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September 2 & 3 - Live Feed Updates

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5:35 PM BBT Feeds back. It appears they were interviewed by Craig again. They are making fun of Renny. He asked about her husband's employment and she told them her husband "knows how to lay some pipe."

5:40 PM BBT Jerry just got done picking his nose and is laying down in HoH room. Keesha is also laying in bed. Renny is packing. Memphis and Dan head upstairs to play chess. Jerrry is watching them on the spy screen.

6:01 PM BBT Feeds 1 & 2 switch from Jerry laying in bed to Renny laying in bed reading Dan's bible. Feeds 3 & 4 still on Dan and Memphis playing chess. Not a sound on the feeds. The cameras are zooming in and out on Psalms Chapter 11, Renny's chapter of choice this evening. Zoom in, Zoom out, must be bored. The camera picks out a verse "man does not know the evil that will come"

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5:48 pm BBT

Jerry in HoH looking at spy cam at Memphis and Dan playing chess. Memphis is dressed nicely in a light blue, long sleeved, button up shirt and a pair of dark pants. Dan is wearing his ever famous swimming trunks and his red St. Mary's t-shirt. Jerry is in his red Marines muscle shirt and his blue shorts. Jerry is just laying on the bed staring at them playing chess.

D - first blood

M - ooooooh

No sign of Keesha or Renny

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5:51 pm BBT

The chess game ensues, Jerry continues to watch them via the spy screen. They are upstairs in the sitting area, right outside the HoH door. Keesha is in the 70's room laying down in bed. The camera man keeps zoomin in and out on Keesha in bed. Jerry lays down, picks his ear, burps and keeps an ever watchful eye. Camera man now zooming in on Jerry, then back to Keesha, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in , zoom out... switch to Jerry, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in zoom out...


Dan and memphis still playing a rousing game of chess... Camera man now watching the downstairs goldfish... and back to Jerry...

I do believe the camera folk are bored as they are trying to capture every image in the house right now. (I can sympathize with them)

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5:58 pm BBT

Jerry is now resting, eyes closed in bed, spy cam is still on as the boys continue to play...

Renny in 70's bedroom laying in bed reading Dans Bible... she is reading Psalm... Renny wearing her glasses and I must say she looks very pretty today. Very classic.


Renny sighs and continues to read. Everything else is the same.

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6:10 PM BBT Nothing has changed, except that Renny is now reading from the Gospel of Luke.

6:15 PM BBT Dan wins this round of chess and he heads to the kitchen for a snack. Still on INLD. Dan and Memphis chatting in kitchen while Dan prepares some fish for the grill. They are bashing Michelle and some of her responses to Craig Ferguson in the past: Michelle bragging how good she looked in the red unitard. Craig asked her about her being HoH and she responded "I'm the hoe" They are making fun of her saying that federal aide for college must not be available to Rhode Islanders since she was saying she couldn't go to college.

6:27 Jerry stirring in HoH room. Makes muscle man motions in bathroom mirror.

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6:06 pm BBT

Memphis calls check mate

The game continues... Renny still reading, Keesha still in bed. Assume Jerry is still in bed...

back and forth check mates being called.

Game is over at 6:16 pm. They head downstairs and talk about the game.

D - Do you think we will be able to go outside?

M - I hope so

M - I am so hungry

D - Is the pasta thawed?

They start making some food.

Jerry still in HoH watching the spy screen again.

D - It actually looks kinda good man, looks like salmon steaks dude

M - throw them on the grill

D - it don't look bad

M - no it don't look bad it is just the fact that I don't know what it is

M sits at kitchen counter

D os getting food prep ready

M - Dude I was thinking about on Craig F when she said I looked good in the red leotard and I was like dude no one wants to see that and he said are you like a host and she said That is what I am

D asks M to open something for him

M - it is open

M - I have never met anyone like that

Both laugh

M - I have never heard someone say they can't go do college. Federal aide doesn't apply in R.I....

M - I feel like saying you are hanging out with the wrong crowd!

M - peanut butter is so fatty!

Talk on peanut butter

They say that Jerry has had bypass surgery and that he put salt on everything, even fruit

M - I hope he doesn't have a heart attack in here

D - dude don't say that

M - no I am just saying because he puts so much salt on every little thing, I'm healthy as a horse

D goes to SR and says "Storage room please. Thank You>

Memphis eating crackers at the kitchen bar.

