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August 6, Live Feed Updates

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Dani is in the BY talking with Zach and Dick retelling them all that Amber said. (I think she is saying it in a way of making fun of Amber and her feelings and making sure they know Dani is more important to this Nick deal than Amber.)

Dani did tell Dick that his actions are making others feel uncomfortable and that it reflects on her. Now Zach and Dick talking about Nick and how they miss him. ( I swear it is like watching people at a funeral the way they talk.)

Dani went inside and came right back out to announce it is funny how when she enters a room the conversations stop and then a new conversation start over a box on the table and it is louder.

Dani says Amber talked so much that she literally blacked out. (so hopefully she was in her own zone and didn't gather all the information Amber laid out for her.) Dani says there is something missing with the Amber connection. NOW Dick says the Kail alliance is with Dustin. (can he ever stick to one theory and work with it?) Zach says that Kail is a good POV contender, Dani wants to know if he is drunk? Dick and Dani point out all of Kails "misfortunes" in POV.

Dick says now their biggest mistake was not getting rid of Kail two weeks ago. (a few hours ago his biggest mistake was getting rid of Nick.) Dani points out that a group of seven can't work for a game like this and Dick says he knew that and swore he wouldn't do that but he messed up and did it. (maybe this is the newest biggest mistake in the game.)

Dick is angry that Dustin told Dani to put Dick up and next week Dustin is going home according to Dick. (I guess he forgets if they don't have the votes for Eric, they won't have the votes for Dustin.) Dick says they have Dustin in a good position, he is either going to have to vote out his partner Kail, or Eric. They all three think Kail is a wreck and is like a nervous animal in a cage. They are trying to come up with a story that will make Kail think Dustin is playing her.

Dani says they don't have Jess's vote, Amber wouldn't commit to a vote and Zach thinks that they can sway Dustin but Dani and Dick didn't respond to that. Dani says that Dick needs to talk to Jen fast, he says he will.

Now talk about how Kail is wearing the bunny suit and Zach says she ate a cookie after she was on slop and how he was mad because she doesn't wear her suit and she took a bite and claimed she didn't realize they had to be on slop already.

Zach doesn't want them to make a production about it but Dick says he will watch her and make sure he calls her out if she "doesn't follow the rules".

(copied from last thread because I posted after I realized the old one was closed)

(thanks Jem)

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Dani is telling Dick that Jen is upset that he called her out in front of everyone when he was yelling at Eric. He needs to think before he talks and now she feels vulnerable and thrown under the bus because he told Eric everything Jen said. Now Jen feels like she has no one because Dick called her out and no one will trust her any more. Dani says Dick needs to really make up with her and to make sure they have her back in this. Dick assures her he will mend that relationship. (I think he is use to mending broken fences in his life.)

Zach is selling his soul to Dani and Dick saying he is telling them the same thing he told Nick that how ever they want him to vote he will. Dick and Dani says he shouldn't regret his choice, he voted for Kail to leave, he was right and they were all wrong. Now we have Kail bashing and Dani doing that stupid hiccup thing she does.

Dick just told those two to make sure Jen knows they aren't leaving her out to dry and he will do the same thing.

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Jam and Jess were having a whispering conversation at the table. Most of it was to hard to hear but there were sniplets of Jam saying Dani made a good point on that but Eric also made a good point on this and that story doesn't add up and this does add up and so forth. What was clear to hear was Jam is really hung up on why Kail isn't admitting she is in an alliance with Eric if she is because it is out in the open now and there is no reason to keep it quiet any longer.

Eric is now telling Jess that Dani is scared because she doesn't think she has the votes to get rid of Eric. Jess gives Eric a very strange look and he ask what that face is about. Jess asked what Kail is going to say to Dani. Jess is telling Eric that Kail had said something about if things go wrong Jess could go up.

Jess tells Eric that she had a "great" conversation with Jen today. Now Eric is doing his talk to convince Jess that she is safe with him and in this house. Eric says that they are going to tell Dani that they have five votes in the jury and even if she does make it to the end, she will NOT even win the money because the five will vote against her.

