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7/22 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:02 PM BBT

Michelle still cooking. Jeff and Jordan in kitchen now. Jeff can't believe everyone ate his Tuna pasta. He compliments Jordan on doing okay with slop and says she's doing better than Laura who 'wants to kill herself'.

Jordan eating pickles.

Jeff concerned with Laura says she's been sleeping for hours.

9:09 PM BBT

Ronnie in his room rifling through the fridge. He just came upstairs from (possibly DR) and is looking for something to eat/drink.

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9:30 PM BBT

Jeff and Casey done grooming. Jeff in the kitcehn looking for something to eat.


It appears Jessie made another one of his shakes, he was rinsing out the cup again. He's gone out back and the girls are asking him to do "Banana Hammock" and whether or not he puts a 'sock in it'. What underwear does he wear? Speedos. Kevin shares with everyone that male models put a sock between their b@lls and their junk to make it look natural.

In the Kitchen...

Russel is making something to eat. Drinks out of the water gallon jug.


Jessie is modeling for Lydia, Chima, Kevin and Michelle in the BR. They are cracking up!

On the other camera game talk is going on.

[i have to get up for work in the morning. Any of the night owls out there?]

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BBT 9:58

BBAD Bathroom Jessie is taking a shower and Natilie/Lydia and talking to him. They are talking about how the showers do have camera's they will cut on if two people go into the shower. Russ/Kevin/Michelle/Chima now in the bathroom as well. Lydia is getting in the other shower and moves the curtins to see what Jessie looks like on a dare and does it. When Kevin asks what to say what she saw Lydia says sorry it was just for me. Laura now enters they are all laughing about the shower and they all start to tell her what is going on. Seems they are all giving each other nick names Russ-boss, lydia gives dolce to jessie, channel-michelle, coach-natalie, Russ offers natalie a wife beater and Lydia says why don't you offer us one? and tells russ that natalie has clothes (could lydia make things more about her)


Jeff asks Jordan if you were at home what would you be doing. Jordan explains life at home work/eating etc. Jordan explains that Lydia tells her that she does not trust Russ saying she caught him in some lies. Casey tells Jordan/Jeff that russ is getting on his nerve thinking and saying that he is the one that caught Ronnie and they all laugh. Jordan says she knows that lydia and natalie are going to end up in a big blow up. casey says just stay in the background and dont be a part of it . Jeff says they are going to self distrct. Jeff says that the other side of the house has no personality. Jordan said that Lydia said to her "we are going to have to get rid of natalie soon" lydia said we are going to have to get ronnie then natalie then russ. casey reminds her that lydia really likes jessie. Jeff is talking about how jessie uses natlie and lydia and how they wait on him hand and foot. Jeff says Jessie loves his slef more than anyone else. Casey says if he gets hoh he will put up ronnie and michelle. Jeff says that michelle asked him today if he was going to be mad if she votes to keep laura. They think she is a rat too. They are talking about how they think Jordan has a good chance to go home to break up Jeff and Jordan. But then they say they think she is safe. Casey suggest that they plant the seed that Laura will put jessie and natalie up if she stays.

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10:19 BBT Outside Casey and Russell are trying to reassure Jordan that she's staying even though Jordan doesn't feel she is..

Jeff saying that he and Casey "got a bad rap" ....Casey saysing "russell may have some guilt" and may want to keep Jeff around longer....and Casey says he has a better relationship with Russ now.....Casey"i don't want to be in the jury house witha bunch of goofs" and Jeff says he wants him in there "with me"

10:22 BBT Laura comes out from her pow wow with her new found friends from last nights blowup...apparantly they told her She and Jordan should have just ate pizza and take the penalties..

Now they are talking about getting tomatoes from the garden which they are allowed to eat and make "tomato soup"..but realize the tomatoes are not ripe..

10:24 BBT Chima telling them about their shower escapade with the guys who were "buck naked"..she tells them she only saw "butt"..her and Lydia say they remained dressed {keeps opinion to myself}

10:25 BBT Casey blabbering about guys being "so predictible" while the girls and Jeff talking about whether they put a pan in the oven..

