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7/29 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:34 PM BBT

Jessie, Chima and Kevin in HOH. Talking about having a target on your back. Kevin was going around and around about what he did or did not say again.

Ronnie talking at Michelle in the have not room.

Not much interesting going on yet. [Hoping the night owls/west coasters are out there to take over :) ]

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10:30 BBT

Russell and Casey are eavesdropping through the closed door to the Pool room, listening to a conversation between Ronnie, Lydia and Kevin.

(I can actually hear the voices of the three in the Pool room coming through the door, on the feed that shows Casey and Russell.)

Ronnie was talking about not having lied to everyone besides about his vote Week 1.

Lydia keeps mentioning NBK.

She names them, Me and Kevin, you (Ronnie) and Chima, Natalie and Jessie.

10:45 BBT

Jordan comes out of the shower and approaches Russell and Casey.

They motion her over and to be quiet, and she starts eavesdropping too.

After only a minute or two, she wants to go in, because all her stuff is in there and she is just in a towel.

So she goes in with Casey.

Rusell RUNS full speed up to the HoH and gets Jessie and Natalie to come down to the Eco-room for a quick re-cap.

He tells them that he was listening for a half hour, and Ronnie is throwing all of them under the bus.

He says Ronnie said that he has that whole team fooled (meaning Jessie, Natalie and Russell.)

That he's playing them all, saying he doesn't have any deals.

"He spilled everything!" Russell says about Ronnie.

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10:30 BBT Ronnie Lydia and Kevin talking in the pool room about everyone hating Ronnie and Lydia tells Ronnie a lot of it was from Russell and Casey. The funny part is both Casey and Russel are listening to their cinvo in the red BR with their ears at the door.

Lydia talking about them being expendable...because their outcasts..

Lydia telling Ronnie Russell "instigated' a fight about Jeff....'Russell is a liar" Lydia says when Ronnie says he was at the pool.

10:33 BBT Their convo continues as Lydia as turned to natalie ...Lydia saud she's "done her hair" "cooked the fuckin' bitch food" and is ready to "cut the bitch"

Ronnie saying "are Jeff jordan and Casey" really pissed off because "I tricked em" and talks about Russell to.

Lydia says "I couldn't breathe" when Russell cussed her out...Lydia says Russell actions "are calculated"....Ronnie denies "having some secret deal with him" when Lydia calls him "a mastermind"..he simply says "no"

Russel and casey listening...

10:37 BBT The eavesdropping of Lydia,Ronnie and Kevin's convo.....Ronnie says his advice to future HOHs...and camera cuts to Russ/Casey...."don't ever put anyone up there you don't mind going home"......

Lydia talking about natalie winning HOH she will go up since Natalie has forbid to associate with Jesse...Kevin finally talking and doesn't think she would....."Catty girls" as Lydia referred to her... as Ronnie agrees...Ronnie says "why would I put either of you up" and Kevin says he wouldn't either...

Lydia talking about casey and Russell ......causing the whole "Fuck Ronnie' think Lydia says he never fucked him over and were scared to say anything because of casey and Russell....And Ronnie says Chima felt the same way....

Ronnie says laura told him he deserved the pictures he got at HOH....Agai Ronnie says he will not be repeating their convo and "lets not be enemies"....

Lydia whining about 'beirng ostracized" by a group...Ronnie doing the "its a game" and it doesn't affect him at a personal level..

10:45 Jordan walks in and joins the eavesdropping...

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10:47 Russell runs to HOH and gets Jesse Natalie and they go to eco/green room...

Russell telling them that Ronnie telling them he never threw them under the buss..and tells them Ronnie says "i know how to play him" and "don't worry I'll take him out"..."I'm not on anyones team"

"I have them all fooled to think I'm on their side" Russell tells Jesse ."Congratulations" he tells Jesse 'he's spill everything"...

Russell "we can't do anything till Thursaday" and again he tells them Ronnie sais about Natalie and Jesse "don't worry I have them fooled"

andRussell says that Ronnie said "the only person I've lied to in the game is Russell" ......

