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February 22 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9PM BBT: Showtime BBAD crawl confirms that Sheila, Adam, Amanda, & Alex are on slop. James & Chelsia also lost the food comp but get to eat since they are HoH.

Sheila/Amanda/Chelsia/Adam/Ryan in HoH talking about birth control.

Allison talking with Matt in the spa & promising him that she & Ryan will vote for him to stay. Matt says he did what everyone wanted & didn't use the POV on Parker & they nominated him anyway. Allison tells him she loves Sheila but Sheila is a threat to her game just like Parker was a threat to his game. Alex comes in & Matt says he knows neither if them wants to go home. Matt doesn't want to go home & go back into construction. Allison assures Matt that he will at least get a commercial. Allison wants to do a talk show when she gets out. She thinks she would be really got at that (MBE she could interview Amber when she gets on ANTM ). She wants to be on something classy like GMA or the Today Show. Sheila joins them & starts bitching about Adam.

Alli tells Matt not to worry about anything until after POV. Start thinking about offers he can make to people but don't do anything until after POV. Alli dogs Jen.

Alli still dogging Jen

Sheila & Alli alone in spa & Alli tells Sheila that her & Ryan are going to lay really low because James & Chelsia's personalities are like "don't fuck with me" & they will put up someone who does any little thing if the POV is used.

Sharon whispering to Ryan in the BR that you never know is somebody is going to come back.

Ryan/Adam/Alex/Matt in the BY talking about sequester pay. They don't know if this is a long season or a short season if everyone is going to sequester or what. It's raining so Alex runs to get the chair cushions & put them up. Ryan has a friend "his boy" who just got his 3rd DUI & was going to jail right when Ryan was coming in the house.

The former lesbian alliance is in the bathroom... alone... talking... again.

Lots of HG hanging out in the kitchen chitchatting. Amanda is bring gross & chewing up slop & sticking out her slop covered tongue. Amanda talks about how racist the South still is.

10PM BBT: Sheila bitching about Adam to Nat & Amanda. She says they just don't understand, her partner won't talk to her at all. At least they have partners that will talk to them. Sheila telling Amanda that Allison is avoiding her. She thinks Allison befriended her to save her ass & get her vote when she was on the block. Sheila says if I would not have kept my promise you guys would have sent her home. Amanda says so right, why would her best friend vote against her. Sheila says "but am I?" (her BFF).

10:28PM BBT: Lots of HG have gone to bed early. Ryan laying in bed with Allison & Sheila is over there talking about something (but I came in mid-convo & have no clue). They start talking about why they need the money. Allison takes the chance to dog Jen yet again.

Alex/Matt/Chelsia in the kitchen talking about the nom speech. Chelsia says she is sorry & she meant to say something nice about Alex in her speech but she got nervous & forgot. She says she will make it up to him. James says Matt told him that if he stays & gets HoH he will nominate James & Chelsia. Natalie says NO. James says yes but it's cool & he doesn't blame him.

11PM BBT: Hg still hanging out in the kitchen. Just general chitchat going on.

Adam & Ryan smoking & talking about how good the POV is going to be. Ryan says it's going to be a battle & he is looking forward to it. Ryan was stressed because his & Allison's keys were the last to come out.

Ryan goes back to bed. He & Allison are whispering. They say that Sheila has hooked up with a lot of people including Scott Baio. WOW. Allison tells him she is not going to talk bad about Jen any more BUT... she wants him to know that he deserves better & she knows hearing that may make him mad but she just wants that out there. Ryan is silent & looking uncomfortable.

11:30PM BBT: Amanda and Natalie talking about the veto last week and they should have used it and making sure that they play to win the veto. Amanda also asked Natalie if she thought Sheila was being honest about if her and Adam won the veto they