10:27 BBT Ronnie is in his HOH reading the bible looking pretty haggard ....

Back outside most of the restof the house talking about taking "the penalty"...Chima singing Pina Colada but the don't know who sings it {Rupert Holmes if anyone's interested}

10:29 BBT In the kitchen Jeff preparing himself some food while Jordan eats something too...Russell and Jesse talk Laundry.....and Lydia also preparing herself something to eat...Jesse saying "i'm so excited to eat" in front of Jordan who's enjoying her slop.....and Lydia asks Jordan to go to the SR to get her some "shredded Cheese" wow what a couple of {keeps opinion to myself}

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10:34 BBT Jeff and Russell talking how they prepare fish and Russ says "why is it so quiet"

Casey "because Ronnie isn't down here scheming"

Now they are talking about Ronnie who apparantaly hasn't come down the entire day...and it seems to sparked Russelll.."how to you get quarters stuck in your ass".....

10:36..Laura asks the "ladies" "is this dinner #3" and go one about what they stuffed down their mouths today including "pork suprise"

Laura isn't gonna eat even though she "wants to" and everyone else is and talking about it...

Kevin saying "it would be nice if they switched up the grocery list"...Natalie wants "dorritos" and "freakin' Jalepenos"....Jeff says is it possible to get "a message out" and Natalie wants "suave shampoo" for her {holds back opionion}.....hair..

10:40 They are trying to figure out date today....and talk turns to Ronnie and "anything he told you was false" about house facts and possible HOH questions....and talk of house counting of items.......Jeff sats "keeping track of dates" are tough....

Casey talking about how "find a way" who gets nominated in their effort to get Ronnie evicted....Chima chimes in "I don't want to be a pawn"....and "its my birthday week"...Jeff "they have to throught it to send him home Jeff" about the brains throwing the HOH comp......Boy Jesse says "what about drawing straws"..

10:44 BBT Ronnie reading his bible with a Lydia and Russell voice overlay...She's bitching {she really is} about Jesse throwing something at her and hitting her to Russell Ronnie lets out a sigh.....

Outside the talk of Ronnie going up continues..........

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10:47 BBT

Casey talking about something about his baby..and worried that "2% had to come from somebody" and saying Ronnie's 3% chance of winning POV is still there...

Casey still going to about the pawn..Casey says maybe let the pawn have 3 weeks and Natalie it doesn't matter since you wold go home..she jests..."he won't win" Chima says..

caseys says that's why we can't put him up........Jesse talking saying "1 out of 9 three times"..to be picked for POV {anyone else see a Chicken George type POV in AS}

Casey says "that's why I brought it up"...Jesse should we put him up...Natalie doesn't want to be a pawn.....Kevin doesn't want to be a pawn....

Laura "you're running the risk" and laura and Chima "its better to backdoor" and Casey says it best to wait and Draw straws...Laura it depends on who "is HOH"........Laura saying the "HOH is losing power" and "let the HOH pick"....Natalie repeating "play the game the way it is and let the chips fall where they may".....Chima "we don't have a choice" {yes you do if you don't trow it"...Chima says "its bullshit" Chima "if no one is guaranteeing us immunity we are not throwing it and you'll have to deal with Ronnie ...period"

10:55 Chima says "it sucks we got teamed up with that fucker...seriously" {bites toungue}.....

Talking about the last of the popular having to compete "by themselves".....

Casey says if all the people don't guarantee the brains "then go hard" and if they win "we have to put up with Dick Boy" for an extra week..

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10:59 BBT

Chima "would they sacrafice us at the expense of Ronnie..yes"..Kevin says he wouldn't put them up...Chima "natalie would" and "jeff would" and Kevin asks her point blank and Natalie says "i don't know what I would do" {idiot}...

11:01 Mostly silent.....Natalie "i'm not ok beinga pawn" and Chima bitches back.."I'm not ok throwing it" and natalie back tracks and says she wouldn't but them up...Everyone OK's they will not put up the brains up......but the HOH can put whoever they want...Russell saying its not a problem..Kevin are you down Russ" and he says "I said yes" as he and Jeff play pool..