Eric wants to know if they need to have one of their reassurance talks? Jess says well not really but if he wants to know what was said.......Eric suggest they talk else were because they are being watched. They go outside. every place outside is wet so they decide to go inside and try to find a private place.

Jess is telling Eric that Jen told Jess that she wasn't willing to talk to Jess and Eric together. Eric says didn't Jess say Jen exposed herself in a lie this morning? Jess says yeah.....Jen accused Jess of lying to her. Jen wants to know if Eric said anything to Jess about Amber and Jess says no. Jen was crying and says that she was stupid for believeing in Dani and her words were twisted and stuff. Eric says this all stems from that stupid banner and where is Jen coming up with the stories and stuff. Now talk about that 21 year old comment and how Jen couldn't finish her sentence or look at her in the face. Eric is pointing out the pecking order and where Jen fits in, the final four if everyone is fighting in the house and back stabbing everyone and the sorce of the information is coming from Dani and Dick because they are fighting for their lives right now.

Eric says he didn't think Jess was going to talk to them again and Jess says she wasn't but after hearing the HOH stuff, which didn't change her mind, then the blow up between Eric and Dick and then Jen she got to thinking. Eric says if he stays and Jess assures him he is staying, Eric says he will fight to the death for him and Jess to make it and he wants her to trust him. Eric tells Jess that they are correct about one thing, he knows this game backwards and forwards and to some that is a bad thing, but if that person is on your side, your good. He swears that after this week he is going to bury those two and then they control the jury and they can decide who is worthy of winning the money.

He tells Jess that this is going to be a constant flurry of this talk. If he is in power next week they are going to continue to try and turn people against him. Eric says if he goes up, that guarentees that they will not win the money. They talk about the votes and how confident Dani is she has those votes and Jess says that Jam asked Dani how she knew she had the votes because Dani hadn't talked to any of them about who was voting for who. Jess says Dani didn't have an answer for that. Eric says that is why Kail is going to talk to Dani and make her see this plan will back fire and she is going to be f'ed. Jess says why not send Jen up there since they are f'ing BFF and tell her that Dani is screwing all of them with this plan. Eric says good plan, I don't know why they don't do that. Jess says she doesn't care, she isnt going to vote to save Kail at any time because she can't stand her and she can't win HOH for five weeks. Jess says no way is she going to do one thing to save Kail.

Eric is giving his theory on why Jen is BFF with Dani and Dick. (by the way BFF means Best Friends Forever, for those who don't have teenie bops. )

Jess is telling Eric that Jam is okay, she is believing in Eric and stuff but she thinks that maybe Eric does have something going with Amber but it would still be better for them to keep Eric and the numbers. Jess says Jam and her are wondering why Amber keeps wanting to know how Jess feels about her. Eric says he has a story that will end Amber. He is going to tell Jess.

WARNING VERY PERSONAL STUFF THAT MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE ..(if this needs to be deleted please do)

He says that Amber has had two abortions and then lied to this boy friend that she loves so much that she had two more abortions to hurt him. So she has had two abortions but her boyfriend thinks she has had four abortions and that he caused two of them due to the fighting. The tattoo on Amber's side is his initials and the number 2 and that is what it means. So she is acting religious and she is playing a wholesome game and stuff but she isn't in a stable mind to pretend to have an abortions. He says Amber is trying to connect with Jam through religion when the real truth is this. Jess says this won't hurt her image and Eric says well it sure hurt my view of her. Jess says why did she tell you this on national television, or internet and Eric says because she talks and talks and talks and doesn't realize what she is saying.

Jess says you can't use this and it wouldn't do anything to her anyway, Eric says he could if he needed to or wanted to but he doesn't see a need to and doesn't want to but that thought crosses her mind when she plays the wholesome person in this house and how she cares about people and how she loves them and stuff. It proves what she is capable of if she is backed in a corner. He then changes the subjet to what Jam and Jess feels about keeping him. Jess says they have decided that no matter what they are better off with him. Now talk of how the banner has affected this whole think.

Eric says that Amber swore on her little girls life she would keep him, Jess says you know how I feel about that and Eric says I know but she did.

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Dustin, Amber and Jam talking. Amber telling Jam how Dick and Eric were fighting and how Dick told Eric Dani had the f'ing votes to send him home.

