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August 6, Live Feed Updates

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Eric and Dustin in back yard bad-mouthing Dani. Dustin says he will put up Jen and Dani if he wins HOH and tell Dani she is losing to Jen because she is a skank. Morty's TV.

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Jameka is whispering with Amber talking about Eric.

They're rehashing things Eric has done. Jameka is saying that Amber is right that it is Eric.

Amber saying she had the most beautiful prayer last night.

Zach comes in and Amber changes topic.

I came in mid convo so I'm not sure what the whole conversation had, but it was definitely about Eric.

Kail/Jen sitting at counter... i hear voices in background, sounds like eric and Jessica.

Amber saying he (Eric) set Nick up. Amber says her sister is obsessed with reality tv like Eric is.

Now talking about Nick's eviction.

Amber: Now that i think back to all the meetings iwth Eric, I could see in his face when we mentioned Nick and blown off, his face would be like *does weird facial expression* He would always be uncomfortable. Amber saying New Yorkers are assholes and hooked on money and greed and so are Jewish people. (No, I am not making this up). Then she goes on to say how people she's met who are Jewish are like that but she said before this that she wasn't trying to be stereotypical

Sounds like they're doubting Eric and Jen comes in and interuupts.

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According to Amber, she just tells Jam that people from New York are all "asses and rude" and Jewish people are all "money hungry and greedy."

Jen comes in and the conversation stops between Amber and Jam.

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Dick and Kail are now in the backyard.

Dick is rehashing his 'vote Eric out doctrine' and is basically trying to convince Kail that Kail and Eric had an agreement (I'm confused too). I didn't catch most of it.

Kail and Dick agree that Kail needs one more vote to stay.

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Eric and Jameka have had a little whisper session in which she promised she wouldn't evict him behind his back, he offered thanks for her support, and they discussed future plans to evict the Donatos, including comments on Eric's dislike of Jen and her suspicious turnaround with Dick.

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Outside, Zach, Dick and Kail are talking together. Kail is scrambling to say that she hasn't even talked to people! Dick says that she knew she wasn't leaving last week. She didn't even pack until an hour before the show. She says she did leave her makeup bag out, yes, because she needed it, but she did pack the night before (Kail is obviously trying to defend herself but very calmly and not sounding defensive. She's obviously crapping her pants--Cat)

Dick tells Kail that he is going to "work it" for Kail. He says he never thought he'd work in her favor.

They laugh.

Dick talks about how he trusted Eric "more than anyone else in here." (Oh, really? Not Dani?--Cat). Dick calls Eric some foul names, and says that Eric is the guy who knows absolutely everything about every reality show, and about BB. Zach says, "Didn't you watch all of the BB shows?" This transcription belongs to Morty's. Dick says he watched them, yes, but he doesn't know everything about them like Eric! (This is a lie. Dick and Dani know everything about every season. --Cat) Zach says he just found out that Fox has a whole show about reality shows! Dick corrects him and says it's Fox Reality Channel. (See? Dick knows! --Cat)


Jen is saying to Amber that she feels "stupid and bad" for saying everything she did about Eric. She says that she thought Eric did that with everyone, but Eric didn't!

Jen: I feel dumb.

Amber asks, "You guys just talked--You guys were not in an alliance, though, right?"

Jen says she doesn't think they actually used the word "alliance...."

Amber: The word, yeah.

Jen: I think it happened, like, when Kail and Mike and stuff, and we were up there and we saw that, and we were like okay, this is awkward. And we were like, we'll be close to them but we'll just know. We'd be like, everything is still cool, right? And we'd be like, yeah. That's why, like, we didn't hang out as much.

Jen says she told Eric that it was hard to trust him, and he would say that he would tell Jen everything that is going on!

Amber asks if Nick knew about Jen and Eric? Jen says no. She says that's the only thing Nick didn't know. Then Jen says she thinks Nick kinda knew....Jen told Nick to talk to Eric and she never told Nick why, but she thinks Nick probably found out on his own.

Jen says she's glad Nick can watch and see she never did anything to him.

Amber says Jen doesn't have to answer this, but did she vote to evict Kail during this last eviction? Jen says no. She voted to evict Nick. She says Nick wouldn't even talk to her. He yelled at her. She felt it was easy for her at that point, because she didn't want to vote out either one.

Amber: And the week before, you got out Mike?

Jen: Yeah. I never evicted Kail.

Amber: I wonder who voted the other way those weeks?

Jen: YOU didn't vote opposite either of those weeks? Cause everyone thought you did because you didn't come out crying.