10:52 BBT Russell whispering what he heard.....

Casey confronting Ronnie and says he just heard everything........"you can lie and cheat if your playing a game"....and Ronnie says yes ...Casey says "my fute in this house will be short because of your lying and cheating" and Ronnie says "I accept that".......Ronnie says "I will take it with grace and honor" and Casey saks what he did that wasn't grace and honor..Ronnie says "I'm not going to dignify " it with a response and Casey because he's not getting into an argument he will win....Casey questions how he thinks he will win the argument....

10:55 BBT They leave and casey says "maybe these guys are buying what your selling".....on the way to the backyard..and Russell and Jesse have their ears to the eco/green room door to try to listen.

10:56 BBT Russ?Jess whispering

In BY Casey getting heated.."your not gonna spin it" Why Ronnie says why they were pissed..

Lydia screaming at casey like a psycho "your bitter beacuse you in a banana outfit" as she gos inn

10:58 BBT and Ronnie says they were made because "i tricked em"...

Ronnie says "i'll have a better night than you" as he goes in.....

11:00 BBT Russell calls "scrappy to green room....

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11:01 BBT Jeff "where'd that come from" says..outside in BY..Casey "did I yell at Ronnie" and Jeff says "what happened" and Casey says "ill tell you later"

Lydia back out practicing her putting

Michele says "idon't think there will be a soul train line"

11:02 Casy talking to Lydia as casey explains why is she getting mad and where she's "getting at"......Casey talking about being Fucked "but don't yell at me" and when he attacked his character....

Lydia lying "i understand " for being upset 'for being fucked in the butt" and goes on about him bringing it up and she's sick of it..and Lydia says they were working on her plactic hat and says "we didn't say anything" ...when you talk ..."you have an asshole part of you" cutting them down making "smaller than you" .......Lydia saying "he doesn't let things go" and Lydia "hes he the only one who fucked you"...Lydia "you fucked me and Kevin" ..and now "your going home because of the shit storm" and had he "listened to me and Kevin" Casey wouldn't be going home..

11:07 Natalie questions if Russell is really telling the truth what he heard...and Natali says casey heard it as Jesse says casey "will throw it back in my face"

Chima "I got to fucking win to keep you guys" as the three now can't trust anyone...Natalie suggests they go sit outside on the couch

11:08 BBT Casey and Russel talking while kevin just mostly being silent on the elliptical..

In HOH talking about Lying as Jesse bemoans people..saying "its the luck of the draw" to get to the final two...Chima "maybe we can't trust Ronnie' and think Casey may not say anything..because "he's bitter"

11:11 Casey and Russell talking "why did they get so mad"..Russell "Kevin pretends nothings going on" as casey says "I guess I'm suppose to be upset".....Casey says he told them "there were several people standing outside the door" and Casey says "don't say anything tonight" about Russell hearing...

Russ asks "what did he say" about Ronnie and Casy still reeling about Ronnie saying why they "are so mad"

Lydia yells across the yard..and casey tells her if it happens to you "don't be mad" and she says "i'm tired of the yelling" and says "let the anger go Casey" and tells her "don't get mad...and she says "I won't get mad I'll get even" {she's pissed she got caught schemeing}

11:15 BBT Inside Jeff/jordan in the kitchen...

Casey telling Russ about Ronnie's hypocrisy and having "no accoutablility" since he's "playing the game" and what he does he does "in the outside world" makes him "the bad guy"

11:17 BBTCasey "if we were in the outside world" i swear to God........

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11:19 BBT

People are now coming outside as Jordan takes a seat next to Casey who's seething and puffing away.."why would you be mad Jeff that's the way it is" he jokes to jeff...Jeff says "i don't know what happened" as Casey keeps saying "and I got yelled at"

11:21 BBT Upstairs in HOH Ronnie telling them "i told them the truth" like I told everyone "in the house"

and Ronnie saying he was mostly quiet as Lydia did all the talking and really the only thing he said was he didn't know why they were so mad for "being tricked" and says Casey busts in and was confrontational...

