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8/9 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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8:03 BBT

Chima and Nat still bashing Russ. Saying he doesn't have to worry about being backdoored because she just put him up and isnt afraid of him.

Nats upset because Jess is taking so long with her steak.

Chima said the shit will hit the fan after the POV. She might dress cute for it.

(Boy i wish there were other HG to listen too)

Saying they need some to walk by and saif it will either be Michelle or Jeff because they pee too much.

Now they are laughing because they think Russ is begging for Jess vote and yet on Cam 3 they are stil taling about work outs and food.

Nat says Jess will tell them when he gets up.

Jeff now comes into the kitchen.

Nat now says Michelle will be out next. And Michelle will put her up if she wins HOH. Says Mich will never put up J/J. Nat says she wants to get michelle out then Jeff and Jordan.

Nat says they need to win HOH and if not hope only one of them goes up and wins POV or can vote to keep the other.

Chima going on bashing Russ. Chima says I cant wait for Julie to say with a vote of 4 to 2 Russ you are evicted or a vote of 3 to 3 Chima you now have to pick who will be evicted.

Nat saying she doesnt want to interrupt because she wants to know whats going on in the house. Nat said if he would have only listened and not sent home Ronnie and Chima said no I would have still put him up. Nat agreeing that its good that she put him up. Chima making fun of him kissing up to her.

Nat talking about who is going up and Chima said you have to win first and then I can comeup and bug you all the time.

(I'm out....hope someone can take over but if not your not missing much)

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8:42 BBT

In the HoH room, Chima and Natalie are eating food that Jessie brought them, while he lies on the floor.

Discussion turns once again to the mystery power being used.

Chima says, "if anyone should worry about it, it should be me."

Natalie: What? You're HoH, you're safe.

Chima: No, but if Russell doesn't leave, he'll be all like, ha ha, I'm still here. And I would have to stab him and get kicked out.

Now Natalie is talking about how she hasn't given "normal" votes, she always "says a little thingie", like "it is my pleasure to vote to evict Braden".

This leads to talk about their goodbye messages, and how they shouldn't curse, so that nothing gets cut out.

(I guess they don't realize that only a few seconds from each houseguest are played, so that if theirs are longer they get edited for time.)

All 4 feeds are on this. Before feeds switched, Russell had taken the giant golf club and was whacking some yellow balls.

8:47 BBT

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