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March 5 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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By dumblonde:

9:22PM BBT: Natalie & Adam in the spa. She is doing another nail polish portrait while telling Adam how many of everything there are in the house.

I can hear Allison's loud voice in another room saying Sheila & her won't be pissed they just wanna know how people are fucking voting.

BBAD feed switched to the kitchen. Ryan/Allison/Sheila/Adam/Matt hanging out. Allison is still carrying on about how she wants to know how people are voting. Ryan says he would rather not know. Sheila says she would rather not know so she can get a good nights sleep but she does want to know before they step in the room tonight to vote. (supposedly C/J have told them that they will not reveal how they are voting until they get up to walk into the room tomorrow night. BB will not let them say how they voted after they come out of the room so they are going to tell them before they go in).

Allison goes on & on about how C/J say they are voting however Mattalie is voting. Allison says that C/J told her the only way her & Ryan are staying is if Mattalie lets them know they are voting to keep them (Sheila is sitting right there when she says all this). Matt says they are putting it on him because he put it on them last night. he says it's a load of bullshit. Allison says but C/J have told her that since the first day. Matt (loudly) says you are believing a kid with pink hair. STOP IT!! Be serious. Allison says I am being serious. Matt says this is what he didn't want tonight so he is going to go to his room. Matt says he is going to tell her one thing, you are believing a girl who was in your room chilling with you all day picking out outfits to leave & then she went outside to talk shit about the outfits you were picking. Allison says "so you're saying Chelsia was juts tlaking shit about me out there"? Matt says he's not saying they were talking shit he's saying they were talking about your outfits & why would she be talking to Josh? Because Josh doesn't like you. Matt says he doesn't want to have any of this conversation right now. I will go sleep & not talk to any of you. Allison won't STFU & keeps trying to defend Chelsia. Matt says never mind, just forget it.

Matt asks Allison why doesn't she go out there & hang with her friend Chelsia & ask her how she's voting tomorrow then. Allison says she's going to & she hopes Ryan is too. Ryan says not right now, not with Josh out there. Ryan says no. Sheila tells Allison she should just let it go til the morning. Sheila says it's not doing any good to keep asking & asking. Matt agrees. Allison says she hasn't been asking & asking it's C/J that keep asking her over & over who Mattalie is voting for. Everyone tells Allison she keeps bringing it up & she yells NO SHE IS NOT. She yells "no I am not" over & over. Ryan says yes you are. Allison gets all pissed & says just so you know, you don't yell at women like that "one, two, three" & points at each man in the room (F.Y.I... the only person yelling was Allison during the whole conversation). They say no one was yelling. Allison tells Matt just so you know don't talk to me that way. Matt says don't get flippant on me sweetheart, take a walk then, see ya later. Matt says you're digging yourself a fucking grave here so just walk. Allison says NO I'M NOT. Matt says you better walk or I am going to fucking flip out on you & you haven't even seen me flip out yet. Allison keeps running her mouth. Ryan tries to get her to be quiet & go away.

Matt says he was not yelling he just talks loud & he is sorry if she thought he was yelling. Adam says he is sorry but Ryan doesn't. Allison says "OH so you're not sorry?" She says she thinks Ryan is disrespectful Ryan says how am I being disrespectful because I am trying to get you to drop this conversation that nobody wants to have. (Allison in her best grating snooty voice keeps going on & on using two of her favorite words "ridiculous") Ryan tells Allison she was raising her voice louder than any of them. Allison walks off. (If they don't vote this bitch out tomorrow I request that somebody please shoot me around 7:45PM/ET tomorrow night - DB)

10:05PM BBT: The Allison/Sheila bitchfest continues in the bathroom. They talk of James, the other men in the house, & why each one of them could be kept (we've heard it all before)

Most everyone else in the kitchen munching out & chitchatting. Talk turns pretty gross & sexual (shrimping, bestiality, & such). Josh lost his gay virginity at 18. Matt lost his heterosexual virginity at 18 but he got a lot of blowjobs in high school. Chelsia lost hers on a couch while she was babysitting.

