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Morty' TV on Twitter & Facebook Poll  

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  1. 1. Are you following Morty's TV on Twitter?

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    • Not Yet But I Will Be
  2. 2. Are you a friend of Morty's TV on Facebook?

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    • No
    • Not Yet But I Will Be
  3. 3. Are you a member of the Morty's TV group on Facebook?

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Got twittered the other day, joined the group and requested to be friends on FB today!! Now I'm just chewing my nails till the live feeds come on!! WHOO HOO!!

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In order to comply with the full name requirements of Facebook, the friend name is "Morty Port."

Joyami, what kind of error message are you getting?


Who notes Morty Port has 20 friends overnight...

That's what I was using Fuskie. I'll try again. Let you know how I make out.


All set!! I just added it. Thank you Fuskie. I don't know what I did wrong yesterday.

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hi all... i know it has been ages since i have posted anything at Morty's... i have just lurked lately...lol

but when i found out Morty's was on facebook i was excited.. i must admit, i am slighty facebook addicted... :(

i added twitter months ago, but i never ever use it so adding mortys to it would be useless...

i added the group and sent a friend request ... so now i am connected completely...:))

although i am back here everyday, just haven't commented yet..

great job Fuskie...!

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Follower & Friend Feedback

Morty's TV on Twitter and Morty's TV on Facebook has been a huge success as we near 4000 followers, 120 friends of Morty Port and over 200 members of the Morty's TV on Facebook group. Here are some comments and feedback received over the last week.

From Twitter:

mattiegoober @mortystvbb11 u r awesome. Thx 4 the updates!!!

kimkru @mortystvbb11 thanks 4 all your work it makes keeping up with bb11 such a pleasure!

ItBeMe1 @mortystvbb11 Loving all of your updates! Keep 'em coming!

ashleyroberts81 @mortystvbb11 ur tweets are soo helpful! Now I don't have to read thru 6 pages to get the good stuff, much appreciated ;)

upallnightrn08 @mortystvbb11 thanks for letting us work folk keep up with tweets when at work thanks again

bpmdone @mortystvbb11 two snaps and a twist! Good job!

drcdiva Are you a Big Brother fan? You need to follow @mortystvbb11

newspapergal I just started following @mortystvbb11 & am loving the bb11 tweets from overnight!

stace2 @mortystvbb11 thanks for the details! Lovin bb11

LORELI_LEE @mortystvbb11 thanks!!! Love your site! Thanks for the updates they are appreciated by many!

jcantell Don't look at Twitter, @mortystvbb11 will be updating live, eastern time zone (a warning to avoid live show spoilers)

TiffCo Another BB 11 must... @mortystvbb11

SteveDave007 If your a Big Brother fan, you need to follow @mortystvbb11

ladybug9825 @mortystvbb11 Thank you for the alerts or updates Love your site.

duckking09 @mortystvbb11 thanks for keepin us updated. ;)

icrazycanuck @Finny2be Yes, @mortystvbb11's is very thorough :)

gloriousraven @mortystvbb11 Went on mortys site and found out that u guys r twittering this year .

FramingByDesign @mortystvbb11 I love what you are doing. Thanks for all the work.

Roadwarriors @mortystvbb11 Glad to see the twitter updates. Thanks to Morty and friends looking for another good season

From Facebook:

"Thanks for your updates. I really needed them on a day like today where I wasn't able to check in often or watch the feeds. The work you all do is much appreciate xox... EN ;)"

"Hi... i have been a member of mortys tv for a while now... i am so glad to see that you guys are on facebook... i kind of got sidetracked on here...lol i was an active member before i found facebook.. but with BB i am back on mortys more and found out you were here... "

"Thanks for all your hard work keeping us updated. "

"Love the updates. Keep them coming!"

"love the tweets....y'all r awesome. BB wouldn't be as much fun w/out u"


Who thanks all of you for your support and appreciates your feedback...

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will stay on Twitter but just unsuscribed to FB cuz I'm a west-coaster and forgot and logged on HoH show day: DRAT! ... I clearly can't trust myself to stay away of all social networking when I get home from work! (arggh I hate the result tonight but will watch anyway ...)