Now Kail is up talking to Dani and we get FOTH

(I am going to be leaving soon so if someone can pick up here I would be most grateful.)

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(wanted to make sure this conversation was covered)

Kail told Dani she doesn't have the votes to get rid of Eric and Dani says Kail doesn't know. Kail says she was told that and Dani stops her and says that Kail wasn't up here in the meetings and Kail doesn't know that the group isn't as close as Kail thinks. She assures Kail that she isn't trying to get Kail out and that isn't her plan to get Kail out. They have till Thursday and Kail doesn't know all that went on today.

Kail says okay, but she wants Dani to know that if Eric says he is going to go after those two and he will have the support because they kept him in the house. Dani says again she doesn't want Kail to go home and she isn't sure what she is going to do, no one in the house is sure what Dani is going to do. Kail says well they are lying to either her or Dani and that Kail hasn't approached anyone they are coming to her and telling Kail that if Dani puts her up against Eric they are sorry but they can't save Kail.

Kail says she doesn't want to put anyone on the spot, that is big brother suicide and that is crazy, so why are they coming to her telling her this. Dani says that there are a lot of liars in this house. Kail says well she just wanted to be up front with her and tell her what she is hearing so she can make her choice and know that Kail is worried.

Kail leaves and never says a word about putting Dick up. (I can't blame her, Dani had this look on her face that I couldnt' tell if she was thinking about what Kail said, or if she was furious at Kail and the group. )

(okay I am out now. )

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Amber is just a basket case of emotions. After Dani spent time telling about what Amber said to her in HOH, she is still talking of putting Eric up. (See video posts for Ambers meltdown and advice about emotions to Dani while crying).

Dani is trying to make sure they know Nick was more inportant to her than Amber.

Dick is in the BY yard talking to Dustin telling him he finds it hard to trust him because of the Amber thing. A little confrontational.

Dustin says, what have I said because nothing you ahve told me about Jameka or Amber has left my mouth,

Dick said I dont know but I put myself out there and exposed myself and it all comes back to me.

Dick, I am not lying to anyone, what I say it was I PERCIEVE to be the truth.(Nice cover)

Dick is telling Dustin that that is why Kail was never successful as he OUTED her basically each time before she could do anything.

Dustin is very clear or lying that he has never said anything Dick told him(LYING)

Dick asks if Amber won HOH would Dustin eb worried about Dick(going up I presume) Dustin says I wouldnt be worried about it.

Dustin told Dani he could put up her dad, Dustin said he said that as a option. He hsa said it about everyone. (WOW)

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Dick and Dustin still chatting in back yard.

Dick is trying to tell Dustin that you telling me too put up Dick or Eric is a choice. You can either trust me or you can trust Eric. Make a choice. He is a liar and I tell the truth that is your choice.

Dick, I would never make a move against my daughter because I ahvea life outside this house, you DONT. Your life with Joe is over and mine is not.

Basically Dick is right Dustin is crapping his pants, and Dustin is trying his best to hold his own but is drowing,

Will post video links...asap.(see video links)

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11:00 BBT

Dustin and Dick discussion in BY

Dustin saying about taking $ trip and says "what happened happened" and Dick calling him out saying don't says "what happened happen" whne you lookied like you "slipped in shit" about it.

Dick gets him to admit it was in fact Eric who rallied for the Nick eviction.

Dick talking about trust and learning to do so "along the way" Dick saying that it happened with "jen" because he apologized and said he would quite harrassing her and along the way became friends.

Dick saying "big fucking deal" about throwing his name to Dani he's not mad but says its "bullshit" but wants to know why he should "trust him" "can I trust you" and dustin says "absolutely"

Talking both surprised no one took the 10k and ask who would deserve it? Dustin says Jameka..Dick asks would anyone be pissed about it? dustin says no.

Both talking about Kail asking Jameka to play POV and both say its ridiculous.

Dick talking about Eric leaking INfo. Since Kail didn't even pack her toiletries at last eviction and Dustin says "you kidding me" that's the first he's heard of it.

Dick said it bothered him when he found out..

Saying Eric has "the whole game planned out" and has the game figured out with 10 different players.

dustin saying he doesn't want to be rude but "I've heard all this" and needs a few days to "digest" the info.

