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Big Brother 10 Countdown


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Sorry Jem but it's that time again. As of the 24th we will be at 80 days.

These numbers are from the guess the image game we had for season 8. Don't feel you have to try to guess what image it is. If you want to know I'll post the image for you.

Big Brother 8 Countdown and Trivia

Rules: Has to come from Mortys BB fan pages (not the message boards) any season is fair game.


Scroll down to the bottom for the Archives. Remember Mortys is the place you learn to read from the bottom up.

Or from one of MORTY'S posts only from: Bring back the Chickenman


If you answer correctly you may post the next question or pass it. If you post a question and are going to be gone from the board for more then 24 hrs pm the answer to someone so they can let the winner know they got it right.

Now let's get this party started.


Days to BB10

Trivia: How many Cameras and Microphones are in the house?

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I just want to say that I enjoyed the season only because this is my first time at Morty's as a member making post and discussing the show. If I would have just been viewer I am sure that I would have not enjoyed it as much. I do want to apologize for any feathers that I ruffled this season and I do hope to see you all during BB10.

Thanks for having me. :D

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BBinMiami I really enjoyed getting to know you and your posts. Don't have to always agree around here.

Glad you will be around for BB10.

For those that feel lost in-between seasons we always have fun over in Off Topic.


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