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March 12 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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8:29pm BBT - i come in on sharon and sheila in the boat room and sheila is telling sharon that its not what you do outsid (games/veto/hoh) its how you play in the house.

sheila is telling sharon that natalie is playing it wrong... she is letting her feelings get in the way, i (sheila) did that with allison..... she said that allison was too smart for this game, she went to bed playing and woke up playing, she told matt, you cannot play this game and sleep in the same bed with someone, its like "eek eek eek" (holding her hand up like she's holding a knife fixing to stab), both her and sharon giggle...

she says that is why nat is mad at matt and her (sheila) cuz she plays with emotion

sheila says wait till you see what happens, just let it play out

sharon asks what

sheila says i can't tell you but if you walk out of this house, all hell is gonna break loose, they messed with the wrong woman

she assures sharon that nat will vote for sharon to stay

sharon is worried it might be a 3-3 vote.... sheila says you have to understand, he wants james out, they are guys, your not a threat cuz your a woman, nothing against you, they are threatened by other en

sheila says she doesn't trust none of them, they would all throw her under the bus

she says i am voting you to stay, the rest of them, we will see what they do... if they wanted to get you out they wouldn't have put james up, you have to think they way they do, you have to play the game they way they play it in their head

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8:42pm BBT --- sheila is telling sharon that josh is gonna drag her down..... she said josh is gonna be her long after her because he knows how to manipulate pel better

she tells sharon she will tell her more after the HOH

they now turn to natalie and how blind she is in this game, how nat stayed with some guy after he told her he didn't love her, she would have kicked him to the curb, i don't need that, im not that tuff, i want to be loved, but im not gonna stay with a guy who doesn't care about me

she quotes dr phil "you teach peope how to treat you".... she said that is what natalie did the first night, and that is why matt treats her that way..... she's too sweet

chelsia walks in and asks where the bible is, sheila says adams has it, chelsia says she is so congested, sheila says she had a nose bleed thefirst night

sharon says she hopes sheila wins HOH

sheila says she has told her the truth about things and sharon can take it or leave it, she can believe her or not

adam/matt/ryan playing chess on the other feeds

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8:49pm BBT - sharon is still telling sharon about how she will know what is going on if ryan has to break a tie, she is telling her that no one has your back.... sharon is really listening to her.....

shiela is saying she is not stupid,she knows what they (chelsia/josh/james) are doing and that is why they need to get them out

sharon says she thrives when she needs to

sheila says think about it, why would they keep james, he's eating, hes winning, hes going home tomorrow.... bye bye

now she is wispering too low to hear

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8:54pm BBT - nat ahs come into th chess game with matt and ryan, she plops down on the couch and ryan says hey nattie and she says hiiiii

my feeds paused for a minute

ok, there back.... nat just sittng there, matt talking game to ryan.... adam just walked in and nat asked him what he is eating, just chunks of protien shake.... nat says ewwwww, you better watch yourself mister your gonna have the farts all night.... they all laugh

nat has left..... adam is smaking and i have to change feeds now

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9:00pm BBT - natalie has moved into the room with sheila and sharon, they are talking about what kind of clothes they can and cannot wear....natalie thought they were not allowed to bring white/black or yellow, sharon tells her that was for the press thing, not for in here, sheila said that is all she brought was black clothes

now they are talking about the pictures they took today and how cute they were.... sheila is asking what they do with the pictures and natalie tells her they put them on the cbs web site for the fans

natalie tells sheila that thousands and thousands of people watching, sheila says don't freak me out

natalie says that this is the best reality show, that maybe american idol is more popular, sharon says she doesn't want to think about what people think about her

sharon says you should be used to this sheila, sheila says shes been out of the loop for 16 years, sharon says well get used to it

they think they will be on letterman

sheila say she just thinks its weird

natalie says she knows she will get hounded, she lives in salem oregon..... sheila says that natalie will probably get offered to do pickle commercials (lol) sheilas says it was weird but nats hair looked really good after that (the pickles incident)

sheila says she loves wonder woman and cat woman but se did't think she would have to wear this

they are talking about their favorite holidays, christmas and thanksgiving.... sheila says that is what she misses about Alex, how they all sat at the table together (hope hes coming back in :) im out peeps :))

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11:50amBBT we have a leak from outside, we hear a loud crain like machine. Josh hears it and tells James/Chelsia it sounds like a celment truch. BB:"Josh stop that!" Josh laughs.

at same time after hearin BB yell at josh, Matt/Nat in HOH, Matt says "Josh is probaly whining about something again."

Nat has made a drawing off Matt, Matt likes it and Ryan says(whiling look at Matt & Josh's paintings 2gether) "you to could be brothers." Matt laughs and says "yeaH mabey" and Nat laughs(well tries 2 anyway)

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12:13 am BBT: Chelsia tells Natalie why she’s been treating her so badly. She says that it drives her crazy that Natalie allows Matty to treat her like he does and that she thinks it shows that Natalie has no backbone. Chelsia goes on to say that she thinks Natalie is a strong and beautiful girl and she deserves to be treated better. Natalie says she knows that and that she is playing the game for herself and not Matty. She says that if Sheila agrees to keep James then she will too. Chelsia promises her that if they win HoH next week (tomorrow) none of them will put her up on the block.

12:22 am BBT: Natalie gets into bed with Matty and says good night and asks for a hug. Matty says, “No, get off of me!”

12:26 am BBT: Ryan and Josh are in the HoH. Ryan tells him that the votes will be 5 – 1 and that he (Josh) better vote to keep Sharon or she will turn on him because he betrayed her.

Josh: I’m going to have to vote out James, if not Sharon will turn against me. Some people in the house made Sharon swear on the bible she wouldn't put them up, so all that leaves is Ryan who was the only one who didn't ask her to swear on the bible. Josh says if Matt or Natalie wins HoH they would put up Josh vs. Chels.

Ryan: says that he loves Matt and all but thinks he may do better in the game without him.

Josh: We gave you that option.

Ryan: I know, this might came back on me.

Both: Thanks to Sheila.

Ryan: You can trust me.

Josh: James would always protect Chelsia over me but, no one believes that.

Ryan: James has to go, he is too dangerous.

They now discuss that it was Sheila that told Natalie about Sharon and Matty kissing.

1:12 am BBT: House guests are sleeping.

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6:30am BBT

Ryan is now completely moved out of HOH. He goes downstairs, listens at backyard door for sounds, then goes to storage room to get a pillow and blanket. Now he is making a bed on the floor for himself in the sofabed room.

All appear to be sleeping once again.

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8:13 am BBT - Wake up call... Sheila is so far the only one getting up and moving around. Sharon and Ry were stirring in their respective beds. Ry for some reason or another has made a bed downstairs and has camped out in the Josh/Shar James/Chels room... FOTH

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9:05AM BBT: There has been a lot of ADLs and some chitchat his am. Chelsia and Matt have been called to the DR so far. Matt came out and said that he can't tell anyone what went on in the DR because he could get in trouble. We get FotH.

9:18AM BBT: Still FotH

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