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September 2 & 3 - Live Feed Updates

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12:44 AM BB Time.....Earlier there was a pillow fight :giggle: in the Peace room. (very funny) Renny, Keesha and Dan, Memphis AND Jerry !!......Oh folks... they are are in bed, Jerry went first, then Dan took a shower while renny and Keesha went in to bed a laid down with the lights off...Memphis went to bed then Dan said goodnight to them...(Lights are all off the Houseguests are tucked in) .... :bedtime:

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10:27 am BBT

Memphis and Keesha outside talking. Dan in the SR getting batteries. Memphis says that he hasn't thrown anyone under the bus this whole game. Jerry in the kitchen. Dan walks by and says "It is tightening up on ya huh?" Memphis and Keesha talking about Jerry more and saying that he thinks he is manipulative. Keesha - it just pisses people off K - Has she even said anything to you guys about how you are voting M - No I don't think she will. She will probably say to chose what you think is best for you. M - he hasn't said anything to me but I don't know about Dan. K - Jerry said that he feels like she is giving up, but you know he bad mouths everybody. K - the thing is, that man couldn't stand me the other day M - that is th most annoying thing K - yeah I know, does he forget that he put me up on the block? I know exactally what he is doing! I know people so well sometines. Dan enters BY and they say good morning. Dan says that all of the songs have the same thing in common M - all about love K - I wish you were here. They think it could possibly be about a loved one, a phone call of a taped message Dan - or the luxury is that you get to fly back and see your family but you would have to bring someone so you don't talk about anything. K & M say "No way!" D - you notice they never bring any family in the house K - That is something they would never do M- too big of a chance.

Just general chit chat ** I have to go got the store **


(real quick)

Jerry is up in the HoH and he looks as if he is in massive pain. He is holding an ice pack on the back of his neck and has his eyes closed.

Dan says "Happy birthday Jospeh! Happy 7th!"

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10:54 am BBT

Renny at kitchen counter eating breakfast. Has her morning shades on

D, K and M in the BY on the couches trying to figure out when this season is going to end. M - once that 4th person leaves we will be sitting here on our asses K - you mean like now? M - yeah, there would be nothing, I mean nothing. They would have to wait a hole week to start a comp. K- said she would like to believe that they could get out of this place early. That would be the best news ever. M - the best news ever would be if we got out this Thursday. K - that would be the best news ever. Dan is now inside. Renny done with bafst. M - what if they said we are not going to have an inviction this week, Jerry would be here for two weeks. That would be the worst case scenerio. More talk about what Jerry has said and Memphis says that Jerry was hinting to keep Renny here. and that he said he could sway the jury. K- he told me that she clowns her way through everything. He insinuates something but he won't say it.

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10:58 am BBT

Renny doing dishes, Jerry comes in, small talk...

K - does he really think I am going to turn on two of my closest friend in the game?

M - but he will try, just play your game

K- this is what he tells me to keep the convo between the two of us, like he doesn't tell everyone else the same thing.

M - I hate when he says Don't think I am stupid, I see everything, I say Jerry I don't think enough about you

K - yeah we don't care one way or another...

Rehashing recent convos with Jerry

K- he doesn't say names, he implies names

M - so he doesn't get called out

K - the way I see it dude, we don't know what is going to happen, do I want to see Dan and memphis make it to the end... abso-freakin-lutely.

( OK I really have to go... please someone take over)

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2:19 pm BBT: Dan and Memphis in the kitchen cleaning up. Keesha by herself in the pool. (I just got back so I am not sure what has been happening) Dan went to the BR, Memphis went to the BY. Keesha - Oooowwwww... M - how you doing? Better K - yeah... yeah... M - what are you gonna say? No? Can't get any worse. K - I just seem to be getting more and more impatient M - it is kind of a mixture, they want you to get worked up K - I just have all this time to be thinking and I am not even thinking about the game. Then she quotes something Jerry said K - I am just thinking about my family. UUUgh it is killing me!... K - Jerry is really focused on this game tomorrow isn't he... Dan - see Keesha doesn't pauline melt away your worries? K - she does, she is amazing. M - Before you get comfortable Dan I am going to have you hook me up. Renny in spa painting nails D - how u feeling Keesha? K - I'm ok.

2:23: D - when we have the live show can you put something on my face to cover that up?

K - yeah

D - what is wrong?

