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September 4, Live Feed Updates


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Everybody is outside but divided in 2 groups...D/D and Zach... and Eric, Jessica and Jam...

D/D's group talk about Jam looking like she's been crying, Dick says everyone wants to see her (Jam)go this week. Dan says she hopes she (Dan)gets a fan question this week and that she'll probably get a Janelle question...

Talk about how much they slept today...Dan says Jam came into the room throwing things around and that was "sooo rude".

Dan says she asked J/E what was going on with Jam and they told her Dick had told Jam she was going home this week. Dan is annoyed at Jam because Jam was talking about the casting and the money and asked why Dan didn't apply before to the show (Dan said because of her age)

Eric/Jess/Jam group talking about TV shows.

Cams 1 ans 2 on E/J/J Group is sittin now at the DR table wondering about luxury comps ...

Cams 3 and 4 on Dick and Zach playing freezebee outside...

BB on loudspeaker: House mates please check the storage room...

Dick and Zach come inside ask Jess if she heard, she says "Eric is in there"...they got 12 beers

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Okay y'all, I was really ready to report some juicy and interesting stuff from the Showtime feeds, but it's all the same...chichatting and playing.

HG were just asked to check the SR - Eric went...they got some white wine and 12 beers. Jam is happy about the wine.

That is the MOST fun for now...

If there's anything else worth typing - I will.

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Everybody but Dan, who's in HOH room, is looking for a quarter to play a game...Dick thinks Eric lost it...Jam thinks BB took it...Zach can't believe they lost it...Zach saying they should pray to Saint

Anthony, Jess says "oh yeah, the patron of lost things"...

E/J/J give up looking and sit again at the DR table...Dick and Zach are still searching...Dan has joined them...Dick asks her if she made the request, Dan says yes, and "they" told her they'll see what they can do (to get them a quarter)

All remaining HGs now sitting at the DR table drinking and being bored together...then foth...back to the same scene...(ed.zzzzzzz)

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Game's over, now they are snacking and chit chatting, still at the table...Jess talking about turkey dinners and how much she enjoys it (thanksgiving dinner i guess) Jess asks Jam what's her favorite season...Spring...Eric's is Fall...didn't catch the others...

Oops! spoke too soon, new game of quarters starting...

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All at the table...Still playing...Jess must be doing good cuz Zach told her she's "on fire"

Game's still on...most exciting thing that has happened since I posted last is... the HGs started singing "Beat it" and we got FOTH for a second then back to the game...

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10:46 BBT

All HG are playing quartrers and keeps getting BB warnings to "please stop singing" talking about whether or not there singing gets blocked out on Showtime [it doesn't]

A little earlier someone announced they were on their last beer......so hopefully the game will be breaking up soon...

Jameka asks Eric if he's comsidered "more of a jacker" between him and his brothers and Eric says to ask them...Jameka says she can't wait to meet them...

Game continues.....

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Game is finally over...2 cams now on Jam/Jess/Eric chit chatting, acting silly and laughing in the Bathroom....

Zach went upstairs to HOH room then came back down and is now in the kitchen...Dan is sitting at the kitchen bar playing with her hair...

Dan goes outside and sits on the couch where Dick is already lounging and smoking...Now Zach joins them too...(ed. 2 separate groups, again)

2 cams on J/J/E group being silly in bathroom ...2 cams on D/D/Z talking about hunidity in Cali...they talk about Jam requesting "Byance" for tomorrow...

Dick says it still makes him mad cuz he wants to see "her" leave more than anybody, then spits...and burps and spits...

Dick says they'll have "America's Choice" tomorrow cuz "We have to have one, this is ridiculous"

Dick tells Zach he's not very funny...Zach: really? Dan says "Did he say "I know I'm liked"? Dick "yes" Dan: Ew! what is with everybody in this house?...Dick "not me I know I'm hated...."

Bathroom group still playing around and laughing loudly...

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10:52 BBT

Well the game is done and Jameka lays her head down and says "goodnight everybody" while Zach.."what is there to eat"

Dick drinking the last of the beer letting out his signature belch............

Daniele wants to "run it off" her sore leg..Zach "tou're kidding me" and Zach asks if she's going to "work out" and she decides she's going to bed....and Daniele says "me too"..Zach prepares some food and Daniele ask what are you having "fatty"

Jameka and Jess talking in the bathroom and Eric says he was trying to pee and the "door kept opening" and asked if they had anything to do with it...The girls and Eric are having their little druken gigglefest on the couch of the bathroom.....laughing hysterically[not sure over what] but Jameka said "that was so funny"

Eric says "they have to gives us more beer what in hell are we suppose to do for the rest of the night it's only 10:30"

Outside D&D talking about Jameka saying "she plays up to Jessica" trying to talk like her Dani says when Jess drinks "she gets really annoying" mimicking their giggle fest..

