is the live show. They are eating Doritos.

Jessie tells Lydia that Russell is going home, he promises, thinks its funny that everyone thinks he and Russell have something.

Chima saying when someone starts attacking Michelle's mental stability she wants them to leave. Jessie is still drinking wine. Finds the cup Michelle left in the room. Chima says Michelle strategically leaves cups in a room so she can come back later saying she forgot her cup. Says he'll put it outside, he'll do it. He walks up and puts the cup outside. Says she's lying already and she's not on the block.

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1:11 AM BBT

Up in the HOH room...

They are rehashing Casey. Natalie says he used her shaver and didn't even clean it. Chima says he tried to put her on slop. Jessie says something (missed it) and follows up with "Kid Rock B%tch!"

Nat says he never cleaned anything, he never cooked anything, he waited for everyone else to do it. She says "You honeslty think lydia took the time to prepare it, fold it up, fill it up and prepare three tacos for you?"

They laugh and say if he comes back we're f'd"

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