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12:20am - 12:34amBBT Natalie dones a red wig and does a strip tease 4 Alex,Amanda,James,Adam,Chelsia in the sauna room. Nat rubs her ass in Adam face and rubs her butt in evey one's face & croth. Amanda ducks out of gettin Natalie in her face. Cheslia tries 2 remove Nat's bra and she lets her if Chelsia heal her brreats! Nat says its Amanda turn as her runs to door of Sauna room. Amanda says Adam can have her turn as Adam is SMILING!!!! Nat says she thinks Adam been 2 a 1st strip clubs. Matt said "Amanda youre so scared its as if u are a VIRGIN" Adamnda blushs! Alex "What the, youre a virgin?" every1 is surprised. Amanda runs out of sauna room and checks her face ion mirror and gets a pickkle. Alex & Adam question if she really a virgin. she dodges the question. Adamnda heads away from every1. Nat tries 2 get in DR in her stripper outfit but they dont let her in. Matt,Alex & Adam talk outside stragery. IN Sauna room Nat,Chelsia,James & Amanda think of new looks 4 Nat 2 strip teae 4 showtime tommrow aand that James was a stripper once.

12:45amBBT Matt,Alex & Adam say their work 2gether.

12:46amBBT Alex says hes headin 2 bed. Amanda says she feels sick with the slop & pickle mixed in her stomach. she asks BB 4 Pepto Bismal. in their boat bedroom. Alex:"Are u a virgin?" Amanda: "why are u so focused on this, if i am i am if im not im not."

12:48amBBT James & Chelsia wrestle in sauna room and kiss.

12:49amBBT hear Adam somewhere "Amanda's avigin."

12:50amBBT Alex tells Amanda they have the votes 2 stay. Alex tells Amanda "if u are a big huch mama but a virgin then u are the biggest CT." Amanda "whats a CT?"

12:50amBBT James runs Chelsia in his arms upstairs.

12:51amBBT Alex :"So are u a virgin." Amanda: "YES, nabey u will be." she laughs. Alex :"U bitch." they laugh.

12:52amBBT James shower with cold water on them in HOH BR. James walks aeround naked a bit.

12:53amBBT Alex & Amanda say thir do anythiung 2 win POV . even drink pee. they agree it would be better if Amanda/Alex win POV saying Matt/Nat could survive against others.

Alex:"so r u really a virgin" AmANDA:"Goodnight,." Alex says again. Amanda :"Nabey." Alex :"It all makes sense u are u fuckin are i think its amazing i give you much credit."

the give each other curse words to each other jokliny. "Bastard" "Fat ass" "Slut" "bitch." Amanda end it withj "Cunt" Alex:"Nice"

Amanda tells Alex "I think Shelia likes u." Alex says "She likes girls."

Amanda:' POV baby." Alex:"Shut up go 2 bed baby." Alex:"so r u a virgin? How do u walk Around like that." "So y dint u want 2 ever have sex?" Amanda:"Cuz, i like 2 commit." Alex:"im jeaouls."

Alex pulls Amnda hair. they talk aliitle more. Amanda: "wow Nat really likes Matt." Alkex is snoring at 1:05amBBT

in HOH room the 2 are laughing. they talk about looks, who want sttencion, if Amanda a virgin(they bout say she must of slept with a few dozen men), and tattos and other random things." they then makout 4 a longggg time! then they go under the covers and u can hear them kiss still. then more random talking.

1:15AMbbt Alex screams in pain hes says hes knee hurts. AmANDA gets woken up by this. Alex:"r u shakin the bed, are u doing what i think youre doin." AmANDA:"eww no." Alex:"it dosent smell like that."

in HOH room James tell Chelsia"what if Amanda/Alex get off, how bout we put up ryan/allison and make deal with matty.'' Cheslia:"Nabey." James:"we are the controlers."

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1:18amBBT Alex/Amanda are asleep again. James/Chelsia talk or gettin rid of Ryan/Allison so the house will be happy with them 4 gettin rid of "Annoying Allison" & making deals with Alex/Matty." Cheslia ponders it saying it could go wrong.

1:26amBBT Notcing Amanda's asllep Alex takes the blanet off her and all on him. (Eric 's note : Selfish!)

1:31amBBT James/helsia makin out again. then say goodnight 2 each other.(James is holding Chelsia in her arms)

1:40amBBT All feeds switch 2 sllepin Amanda/Alex

1:50amBBT James/Chelsia return and say randonm quotes

2amBBT feeds switch off James/Nat and show Matt/Nat & Alex/Amanda asllep

2:10amBBT Adam is up, drinks some water out of kitxhen sink then uses the BR. hes comes out of BR Scarting his package & butt and DOSENT WAS HANDS! and eating slop cookies? in kitxhen! still scarting his package and stops 2 look at GP's in their cage then the memory wall then goes 2 bed and jumps into bed wakin Shelia. thay hav small chit-chat then head back asleep.