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Can someone please give me the twitter page to follow for the BB11 HOH. I'm too lazy to look for it. Thanks.

You can follow us on Morty's at http://mortystv.com/twitter

Or follow us at http://twitter.com/mortystvbb11

You can become a Friend of Morty Port on Facebook.

Or join our Facebook group: Morty's TV


Who notes that Morty's TV is everywhere you want to be...

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Morty's TV on Twitter America's Vote Poll - Who will America give the Coup D'Etat to?

Immediately following the 7/30/09 live show, Morty's TV on Twitter launched a poll:

Who will America choose to receive the Coup D'Etat?

Over 1300 votes were cast between 6pm and 10:30pm BBT. Here are the results:

Jeff 78% (1,022 votes)

Jordan 13% (175 votes)

Ronnie 3% (33 votes)

Lydia 2% (22 votes)

Jesse 2% (20 votes)

Russell 1% (19 votes)

Kevin 1% (8 votes)

Michele 1% (7 votes)

Natalie 0% (6 votes)

Chima 0% (5 votes)

Here are some of the comments:

I want Jordan to get it. She's always the pawn and has been such a good sport about it really. Plus, the others always seem to not give her any credit on her gaming ability. Except for Jeff. I think it would be really nice for her to have some power!! Go JORDAN!!! - Sheila

Jeff deserves it for all his shirtless elliptical workouts haha I think he at least has the female vote ! He'd be the only one to make some change in this house. -


I picked Jeff because I think it would be great for him to put up a couple of his former clique members since they have left him out of everything. - Jessica

2009-07-31 01:03:18 ET

I want Ronnie to get it simply because I think he'll use it. Too many people would be too worried to make the house angry and it will be wasted. - TJ

I'd like to see Jordan or Jeff get it, with the edge going to Jeff because I think he'd use it for smarter game play than Jordan. I'm not sure she'd know what to do with it if she couldn't discuss it with anyone. - Judy

I voted for Jordon because she has had such a rough time in the house. - Liz

I would love Jeff to get it for many of the same reasons above and I think he would use it without fear of what was going to happen to him ... - Brand

I hope it's Jeff or Jordan. That way if either of them does not get HOH they can mix it up in the house and replace the nominees - Robin

I voted for Jeff, but I will be happy with either Jeff or Jordan winning. I really like them both. If Jordan won, I feel she would look to Jeff in helping her with her decision making. She projects the typical "dumb blonde," but I'm wondering if this is all part of her game plan. - Sf49rminer

I voted for Jordan.....but if you guys notice, Jessie's picture is on his, Ronnie's, and Russells name. Plus Jordans "circle" is above Jessie's picture on Ronnie's name. I smell some angry voters..... - taysmom

Jeff totally needs it...he was misjudged from the begining. - David

I voted for Jeff, He is the best person in the house! - Rob

Jeff has been shafted WAY too many times so far in this game, and this could be the ultimate sweet revenge on the guy with the IQ of a banana. - Tanya

I voted for Jeff...I would like to see him get out the pit bull and her master and the dork - Railbird

Jeff will win to turn the house upside down. If not, its just a matter of time before jessie's click start feeding on themselves. - Furkin

I voted for Jeff, he's the only one I think will have the balls to use it. If he's smart he'll put Jesse/Russel, Jesse/Nat, or Jesse/Ron up against one another. - bob

I voted for Jeff. I don't think Jordan is smart enuf to understand when and how to use the power but if Jeff/Jordan can win HOH this week then they can control both weeks and get Jessie and Natalie/Lydia etc out. Natalie is not very smart. She doesnt know if Casey is coming back to blab her lie. - Lisa

I want Jordan to get it. It would be nice if a perm pawn got it and changed the game. - Michelle

I want Jeff to get it. I think he could really do some damage and I know he would protect Jordan. I want to see him get Jessie, Natalie or Ronnie out. - Tracy

I really want jeff to get it...he seems like such a nice guy and I really want him to throw a wrench in Jesse's plans!!! - kirstina

I voted for Jeff. He'll watch out for Jordan & make thing "right" in the house!! Go J & J!! - Jbone