K - oh nothing

D - is it charged up?

M - yeah buddy

K - you shaving? going to shave Memphis's back?

D - this is a once in a life time thing I will never do it again, didn't Angie do it last time?

M - yeah

D - Keesha you want to do it?

M - she is in the pool

D - Keesha WILL you do it? It is different when you are staring the beast in the face.

K - I guess I will do it when I get out

M - come on Dan are you chicken???

D - all right I will do it

Starts shaving Memphis's back

D - does Ashley usually do this for you? I'm glad I don't have this problem

M- what are friends for Dan?

D - not shaving each others back that is for sure! Why do you smell like cocoa butter? I should probably take off the St. Mary's shirt while I do this

Memphis is laughing

D- dude your back hair is so thick it is jamming up the razor! I feel like I am shaving a wooly mammoth

M - shut up Dan

D - keesha you ever heard of Bigfoot?

Keesha laughs

M - you are a grown man dan, you and your dirty sanchez mustache

D - eeeew I need to go bathe in alcohol now

K- f**** don't do that! don't wipe that hair all over me! I f***** hate you, you are such an ass

D - there was no hair on there

K - you f******** liar there was hair on your hands!

D- that area of the yard is under quarantine, you will get a virus that starts with a and ends in ids.


M - what bothers me is people that have hair on their back and they don't get rid of it. I get rid of mine

Dan is dragging his wire and Keesha tells him

D - sorry audio!

K - you are a little brat, a $hithead

D - I am that kid that plays dodge ball and when he gets hit he doesn't leave the game

M starts taking a shower in the BY and yells $hit that is cold as a mother!!

D - I am going to do that! That is a good idea!

memphis does a cannon ball into the pool

Dan calls the mic a radio

M - why do you call it a radio?

D - that was a good movie, Radio.

Just chit chatting.... Memphis is cleaning the BY windows because he splashed them

M - they are going to make sure I make these super clean

K says something about all thee chocolate cake she ate last night

Dan in the house to Renny - Why don't you come outside?

R - I am waiting for my nails to dry

2:33: K - did Jerry eat lunch with you guys?

M - no he went upstairs.

K- really

M - yeah, I offered a dog to him

K - maybe he is taking a nap

M - could be


2:38 still have fishies on all 4 feeds

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2:39 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Jerry in HoH room napping, Renny in the Hippie room napping, Keesha and Memphis in the pool, and Dan is laying on a towel next to the pool.

Outdoor lockdown. Jerry and Renny head outside.

Now more fishies again...

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2:43 pm BBT

HG's are on ODLD... Jerry was in HoH laying down. Renny was in her room laying down. M,K and D in the pool. Keesha talking about tanning beds. They start talking about that story awhile back about the pervert that was laying under a tanning bed while women tanned. Renny up and heading outside, as is Jerry.


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2:43 PM BBT: Feeds are back again. They are all still on ODLD. Keesha, Dan, and Memphis are all in the pool. Renny is sitting in a chair but having a conversation with Keesha and Dan about something that I cant hear because they still have annoying FotH music playing in the background. I dont see Jerry anywhere.

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3:36 pm BBT: Renny in her bedroom, looks like she is getting her belongings packed. Keesha, Dan and Memphis laying out and usnbathing in the BY. No one is talking. Dan is sighing (thrill a minute here folks!)... A bit earlier Renny had told Jerry that they aren't getting much TV today. Dan in hammock, Keesha and Memphis laying on chaise lounge. Renny still packing, Not sure where Jerry is.

3:40 pm BBT: Renny putting her folded clothing into plastic bags, Memphis and Keesha still laying on chaise... Memphis has his hat over his face. Renny keeps looking around as if she is hearing something. Feeds timed out

3:43 pm BBT: K- I am so glad at least we get to see planes

M - yeah that would be bad if we didn't even have that airport.

K - I know

Renny still packing

Dan, Keesha and Memphis in BY

BB - HG this is a LD please go inside and close the sliding glass door

D - thats it

M - what is it

D -- you want to bring the gataorade and water in

K - you think we are going to be locked in for awhile?

D - I think this might be it.

Feeds keep freezing

K- (inside) oh man its so early.

Memphis looks sunburned

K into 70's room

K - hi lady!

R - you look brown!

K - do I?

K - I wonder why they locked us in?

R - I don't know but I wish they would give me my suitcase.