Amber swears she didn't. She could barely say to Julie that she evicted Nick.

Jen says she believes her, but it does look weird that she didn't cry, as she normally cried every week.

Jen says she felt Nick was a better person than Kail, and it sucked to keep her in instead of Nick.

Jen: Did you think that you were closest with Eric?

Amber: Mmmmm Yeah, probably.

Jen: Did he tell you about things that were going on with Dick, and things that were going on with Jessica and stuff?

Amber: Uh uh. No, he didn't.

Jen: He just kinda brushed over it?

Amber: He would tell me stuff Dick would say. Never about Jess. Does he really like Jessica?

Jen says she thinks that Eric likes Jess, and has never said anything bad about her. Just like he had Jess and Jameka's votes every time.

Jen: He told me he was doing something with Dick, and that's why it's killing me.

Jen says Eric "straight up told her that he was." She says that Eric claimed he didn't even like these people, but he has to hang out with them.

(Why don't they ask Jen WHEN this happened? If it happened at all, it was the first week! --Cat)

Feed switches to Eric talking with Jameka.

Eric says that if she has any concerns to come to him with them.

He says he knows it is okay, though.

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Earlier, Amber told Jen that she thinks Eric "had a lot to do with Nick leaving." Also, Amber said she is afraid that Eric is playing Jess like Boogie.

(I can't stay--I just wanted to listen in for a few mintues. I'll be back tonight. --Cat)

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while Dick/Zach/Kail were on the patio, Jameka was doing ADLs in the bathroom with Eric, then Eric/Jameka went to the bedroom, and Jameka was spilling to Eric the arguements that Dick had used to everyone... Jameka telling Dick shared about Eric's 'lie' of hearing the guys make the agreement... Jamaka says she wanted Eric to be aware

also part of the Dick/Zach/Kail conversation, Zach asks how long Dick's first marriage lasted

Dick: one year, she was pregnant before we were married with Vincent, and after we split up, we found out about Daniele...

Zach: do you mind me asking how it worked out?

Dick: I had them about 1/3 to 1/2 of the year... she was 6 months(Dani) and he was 1 1/2 years... she was neglecting them horribly and they were in the hospital... (feed switched to Jess/Dustin sunning, and Eric/Jameka still whispering the same things we've been hearing for the past 2 days)

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They are on BY lockdown.

(I want to make sure this is covered)

Upstairs in HOH, Dani was ranting to Dick that she is sick and tired of Kail whining to her about the promise to keep her safe. She says if she keeps it up, she will go to Kail and tell her that she is sorry she ever made a deal with her, because she could have hung on long after Kail let go in the competition.

She told Dick that she (Dani) told Amber that Eric always told them that Dustin and Amber were his first targets when it got down to the final seven. He told them that he would get rid of Dustin first, and then Amber would be an emotional wreck and good for nothing.

Dani says that she also told Amber that Eric was always saying that he "had something" on Amber--something so bad that if he told it, that everyone would know what Amber is really like, and turn against her. Dani says that Amber flipped out! Dick says that part is true--that he would also go and tell Amber that. Dani tells him to wait until tomorrow--let it sink in.

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2:15pm bbt

Dick/Dani in HOH

Dani: when you guys were fighting outside, and I didn't even say anything, and he(Eric?) looked at me and said, Daniele if you do this you are making a horrible decision! And I said, you did lie and tell me that you would put up... and he said now you are accusing me blah blah blah and I said if I am making a terrible decision, then come talk to me, if I am in the wrong, and you are right... she stops talking to laugh at the outfit she has put on

Dick: listen, even if it is the wrong decision, Eric is a threat

Dani: it's still the right decision, I know

Dick: so it's not a bad decision

Dani: should I wear a belt?

Dick: I told Kail, this is working in your favor

Dani: if Kail ever comes up to me again, I'm going to tell her again, last night she came up freaking out, she wouldn't leave, I'm just like so annoyed, I told her from the beginning, it wasn't arranged for you to go home, you are not going home, and she says if you put Eric up against me it's guaranteed that I'm going home, and I said it's not a guarantee, it's not, and she's ok ok I just want to make sure you are ok... if she comes up to me again, I'll tell her I already told you my intentions, I'm sorry I made a deal with you, cause you could have held on and I could have held on way longer and won this fair and sqaure, you never come to talk game with me and I'm over her, she's *&^%$ me off

Dick: just tell her all she needs is one vote, she has me, she has Zach and she has Jen

Dani: I'm so over her, she's annoying

Dick: she just needs one

Dani: which she knows she has in Dustin

Dick: I told her to work on Dustin

Dani: for 3 days people have time to think about what they are doing.. even if I don't put him up, he stays in the house and I'm screwed

Dick: everyone has to reevaluate their game each week... listen, if I win HOH Dustin is going up against Jessica just to make sure he goes home

Dani: Jessica? You mean Kail, right?