11:04 BBT ..Casey..being very vocal and opinionated about how things may work....

Chima "there are people who genuinely want him{Ronnie} out and some people who don't" but doesn't elaborate on her statement..

11:06 BBT talking its a tie week....Chima says "I don't think he'll get 4 votes" and Kevin warns anyone caught talking could be in trouble..Casey says if Ronnie tries to talk to them they yell "Ronnie's trying to talk to me" and all laugh ..

Chima says "we should throw him in the splish slash room" with Russell and Russells says Ok and torment him so "he'll cry himself to sleep"..

Now they said Ronnie will throw the have not comp to "get back at us" for throwing HOH

11:09 BBT Casey talking how the cold shoulder treatment "has to be getting to him"..Kevin says especially since he like bossing people aroung "go fetch this person"...

11:10 Ronnie comes down and Russell tormenting him "I got you good'..."Russell smarter than me" Russell didn't "buy my bullshit" .."everyone is going to laugh at you"..."we all want you to go home"....calls him Ratty as he heads back to HOH with the bottle opener...{wow that was brutal...but I loved it}

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11:14 BBT downstairs they laugh at Ronnie "what does he want a botle opener for" Chima wonders....some says "his "Mirnoff Ice" but it was Laura who correctly said "his root beers"

Lydia giving Jordan a pep talk that she's staying...

Ronnie living off his rootbeer and snacks in the HOH as the camera keeps going back and forth between hm upstairs and Russell making fun of him downstairs..

1:17 BBT..Casey saying its eatinghim up he's not going to win and if he doesn't go the next week or the week after that..

11:18 BBT they are talking about Ronnie doesn't have wine and laura says "root beer" and the Smirnoff Ice is "twist off"...Rusell joyfully telling them "he was shaking" and "trying to move fast"

Russell saying "it smells like feet" outside while Chima says classily "it smells like butt"..Jeff "we need to hose this place down"

11:20...Russ says "he'll try to talk to Jesse" or "jordan"..."Just scream Russell" if Ronnie tries to talk to them...Jordan "why would he try to talk to me"..and Jeff 'because he thinks he can manipulate you"...

Russell saying if this would have been later in the game "it would have been more difficult"

Candy and bubble gum talk..laura "me and Jordan are the only ones eating healthy around here"

Kevin "why did he want to talk to you" and Chima says "I don't know" and Casey says not to feel guilty but says he should be allowed to eat....

"that's gonna be fun" Russell says when laura says "we are going to be locked" in the HOH this Thursday..

11:24 BBT More Ronnie bashing about his arrogance....and how he was going to win....

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11:40 BBT

Jordan & Michelle in BR talking about food. Jordan is really hungry & wants to eat but is more concerned for Laura b/c Laura hasn't been eating the slop.

Lydia & Kevin in Recycle room talking. Laura comes in to get her blanket and leaves. Kevin says if he is HOH he is going to put up 2 of the athletes b/c there is 4 of them. Not that he doesn't like them but b/c they have the numbers. Lydia seems to be taking Jessie & Natalie's friendship personally... jealous. They both agree they are keeping Jordan this week. Lydia feels bad that Ronnie is too scared to come down to eat, but that he brought all this upon himself b/c he lied to everyone in the house.

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11:26 BBT..talking about playing a game Chima 'lets have a big Orgy"..Russell "what was that last part?"..Chima giggles{or kackles depending on your perspective}]

casey trying to play "Buzz" in which you buzz after multiple of 7's...which didn't go over too well with these geniouses..

11:29 BBT..Chima says she spends too much time talking on the phone, computer watching TV..

In bathroom Natalie and Jesse whispering and schemeing about Chima and Lydia.....Jesse smartly says "it will be me and you to go up" if the brains win..

11:31 BBt jesse asks Jeff to play pool and Natalie "i'll play pool"....

Chima "I'm bored" {me too} and sings Pina Colada again.. {must be a royalty free song as BB has yet to tell her to shut up}

11:32 BBT...Just candy talk....and idle chit chatting....

