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March 5 - Live Feed Updates


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12:12amBBT All hg's asllep except Ryan who dribbles the colege ball he has in HOH then comes down stairs drinking a drink looking 4 any1, see no`1 laughs and heads back 2 HOH room. Smiles at camera and takes off shirt and looks in his closet, puts stuff in it. Takes his basketball and throws it up in air boucing it off seiling. Ryan "im so bored." BB:"Ryan stop that." So he drops ball shuts off lights and get s into bed listin 2 music at 12:16amBBT

12:30amBBT All hg's asleep

12:55amBBT Chelsia's up sittin loookin at memory wall

1:16amBBT James joins Chelsia in kiychen, thwey talk lookin at MW

1:30amBBT James/Chelsia still lookin at MW and whispering, every1 else asleep

1:35amBBt they look at GP's

1:37amBBT James goes back 2 bed

1:39amBBT BB dimes the lights in LR & kitchen as Chelsia looks at GP's in kitchen

1:44amBBT Chelsia gets in bed with james and they start making out

1:49amBBT(i layed down 2 go 2 bed and i hear squaking from a bed in the BB house)

James is layin on top of Chelsia(the aquaking frombed gettin louder!) FOTH.... feeds back NOT showing James/Chelsia but u hear sqeauking going crazy from that bed! then u hear kissing!

im out!

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