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September 2 & 3 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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Tuesday 1:35AM BBT

Dan, Renny, Keesha, Memphis in '60s bedroom with lights out. Dan is lying next to Renny in her bed. The group is playing word games. Memphis jokingly asks if Renny has ever had a facial, knowing full well that she understands the double entendre. The story game involves the group going around the room with each providing random parts of an ad-libbed story. It gets pretty funny, at times. Lots of toilet humor.

Jerry asleep in HoH.

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10:35AM BBT

Renny and Keesha on BY couch, talking to each other.

Jerry in HoH, talking to himself.

Memphis just got up and is walking about the house.

10:40AM BBT

BB: "Dan, I said, 'It's time to get up for the day'." (sounds pissed)

Memphis goes out to BY couch and joins Renny and Keesha.

Dan gets up for the day. He walks to the sauna room where he lies down. (for the day?)

11:25AM BBT

Memphis, Renny, Keesha, Jerry on BY couch. Dan asleep in sauna room.

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12:30 pm

I can't believe this... Keesha is talking to Jerry in the HoH (well Jerry is talking and Keesha is ummm hummmming). Jerry tells Keesha that they need to get rid of Dan and Memphis if they want a chance in the game, Jerry has the nerve to tell Keesha that he has always been on her side and has never been against her or been negative about her. He is telling her that he will have control and will be ableto sway the decision in the jury house. That whoever pisses him off will lose. He is telling her that they have to win POV and HoH... he is kissing butt royally right now. He tells her that at least she knows that he has someone pulling for her in the house. Again he tells her that he can control the jury house votes. Jerry tells her that he can't count more on her (Keesha) than he can on Renny for this cuz she clowns her way through it. Jerry tells he that is all he has for her baby. GAG!!!!

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12:30PM BBT: Jerry making a pitch to keesha about pairing up with him to face off with dan and memphis. Saying that it's to both of their advantage to break them up.

Based on Memphis using the veto Jerry is telling Keesha it shows what memphis's intentions are. Brought up the idea that one of them(m/d) has a deal with everyone. Jerry is trying very hard to convince keesha that he is her best bet to get to the end. Keesha playing along about not knowing what the guys are doing.

Jerry is claiming to have done everything to see how it all went with pov to see where it all fell. Telling Keesha she should nominate both dan and memphis if she gets hoh.Keesha is just nodding and not saying too much.

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Keesha just went back into the 60's room where renny is laying down. Isn't open about what jerry talked to her about except to say it was game talk. Says her mind is spinning. Jerry was just outside their door during the whisperfest then went outside.

Memphis and Jerry now talking about the weather. Inside Keesha still lost in thought.(maybe Jerry's pitch worked?)

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1:40 PM BBT: Renny putting on make up while Memphis and Keesha are outside. Memphis is in the pool and talking to Keesha who is laying on her towel next to the pool. Not sure where Dan or Jerry are.

Keesha says it would have been nice if the BB house was on a beach because she loves being in the ocean. Memphis says it would be badass. Keesha thinks that the BB house isnt on a beach because it would put people at risks because of sharks and stuff. Then Memphis gives us the fun fact of the day and says that you have a better chance of getting stepped on by an elephant than getting bit by a shark.

They are now discussing the chances of getting attacked by mountain lions, rattle snakes, and coyotes. Memphis now telling a story of how "they" seen a coyote walking through peoples front yards near Hollywood Boulevard.

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2:45 pm BBT

Jerry went into the BY and starting lecturing Dan about how come he is not talking to him because he has 'all this pull with the jury". Dan asks him what he can do. Jerry tells him he is a fool if he thinks that he doesn't have pull and starts throwing Memphis's name into the mix. Keesha comes outside and Jerry says "Your Hot! Your Hot baby!" (I just puked)

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3:45 pm BBT

LOL! When they were in ODLD and Jerry was having a nose picking fest in front of everyone and was rolling 'em up and flicking them everywhere. While he was doing that he was staring down Keesha and Memphis saw it... It was freakin weird and creepy. After they were let back indoors, they started talking about it and how freakin weird it was. Both Keesha and Memphis had said it was the weirdest thing they had ever seen and that they were massively freaked out. Dan then comes out and they tell him what happened and Keesha started saying that honestly she doesn't know where it is safe to sit anymore as he has wiped boogers all over everything. Dan starts grossingout andsaythat he isdisgustednow because he laid down on the BY couches the other day and he had this gooey stuff that was booger like that got caught in his armpit hair and when he woke up he noticed it and had to pull out some of his pit hair because it was stuck. Memphis says "No way" Dan says that it did indeed happen and Keesha confirms it as she saw it too... they are all grossed out... (hell I am too!!!)

4:09 pm BBT

Memphis and Dan in BY talking about how Jerry is behaving and how he thinks he still has controll and how he is coming at everyone with attitude. Dan says that he doesn't appreciate how Jerry came at him a while ago and was just forceful. They then start discussing how production works and then the convo goes onto if Keesha has questioned about final two. They both say No and then they discuss her game plan.