10:29PM BBT: Sharon & Josh go to HoH. Sharon is whispering to him on the way up but I can't hear. Sharon thinks someone (no clue who?) is America's Couple. Wouldn't that make sense. Josh says no they said there's no America's Player why would there be an America's Couple? Sharon says cause we're... couples. Josh says what is the point, to try to make things happen? Sharon says no, they might give them directions on shit. Josh asks like what? Sharon says like stuff that they are going to start doing & stuff, I dunno. Why else would they have them go in there together? Josh says maybe they are about to call Mattalie in there. Sharon says it's really sad that they don't have their TV so they can see them come out of DR. Josh says they probably won't be able to talk about it when they come out. They say they will know something is up if they don't call Mattalie to DR next. Sharon says yeah if they don't call in Mattalie they will know it's something & not good something.

Sharon says "Oh my gosh, that shit better not go down tonight". Sharon says she's nervous because it's their last night in this room & they have no safety net. Josh says who will save Allison? American won't save Allison, she doesn't deserve it. James & Chelsia come up to HoH. James stops, giggles, & stares at Josh with a weird look on his face. Josh says what, this is not good. James says he can't say anything, just "be ready" (so maybe the siren will be tonight?)

Sharon asks if James is fucking with them? James says no, the questions they asked were about stuff like that. BB voice tells James he cannot talk about his DR session. Chelsia says we don't know for sure, they can't tell us. Sharon says they have never EVER brought in couples the night before the eviction until now. Chelsia says that's what's weird. They are all freaking out over it & thinking somehow Allison will stay because of the siren twist.

James says they can't believe BB took the HoH remote. Josh said yeah he knew something was getting freaky when they did that. They talk of if they will get dressed or run to the LR in what they are sleeping in. Josh is freaking & says he won't be able to sleep now.

10:39PM BBT: The panic in the HoH continues... They wonder if the siren twist will be a questions comp. Josh says Natalie has been using nail polish to write down all the stuff she has been counting on a paper towel. Josh says "Hello, if you are listening, that is not a picture". Josh says if he gets called to DR he is going to tell them to confiscate that shit from Natalie. C/J leave. Josh & Sharon stay in panic mode.

Sheila comes up & fill Josh/Sharon in on all the stuff Allison told her.

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12:46amBBT Josh is in HOH lookin sad & Sharon is in SR crin lookin at pic of her & Jacob!(she just lookin at it 4 a long time)

12L50amBBT Sharon still lookin at JAcob's pic in SR and lookin at GP's are Josh/James, james heads 2 bed & Josh goes outyside & cleans up everything

12:51 Sharon heads up 2 HOH room "Babe?" (she has tears in eyes) looks in BR. 4 Josh, Sharon sits in chair lookin distraught.

Josh still coverin things up in BY and cleaning up

12:55amBBT Josh looks at table in kitchen, camera 2 zooms in on DR door and we get FOTH till..... 12L58amBBT

Josh heads up 2 HOH room as Sharon brushs teeth in HOHBR, Josh yells Sharon hes dressed and ready 4 alram. Sharon said she was dustin all pics and Jacob's fell and broke. she said she feels its a sign and she freaked that it was her & Jacobls pic. Sharon "thats Freakster" Sharon says she wants 2 break all pics 4 its not at bad sign. Sharon says hes afraid 2 look at Jacob tommrow(????) Josh says he feels like something stabbed him. Sharon goes on & on that shev came 2 BB 2 get away from Jacob and he was here! they get in bed w/ light on and talk about random stuff. Josh says hes done with Matt/Nat "Natalie's so annoying."

they both agree James wantin 2 hide Nat's bible was wrong. sharon goes bacvk 2 i cant belive jacob was here! she then compares her pick falling to BB3's Marcellus nome falling. Josh awitchs it talk of Allison leaving

Josh "if Allison stays i will littley explode! their hav 2 dump my dust in texas & OK." Josh says tommrow as song he wants "Hannah again, Cher, Maddona, or Raining men"

1:11amBBT Sharon & Josh guartee victory

1:20amBBT Josh/Sharon hear noise (i did 2 but its my basement flloded due 2 heavy rain :crybaby: )

Josh loooks on baclcony and sees all lights out downstairs. heads head 2 bed at 1:30amBBT

1:37amBBT Shelia & Asam say they cant sleep, Shelia looks around huse then uses BR

1:40amBBT Shelia gets back in bed.