Ronnie saying Casey said "there were other people listening outside the door" and Ronnie saying "lydia was pumping for information" saying she asked about his deal with Jesse as he lies to Jesse that Lydia told him they wouldn't put him up...

Michele comes in and says "Lydia flipped"....Ronnnie spinning saying he just mostly listened.."that's it" and says he doesn't know "what Casey heard at the door"....Natalie asks dis you says "you're playing us" and Ronnie "nope"..saying he did say "i had three chances" to put them up and didn't ..

11:28 BBT Russ/Casey whispering about the convo.Russ asking did he tell Ronnie Russ was one of them listening.......and casey admits he heard "Russell"

Ronnie upstairs saying he went to talk to them because "i was bored" to Jesse..

Casey says Lydia 'was mad at herself for getting caught" saying its her "passive aggresive".....as Casy in the eco room explains what went down withLydia

casey "if you're making deals with that dude you're retarded" and Russ says "I'm gonna backdoor his ass" and Casey says "we were suppose to do it this week" and Russ says "it wasn't my choice"

11:32 BBT...Casey says i'm not getting into a shouting match with Lydia "an insane-o" as Russ laughs

11:33 BBt Ronnie doing his spinning saying "i learned my lesson" for going to talk to Lydia and Kevin he did because "i was bored"

Ronnie says the only thing he said about Russell was "i don't know where Russell's head house"

Ronnie says his lying is "just game"

11:35 BBT Russ comes in..

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11:36 BBT

Russ asks Ronnie to tell him what happened and Ronnie obliges...throwing Lydia under the proverbial bus...basically he repeats everything he told Jesse/Natalie..

Russ plaing dumb..and asks "why are you shaking dude' as Ronnie says because him getting in it wioth Casey..and "your face is all flushed"..

11:38 BBT "why is Casey all pissed" Russ asks and tells them "I don't understand why Jeff Jordan and Casey are so pissed because I tricked them"

Russ asks Michele if she was there and she says no...

11:39 Ronnie goes on how "he's in a banana suit and he's yelling"

Ronnie says "i wouldn't treat my worst enemies" like Jeff jordan has treated them...

11:41 BBT Russ ask "what did you say about me" and Ronnie lies and says he respected him...

Russ says 'its pointless" as he jumps on top of poor emaciated{from being on slop/cabbage}Chima...as Ronnie says Lydia said if theysay Ronnie talking to them "they will give him crap" and said they aren't hypocrites and wouldn't be mad..they leave HOH..

11:43 BBT In BY Casey talking to Kevin and Lydia and discussing why Casey yells..seems things have calmed down between the three...

Inside Russ hugging Chima as Chima saying she doesn't want to talk to him...and says "i don't like him right now" because he "totally forgot my birthday"....Chima "Ronnie" remembered my birthday.....Russ says "that's why girls don't like me"....and Russ says I said "happy Birthday" only after Chima said she reminded him...they argue...

11:48 BBT Lydia and casey arguing in circles.."you have such an aggresive personality" as Casey says "i haven't been aggressive enough"

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11:49 BBT

Casey doing the "he got me"....as Lydia being argumentative...Jesse comes out and casey Lydia debacle stops..

11:51 BBT Russ takes Chima in green room and pissed at Ronnie calling him "a cock" and rapidly explains to her what Ronnie really said..and says "i don't remember what he said about you" because he had "information overload" and says Ronnie is teaming with Lydia and Kevin and says "he was shaking" in HOH because he was lying to them.....he says "I have him figured out" about him and Chima says "do you think he was playing them" about Kev and Lydia..and Russ says he spins every story and he was "going off on everyone" saying "he has everyone played in this game"...Russ saying Kevin is playing "the listening guy"..

Chima says "that funny because they wanted Ronnie to go"..he says they will say "anything" just to get by every week..