Dustin saying "the whole group was played" "amber was played" and "Nick wouldn't vote against me either" when Dick said it was a "stupid move"

Dick saying Either Kail or Eric "would be a good eviction but Eric would be a better eviction"

Dick "all right I'll give it a rest"

talking about "the dumps" Dick saying he say 18 or 19 talking how funny it was

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Dick/Dustin have been talking in the by about Eric.

Dick has brought up that Dustin suggested putting up Dick to Daniele and Dick was not happy with that. Basically, the conversation is centering around whether Dustin and Dick can trust each other and Dick pointing out what Eric has done.

Dick mentioned earlier that his biggest mistake was evicting Mike and the second was Nick.

Dick is mentioning how Eric wanted Nick up. Dustin even admitted that Nick would've kept him, Amber, and Daniele. Both are saying it's done, but Dick doesn't want to make the same mistake again. Dick is making good arguments about getting rid of Eric (I know that his speculation is wrong, but hell, I'd believe him if he told me this). Eric was pushing for Nick to get out and they got him out.

FOTH right now (been too many tonight).

Morty's TV rocks!

Now they are talking about the sludge being poured and they are now laughing. They are talking about the POV competition and how Dustin got out on the bunny question. Dustin did 100 hours on bunny suit and Jameka did 110 hours. Dick saying that was an easy choice. The max for the bunny suit was 120 hours. Now they are talking about the other tasks. Jameka chose the maximum amount of HOH sitouts (I think five - [Mortys]). They're saying there are only 7 HOH's left. Dustin saying this POV didn't mean shit to him. He said he wouldn't have taken the money this time around. Dick is confused why Jameka went all out, but Dustin said that's the kind of person she is.

They're saying Zach and Jameka were good sports with the dumpings (of the murky sludge). [Mortys] Seems like the intense conversation they were having is over now.

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11:12 BBT

the odd couple Eric and Jess talking about their relationships. Eric saying he's only had 2 "serious realtionships"

Jess "there is Eric's and Jessica's life" to Showtime Too viewer {too bad all they focused was on Dick} .

Eric saying about Carol "I bet she's not even watching" Jess says not the feeds but maybe the shows. Jess saying that it was a mistake for her to come because she didn't try and Eric saying she looked like "a fucking idiot" blaming BB for picking contestants off a questionaire...

Talking how the HG came in in season 4. Talking about the ex's.

Back outside it seems they are all buddy buddy talking about last years Americ Choices "waking everyone up" and "didn't they do a comp after that" and Dustin says yes.............

Back to Jess and Eric Amber walks in for "hot tea" About "dirty talker" and Eric says he isn't and gets "yelled out" saying his partners tell him he could act more excited in bed......Eric saying the best times were "having sex in my parents house"

Jameka comes in and Dick and Amber in kitchen Amber going to DR..Dick says he hopes they are not calling everyone in especially the dunkees. "I feel sorry for them..they are not going to be happy" Dick says.

Dick in Kitchen eating cookies drink milk...

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Amber just went into the storage room... then back out.

Eric/Jessica laying down on the living room floor.

They're talking about two people having sex in the house... I came in mid conversation. Seems nasty, another FOTH.

Dick walks into the house

Another FOTH (it's trigger happy FOTH night)

Jameka in the living room now with Eric and Jessica.

Talking about one of the rooms being cold and hot under the covers. Some friendly banter as Jameka walks into the kitchen.

cameraman is obviously bored. He is zooming in... and out... in ... and out of the occupied sign on the bathroom door as Dick was using it.

Jameka said something about Zach having a woodie in his bunny suit. Dustin now comes into the house. Jameka, Dick, Dustin in kitchen and Eric/Jessica in LR. Friendly banter going on between Jameka and Dustin. Eric and Jameka now quiet and talking more softly than they were earlier now that Dick is in the Kit. Eric and Jessica are wondering what they want to watch. Eric and Jessica watch celebreality. Jessica says she doesn't watch the Daily Show, but does watch the Colbert Report. Nothing too interesting to report really.s

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Most of the little ones are going to bed,

Dustin and Dick still up in kitchen. Eric did dishes and got the silent reatment.