Girls still in 70's room

jerry still in HoH watching spy screen

Dan talking about how to cook the salmon

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6:26 pm BBT

Boys downstairs cooking and talking. Jerry in HoH and he was just digging in both nostrils, rolling it up and flicking it. Jerry gets up, heads to HoH BR and says "look at them guns baby (as he flexes) look at them guns!" and then cackles. Jerry coming downstairs. Boys still talking food.

D - Col

J - what!?!?

D _ I am trying to make some fish

J - you can bbq it

talk about th recipe for the fish and J says he will make it Friday.

Renny coming out

Dan says that BB fixed their water filetr, thanks them and says that is huge

Jerry walking around the kitchen, swarming actually, with his hads shoved deep into his pockets.

Renny getting stuff out of the fridge and asks if they want some fish

D - no thank you

J - are you going to cook it up, is there enough for everone

D - This is more of an experiment

J - all you have to do is cook it (why doesn't he freakin cook it!!! Help out someway and quit taking up space!)

J asks about some pork chops that they could cook

** FTB1974 can you take over hun? **

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Gotcha miss911

6:38 PM BBT Dan doing dishes. Renny sitting at counter eating. Keesha is asleep. Jerry is complimenting Renny on how she cooks and takes basic foods and uses seasonings to make it better. She says with mild sarcasm "I cook a lot in this house"

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6:49 PPM BBT Renny just enlightens Dan who is still cooking in the kitchen. She tells them that cosmetologist have to know every muscle and bone in the head to get licensed. She also tells him that out of every 100 who get licensed, maybe only 1 is really good (scary thought-FTB1974)

6:55 PM BBT Renny has decided to lie down and Keesha is still sound asleep. Jerry is eating at the counter. Dan is still messing around in the kitchen. No sign of Memphis.

7:03 PM BBT LD is over and the only change they see is where the grill is. Dan's fish is finally making it's way to the grill. Memphis is supervising and sends Dan back inside for some foil to prevent it from dripping down onto the hot grill. Memphis and Dan discuss the importance of tomorrow's HoH. Memphis says he really needs to win. Ashley isn't getting any face time. They mention that Jerry is squirming. They still fear a returning houseguest and am really looking forward to Julie saying "final 4" because that means they really are the last 4.

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7:11 PM BBT Memphis and Dan in BY discussing that they are still not comfortable and won't be unless they survive next week. Meanwhile the spider pet (Ted) is stirring and they mention that he seems to be bigger. Dan tells little cousin Joseph happy birthday again so we get very brief FotH. Jerry joins them in the BY so conversation changes to money. Jerry talks more about his finances outside of the house. (and Dan is trying to act interested-FTB1974)

7:27 PM BBT Jerry has gone inside and given Dan and Memphis some relief. At the grill Dan and Memphis debate who would get more votes from jury members, Keesha or Jerry. Memphis thinks Jerry will. Either way, they are both in gear for operation evict Jerry next week. Keesha wakes up and joins the guys outside. Keesha mentions Renny is snippy today and depressed. Memphis says she likely feels like Jerry will next week when he doesn't win POV.

7:42 PM BBT Memphis and Dan are eating their fish and Jerry and Keesha are watching Ted repair his web. Dan asks what hushpuppies are "are they stuff just filled with grease?" (Can't make this stuff up-FTB1974)

I'm out.

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7:29 PM BBT: Renny is asleep in the Hippie room while Dan and Keesha are sitting outside discussing how they think Renny knows that she is leaving this week. Memphis is cooking something on the grill and Jerry comes out into the BY.

Memphis just finished cooking and Dan brings the food inside and Memphis comes in a few seconds later.

Memphis is tasting the fish that he made. Dan asked him if it tasted fishy and Memphis says "Not really... Like, I dont know. I have no idea what kind of fish this is."

Memphis goes back outside and goes to talk to Keesha who is now sitting by the HT with her legs in the water. Memphis tells her that they dont have too much time left in the house.

Meanwhile, Dan is sitting inside eating the fish that Memphis cooked.

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