11:55 BBT Russ still going a mile a minute aboout what he heard...talking about "lydia went off on Casey"..Chima "I can tell" ronnie doesn't know "you were there" listening out the door.....as Russ says he has to be the first to tell to cover his bases...and asks why she's mad.."did I do something" and says"maybe you'll sleep on it and figure it out" and says "you're a boy" because he's "24"..

11:57 BBT Chima "doesn't feel like elaborating on it" why she's made but at some point she will and saying she's not really mad mad..

11:59 BBT Casey ragging about Ronnie "if I was in the real world I would have grabbed you by the neck and toss you around this room" Casey says...

Jordan says not to smoke so much...."NOOOOO" and says "that's yelling" and tells her "so is eating cooki dough at night" not good..and says he'll quit but "now is not the time" and says he smokes "out of boredom" being in the "DJ booth" for hours on end...says he started "just smoking at the club..and then I bought a pack" and says he was gonna quit when his baby's born but does not smoke around him..Jordan says "i do the same thing to my sister" as casey concede its a "gross" "dumb" "habit

12:02 BBT chima telling Russ he was the scapegoat for all the "negative feelings" from the house and piling in on him...Chima "men suck...I hate men..you're all the same" as she bemoans they don't remember birthdays..as Chima sks if he forsets his GFs birthdays and says "i've done it before" as he says it was unintentional..as says "if you run over someone's foot" whethe its intentional or unitentional or not "it still hurts"..

12:07 BBT now they are just talking as Russell says "how did we get back to this" as Chima jokes "its over" and says hesan't said the "magic 6" words that its "a common phrase men have to use when they fuck up" starts with "I'll" and Russ "I'll make it up to you" and Chima burst into happiness "Yah you got it"

12:08 BBT "he's such a fucking weasle" and Chima says 'yeah he is and he's on my team" and Russ says "I want to put him up" and cvhima says its a an endurance and everyone thinks he'll win it..

12:10 They leavegreen room

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12:10 BBT

Chima telling Kevin she had to have a talk with Russ about him missing her Bday as Jesse eats listening......Ronnie complaing "i'll never play ches again..I lose to everyone...I'm horrible"

12:13 BBT {sorry having connection issues missed 2 mins}

12:14 BBT

Outdoors Lydia "you have inspierd me" "to embraace the live show" and Casey says "i ahve a nasty speech" and says his anget "wanes and flows" and says it depends on his mood...

Kevia telling her 'whatever you say to ronnie he will "twist ' "turn" what they say "into something horrible" saying he is in "the green room" "with her" {natalie} and sure enough Ronnie is helping her make a suit out of garbage bags ..

12:17 BBT Jeff and Jordan playing pool as Jeff show her how to play....."are you lefty" and Jordan says yeas and says "I think I'm having diarrhea" as Jeff says "go knock one out" as she goes to blow mud...Jeff "oh Jordan" and plays alone..

12:20 BBT Lydia and Kevin came back out..

In green room Ronnie talking to Michele....Ronnie says people walk aroung here "like its a threat to be evicted" saying "you can go back to your life" They are whispering "i don't trust Russell I'd like to see him go next..him or Jeff"..Ronnie tells her.."you have 2 or 3 peeople we have to backdoor" Michele says..{didn't catch who}

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12:27 BBT

In HOH Natalie she says "I believe Ronnie" as jesse and chima says she messed up by asking her direct questions..

Chima "why can't we get all the mother fuckers in this room"

jesse says "if were closer with Lydia"....and says go talk to her..as asks from permission fronm Natalie "master"

Natalie "i believe Ronnie over Russell" and says Jesse says he does to but seems he doesn't as he bring to their attention his mannerism when he lies..

Natalie go talkt to lydia and Chima says "we can't trust that bitch either"

Chima says she doesn't want to hang out "with the nerd brigade"

Natalie says go talk to Lydia to find out what was said...