Talking about not letting Jess drink "next time we play" Zach saying "she'll go nuts"

Talking about Del Taco Zach calling it "disgusting" while Dani says "I love the quesadillas" Dick weary about a place that serves tacos and french fries

Dani "its hot out here..I hate it" [it was 105 today] Dick talking it could be worse if they were in Florida....and the palmettos..

Talk turning to a jameka's sing Dick saying 'was she singing into her microphone" and Dick says it pisses him off "we have to keep here here" and Dani says "so send her home" and Zach says "that's not the wat to go"

Dani lamenting "it's only Monday" wondering when they will have AC...Dick saying "it's ridiculous" and Eric says Zach was "not a liked character" and D&D say "you're not very funny" and Zach says "really" both laughed and Zach says "I know I'm liked"

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11:06 BBT

Zach and D&Dtalking about Jameka packing......and Dick goes over that "I tell her" saying she wasn't happy and Daniele says "hello she came in and started throwing shoes" and started packing...."and its only monday"

talking about Jameka feeling "entitled" to the money Dick says "hers is a better reason well fuck you" and Dani says "who care" and Dicck says "no one elese has had that entitlement" and Dani says "amber" and tell Zach. who hasn't heard of Amber's mom's vision..of her winning..

Dick saying "I think there was too much LSD when she was pregnant" with Amber [lol]

In the bathroom Jameka talks about 'working out" and Jess obnoxiously says "no"

Back outdoors Dani showing Zach her bruises and Dick saying "girls bruises easy"

Talking about CD and Dick requested "Motley Crue" or "Guns-N-Roses"

Talking about knocking on the bathroom door Dick says he'll probably keep doing it even after he leaves BB...

Talking about the little person from several weeks back........Dani know says "enough of the body paint" saying we need a trampoline while Zach says he asked for "bocce ball" Talking about the things they can do afterwards......"I can't wait to drive" saying "watch us all get tickets" Dani says "i would cry" talking about tickets and Dick says about "his series of tickets" Zach asks "are they paid?" [lol].......

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BY group...Dan says she can't wait to go outside the house cuz she know there'll be so much for them to do...she'll never be able to stay in her house...Dan says she can't wait to drive...Dick talks about driving in Santa Barbara and getting pulled over and his friend's permit was expired so they confiscated the bike...

BR group...Jam and Jess telling highschool stories...Jameka demonstrates what's a "smooch"

(ed. looks like what I call a "noogie") she did that to a guy in her school and he punched her, and he got suspended for three days...

Dick and Dan are now alone...Dan says the only problem that can happen is Eric wins HOH puts them (D/D) up...One of them (D/D)gets POV, gets one off...Zach goes up on the block...each nom will then get one vote... if Jam goes back on her word, there is a tie and Eric sends one of them (D/D) home...Dick says that won't happen, Dan says "I'm just telling you" ...Zach comes out ...convo changes...

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11:18 BBT

Jameka talking about when when she was a kid how she "smooched him" saying it was 4 fingers to the head and hit...Eric says "I thought it was a kiss" and Jameka says he punched her and knocked her ass out.....Jess "I can't believe it" from the smooch..........Jess askiing what her parents thought and Says they never knew but says in school they call parents of every fight..

Jess talking about her fight "ripe age of 21" and taking place at a house after ithey left a bar that closed saying "I open my mouth" called the girl "a fat bitch" and the girl "took a swing at me" and hit her with her beer and she had a bloody mouth......."she fell on the floor" and "was pulled to another room" to get out of the situation....

Back outside Dani complaining "it's hot"[trust me it is] Eric called to DR and Dani says "diary room" and Dick says "are you kidding"

Talking about "first generation" irish and Dick being secon he can get his citizenship and work in Europe...

Dick now says "I was very convinsing" with his performance with Jameka.....Dani says "whatever " and Dick gets mad and Dani denies saying it saying "i was talking to myself"

Dani in bitchy mood it seems...telling Zach we can make fun of your speech...Dani saying it's hot Zach "its pretty gnarly" Dick saying its better than the last few nights[yeah right]

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11:31 BBT

Jameka talking in the bathroom nothing about game talking about giving or burning momentos from ended relationships..

Back outside Dani complaining "this place is ruining me" because she can't sleep..Zach says "I'l sleep on the floor " and offers her the HOH bed ..she says "shut up" it's just this week she can't sleep...

Zach talking about winning final four saying he would request Janelle's favorite music.........just blabbing on...

Dani has "such a freakin headache" Zach wonders saying maybe it's repetion and Zach says the other 3 "are driving me crazy" Dani agrees "its so annoying" Dani says only "3.5 week" "trust me I've been counting everyday" saying Thursday will be "three weeks"

Dick complaining about the ants....

Zach "this heat wave has got to go" Dick agrees [so do I] saying that it will make HOH endurances ones hard....

Back in Bathroon giggle fest continues with Eric who's out of DR.......