1:41amBBT All Hg's asllep

1:48amBBT Josh cant sleep movin around in bed, Adam uses the BR and him & James head outside. Adam says Shelia cant sleep, James sayus Matt is miced and ready 2 go. they cant sayin they cant sleep. they say Natalie shold have her napkin taken away(i saw it early she has pics, numbers and letters on it), they talk about Sherlia livin in a mansion 4 10 yrs.

1:54amBBT the 2 head insidfe and talk at tiny nook table in kitchen

1:55amBBT lights turn on in kitchen & LR they cont. 2 talk saying Nat's cheating with pics, & Numbers on her napkin. they laugh about it

1:57amBBT they get something 2 drink, and Josh comes down sayin i coundt sleep saying he heard Natalie in his head laughing with Allison head. Josh says he think theirs a elevator behide HOH room and he keeps thinkin evicted HG's are comming and take him out in his sleep. Josh says "im a gay man and u cant take my castle." Adam says Nat's crazy and Matt/Nat have everything in house written on her napkin. Adam says HOH is gonna be dndurance.

They all agree they have a feeling like some1 in their house. Adam said he though he was gonna see Alkex when he came to kiychen we get FOTH tilll..... 2:05amBBT

Josh said when he open his door of HOH he thought he was gonna see something. Adam said he head noses 2. Josh thinks Control rooom is between HOH room & bedroom. Josh says it feels creepy and they wonder how fireman would feel in gere. James tells them about Ryan havin 2 tell Natalie the alphabet. Josh laugh "yes in the beaver state they have best education system, ok kids x y and z" James says "ok Natalie whats the capital of West Virginia..... Delaware! correct Natalie good job." They talk abot Shelia awful breath

2:30amBBT still the 3 talking and jokin around, alot of laughter

2:33amBBT Lights dimmed in kitcgeb & LR those 3 still talking. Josh talks about 200 ppl onlr 4 Rat party and we get FOTH

they look at memory wall. they say Amanda looks fat but shes pretty in person, Alex looks like hes high, Parker looks like hes retarded, Allison looks worse then ever.

back 2 nook table and they are eating cookies

2:45amBBT they head out 2 BY

thwy make fun of Chelisa dress sayin its outdated. Jasmes says she wont wear underwear with that dress

(im out unless something HUGE happens lol)

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2:47amBBT they talk about the "Sex 6"(Jen,Amanda,Alex,Matt,Nat( alicance in house. James says Matt saiud hes best lookin house. James said they wanted 2 do Rock paper sessiors to decide final 2.

2:50amBBT all head 2 their beds, Josh gets into bed, Adam uses BR 1st then James. Adam dosent wash hands but uses the mouth wash

2:52amBBT Adam gets in bed

2:53amBBT James exits BR and dosent was hands either, then gets into bed with Chelsia

3amBBT all Hg's asleep

2:55amBBT Josh is up in HOH he cant sllep

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'Twas the day of 'evictions' and all through the house

Not a HG was stirring, not even a mouse

Or a guinea pig, for that matter, as all was still

Waiting for the siren, to see what Big Brother would fulfill.

(I'm out for now) :):)

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8:08 am BBT - Josh to WC uses WC, comes out, washes hands... gets on scale Says "we survived" She - yeah really Josh - I was up til 4 am. Sheila - No Madonna hun ... Josh back to HoH... Shar - What are you doing? Josh - No one is saying shit Shar - I heard you up at like 4 am Josh - I was pacing, and the siren didn't get me yet, everything is on plan... I am so exhausted and stressed out, but everything is on plan. Shar - what time is it? Josh - It is 8 o'clock... BB - G'morning HG';s it is time to get up for the day... Josh is back in bed... all cams on HoH

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8:15 am BBT - Josh gets out of bed and tells Shar "You sleep it off honey"... Josh in HoH BR humming to self. Shar still in bed, camera man zooms in on Joshes TT Moose... Josh still hummin in bathroom. Josh mocking BB "I said it is time to get up for the day! ... BB -I said it is time to get up for the day (In a harsh tone) Josh continues to mock BB josh - HG's there are fresh batteries in the SR... Have you chenged your batteries? Josh brusing teeth. All cams still on HoH room area. BB - The bedroom lights must remain on during the day... Josh continues humming quick FotH... Josh continues to hum (Why don't they just change the camera!!!!) FotH...