She leaves Chima says "she needs to shut up" and Jesse says "i think Ronnie did say it" and says "i don't trust any of these mutha fuckers" and Chima "i don't trust Ronnie for sure"

12:33 BBT Jesse saying "he does get hysterical" about Ronnie and gets "very animated"...and Russ is always doubtful about Ronnie and says if "ronnie is back to his old ways" they made get the "shit end of the stick"

12:35 BBT Talking about Ronnie screwing everybody saying "I just don't know" and says Lydia and kevin Russel and Ronnie and Michele a little a bit..starting shit since they don't talk to anybody and Jeff/Jordan don't talk to anybody..

Jesse says "i'm fucked".....

12:37 BBT Jeese says "she's pissed" about Lydia for him telling her "we're not hanging out anymore" "shit is going to hit the fan soon" and Jesse says "it will be Lydia and Natalie" to get in a fight and Chima says natlie will hit her and need a "blow dart" to stop it.. chima leaves as will Jesse to talk "to old girl" {Natalie}

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12:41 BBT

In green room Natalie in her platic bad dress as Ronnie is helping her assemble it as Michele looks on..Jesse comes in and says "its more like a poncho" and Jesse says "its more like your wedding dress" and Natalie says "are you proposing" as Ronnie contiunes his tailoring {to be honest Natalie has never looked better since what looks best in a trash bag than ...}

12:45 BBT

they are still talking what they are gonna do and jesse says "we can put it over your face and cut slits for your eyes" {I'm for that one} as Jesse says Lydia could have done this in several minutes and Natalie says "i can't be fake" as Michele says "i have no input" as she has no idea what she's doing...

12:48 BBT In walks Lydia and says "i highl;y doubt she wants me to help here" and says she can make the "pants" and a "tie up hoody jacket"...and Lydia seems happy that she's actually needed..as Ronnie "Lydia's so much better " then him..

12:50 BBT There trash bag clothes making goes on...with lydia's help...{all 4 feeds of this crap}

Lydia says she will do it if she's "nice to me" and asks why Natalie "doesn't want " Jesse to hang out with her..and Natalie says she doesn't like him hanging out with her because Lydia is trying to "break us up" and send her home..and natalie says they are ""like brother and sister" and says "don't give him shit for wanting to hang out with me" as yells "you never open up to me like Jack shit".......Natalie saying its like Jesse "pulling teeth' to letting her personal life saying she isn't "comfortable" and says to Lydia "its not you"

Lydia "i do this for you"..."you're cool with me and i'll be cool with you" and Natalie agrees asks if she can help in her room..

12:56 BBT they leave and Ronnie brings up the convo from ealrlier as Jesse ask if they said they were after him and Ronnie says they didn't say anything about you other than "if I had a deal with you" and FOTH.

12:58 BBT and tells Ronnie "from now on don't talk to anybody" and FOTH

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1:00 BBT Jesse telling Ronnie that Russell doesn't trust him and that 'they are all sheep and are fucking scared" and says "I trust michel 5x more than I trust Russell"

1:02 BBT In the pool room Lydia working on Natalies outfit as Jesse comes in and asks for a "sour patch"..Nataie in there also..Russell making his atomic farts and doing his hysterical high pitched laugh..Chima sprays.."i'm going to the source" as she sprays Russell as Chim says "if you go and pas it we don't have to smell it" and chima says "its a lingering one" and russ laughs.."its not funny" Chima says as she sprays him..."yuck I don't cuddle with farters" as Russ asks BB "to not put it on the show"

They are asking "why are they all "buddy buddy" about Lydia and Nat and Russ goes in "what's going on in here" as Russsells fart is killing them as he just laughs..."that made my night" Russell says as Chima says "eww it travels with you" as people are yelling "spray"

1:07 BBT Chima says she need to go "have a BM" and Jordan says she had bad ones yesterday....'Chima "Poo jeff we need some Lysol" as Chima "it still smells"

1:08 BBT fart talk ensues..Chima "i take it to the bathroom" {all four feeds on this}