Glad to see I'm not alone in my love for Jeff and Jordan. - Erica

I really hope that Jeff or Jordan get it. They are the underdogs and deserve a few weeks on top. Come on America!! Aren't you sick of seeing Jesse, Natalie, and Ronnie strutting around like they control the game?!?! Vote for Jordan or Jeff. - Jannelle

I think America will vote for Jeff. At this point he has nothing to lose by using it. - jleinalem

I think Jeff should get it. He's the only one who hasn't broken promises. - Rebekah

I voted for Jeff because I think he and Jordan deserve the power. I voted for Jeff over Jordan because I believe he would know what to do with the power where Jordan might not be able to decide without asking for input from Jeff, which she couldn't do. I'm really ready for the power to flip in the house. Jessie and Natalie need to taste the bottom and take Ronnie with them. I can't stand any of them! - Erica

Good point Rebekah. Vote for Jeff America! - greg

Either Jeff or Jordan b'cuz they've shown True Sportmanship. Also, the athletes had a huge advantage with an extra player added 2 their team & were able 2 get most of the house against Jeff & Jordan. - Dave

I voted for Jeff - Jordan would've been 2nd, but Jeff has a better chance of using it against the bastards left in the house. - Paige

i think Jeff should get it. Or Jordan. They are both true amazing players. - Janet

I think America will choose Jeff or Jordan. I personally would like to see Jeff get it. He and Jordan are the the Most "American Pie." Down to earth, real, common sensed. They aren't malicious. No need for that in the game. We see that on the news, daily. The hypocrites in the house are a disgusting bunch. Ronnie with his Bible, and Jessie with his praying. What a joke. - Carm

I want HEFFEY!!!!!!!!! He needs to win it. Set things right in the house and EVICT JESSE and or Natalie! Both would be nice - Lori

I will vote for Jeff as many times as I possibly can. He's our only hope to get Jessie out of the house. Then hopefully, somebody works on getting his mini-me, GNat, out. Then, Ronnie. Then, and only then, will that will be a happy day at the Big Brother House. Jessie and Nat are just big thugs. Please let this work out for everyone. - Zach

Jeff or Jordan should win. They need some power. :) - kitty

I voted for Jeff. Afraid that Jordan will tell Jeff - janenutshell

Jeff and Jordan are my favorites. I'm afraid that Jordan might not use it as wisely as Jeff might, so, I vote for Jeff! - elizabizzy

jordan and jeff......they totally deserve to get something to go their way. - Stacey L

Want Michelle to win it since seems to be under estimated. - utlawlra

I want Jeff to get it. If Jordan wins HOH, Jeff wouldn't use it and preserve who she put up. If Jordan doesn't win HOH then Jeff could use it. Either way, I hope that piece of crap Ronnie goes home next week. I'm so disgusted with him! - Liz

I was just thinking ... if the HOH this week also is America's pick they could put anyone up they want without thought to what would happen ... because they could use their power next week to take themselves off if they wanted ... great position to be in ... - Nikki

Jeff got my vote because he is basically one of the only people I like in the house. Plus I think he would have the guts to actually use it! - Barbie

I'd like to see Jeff get it cause I'd like to see him stir things up. Even though he was 'officially' an athlete, now that the cliques are gone, I think he could be a strong competitor and will protect Jordan who's cute as a button. Can't make up my mind if she's really as 'blonde' as she appears to be or if some of it's an act. Most of the time I think she really is just the sweet southern girl she appears to be. - lulu

Jeff, he's a standup guy, easy on the eyes, and a fair player! If Jeff doesn't get it, I hope Jordan does. The rest of the players have no scrupples! That's big bro for ya! - jj

RUSSELL, cuz he'll get rid of ronnie - Chris

I want Jeff as Jordan will cave under pressure!! - dot

I hope Jeff get's it. It would be great to shake it up. Jessie and Nat need to be on the block and aganist each other. Nat needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Elvira

I really want Jeff to win it. I think he is the best choice for it. I hope Nat or Jessie don't get it, I can't stand them!!! - B Ruth Phillips

I would like Jeff, Jordan and if wonder if Michele is really as sexual ////as she claims. - Allison