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11:40 BBT

Talking about what they use the BB house for after BB is over...Dani says it would be hard because of "all the mirrors" and Dick says the basic layout of the house hasn't changed

Dick can't believe "its only 11:30"

Talking about their bearings..Zach says dring by this studio for "5 years" he never thought he would live her for months....

Dani says "12" when Zach asks "what time are you going to crash"

Talking about thw weather..and the heat wave calling it "awful"

Talking about living near the beach Zach saying "its not really the price but the commute" talking baout LA's nightmarish traffic..talking baout the cummutre from San Dimas and Claremont....Dani goes in and Dick says "she never says goodnight"

Zach "what to do tomorrow" Dick "same thing as today" again talking about what they are going to do when they get out...Dick talking about going to Europe........

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11:48 BBT

Dick talking about Jameka saying she was feeling way "too confident" again talking about giving up her HOH's and Talking about Eric "hasn't won a HOH"...Dick saying "personally" he would like to vote her out but strategically it's not practical...

Dick "i'm glad everyone's gone I can't complain" Zach "i agree" Dick saying Dustin and Jen were "great evictions"

"Big brother please just give us a game" Zach wishes aloud.....

IN bathroom Eric and Jess talking about relationships of past..Eric calling himself "a late bloomer" also saying "I'm very selective" and Jess says "so am I"

Back outdoors Dick and Zach still talking..........talking about past comps from previious seasons Zach says "i don't want to get waken up every 15 mins" talking about POV's..

Zach asks "are you really getting a BIg Brother 8 tattoo"..kidding about getting Janelle's face and Dicks says "no protraits no names no nothing"

Dick talking about his friends who are watching even the boys from "Linkin Park" are watching ..Dick name dropping..so much Zach "i think I'm going to attempt to crash" saying he hates him for leaving him with "giggle fest"

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12:02 BBT

Dick is outside smoking alone...no talking to himself [or us]....

Back inside Eric and Jess cuddling and cooing [has reflex gag]............talking in the bathroom..not sure where jameka went but they are enjoying their last few days together....

Eric talking about having "the worst nap ever" for 3 hours saying he woke up all disoriented......

Back outdoors Dick is playing Frisbee by himself.....finally bored from it he heads indoors.....and complains about Zach leaving Dishes out "Zach I want to kill you" and proceeds to put dishes away...

not much going on at the moment...

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12:12 BBT

Jameka reappears what looks like fromthe workout room as she gets water Dick complains about the mess Zach left in the kitchen and continues his cleanup

Jameka goes into the bathroom to interupt Eric and Jess' asking the "how was the talk" or "chair date" both saying it was nice saying they can appreciate she gave them "quiet time"

Eric and Jess both comparing their petite hands Eric commenting on her toes.....while we get a disgusting shot of Jameka shaving her legs in the sink........while Jess and Eric whisper....

Dick continues with his clean up.....

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12:22 BBT

Dick ask what they are doing and Eric thought they were talking outside and he tells him that both Zach and Dani went to bed...

Eric and Jess going to the hot tube trying to convince Jameka to join them but refuses as the cold water showers are too much to take afterwards...

Now we get a close up of Jameka shaving her pits..with Eric telling her "don't forget to get in between the boobs"

Dick doing laundry just being the little busy worker bee tonight...

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12:31 BBT

Outside the hot tubing has started while Dick continues to soil the fake grass with his mucous....and Jameka is taking a shower....

12:35 BBT Dick asks about how Jameka took the news while Eric asks how she "ckoked down " Jameka's lassgne..saying he was grossed out by the "cottage cheese" and used the "allergy card" to get out of eating in

Talking about not having an AC.............

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12:37 BBT

Talking about when the season will end and talk about the facts they get with Eric calling them "fun facts" just for their amusement.....

Eric teasing Dick saying the reason he wanted to be on Season 6 was to be with Magiie "or April" jokingly

Now Dick and Eric talking about the wrap party and who will be there ..Eric saying "they know us but we don't know them" [huh?]

Dick asks "why the feet thing..I don't understand" [Eric keeping feet out of hot tub while goes under water] Jess "I don't know" and Eric comes up for air and Dick asks and Eric says it was to keep stationary and saying "there is a method to my madness"

Eric saying "the nights are kinda fun" but the days are hot boring with nothing to do...and its a ascrafice that may be worth to sleep all day and stay up at night since he's having more fun at night..

Eric wants to make cupcakes or brownies and Dick says go to DR and request it..Eric saying card pictionary..and Dick says "every season has had a deck of cards"

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12:54 BBT

Dick doing his job to convince Eric and Jess that he really hateds Jameka and wants her out.....going on about Jameka saying she's entitled to win .....

Eric seems to believe it while Jess has stayed very quiet throughout the comversation...

Dick talking about "ridiculous" conversations that they had from the past in BB house.....

Jess now talking now......Dick bashing Amber while Eric joins in.......

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