11:34 Jordan just saying she wants to eat sitting with Kevin and Lydia in eco/green room...Jordan leaves and Lydia tells her to close the door"...and immediately start talking about Jesse when Laura walks in.....Lydia complaining that jesse is a "home wrecker" and they both talk about putting Jesse/Natalie or kevin says "both of the athletes"...Lydia "I would put up Jesse and Natalie" and talk about who they are voting for..both are voting for Jordan to stay...even though lydia says she's scared..

lydia says Michele....Lydia insulted Michele told her that Ronnie called them "weak players" {truth hurts} and thats why the gravitate together.. as Lydia says she finally talked game with Michele..

11:40 BBT Jordan and Jeff in bed...with Laura talking...Laura trying to keep a stif upper lip about her pending eviction...saying "the fact i let that happen..I feel stupid"....Jordan saying its because we were "out numbered" and FoTH.....Laura "we are going to make pizza" and put it in a bag and at the stroke of midnight..they are both going to eat it..one "in the car" after the boot and the other who stays in the house..

Laura beating herself for her "bad decisions" and can blame Ronnie "all I want" but it was her....

11:44 BBT Jeff telling Jordan he feels so drained..

In eco green room and Chima/Lydia/Kevin talking about Natalie and are talking shit.....how she wouldn't comitt to the brain's safety...and Kevin tells then he will put up "two athletes" and if Ronnie wins POV.."Oh well an athlete goes home boo hoo" Kevin says {sounds good but Kevin/Lydia winning HOH....hmmm}

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11:45 BBT

Lydia went & got Chima to join her & Kevin in the RR. They are concerned that Natalie, Russell & Jeff won't keep their word not to put them (Brain girls) if they throw the HOH comp. They said that those three hesitated when they were asked.

Kevin repeated in front of Chima that he will put up 2 athletes if he is HOH. (Lydia seems to be still protecting Jessie) She would be comfortable with Natalie, Russell or Jeff going up. Chima says that everyone else didn't hesitate.

Jessie just walked in looking for his water jug. He had a look on his face like "What's going on in here" but just got his jug & left.

Chima said her & Michelle are pretty much in an agreement to throw it (HOH comp).

Now they are kicking around thoughts that BB may change the rules since the Popular group will be down to one after Thursday and how that would change the whole strategy to get rid of Ronnie.

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11:49 BBT

In eco room in walks Jordan as the three talk how Jesse/natalie and others are making the Ronnie boot "more complicated" than it needs to be..

Chima asks "what should I do" about throwing the HOH and Lydia changes her tune she and Michele are safe...and Chima if we win we can't even backdoor Ronnie..

Kevin tells Chima to go to Ronnie and tell him to throw POV when they tell him he doesn't play...Chima says what if they change HOH and you "can choose someone to go over to the popular team".......

11:54 BBT Chima complaining Russell is doing "the exact same thing as Ronnie" just not "as successful" and now taking all the focus off him...

Talking about Laura going "she's a dumb bitch for not approaching people" Kevin says.....and rag on Laura for not campaigning...and Kevin says he telling her in goodbye message he would have voted for her if she asked..

Chima wonders who is safer to keep and Lydia and Kevin "JORDAN"...

chima "the biggest threat in the house are the athletes" Chima surmises...and Lydia/Kevin agree..and rag on Jesse and Natalie's little tryst.... Lydia calling Natalie his "his little barking lap dog" {couldn't have said it better} and continue their rant...

11:58 BBT Laura/Jeff/Jordan still talking in the darkened red room... Laura "i don't know what the fuck I'm gonna say Thursday"..."we have to think of something good" Jordan says..then she talks about what she'll be doing after eviction..basically talking about hanging out with family and friends...and talk turns to food

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12:02 BBT

Casey, Jesse/Natalie and Russell talking about.....Ronnie..about his eviction...while Casey keeps bring up his odds of getting POV...

Russell says "i hope its really something athletic"...

12:04 BBT Natalie "if its HG choice".. Casey says "anybody 'cept Ronnie"...

Casey ask who Jesse and Natalie are voting to evict "I think I'm looking that way also" Casey says when both tell him they are evicting Laura...

