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Rock of Love and Charm School 2's Dallas


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Dallas has agreed to do an interview for us, so please send all questions for Dallas to yana@mortystv.com or you can PM me, just keep trying if my in box is full...

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Here's the Dallas interview... I have cleaned it up some... LOL...

It seems from the start of Rock of Love you and Lacey weren't going to get along, was it as apparent to you as they made it seem to us that watched the show, or was the progression slower in reality?

i ignored her until i saw her peta shirt. that's when it all started. she wasnt even alive to me until that point

Were you really attracted to Brett?

i had no idea who it would be until AFTER i signed the contract.no one was told until after. they led me to believe that it would be sebatian bach or nikki sixx(the only reason why i even showed up)

By the time you left, did you really want to continue to be with him, or were you pretty much ready to go. I personally don't think I would ever be able to be the kind of woman that could or would put up with him either being or letting other woman swoon all over him.

bret has(& has had for a couple of years) a common law wife(whom he introduced to a girl from the 2nd season). we all knew that by the 3rd day. everyone on the show knows about his relationship. i showed up because i wanted to have sex with nikki sixx(like i was promised....)

Was the show editted to reflect reality, or was reality off the radar when it came to the way the show was editted?

never saw any of those shows. i guess it was edited to make me look as crazy & as "ghetto" as possible

Were you happy with the winner of Rock of Love, or do you think someone else deserved to be the winner, and if so who?

jess didnt give a shit about him. who should have won? i could not care less. didn't care then, dont care now.....

What was the situation in Charm School 2 when Lacey was eating fish at the drinking lesson?

the situation is that lacey is a GIGANTIC hypocrite.i saw that she didnt practice like she preaches & i immediately said something. she is a puppet for the producers & everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie(or in the script)

Did she say it was imitation fish or was it real?

it was fish. she said she ate it because of the protein. that's why she was soooooooo mad(because i called her out). of course, i was the only one brave enough to do so. dont get all in my face about eating meat if you're going to eat animals as well. her excuse was that "fish dont feel pain"(as if she would even know)

Is Lacey nice to you off-camera?

of course. gave me a hug at a party & couldnt get her out of my ass. she is a hypocrite, a puppet, a loser, & a liar

Do you think the right person won Charm School 2?

i am not angry or envious of bebe winning. if the script had been different, I wouldve won. i was teamed up with lacey for dramatic purposes before i was eliminated, nothing more. i did not kiss enough ass, didnt SHOW enough ass, never said what THEY wanted me to say. i was not there to act, i was there to learn & have fun

What are you doing now or planning on doing next in your life?

still designing my fashion line, writing a book, blahblahblah

still kicking ass & taking names

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She totally sounds ghetto... only wanna be cool but not at all. I didn't watch the show, but really, what a bitter hag. She does have good taste when it comes to Sebastian Bach though... even if he is a little pudgy in his older years.

It's interesting that Brett has a common law wife...why is he on the show then?? What a jerk to disrespect his wife like that. Didn't he get upset with that one chick who was living with her boyfriend? Loser!

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