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8:20 am BBT - Josh moaning and groaning, climbs back in bed... Josh _ I am just falling apart... Shar - I have had so many weird dreams ... Josh - I have gotten about 4 hrs of sleep, my parinoia has officially taken over!!! Shar - she'll be gone, she'll be gone... Josh - It is done and over with... Shar - where did you go this morning Josh - I was up pacing and making sure everyone was up... then josh sings the chorus to Hungry Like THE Wolf... BB - Good Morning HG's it is time to get up for the day... Josh - why are we up at 8 o'colock when we don't have to be out till noon, Shar - it is 8:00??? Josh - yeah when check is out at noon... josh hums and snaps his fingers then we get FotH again.

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8:24 am BBT - All cams on HoH... Josh is in the shower, Sharon is still in bed. We get FoTh.

8:26 am BBT - still have FotH.

8:29 am BBT - Feeds back, josh still in shower, Shar re adjusting in bed and says "OOOOOOhhhhh". all cams still in HoH.

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8:30 am BBT - we have Foth again, for no reason that I can see. All cams were in Hoh, Josh showering, Shar in bed. 8:33 am BBT - still have Foth

8:34 am BBT - all cams in Hoh Josh showering, Shar still in bed. Shar is in bed hugging her heart pollow that Jacob gave her. Sounds like the shower water turned off. Josh out of shower, goes to his dresser... Josh says that he hates something because it hurts his feet Shar - yeah that is why you wear flip flops josh - all the time, all the time. Josh is walking around in his blue and white undies Shar - what makes me nervous is that she makes a deal, if she makes HoH, (yawns can't tell what she says) Shar - I am sure we are going home next week if Nat and Matty win, that is stupid... we F***... Big yawn... Josh leaves room heads downstairs. She - He never gets any sleep, he snores and talks in his sleep... BB - Nat and Matt get up for the day! She - wow he just called you guys out! He is not happy. She is in Kitchen making coffee. Josh goes to SR to change his batteries. Josh leaves SR, looks in BR waves, walks into Chels, passes Matt, they both say G'morning. Josh - I think you could walk through the hole in the floor for the HoH, I was pacing, they told me Josh you have to go to bed, I finally laid in bed and slouched... I am so exhausted, this game is taking years off of me. There is a blowdryer/vacuume cleaner in the back ground I am having trouble understanding but he says "Hopefully it was a cowbell" Josh - Well we survived the siren. He said that if they wanted a happy Josh then they have to keep their promise, but the wouldn't... She - I knew not to bring stuff that had stuff on it, but I have a lot of this stuff at home, you know with the quotes on it... (talking to Ry) She - you look tired Josh - I am very tired, I am pretty run down, not gonna lie. This eviction is sucking the life outta me She - You? Well were on the block! Josh _ I feel like we are all on the block together. Josh - Maybe I will get to sleep today She - Maybe I will get some earplugs, I have been requesting them since I got here. Josh - Maybe if you get HoH you can request them in your basket... Josh says something that he thinks that she will come back...

** I am having a hard time hearing, someone take over please.

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9:10 AM BBT: I turn the feeds on and there is FotH. Wake up Call??

9:20 AM BBT: Stil FotH... <_<

9:21 AM BBT: Feeds back and its Matt and Ryan in the red room talking. Just chit chat. Its actually a lot of silence.... Ryan is told to put on his mic, Matt says who cares, they arent talking.

9:23 AM BBT: Josh and Chelsia are in the HoH talking about the competition, they think it will be physical. Chelsia leaves and goes to talk to James in the Kitchen, she asks him if he is mad at her. I think he said no, he throws away eggs and then farts. Chelsia goes to the red room briefly where Matt and Ryan are. There is no talking going on. Chelsia grabs the vacuum. She starts vacuuming.

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