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1:13 BBT

Almost everyone in red BR talking about hygiene.....now ther are talking how "crabs" could spread through bedding.."what do they look like" Jordan asks...They look like crabs and Chima says "it use to be lice in your head" and you can guess how Chima said the git doen there..."Jeff "what if you shave your shit" and where do they stay and Jeff gets all riled up "how do they get there" and say "from sex"

Chima "my friend roomate got em..because she was a whore" and we get FOTH

1:18 BBT Feeds back and crab talk ensues....Chima says its a "STD"

1:20 BBT Kevin says he has a "paramedic friend" and asked her to tell him her scariest story....."she died she was eaten from the inside from gerbels" and Jeff says "gerbels like hamsters"......and Chima says "they ate her out"..as a collective "that's nasty"

1:22 BBT Disgusting paramedic stories ensues..

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1:26 BBT

Talking about "cringe" inducing stories and situations...everyone in the room except Lydia who's in the pool room and I don't know where Casey is..

Now they are talking about "True Stories from the ER" and other unpleasant injuries.....involving branches...

1:28 BBT Jesse says if you get a knife wound to leave it in as "the muscle tightens around it"

They talk abouit "Steve Irwin" and some pretty poor imitations and his "Sting Ray" death....

1:30 BBT Now they are talking about "the guy who thought he was a bear"..and Lydia says "he brought his girlfriend" and they both got killed...Jeff telling the story incorrectly about it but doesn't remember his name and that he lived with bears "to raise cubs".. {His name was Timothy Treadwell if your interested reading the true facts to what happened}

1:33 BBT general chit chat as chima doesn't like guys with small "girly dogs" they must have "manly dogs" as dog talk ensues..

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1:37 BBT

Casey standing there as he makes fun of Jordan "she has more stories then a 50 yr old woman"...

Jordan tells astory about being "chased by dogs" and hid in "a port-a john" as Jesses ays "a port-a potty" and talk about those..

1:39 Jeff and jesse talking about "Kimbo Slice" as Russ says he would get killed in the ring. Jesse ask "you watch a lot of you tube" as jesse says there are a lot of videos on him..

1:41 BBT Chima brings up "Dick in the box" and Jeff "I love Justin Timberlake, I think he's hilarious"

1:43 BBT Talk has turned back to russell's odor...

Jordan talking about "N Sync" and says "I frickin loved them" and talks about them...

1:45 BBT Casey asking Kevin, Lydia and Natalie to keep him and says he'll "kick Ronnie out of this " house..and Casey does his spiel to stay..

Natalie says she feels they are his only available target and says "i don't trust Ronnie at all but I don't think he'd put me up"..Casey says "we'll talk tomorrow"

Casey leaves to go smoke

1:48 BBT Lydia continues working on her bag outfit {which she's using for HOH I think} Lydia finishes the pants as Natalie tries to try em on and they are "too tight" as Lydia tells her to not wear anything under them and says it will get "too cold" during the endurance...Lydia says "ok" as she needs "to remake em" since she needs to make en "bigger ass" and "longer leggs" as Natalie wants them "really loose"

Lydia says to "give them to Chima" and Natalie says "she'll never year them on National TV"

1:52 BBT Natalie leaves as Lydia asks Jesse and Kevin "you wanna play put put" as Natalie reenters as she's looking for her "hoodly" as Lydia is making her a hhody for the HOH comp...

1:54 BBT Lydia wonders how she will know what kind of endurance it will be..

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1:56 BBT

Jeff and Jordan talking in bed..Jeff decides to put shorts on as he asks if they are "sleeping with him tonight" and says "its lonley in there"

Jeff asks casey "what's up' and casey says "nothin" as Jordan already knew casey's dog was named Jordan...

2:00 BBT

Jeff and Jordan in bed as Casey tells the to make a tent so "the light doesn't bother him"....Casey teasing Jordan.."come on just give it a little kiss' as casey says thats what you tell girls "when you want them to go down on you"..and keeps talking about it..

Jeff "are they really wearing trashbags" and Jordan says "i don't know" and Jeff "how the fuck do they know what its gonna be"..