Jessica was in the hall hiding for a min listening to their convo.. Maybe if Eric is nominated and goes out, they can bring back Nick(but with a twist of new Americas player)

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Eric and DICK having a conversation about his possible going up. Its getting interesting. Eric is denying he has done most of what he has been accussed of.(ok America did it)

Now Eric is telling Dick he likes him and thinks he is a good guy,,yadda yadaa(got the video..remember BLOODBATH)

Lots of chit chat..calm right now..

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11:47 BBT

Dustin telling Dick he'll never talk to joe once he gets out of the house

Talking about BM Jess proudly annoucing "I went 4 times in two days" talking what's with the house to cause them to have som mant BM.

Outside Dustin complete embellishing his story to Jess outside about his convo with Dick....Jess says it's ridiculous "he knows he's not going home"

IN kitchen talking to Eric .....Dick saying he didn't say anything behind his back that he hasn't said in front of his face.

Eric saying I haven't "done most of the things" quickly says virtually all...

Eric says he "getting worried" he's hurt himslef in the game....saying how people view him.

Dick saying it's no "big deal" if I don't get to the end oh well sine he's been 1/3 of the way.

Eric saying if he "had these concerns" why he just didn't come to him ..Dick saying because "there's too many" and said he wanted to trust him but couldn't because that day "he came down the spiral stairs" The one whre Dick caught him giggling when he said he was asleep in HOH with Jen and Kail.

Dick asking why Jen would say those things if they were not true..Eric saying she was crying about her noy saying it..but Dick says she was crying because he outed her in front of the house..

Jen doesn't lie says Dick....Eric says he doesn't think Jen is a liar but "misconstrues" statements.

Dick saying there is "non stop stuff" especially walking in on perfect situation....

Eric says "it'll be what it'll be" and says they will live in the house and Dick says in doesn't "like him here " and wants him gone but outside here "the would have a few beers together" and Eric agrees but "it is what it is" but hopes that Dick won't make a thing that they go at each other at competetions.

Eric defend his options about his sides.....Dick acusing him of having it "all layed out" and calling it "all bullshit" and walks away Eric stops him

Eric thanks him for sitting to talk to him and knows it his intentions of getting him out and his intentions is for him to stay. Dick talking about the Nick mistake when we get foth..

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12:07 BBT Eric and Dick Amber and Dustin outside talking

Amber "when is America's Choice" and Amber "when does America pick their favorites" and Dick says it was when Janelle" won the prom" Eric says "a phone call"

Dustin says "after this week" Dick says it's more like a tria thing for money...Dustin says it will be the sequester..

Talking about the AC bringing people back..Talking about Amy and Kaysar..Eric says he's been the only won sent home 3 times...Dustin saying Kaysar was "his type"

Dustin about Julie Chen "she's been such a bitch this season" "oh that Julie she's got some fuckin' nerve" about her questions.. talking about if she's really watching and Eric says she gets "debriefed" Dustin says she must get debriefed "every hour on the hour" with the "denato's" oubursts.

Dustin singing and foth

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12:17 BBT

Same group still outside talking baout DR sessions and the order why they didn't get the poop dunkers all first.

Dustin saying Janell was "pretty" but when she came back for season 7 "she got bigger" and Jess says "she has a big nose"

Eric saying that there are "the best looking cast" of all seasons... [choking I'm laughing so hard]

Talking about past seasons......."Danile was robbed" because they showed her DR.

Eric calling season 4 ugliest Dick saying "Jun was a pig"

Eric wondering if season 5 was better looking Dustin calling Jase "so gross" and hideous...Saying Drew and Nick similar.

12:28 BBT talking about season 5 twists......

12:33 After a brief FOTH all the above mentioned still outside talking about DR sessions and washing clothes....

12:36 BBt Dick saying the perfect Democratic ticket would be Gore and Clinton [i agree] now they are talking about TImes Square Dustin saying the first McDonalds was founded in Rockfor illinois and they have the biggesyt McD's in the world ..Dick says he thought McD's was founded in Norwalk, CA [actually it was San Bernadino,CA..I think] but Dustin insists it's Chicago.