The question here is who America will vote for, and I think that's Jeff. He's prob. my favorite to win it, but if not him I think it would be amusing to see what Russell would do with the power. He already voted for Casey to stay, he's been stepping away from the Jesse/Ronnie alliance, and I think he's entirely too egotistical not to use it. With either of them winning I think the results and reactions will be Mad Comedy. - Kathy Kurth

I want to see Jeff win it (If not him then Jordon) I would love to see what they do with some power ...... and at the very least Jeff could use it to get Jordon of the block for 20 seconds lol - janis


Just adding to my last comment... I know this may be dreaming, but what i'd really like to see is Jeff win this and HOH next week knowing he has the power when he makes his noms. Then he knows picks 3 of the players that play for veto for the only other safe spot. He could put up Jordan and turn the house upside down... then come eviction night ... SHAZAM. just a dream, but that would be epic - Craig

Ronnie would so not use it! He is so far up Jessie's a$$. Go Jeff - unkown

I want Jeff to receive the Coup D'Etat because he deserves it. I feel him & Jordan are playing the game the strongest. They got pushed around & been sh$t on enough & now its time for the people that are left in the house to start realizing that they are stronger then what they think & that they are going too win BIG BROTHER 11 !! - Geoff

I want Jeff to use it!!!! I can't stand that Meathead idiot Jesse or his sluts Nat or Lydia. The majority of the rest would not use it - they have their noses so far up Jesse's butt!!! Michelle doesn't but she is a chicken - yvonne

2009-07-31 03:22:40 ET

I think America will vote for Jeff. He is the only one who will get rid of Little Head Jessie, Nasty Natalie and Ron the Rat. Go Jeff!!!!!! - Sue

I hope Jeff gets it, because I want him to go after Jessie and the rest of the athletes. - Elvira

uhg Russ won HOH. Oh well I hope Jeff wins America's vote! - Elvira


Who thinks based on this unscientific sampling that it is Jeff's mystery power to lose...

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I am looking for an assistant to help with tweeting live feed updates on Morty's TV on Twitter. If you are familiar with Twitter and preferably are on the West Coast, I need someone who can handle major events in the house after 10pm BBT and can fill in during weekends and week nights when I am unavailable. If you are interested, please contact mortystv@gisatl.org with your name and evening/mobile phone number.


Who notes Morty's TV Tweets now reach over 6000 followers of Twitter plus over 225 friends on Facebook...

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According to this week's Morty's TV on Twitter Poll, 51% obtain their live feed updates primarily from the Morty's TV Live Feed Summary page, 28% from Morty's TV on Twitter, and 15% from the Morty's TV Live Feed Update forums.


Who was is gratified that so many turn to Morty's TV on Twitter for the latest updates from in the Big Brother house...

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How do you follow Morty's TV on Twitter?

I read Morty's TV on Twitter at http://mortystv.com/twitter 14% (60 votes)

I read Morty's TV on Twitter at http://twitter.com/mortystvbb11 24% (106 votes)

I read Morty's TV on Twitter in my Twitter feed 26% (113 votes)

I read Morty's TV on Twitter on my phone 20% (87 votes)

I read Morty's TV on Twitter on my Facebook newsfeed 10% (42 votes)

I read Morty's TV on Twitter on a 3rd party Twitter client 6% (27 votes)


Who notes that the total number of votes at the time this poll was read was 435, but we have over 6200 total followers and still growing...

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enjoying the Twitter updates and will re-join Morty's FB when the show concludes. I'm a west coaster, and just couldn't stay off FB long enough to avoid "spoilers". Will certainly re-join to catch the buzz at the end. Thanks to the updaters, for sure!

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If you see some new faces (screen names) on the forums and in chat, you aren't imagining things. Last night Morty's TV offered our nearly 8700 Twitter followers and Facebook friends the opportunity to become registered members of the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat. Over 520 of them took advantage of the 12 hour window from midnight BBT to noon BBT to join.

So on behalf of all the Morty's TV volunteers (and Morty, I am sure) and all the registered members of Morty's TV, we welcome the newbies to our online TV loving, Reality living, Scripted savoring, chattering and discussing family. Morty's TV is truly unique among all TV Fan and BB web sites, and we look forward to your helping us continue that tradition.


Who notes we will continue to strive to make Morty's TV on Twitter and Morty's TV on Facebook the best Big Brother services on their respective platforms..

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