12:06 BBT All three say they wouldn't put up Michele and Chima...Casey says he hopes it something endurance "so they can just jump off"

12:07 BBT Jeese "these are the Days of the Big Brother House" and sings and gets FOTH...

Jesse says he's going to "make those steaks" as Casey declines one..

natalie "i just hope people stick to the plan" Casey agrees...

12:10 BBT and Natalie says are they really stick to the plan and rambles on.....very inarticulately....Natalie saying the plan "keeps me her another week and I can't complain"...Casey says 'you have the best chance of being safe since there are 4 of them......"its looking bad for the offbeats if y'all win"...

Natalie says she can understand his concerns "I do..i really do"

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12:13 BBT

In Kitchen Russell and Jesse complaining Casey always bring up that 4 of them are eligible to play...."that's bullshit..that's fucking bullshit" jesse says..Russell says something and says "food for thought man"...Jesse "yep"as they continue their steak fest.

12:16 The excitement continues as Casey cleans the mirror in the BR as Michele thanks Casey for his housekeeping skills..Casey asks if she's going to bed and Michele pretty indecisive as to what she'll do...

12:18 BBT Casey and Michele head back into the kitchen and Casey notices that "there's a lot of cholesterol" in what they're preparing...as Kevin asks how they are preparing it

12:20 BBT Chima and Michele talking Chima tells her that they are voting out Laura.....Michele thinks Natalie wants to "send her home" and question if its wise to throw it...Chima says they should throw the HOH to "the off-beats"....Chima and Michele that the athletes "hesitated" about their safety and have to really think about it...Michele says she wants to have "the strongest" players as nominees just in case Ronnie wins POV....Chima again says "I prefer the offbeats to win"...

12:24 BBT Chima if come Thursday "we don't trust them" they shouldn't throw it.......and Chima does her 'too bad so sad' if in the end an athlete gets the boot instead of Ronnie..

Michele is glad the "cat-fighting" has stopped and are communicating....Chima says people are putting more on Ronnie "then they really should"..they continue their strategy talk......as Michele whispers her concern for Casey and Chima worries about Russell....

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12:31 BBT

Michele talking in a very inaudible whisper about Russell..Chima saying at a louder more understandable tone that Russell is guilty of the same thing Ronnie is doing or did.....Michele says "at this point Ronnie has no friends...at this point in the game.."

Chima says Ronnie actions are "very telling of his character"

their talk continues

12:34 BBT In the kitchen...Russell and jesse are eating their steaks with Kevin and no talking..Jesse praying before he digs in..

Russell "what's going on" to Kevin and tells them "it's good" and Russ asks what he would do and Kevin says "whatever the consensus is" about the eviction Thursday....Russell "I was assuming people were sticking to the plan" of evicting Laura...Russell "I don't see why it would have changed" and take the approach that you're are "undecided"...Kevin "I agree" and Kevin says he knows what Lydia and Chima are doing and asks what Natalie is doing and Jesse tells him she already promised Jordan she's keeping her..

12:42 BBT No talking just a lot of banging dishes...as Casey does them...

12:43 BBT Natalie telling Kevin she feels "shystiness" with people she thought she was close too...Kevin prods and Natalie resists.."that's what I was thinking" and turns she hopes "people sticking to it" about getting Ronnie and saying "its simple just stick to it" and Kevin wonders 'why people are making it complicated"

now they play secret.."Jesse likes you" Kevin says ..Natalie "that's not a secret" and now he wants one.....Kevin can't think of one.."fuck I don't have any secrets" a skeptical Natalie "none?"....

12:46 BBT Chima is in the crapper as Kevin wonders...Michele there just kinda sighing...as Kevin and Natalie talking..and says Jesse is just her "best friend" in "this house"..Kevin "don't break his heart" by acting all "cute and sexy"..and Natalie took the words outta my mouth "really?"

Chima out of the shitter and can't figure what she ate that didn't agree with her...Chima thinks it may be the wine "or any number of things" and says it's the wine because its "like heartburn"

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12:51 BBT Kevin trying to ask her thoughts about "the post-Ronnie blow-up" and Natalie confirms Ronnie goes..."does he need to go?...yes" but Natalie having a hard time the way he's being treated not allowed to leave his room to eat.."let the guy eat" and Kevin "nobody is trying fuck with that plan" and Natalie says operation evict Ronnie....is a go...Kevin says he's concerned that the other side is happy and Kevin says "it's still NBK minus Ronnie"....Chima who's hanging around the crapper "just in case" says "yeah ..right"...