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5:40 pm BBT

Dan and Memphis continue to play their game of chess, silently. Renny has gotten her clothes out and is folding them, possibly packing. Keesha tells Renny that the piece of clothing she is holding is very pretty and she hasn't seen her wear it. Memphis called Check Mate. Game of chess is done and the boys head downstairs and they ask what time it is... Dan says 8:44 Memphis says 5:44 the he says 8:44. Do you know where your kids are at??? Dan - Is the storage room open? Whats up Monica if you are watching. Memphis looks in the SR. Dan - whats in there? Anything? Monopoly? Memphis - I wish! We played the longest game of Monopoly ever! Dan lays down on LR couch. Keesha heads into the BY holding something as if it were a dirty diaper. Memphis is out there Keesha - uuuugh! Memphis laughs Have you had it with him today? Keesha - I just don't get it!!! Somethings are just unsanitary? I mean who sprays poison all over something and just leaves it???? They continue their talk about roomates and they are in comparison to Jerry. Keesha is irked that he has sprayed poison all over everything (I don't blame her!) Memphis starts telling of when Jerry was spraying 409 around his drink.

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6:42 pm BBT

Jerry is up in HoH and he is alone. He says he should get prizes for not breaking the rules. The fantastic 4 are in the BY having a great time. Renny asks "where is out luxury comp? I have not gotten to play in one yet!" Then they all yeaal "Come on!". Seems that Renny and Keesha are a little tipsy.


Keesha says"I don't think I have ever looked forward to alcohol as much as I have in here" Renny suggests they play a game called "Can I make you laugh." Jerry has come to the BY an is playing pool and watching the antics. Dan is up first and Renny is trying to make him laugh.

** I am making these short and to the point as I was contacted by someone and they said I put too much graphic information into my posts... I only post what is being said and what I witness on the cameras OR I make apparent that it is MY own thought with * or () ***

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7:35PM BBT

Dan in SR reading recipes on food boxes and soup can labels.

Renny, Keesha, Memphis on BY couch watching two spiders and talking about Dan.

7:40PM BBT

Jerry emerges from HoH and calls down to Dan, who is in the kitchen. Jerry wants to know whether anyone is cooking dinner tonight, and Dan says that he's cooking "mac and cheese". Jerry says, "Oh" and goes back in his room.

7:45PM BBT

BB: "Please stop singing." (directed at Dan)

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7:53 PM BBT

HG's are cleaning (sweeping) up a big mess in front of the SR. Seems the boys made a big mess. Jerry is up in the HoH by himself watching the spy screen. Renny and Keesha have gone to the 70's room and are cleaning. Memphis is in the kitchen... Jerry is flipping around to see something.


Keesha in the 70's room saying they got busted. Renny saying she is going to make some choco-chews. Keesha putting on perfume. She says she wears a lot of perfume in there. Memphis to Dan - What do you need me to do? Tell you how to make maccaroni and cheese??? Renny asks him a questio. Dan yells "Making maccorono and cheese mom!"... Keesha comes out and starts sweeping the mess. Dan says - I'll do it" Keesha tells him it is not like sha has anything else to do and continues. They keep asking if there are goodies in the SR. Nope... Renny enters... Keesha - Man this stuff really went flying!!! Dan to Renny - You come bearing gifts! Jery comes downstairs to see what is going on. Renny - Wow! This really went flying! Jerry - I ain't going to eat it!! (was very snotty)... Memphis whispers something about Jerry... Jerry to Memphis - you are getting a beard there. Memphis - what? Jerry (yelling) I said you are getting a beard there! Renny (in mom mode) - what were you doing to make this mess? Dan - He tried to hut it like a football and missed. Dan offers Jerry food "Go ahead Col. help yourself" Jerry gets some mac and cheese. Keesha is still cleaning. Jerry comes to sit at the bar with the boys and says that leaving some crackers up there is stupid. Just general chit chat about food. Dan is trying very hard to include Jerry in the convo.

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8:14 pm BBT

Renny and Memphis sitting in the BY. Jeesha did come out there but she went back inside. Dan in kitchen doing dishes. Renny asks "so all you had was soup for dinner?" we get fish


Dan talking to Jerry in the kitchen. Dan tells him basically he tries to disfuse the situation. Jerry tells him that he wants someone to take him to the final 3, that is all he asks...


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10:15PM BBT

Renny and Keesha in kitchen. Dan, Memphis, Jerry checking out big spiders in web in BY. They find a praying mantis in the BY, and after a quick debate, they decide not to feed it to the spiders in the web.

10:20PM BBT

The men tire of the BY and join the women in the kitchen.

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Keesha and Renny talking in kitchen. Renny is basically saying she tried and now just wants to get on with her life.