Dick: Jessica, because he'd go home against Jessica, he may not against Kail

Dani: what if you put him up against Kail?

Dick: there's a chance it won't be used

Dani: the only thing is it would make Jessica mad

Dick: she already is mad at me for what I did to Eric, so I don't give a *&^% There are only 6 playing for HOH... She hasn't thrown anything... she knew all the answers to the POV even though she didn't push the button

Dani: I don't think she did know the answers

Dick: she said if she had pants on, she could have hung there for 3 days

Dani: oh, when I talked to Amber yesterday, I said Eric has said when it is down to the 7, Dustin and you would go up, Dustin would go home and you would be an emotional wreck and good for nothing, and she got all upset, also Eric said he has all this information about you to hold until he needs to use it, and she got all upset but then tried to pass it off

Dick: I'll say that to her too

Dani: wait though because I just said it

Dick: he's told me that too, that it's something so bad that she won't last a day in this place

Dick leaves the HOH

BB: HGs, this is a lockdown, please go outside...

outside, Jameka telling she has clear fillings, but had something dark in/on a tooth, tried to get it out, but can't... Zach thinks her filling(or a part of one) came out, and it's 'gunk' there now... it's not hurting, but... Zach says if it starts to hurt to gargle with warm water.. Jameka has been rinsing with peroxide(eewwwwwwww, my mom used to make us gargle with peroxide when we had a sore throat!!!!! yuck!)

Zach said he did 'see' someone when dealing with his 'heat rash'... wasn't blindfolded, but actually saw someone... tatooed man with very pale white skinny legs... oh, thought he was describing the doctor that looked at his rash, turns out he was describing Dick...

2:40pm bbt FOTH starts

2:48pm bbt FOTH changes to Trivia

3:17pm bbt my feeds froze but they are back!

Eric/Jameka/Jessica in bedroom

Eric: is that 750 or 2 weeks? that's 1500?

Jess: 750 I bet

Eric: I tell you the ceremonies are definately different when you are a part of them. I've never been HOH, never competed in the veto, never been nominated, I didn't feel compelled to sit there in my towel after coming out of the hot tub, and I won't do that to others in the future

Jess: what, you aren't going to get dressed up?

Eric: I'll get dressed and take it serious, I don't think I've... what do I care

Jess: sorry I wore my swimsuit

*Dustin enters*

Dustin: if next week, one of us wins HOH...

Jameka: whoa, I can't, sorry(doesn't want to talk strategy?)

Jess: don't even tell her then

Dustin whispers: if one of us wins HOH and Dick leaves, the moment he closes the door, I want everyone to turn around and point and laugh at Daniele (they always come up with these childish ideas but they never follow thru on them! lol)

Eric: maybe not laughing, just an ominous turn and point, like you're next!

Jameka: that's crazy!

Eric: can I be unsportsmanlike on Thursday, do a little dance?

Jameka: remember your fate is still held in other people's hands

Eric: let's face the honest facts, my chances of winning here are going down every day... there is only so much I can do... what do you think of this as a dance

*Eric tries out an irish jig*

Jess: if you do that, I won't hug you

*Eric tries the 20's hand crossing knees move*

Jess: you've got a week to think of something

Eric: in the words of George Jefferson, I may be moving on up soon

Jess: it's strange

Eric: look this way, you may be losing your bed mate

*Jess leaves to jump on her big bed*

*Jameka yelling to Dustin about sleeping in the big room instead of small bedroom*

(I'm leaving for the day... carry on all! thanks!)

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Feeds are back, Eric was nominated. Eric, Jessica, Dustin and Jameka in small bedroom laughing. Eric is talking about what he will do when he stays, maybe a point and laugh, or dance. Jameka reminds him he has several days left, and he doesn't need to get cocky yet.

Jameka is tired, so they leave her to let her sleep. Jessica, Eric and Dustin talking in big bedroom. Eric is saying it looks like it will be 4-3. He said it is better when you have the good people on your side. They are talking about the next HoH competition. Dustin said he wants jessica to get it Sept 1, because her brother will be back (he is in Iraq/Afganistan) She said he has been gone since Jan, but she hasn't seen him since Christmas.