12:55 BBT Casey still working hard cleaning the kitchen no substantial convo's going on....as it's just Casey by himself...

12:57 BBT

Jesse and Russell cleaning the BY and again no substantial convo

12:58 BBT The excitement continues......

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1:03 BBT

Bathroom talk continues with Casey and we get FOTH as Casey talks about his odds of how things will turn out...

Russell cleaning the pool as he and Jesse straighten things outside....

1:05 BBT FoTH.......

1:07 BBT Chima "that's a first, they are turning the lights of at two" and talk why BB is doing it. Chima says "why don't they give us something to do".....Chima wonders "if we're the least entertaining cast ever?" and talk about all the "down time" and Casey saying being told to sleep ..if your body needs sleep it will fall asleep and if it doesn't it will stay up..

Natalie "I'm interested what lights they will turn out"...

1:10 BBT..Jesse says "there is no way they are turning the lights off completely"..Natalie says if they do "lets play hide-n-seek" and Chima says "today was quite boring"

1:12 BBT Outside Russell says we need to reassess right now it ""me you and Natalie" and both are questioning Kevin asking all those questions....and Russell says that's why he was "being vague"......Russ says Laura has proved to be an "asset" and Russ is wondering if Lydia and Kevin are "talking" about keeping Laura....Jesse "will Michele put me and Natalie up?" and Russ "NO she's just looking for a team"..Russell continues that Michele will vote with them...and Ronnie pretty much "had her not talking to anybody".."i don't think she has tha capability to back-stab anybody"......about Michele...Russell about Michele "she can be our "majority vote".. Jesse worried about Casey... Russell: "with you me and Natalie " he's glad the way things worked out and admits he felt left out even "you went to bat" for Russell he talked "to everyone to get information"

1:19 BBT Russ "her and Kevin" are just trying to play "the quiet waiting game"...Russell telling Jesse...."me and Natalie have a huge target on our backs" for going to bat for Russell, Jesse tells him..and Russell says all of them....Jesse "Ronnie never lied to us" and says "he's a huge asset"....Jesse If they want to stick to this plan" Fuck this plan" Jesse says since "he's not coming after us"...

1:22 BBT Russ "let them think that" ..and Jesse says "you did not go up" and Russ says the reason was "you would have been pissed at him" and Jesse trying hard to convince Russ to keep him..Jesse "keep playing it the way you are"..and Ronnie out "only benefits them" Casey and others...

1:25 BBT Russ says he'll think about it and if you want him out "who's benefiting" they are...Jesse trying to save Ronnie....and Russ pledges his loyalty to Jesse....Jesse wants an opinion on Ronnie and Russell is not committing....

1:28 BBT "you need a group to get to the end"..and Russ says "you and Natalie" were hanging out so much that he had doubt....Jesse saying "it's not rocket science" to play these comp...

Jesse "mine has not gone faulty" about Ronnie and his and Natalie's did..Casey and Chima.....Russ asks if Chima would have voted him out..Jesse "it was everybody in the house" that pushed for Russell to be evicted.....

1:32 Jesse keeps trying to keep Ronnie..Jesse warns 'you need to stay close with Chima" and says "you need to keep us safe".

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1:37 BBT Jesse "I'm still going to bat for Ronnie" and it would be a huge mistake....and says everybody will "be stupid" if they get caught talking to Ronnie...

Russ says he'll talk to Michele and Chima tomorrow...

Russell says "we are the four" and says the three, as Jeff isn't "really an asset to us but he can't put us up"

Jesse saying "I'll try to talk to Lydia' and Russ says "if we play straws" there is a good chance only one of them will go up.....and "I'll marinate on the Ronnie thing"...

Now they are worried about Casey....and Jesse 'we're fucked' if Chima gets power......Jesse worried Michele "will put Natalie and I up"..Russ says he can easily pick Chima's brain....