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12:39 BBT

Asking jess if Kansas was "white bread" and says that have "ghetto" areas that is all black and have a "mexican part" and her high school had "4 black people" and had never met a black person until HS. Saying her bros friend from Montana had never seen a black person until he moved to Kansas.

Dustin saying he interact with black people and like playing with their barrets[?] when he was a kid in school.

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12:51 BBT

Jess Dusti and Dick are the only ones outside........Talking about how brutal the POV was....and Dick says that was "a fucked up question" [losing prize $] and the HOH questions..........they think the POV aired tonight.....

Dick talking about how chilly it is tonight......

Talking about croquet and Jess says maybe since they only have 7 people competing but Dick says only 6.

More POV talk.....[hard to understand since it hasn't been aired]

Asking Jess 'would you have taken the money and run" and Jess says yes because she regretted not taking it the first time. Dick saying Jameka should have and no one would have said anything about it.

Laughing about "the bunny suits"

Thers a lot of stuff that went on during the POV that Dick saying "I just don't get"

Asking Jess if she's still sore from "the bat hang" [HOH] and sya yes Dick saying "it was hard man" and Dick says he caouls have gone on 5-10 mins "max" and knew the girls were going longer...HOH talk

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1:04 BBT

Dustin and Jess on patio

Talking about everyone seeing bthe banners Dustin says they "were down" for "20 -25 minutes" as planes circles with banners.

Dustin says HOH will be getting "tougher and tougher"......dustin says he would sit there during of of Dick's rants and says he "zones out" when dick goes on his rants......"bring it on it doesn't affect me" because he got yelled out as a kid.

Dick comes back but before Dustin said "he would have put up Jen and Zach and put him as a backdoor" and jess said really "he said that" [don't know who "he: was and couldn't rewing my feeds because I got error message]

Jess goes in and Dustin and Dick small talk.....

1:16 BBT Dick saying his mom was annoyed that he was "going by Dick" on the show and "not Richard" what she named him...

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1:17 BBT

Jess Dustin and Amber asked if they could switched they way the entered the house.....Dustin says no "I wouldn't have it any other way" and Jess says she would have......saying if they would have asked ahead of time she would "have been the person in the house"

Dick says Dani walking down the stairs "togher for her" that "it was for me". Dustin said he knew it was that it would be Joe. Jess says she didn't know who it was....Dustin ssaying "gays love drama and that's why they brought Joe in"

Dick wondering "why only 3" Dustin says 6 and that was voting power.......

Jess in hot tub

Dick says every "once in awhile I can hear a radio" and jess says "me too" and Dick starting he could hear talking in "the walls" brief FOTH

Dustin still talking about joe and entrances...

talking how "nobody understand what it was like" and Dustin saying it was harder for then as Dustin says "I just didn't care" Jess "we were all safe for a week and we're all still hear" Dustin "and all 3 of us are going to be on the jury" saying it will "burn Joes panties" as he will still be part of the game even after his eviction

Talking about sequester....Jess and Dustin don't have their passports so saying sequester isn't in Mexico and Dustin is saying "it's in Palm Springs" Dick says how does he know and Dustin says "I heard"

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1:31 BBT

Dick Jess and Dustin talking about season 6 and & Dick saying "Janelle was a hell of a competitor"....saying Erica "got gypped" because she didn't get the car because she didn't hold on for 5 minutes because boggie dropped out and Janelle got out early.

Erica bashing "boy Erica lookes stupid last year" Dustin says and Dick says Boggie "crossed the line" .....Dustin saying Boogie "is so skeasy looking" "like thuggish... ew"

Jess "I wonder what my firends and family are doing" saying they're probably "in bed" Jess saying she thinks she hasn't got "air time" since she hasn't been part of "the drama"

Dustin saying alot of the show is "diary room" and the rest competitions.....

Dick wondering if julie chen will ask if about throwing her close around the house but Dustin says she'll ask about "the truce" with Jen.