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Dick talking to Kail about how as a kid, his son wouldn't eat anything but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or grilled cheese. Dick said that they would be on their way to Thanksgiving dinner and he'd pack his son a peanut butter sandwich in a brown paper bag to take with them because he wouldn't eat.

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Dick said that he saw a concert with Elton John and Billy Joel together. There were no egos. One would open one night, the other would open the next night and then they would come on stage together at the end and sing 7 or 8 songs together. Dick said, "It was like, This RULLLES!"

Dick says that Jess hasn't looked at him all day. She's mad that she's losing someone who will never put her up and never vote against her. Dani said, "I don't believe that he'd never vote against her." Dick said, "I know. She'll get over it. It's a game."

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Dick is talking about Dani and Vincent when they were little. He lied (oh my!) about Dani's age, said Vincent is 23 and she is almost 22. (She will turn 21 this month) They keep showing Trivia interspersed with feed from kitchen, but the sound stays.

Talking about Vincent is too shy to be on the show, though he would be good. Amber said Kail is shy. Dick said she must not have been in the process or she wouldn't be there. she said yeah, maybe she is just from a quiet town.

Dick goes outside and talks to Dani. She said Jessica is really upset. Dicksaid she wouldn't look at him all day, and during the ceremony, you should have seen her face. Dick said it is too bad they ar taking her playmate away. (using the "f" word a lot) Dani said she didn't look at Eric once during her nominating him. Dicksaid he was on the end, and he couldn't see him. Dani said Amber is pissed, too. Dick said she is just thinking. Dick said he will wait until Wed. night and bring up that whole "back pocket" thing, and stir that shit up again.

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Dick and Dani outside. Dani said that you could tell Amber is so pissed. (by the nominations)

Meanwhile, Amber and Kail sitting side-by-side at the kitchen table, not talking, not moving, just staring. (Freaky!)

Whispering now between Kail and Amber. I can't hear, sorry. Amber rubbing her eyes hard.

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Feeds cut to Amber and Kail at the kitchen counter. Amber looks like she is trying not to cry. No talking, then Kail said something about "do you know what he is doing now?" She asked if he would be interviewing for a job, and she said she thought he would be with family.

Feeds go back to Dick and Dani. Dick is saying something about Nick, and how he wanted him gone in the HoH room. Dani said maybe they need to have Zach be everywhere thy are. Dick said he won't be swayed. Dani said they need someone to hear everything being said, cuz Eric can sway people. she said he is the one who got everyone to vote Nick out, when there wasn't a reason. dick said he was telling her the reasons, and what Nick did wrong. she gets upset, and walks away saying she doesn't want to hear it.

Amber still sitting in the kitchen, extremely upset but NOT crying.

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Zach and Dustin in round bed room. Zach asked if he had any kind of deal with the Danato's. Zach said not really. He said they asked him if he wanted to get the one responsible for getting Nick out. He said when he played PoV he didn't take the 10 grand, it was a test to himself to see if he would hold to his word. Dustin said Kail is going home, and Zach said he doesn't know that. He has someone who stabbed him in the back (Kail) and Eric hasn't spoken to him in 40 days.

Dustin said if he votes against the group, it would be dangerous. Zach said he has to decide what is best, and what his morals want. he said why should he help someone that hasn't bothered to get to know him, or someone that got to know him, and fucked him. He said Kail can't compete for HoH, so she isn't a threat. Zach said he doesn't have friends on either side. He doesn't know what would be in his best interest. He said everyone has come to him that want something, and Dick treats him like a real person.

Dustin said he isn't going to stick it to him, and no matter what the outcome, he (Zach) won't be put up. Dani and Dick have a huge target on their heads. Zach said he is willing to hear what Eric has to say. He has only heard what Dick has said. Zach said he will regret not taking the money if he sides with whoever took out his friend. Zach said if he hears that Nick made mistakes on his own, and it doesn't reflect on himself, he is good with that. Zach said he doesn't want to be just a vote. He said at least Kail tried to talk to him. Zach said he doesn't regret his votes, it doesn't change who he is. There is a real world outside he house. He doesn't keep in touch with people in high school, so why would he think he would be friends in 2 years.

Zach said he has a feeling he will never have all the answers. He said he can usually tell if someone is lying by looking in their eyes. Zach said he has to decide which battles he wants or needs to fight. He starts talking about the end of the game. He said if either one of them is there at the end (D/D) they have the others' vote. If they are bothout, they are free thinkers, and it doesn't matter.

Zach said he wants to see who is truthful straight to his face. He feels Dani didn't put him up because it was best for them, not because of him.

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