1:44 BBT Natalie comes out..and Russ briefs her what they just talked about...Russ says "we need a lot of the information between us" and exclude the rest..

1:47 BBT Natalie asks if he has deals with the others..and says no..Kevin come out and they talk about MMA fighting.. Kevin excited about going to a fight and asks questions about bleeding..and now they stopped talking as Kevin is sticking around and now they are playing with a Praying Mantis..

1:50 Russ talking about his fighting...

{I'm out I'll be back tomorrow}

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5:33 AM BBT Everyone is in bed except Jessie and Lydia. Jessie and Lydia laying side by side having a heart to heart. Jessie is trying to figure out what he did to Lydia, and mad that he is doing damage control for things he didn't do. Jessie want Lydia to promise him that she will give Russ a chance. Lydia wants their group to get pass four. They say that their group needs to work together. Jessie the only person to burn me is Russ. He would like to think that they are working together for a common goal. Talk now changes to Ronnie, and how he was stuck in HOH all day yesterday. They can't even take him a drink of water because the fear of what the others would think. Lydia says her Nat, and Chima was going to sneak food to ronnie, but never got to. They feel bad for him, but on the other hand he did it to himself.

Lost feeds for a few-

5:45 AM BBT Jessie is defending himself about talking to her, and says he tells Lydia -he tells her everything, (Nat ?) Can't hear what was said before this. Jessie admitting that he made a mistake, and Lydia says can we date that, and jessie says YES I made a mistake!

Feeds are very choppy this morning- sorry I am only getting tidbits.

They are discussing scenarios of HoH and who would go up. Jessie is trying to convince Lydia that no one is after her, and no one has mentioned her name. Jessie on the other hand has to watch out for Jeff, Jordon and Casey.

They kept making referencing to Lydia sneaking into bed, and not speaking to Jessie. Jessie said that he feels it was disrespectful. Lydia said "someone don't like it when he is not the favorite. Lydia wants to hold his hand and Jessie says he don't hold girls hands. Lydia says if I die right now you would feel bad because that is my last request. Jessie says hold my elbow.

They are hungry. Lydia ask you want a snack. Lydia whispered that Jessie is her favorite, Jessie says she is lying, and she pinky swears. and he demands that she can not go to bed with out saying good night.

all bets are off if she goes to bed without letting him know. Lydia- my heart is little, jessie your heart is this big, so it is not small.

Lydia- if you can put your hand over your head then you will get cancer. Jessie if you can put your whole hand in your mouth then you can give good head! -

Lydia ask jessie to try this and he said NO!

Nat is scared that her and nat on are not on the same page, and lydia promises to make lydia and nat time later today. Jessie tells her that he is to drunk to taste the cheese. (not sure what that means- they are still laying down)

Jessie keeps saying that Lydia set him up to fail, you said me up to fail.

Sorry- Feeds are choppy again and having connections problems.

6:18 Am BBT They have moved to the BY. Talking about sunrise, and going to bed soon. Jessie went to drink water from the milk jug, and there is something floating in the water. he freaks out, and says fuck you moth! now everything F this and F that. He keeps say he is going home week 3. he goes on about the week 3.

Jessie thinks Lydia has a kindergarten crush on him, that is only reason she puts up with him. Lydia tells him stop beating a dead horse. Jessie is back to freaking out about the moth is in his water, and thinks it is going to dive bomb his bowl of cereal. (Talk is random, and jumping all around nothing worth typing. .)

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8:45AM BBT: All four feeds on sleeping house guests.

9:05AM BBT: FotH.

9:15AM BBT: Still FotH.

9:17AM BBT: Feeds are back. Casey is up and in the back yard smoking. Jeff is also up and in bathroom doing ADLs. He heads to the kitchen. Casey started to sing and we had a brief FotH.

9:25AM BBT: BB (in a very stern voice): “I said, the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.” Jeff is making an omelet.

9:35AMBBT: Casey really has the morning songs stuck in his head, causing FotH for nearly 10 minutes. I didn’t recognize the last one he was singing, but earlier it sounded like Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight. Jessie is up and moving around. Casey tells Jeff, “The rat came out of his hole and got his batteries.” Jeff asks if they went in the storage room together and Casey says they did. Casey says he didn’t say anything to Ronnie.