Dan puts something in the SR. Memphis is walking around snapping his fingers

Dan says something about pasta and Memphis says something about Salmon.

K- Man! I hate being locked inside. That will make me go insane.

No sign of Jerry

Renny still packing and gathering up all her stuff.

Dan and Keesha in the bathroom... D running water

K-- you had better be careful! You might be recognised.

Dan now rummaging through the fridge

3:49 pm BBT: Mmephis heads to the shower area, Keesha in the WC... Keesha out and washing up. Memphis in shower stall changing clothes.

K - I am hoping that, well when they tell us to get all our stuff out of the washer and dryer and stuff.

M - yeah...

These guys are all over the place.

Dan now laying on couch

Keesha - I need to get ready

R - why?

K - in case they do something tonight

M- yeah they locked us in

K- they usually give us a heads up.

Memphis into 70's room and lays down.

R - you playing games

M - you wanna play games? You wanna play rough?

A lot of nothing going on...

Renny and Keesha in the BR... renny putting on makeup, Keesha heads into shower stall to change clothes. Renny to WC. Dan laying on couch playing with his eyelids. Memphis laying down in 70's room. still no sign of Jerry. I assume he is up in the Hoh. Keesha changed and putting on her mic... (LOL! YES! boring)... Renny out of WC K walking around

K - those fish are so funny

D - what do they think you are going to feed them?

K - uh huh they are so cute, og my gosh

K- the widdle guys! Hi guys Hello! OMG Dan they are so cute whenyou talk to them they come to the top. Oooooh Renny! (more talking to the fish) OMG they are too cute!

Renny now laying on LR couch, Memphis looking like he wants to go to sleep. Dan still laying on LR couch...

Dan aks if something is pregnant and Renny just looks at him

D - what are they going to name the baby?

R - why?

D - can you whisper it?

D puts the pillow over his head

BB - renny please put on your mic

D - you can tell me now and they won't hear.

K - busted!!!

4:00 pm BBT: Renny back out to LR and lays down on the couch

Renny is laying with her arm over her forhead looking very dramatic (she looks very pretty)

R - they probably have us inside and they are not doing anything

Dan still laying on couch with pillow over his head

Hear food paper rustling but have no idea where it is coming from.

no one talking... cams just show D and M laying down...

Renny still in dramatic pose...

D - you know what I just realised? On late night talk shows all hosts sit on the R had side of the screen

R - because that is where they put the chair

D - why can't they put the desk and the chair on the left

R - plus they are probably R handed, you know when they come from behind the curtain, it would be kind of awkward

D - they could put the curtain on the other side

R - there must be a reason, it is probably how the stage is set up

R - Oprah has hers in the middle, or on the right?

D - I don't know. Letterman is on the R, Leno is on the R, Ferguson is on the R, Kimmel is on the R, Larry King is on the R...

Back and forth talk of where hosts sit...

weird convo

4:05: Keesha getting ice...

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4:06: Silence... Renny sighs

K - are you going sleepy?

R - huh?

K - I said are you going sleepy?

R - what time do we, we don't have that show because they will usually tell us.

Keesha eating something

** my damn feeds keep freezing **

Memphis (in the 70's room) flip floppin around and sighing

4:09: Keesha still eating (yay!). Memphis in bed, Dan on one LR couch, Renny on the other. No sign of Jerry still.

The only sound is Keeshas fork hitting the plate and hitting her teeth... it is eerily quiet.

K - Renny?

R - yeah?

K - do you have anything outside?

R - yeah. Why?

K - cuz Dan thought that they were gonna lock us down for good.

R - I hope not I think they would have said something to me

K - ummm hum I thought so too

Renny now up in the kitchen munching

4:20 pm BBT:

R & K at kitchen counter eating

K- it is very good!

R - OMG!

K - it is isn't it?

R - ummm hummmm want some of these?

K - No thank you.

K - it's so good

They are eating something with peanut butter. K loves peanut butter

K gets up grabs another spoon, looks in sink and says "Huh...", sits back down and laughs

R - you know those prizes they give with the money and all? That was in POV.

K - um hummm, yeah that wasn't luxury prize

R - it wasn't?

K - I mean luxury comp

R - what is luxury comp?

K - it is when you go out and compete

R - what is one you remember?

K - the one I remember is when they all went on a shopping spree, and what they did is...

Foth ** figures as soon as there is a convo ***

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