(Eric's note---- yeah schools closed snow day lol)

2:18amBBT Feeds 1 & 2 on sleepin HG's and 3 & 4 on James & Chelsia taking bout pictures & Germany.

2:22amBBT Feeds switch 2 trivia then sleeping Matt/nat/shelia/adam & Alex/Amanda

2:24amABBT James/Chelia appera 2 tryin 2 sleep but still talkin on & off but tryin 2 sleep

2:27amBBT all HG's asleep

2:45amBBT James uses HOHBR and heads back 2 bed

2:54amBBT James tells Nat hes thristy & cant sleep, james heads downstairs 2 find sonething 2 drink but instead gets into Sauna

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3:02amBBT James seems streesed and he tapss his foot in sauna and talk 2 himself about what 2 do in pov. "who do i want gone....Alex/Amanda,Matt/Natalie, or Ryan/Allison, this shit sucks." gets out of sauna and yawns, heads 2 BR and cleans his ears. looks outside at sees it raining,(feed 3 show it raining outside,cool hearin it rain in BB lol) walks into LR. then watchs the GP's. heads to sauna room(he looks very stressed.) sits on coach in sauna room.(looks like hes thinking hard)....

3:15amBBT Trivia!

3:16amBBT James in BR room. then lays down in sauna room coach again, he passses ga s & laughs

3:27amBBT James is outside HOH room and sneezes 2 time(seems like hes gettin a cold) he walks around upstairs pacing back & forth.

3:31amBBT James heads to downstairs BR and gets tissue and blows nose

3:33amBBT James heads upstairs and gets back into bed

3:39amBBT all asllep

(im out!)

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7:45am bbt

sheila got up to go to the bathroom and washes her hands. sheila gets back in bed. joshuah gets up and goes to the bathroom and washes his hands. walks into the kitchen. just standing there. and he gets back in bed.

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Feeds are back. Josh, James and Chelsia are in the hoh room. They're talking but all I hear is, blah, blah, blah. [i'm trying, honest]

They're talking about Natalie's stripping last night.

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9:35 a.m. BBT - Josh, Allison, Alex and Sharon in the kitchen. Alex has a flag bandana on and black/red nail polish under his eyes (*like a football player*). Alex is doing stretches (*clearly getting ready for the POV competition*). Alex is telling Amanda and Matt that he is scared!! Allison is coughing a lot and she says that she

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veto time

Alex twirling the metal cross in his hand in the living room, decked out in a bunch of USA things. (aw)

Amanda wearing a shirt from urban outfitters... Ryan saying they have one on his campus. HGs are all specing the veto to be physical.

Shiela is exhausted, got 3 hours of sleep and has eaten nothing

Josh: you're only on day 2...

Amanda: I should have worn my pink and black socks!

10:22 FOTH

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10:36 feeds back..

Nat to matt:

N: shiela just said that allison fucked her over.

N saying she will do whatever it takes and she is by far the strongest girl in the house.

The weather is drizzley and cold out.

All spec it to be a physical comp.

Amanda does not think it's physical.

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10:41AM BBT

Allison and Josh privately discuss how they want Amanda and Alex gone and solidify that either a/a or /mn WILL go home no matter what

A: mattie and nattie will go after j/c with a vengence if they stay...

A: I want the end ryan and i and you and sharon, obviously.

Josh:you've got to get away from sheila. you've got to!

A: i know!

Allison bets that Sheila and Adam will go up if either couple comes down and Allison will 'freak the fuck out'

the 2 split

Josh goes to the kitchen and joins Sheila and James.

James: I am more than pumped

Josh wonders away

Josh to Chel alone

J: just got the scoop! last week evidentally, mtt and nat made a deal with ryan and allison if they didnt kick them out last week, they will let them stay. So ryan is def. voting for m/n to go, since m/n voted for r/a to go.... and sheila will follow suit. If it stays... m/n will go this week. this is if noms stay the same.

C: either way... one of em.

Nat goes into the bathroom

Chelsia tells them its cold and drizzley outside.

all HGs are layering

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