9:40AM BBT: BB: “Jessie, Lydia, Natalie… the bedroom lights must stay on during the day.” Jessie’s back in bed. Casey and Jeff are complaining about doing everyone’s dishes. Casey sings – FotH.

9:50AM BBT: Michele, Russell, and Kevin are up and in the bathroom area. Casey and Jeff are now in the back yard chatting.

10:00AM BBT: Jeff apologizes for venting and cursing at Casey. He explains that that means he likes Casey; otherwise, he wouldn’t bother even telling him how he feels. Jeff is tired of not being able to have an opinion and doesn’t like being in the minority in the house. Casey agrees.

10:05 AM BBT: Russell gets back in bed. Casey and Jeff are discussing having a “free week” with the Ronnie situation, but agree that doesn’t make them immune from making others mad. Jeff asks Casey if he’d like to have HoH this week and Casey says he’ll take it if he can get it. Casey thinks Jeff is being rude as he says, “Stop busting my balls, man.” Jeff says, “I’m just telling you my opinions. Don’t you want to hear my opinions?” Casey says he does but he thinks he needs to let Jeff has some coffee and a cigarette and wake up, first. Casey says he thinks the Lydia/Natalie is eventually going to “come to a head.”

10:15AM BBT: Casey is on the elliptical. He wonders if they ought to just scrap the whole Ronnie plan. He thinks it’s too hard to get 10 people on the same page and keep them there. He’s just not sure about the whole thing. He asks Jeff if he’s going to work out today. Jeff says yes. Casey says they should take tomorrow off, in case they need their strength. Casey has 35 minutes remaining on the elliptical. Jeff heads to the bath room and blows his nose. He rejoins Casey in the backyard and heads over to the weights.

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10:30AM BBT: Michele joins Casey and Jeff in the back yard. Casey says the announcement from BB each morning to wake up must be optional. He thinks it’s just to get a few people up and moving. He says they are the “opening act” and the “headliners.” Jeff says, “Yeah, maybe when we get to the top of the totem pole, we can sleep in.” Michele is applying sunscreen and is about to get some sun. After a brief work out on the weights, Jeff is now watering the garden.

10:50AM BBT: Michele is back inside going from kitchen to storage room. She gets some cereal. Jeff comes inside and Michele tells him she thinks they should talk. They move to the bathroom where they start discussing the HoH competition. They agree that they should not throw the competition. Michele says that would only make their numbers in favor of being back-doored. Jeff agrees and says, “But ultimately, the goal is to still get Ronnie out.” Michele doesn’t agree, saying she doesn’t think that’s the goal. Jeff says, “You don’t think so?” Michele thinks there are people in the house who it would be to their advantage to work with. Jeff says, “Well, whoever works with ‘em, I do not fucking trust. Jesus, so people want Ronnie now? I don’t get it.” Jeff goes into the restroom.

10:55AM BBT: Jeff comes out of the bathroom and asks Michele if people have been talking about keeping Ronnie. She says, “No, but actions speak louder than words.” Jeff asks her why anyone would want to keep a liar around. Michele says, “Not everyone was lied to.” Jeff says, “Whatever, let it come to play and that’ll take care of it, instead of talking about it all the time.” Jeff leaves. As soon as he is out of ear-shot, Michele says, under her breath, “Fuck you Jeff. Gonna back-door him.”

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11:25 - 11:29 am BBT

Jeff and Casey talked about hoh on thursday and who to nominate. Jeff said that he's going to nominate whoever is seen with Ronnie or the two who say Ronnie never lied to them.

Michelle in backyard with Jeff giving him attitude. Fishing for what he would do if in control or if she was nominated. Jeff is surprised she's coming at him aggresivley. She continues to say that he's on a team who will most likely stay in power. He tells her he's a target for everyone and that he's talking to her as afriend. Michelle responds with the lack of importance on friendship in the house. He states that to him its obvious friendship is important based on the good things he's tried to do.

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