{I'm out be back tommorrow}

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9:45 BBT

It appears Lydia and Jessie were sleeping together in the HOH bed. Chima just came in there and woke them up. Ronnie, Nat and Jordan are in the bathroom area.

Chima tells Jessie how Natalie kept screaming things while she was sleeping, like shut the f*ck up. Jess tells Chima that he knows for sure that Russ was lying last night, b/c he talked to Lydia, who had the same story as Ronnie, word for word, and truly believes Lydia and Ronnie.

Chima asks why Russ would lie and Jess says it's because of how close Jessie and Ronnie are, especially since Russ is not close with Ronnie.

9:50 BBT

Jess thinks the HOH will be endurance and the cliques will end as soon as the comp starts on Thursday. Chima is trying to make sure that Jess is sure about Russ, suggesting Ronnie got to Lydia to confirm stories, but Jess doesn't think so. He's adament that Russ is lying. Jess says that he thinks they both lie, but Russ has been consistently lying to him. He says that he doesn't trust anyone but Chima and Nat and if he gets had by Ronnie, then he get had by Ronnie.

Jess thinks that Russ won't try for HOH b/c he doesn't have any true enemies b/c Russ talks to everyone. Chima's unsure about this, but Jess says that if it's Nat and Russ, Russ will drop and let Nat take it, to protect himself. Chima thinks if the cliques are over tomorrow, then everyone will try hard for HOH b/c no one will be safe. Chima asks if Jess told Lydia anything Ronnie or Russ told them and he says no.

10:00 BBT

Jess tells Chima what Lydia told him last night while she was massaging his back. Lydia confirmed what Ronnie had already told them, but Jess says he hates how Ronnie delivers things, where he'll all of a sudden say 'I guess I said that' and whatnot.

Jess says that Russ told the first half of the story correctly, about what Ronnie/Lydia/Kevin were talking about, but it's the last half that he lied about. Jess thinks both Kevin and Lydia will put up Russ and Ronnie, and if one comes off, then Jeff goes up. Jess thinks Nat will put up Lydia and Kevin, and how the deal Nat and Lydia made last night meant nothing to Nat. Chima thinks Nat may hold true to it, but then Jess wonders who else would Nat put up.

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10:10 BBT

Jess doesn't think Russ likes him, from what he's heard form many other HGs. Chima says Russ hasn't said anything to her about Jess and he says of course not, Russ doesn't say anything to Nat or Jess about it either. They discuss that Russ has final 2 deals with everyone.

Jess says Nat's mindset is the same as him last year, as he said f*ck everyone else and just talked to Michelle, but it's not a good game plan.

10:20 BBT

Casey and Jordan are in the kitchen. Jess and Chima still up in HOH. BB announces for the HGs to get up for the day and Chima and Jess laugh.

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10:50 BBT

Jess and Nat 'sleeping' in HOH bed. Casey tending to the outside garden, while Lydia lathers herself in sunblock.

(LOL) Casey sings his 'Man In A Banana Suit.' He's able to say it more than once, before BB goes to brief fish. Jeff is in the kitchen.

Casey is walking around outside and Lydia asks him what the compost is for. Casey explains. He then imitates Lydia from last night and starts picking on Ronnie.

Casey asks Lydia if he looks like a dork right now. Lydia says he looks like a banana. Casey proceeds to smoke.

Chima is asleep on the HOH round sofa.

Nothing happening.

11:20 BBT

Jeff and Casey chatting in the BY. They head inside, where Jeff joins Jordan in bed and Casey stands over Ronnie, who's sleeping in the red room. Casey ehads to kitchen to make some food and Jeff say's he's not that tired, and will be out pool side shortly.

Casey is beatboxing and dancing in the kitchen.

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11:50 BBT

Jeff is shaving in the BR and Casey has been wandering around inside and just went outside.

They appear to be the only ones up.

11:55 BBT

Russ is up and in the BR. He's now in the kitchen. Jeff is watering the garden. Casey's been inside again and back outside smoking.

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