Eric back from DR saying "fairly reasonable and fairly pleasant" when Jess aks how it was...FOTH

When some says "Is James working tonight " we get FOTH

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1:44 BBT

Eric Jess and Dustin in hot tub

Eric saying every girl he dates has benn out of his league saying he's "that guy" walking down the street and people ask why that girl is with that guy [oh brother]

Dustin Joe talk.....Joe bashing saying "well over 50" guys Joe slept with saying who would sleep with him saying he with held from sex when they dated "Joe was the most horrible thing in bed" "he was terrible absolutely terrible"

Eric said he's slept with 2 people" Jess said 1 guy and Dustin said 3 guys...Talking about Kail not answer the question when asked her.........Dustin says "I can see Jen being the BLow JOB Queen" Eric says she said a few but a few to her is 70. Jen bashing....

Dustin talking about Dani getting around the house.....Eric says he would "write a $10,000 check" for any one who enter sequester with Jen and Dani

Dustin asks who he would put up if he got HOH Eric saying it would be a combination Dick Dani or Jen.

Eric saying Dick is the only one who has a chance at HOH. Talking about Jen's "desperation move" and her behavior is making sure she stays at the bottom of the totem pole

Dustin saying they have to win HOH and Eric "balls to the walls" going for it......Dustin if Jen and Zach get it and secure a half deal saying one of them and of the Dani/dick.

Dustin says Zach will be talked into putting jameka and dani and will have the votes save her. Eric saying threats to zach will work...

eric says "they are not stupid" "what makes them think this is agood idea" about his nomination....Eric rehash his convo earlier with him saying he said do what you gotta do and Dick said"I know if you stay and you will be coming after me and a bunch of other people" Saying it shows vulnerability....

Dustin says "we can no longer trust them"

Eric say they lie 500 times a day and they claim they don't and there "is no point in it" to argue back.

Dustin says he told dick "I did tell you daughter to put yoou up" and "your a sinking ship" [none of that was said]

Eric embellishing his story....at the hammock rant

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2:05 BBT

Geek squad Jess Dustin and Eric .. Jen bashing calling her "lying bitch" "slouchy old women's ass" "i can see you balls" "or penis"

Dustin asking if anyone's been to dani's HOH......everyone says no...

Dustin says he's "tired of talking about people" let's play What you do for a dollar.

[i'm sick of these morons to sign off for the night..night all til tomorrow]

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3:40 BBT

Eric, Jessica, and Dick have been sitting in the living room chatting about the first days of this season, going over the original speculations of the 'rivals' joining the group. eric mentioned that Kail was rather apprehensive and wonders who may have worried her.

Conversation shifts to the types of competitions held for money and prizes, and that they could easily have one that could be winning items/cash at the expense of self or another houseguest -- such as assigning everyone to slop for a week, or selecting solitary confinement.

They follow this with discussions of contestants on other reality shows an doing an all-stars show with people from other shows, like a BB with former Survivors.

4:00 BBT

More discussion of early days (pre-show) and what the BB producers saw in each of the contestants. They can't figure out what they saw in Mike or Carol. They move on to discuss other TV personalities and shows.

4:15 BBT

Just as they speculate on the time, Dustin wanders through and they ask him the time. They say they're headed for bed, but Dick has to go have a cigarette first and Dustin joins the other two while he eats his cookies. He asks what day this is in the BB house - thinks it's day 37. Dustin leaves and Eric & Danielle shift into a closer snuggle position. They explain to Dustin that Dick joined them for idle chit-chat - and that is obviously a stategy tactic. Dustin says Dick is his chief target and that they are going to have to start using Zach for their benefit.

Eric says he wasn't popular until college. Dustin says he became popular in high school but was mean in middle school. Dani was popular all the way through - to which Eric says, "And now you're with a nerd jew."

4:25 BBT

Jessica goes off to bed and the boys discuss high school dances. Eric barely went - didn't go to Senior Prom. Would have gone if there were comeone he really wanted to take. Says he was an ugly freshman - short, big glasses, bad haircut. Very bad time from 13 to 16, and by the time he was 16 all the kids were always seeing him as he had been, not as he was by then.

Dustin says he brother was all sports and in the Homecoming court every year, while he was the younger brother who smoked cigarettes and could either be a teacher's favorite or relaly on their bad.

Eric says he's going to visit the DR and then go to bed. As he begins to thank Dustin for his support the feed shifts to the round beds (al four feeds).

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