Dan and Memphis outside looking for bugs/trying to catch one or something. No game talk. Jerry walked over to where they were and then walked away. Guys back inside clowning around with the ladies w/Jerry right behind them.

Jerry saying he has talked to DR about getting wine. Renny mentions that she'll kiss him if they get wine. Jerry is just grinning at hearing that.

Dan is annoying keesha and Renny. Keesha now annoying Dan. Playful.

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11:24pmBBT Dan & memphis in BY wondering what Jury House sees

Renny is shower, Keesha brushing teeth then applying lotion to skin

Jerry asleep

11:28pmBBT Memphis & dan wondering what was happeed in the outside world while they were in house

Renny gettin out of shower, Keesha laughing at camera following Renny

11:37pmBBT Keesha asks how long ago was 9/11 and how lng was the war been goin on. Memphis says awhile after 9/11. Memphis talking about how he was in ENglish class and the dumb teach er was trying to fugure outhow to put tape in and and it was on CH3 & they saw 9/11 and saw the 2nd plane crash into the tower

Keesha says she watche din her living room & though USA was in a war and was bein attacked.

Memphis said u ever watch the pentagon conspiracy over the incident, saying it was a bomb not a plane. They all said they saw Michael Moore Fathrheir 9/11 and all though it was dumb.

Keesha said she watched a US Jounalist hav ehis head cut off on internet she lied watching it.

Memphis & Dan talk abou tthe NASA Conspiracy theory. Memphis said they watched a consipracy theroy going to the moon in High School. Memphis says he have never been back to moon. The flag flaps in the air, theirs no oxygen in space(Eric's note: I watched Myth Busters where they bust the rumors and say its true.) Memphis says we never went to moon. Dan says she how High School puts thoughts forever on kids. Keesha says that makes me wonder is Elvis is alive.

Topic changes to if Aliens are live. Dan & Memphis thinks so as space is so big. Keesha dosent think so, atleast to out ittligence. then Keesha says what do u belive bout the bible then. Dan says Catholic Church put in under the relaem of God. Memphis says nabey in 1300 BCtheir was another Earth.

Renny comes outside at 11:45pm & memphis head into bathroom as Jerry paces from top level of balcony. Jerry "how r u guys think awake."

Keesha & Dan question Renny. Renny says "You cayught me"

11:48pmBBT Dan & keesha head inside. Jerry gets back into bed. Memphis stil in BR, & keesha in kitchen talking to Dan how she dosent like peanuts

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11:49pmBBT Mephis starts to shave. Dan goes to BR. Keesha & Renny talk in Kitchen

11:51pmBBT Memhis still shaving, Dan weighs self & gets into shower. in 70s room. The girls turn lights out. Reny says a prayer on bedside, Keesha intrupts and asks about Beer & Wine, they get into bed and cont. to talk.

11:52pmBBT Memphis uses BR again.

Renny asks Keesha "Dan cant take shower next to woman but can next ot a man." Keesha says "Dan's just Dan." Renny says when she saw 9/17 on the eggs it dawn on her how long they have been in house. Keesha says how at a time in house Every1 was against her except Renny/Memphis

11:55ppmBBT memphis gets something to drink ffrom BY fridge the loks at Sauna, BB yells at him to put on micaronephone. Memphis & Dan talk in bathroom, as Dan showers. They talk about Las Vegas. Then talk about movies

Keesha & Renny talk about their loves in life(Renny's husband & JJ)

11:58pmBBT Memphis stil cjheckin face in mirror. Dan "What if Libra comes back." Memphis "MAN! donteven say anything bout that."

Renny talks to Keesha about the dogpile wth all the boys ontop of them


12amBBT Dan uses BR, Memphis weigh self and gets into Shower

12:01asmBBT Keesha/Renny stare into space in bed, Dan brushs teeth in BR

12:05amBBT Dan says goodnight to the girls and asks them to make sure they get him up.

12:06amBBT the girls try 2 sleep, Dan reads bible, Memphis in Shower(not on feeds) & Jerry asleep(not on feeds)

12:09amBBT Dan reads letter from home from Monica

12:12amBBT the girls asleep, Dan tryin 2 sleep.(NOT on feeds is: Jerry asleep)

12:13amBBT Memphis out of shower checkin face in mirror again

12:15amBBT Memphis puts lights on & then off in 70s room wakin the girls. Keesha "ahhh" & Renny "Good night y'all"

12:16amBBT Memphis lies down to sleep in bed

12:17amBBT All HG';s tryin 2 sleep Feed #1 on Renny #2 Keesha & memphis tryin 2 sleep #3 Dan asleep & #4 Jerry asleep with blankets over head

12:21amBBT All Houseguests Asleep

& that brings the end of my early bird feed updates lol. Ill try 2 do some on of Fridays & Sats, and try 2 pep in 2 update durin gthe week. See u again in 2009

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