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August 6, Live Feed Updates

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Eric and Amber talking. Missed some of it, sorry. Eric says he needs to put Dani and Dick up together, therwise if Dani wins the PoV and takes Dick off, they are both safe. Jessica comes in and they joke that she is about ready to take out someone.

Eric talks to Jessica and says a part of him wants to go upstairs, the 5 of them and say "toots, you put him up and it isn't going to happen." Jessica said they can either do it now, or on Thursday. Jessica said she is having a hard time with Dick and Dani. she can't act like she likes them, or is in with them. Amber said Dick used to always pick on her, and joke with her, but not in a nice way. She said she finally had to put her foot down. She said she just snapped and told him to back off, and give her some space. Jessica said if Amber could do it, so can she. They figured out that Dick started in on Jessica about the time he started leaving Amber alone.

Eric tells Jessica and Amber he will let them sleep, he goes outside to dry his clothes.

Kail is sucking up to Dick, saying Dani had a good nomination speech. Dick said she is well spoken. Kail starts to cough, and Dick asked if it was the smoke. she said no, she was fine with it. (Don't know if I can take them being nice to each other!)

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Dick said to Kail to be careful who she trusts because it will come back at her. She just nodded. Dick said he has been told that he has Kail wrapped around her little finger. Kail isn't responding...lots of silence between sentences. Dick said Jessica isn't stupid, she isn't going to vote out Eric when he is her friend, but she feels betrayed by him. She is realy dissappointed. Kail did agree with that.

Dustin comes out talking about his tea. Kail is asking how he makes it, and that she could have tea on slop. Dick said he wished they had the instant kind when he was on slop.

Dustin asks Dick if he has been smoking for 20 years, he said more like 30. He said he started smoking a full pack a day when he turned 16 and could keep them in his car. Dick said he and 2 friends moved out at 16, and rented a house. Couldn't believe people would rent a house to 3 16 year olds. He didn't cut his hair until he was 19, did some modeling, bit parts, etc.

Dustin is in the HT and said it smells like poop in there. He says it again. Dick is on the couches, and said he just farted. He said it was silent, but he didnt' think it would go that far. Dustin said it was horrible, and he even checked his pants.

Outdoor LD announced. Dick said he wants to get in the HT, would Dustin mind. Dustin asked him to wait a little while. Zach said Dani is in the DR, and was asked to bring a change of clothes. They said it might be to change out the keys. Jen said she was in the DR for 2 hours, they could just keep her in there. Zach said they were told they have to wear the bunny ears all the time.

Several talking about their DR, and how they have to talk in the future, even though it is in the past, just for production.

Everyone outside, Jameka was awakened from a nap to go outside, and she wasn't happy.

Everyone is talking over each other.

I gotta go.....someone else needs to take over please?

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amber and jameka on a lounge chair outside (amber is in her gynecological exam pose, legs spread wide, not ladylike....im just sayin)

amber is still talking about nick leaving....

amber: the only person that benefitted from nick leaving was eric


amber:everything word for word that he said to jen he said to me, eric told jen that he would put nick up if he had hoh....

(its hard to hear what they are saying because dustin,zach,dick are singing and talking as loud as possible over in the hottub/pool..shut it!)

amber: jen said they never said 'alliance' but she said they were.....and he definately came to me, eric would say i come to you because i hate these people and i feel so close to you...all the same things he said to me he said to jen

jameka: mhhmm

amber: i asked jen 'is he using jessica, does he really like her'......(now she retells the 'i cant get screwed over by a 21 year old girl' thing that eric told jen)

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amber: daniele told me yesterday that eric said he has a lot of shit on you (meaning on amber)

jameka: whaaattt?

amber: i dont know, i said bring him up here then

jameka: but then they wouldnt....well that shows

amber: then eric comes up and says are you allright, you've been distant in the last few days...he's fucking paranoid..i told him i miss nick...and he's like i'll be your brother, i'll take the place of nick....once again someone uses my heart against me

amber: we have to keep eric around.....

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amber: eric's planting seeds, making me think that jessica is jealous of me and him talking and hanging out.....to pit me and jessica against each other down the road...and like sometimes she does look at me like....

jameka: you said you would never vote nick out, that's why they said youre a liar

amber: i did

(so many planes and extra noises....impossible to hear jameka)

jameka:eric's trying to use it as a bad thing against you, you said you'd never vote out nick and then you did......the plane had to provide enough information that whoever whatever, we have to think, how long does it take to put that together, it couldnt have been THAT day i dont think it was enough time, so it had to be something that you said prior to that you must have admitted along a couple of days......and you look at eric's situation, what makes him a liar? he's made it obvious he wanted nick out....so why is he a liar, its got to be something more, its got to be something we're not seeing...and thats when all this other stuff comes into play, i think the only reason your name was brought up was because you (DICK INTERRUPTS)

now daniele sits on the end of the chair (she's wearing the bunny ears with her suit)

daniele: i feel like everyone's mad at me

jameka /amber : oohhhh nooooooooo!

jameka: its kinda like the nominees feel everyone is acting different and now youre hoh and you feel that way, i can only speak for me and im not trying to act any different (amber stays quiet)

daniele: well i'll leave you two to chat, i just dont want anyone mad at me

amber: im not mad

jameka: well stay here......(daniele leaves)

amber: she knows

jameka: how though

amber: every year no banners, and then these come up this week....they were telling us he was a good guy

jameka: i know that it was about nick, but at the same time maybe it was just being supportive, i wasnt trying to say that it didnt mean anything

__________all cameras suddenly switch to the kitchen, daniele/jen_____________

daniele: (whisper whisper whisper??!)

jen: i talked to amber

jen's putting away dishes, daniele's eating chips

eric strolls through

daniele: oh God, could it be any more awkwarrd

jen: he did an awkward glancing

daniele tells jen the story about amber being floored that jen said eric had said the same things to amber that he also told jen, jen says she has a story just like that to tell jameka too

daniele says she cant wait to write her blog because she has so much to say (that will make king123 happy lol)

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5:15pm BB time

daniele /zach in HOH

zach: dustin told me 'they're just gonna fuck you in the end' (talking about dick/daniele)...and im like well i'd rather be fucked in the end than fucked now...he's asking me for my vote....he's like eric's gonna be staying this week, and if you want to jump on the right side..and im like why, i havent had a conversation with eric in forty days why now.....dont get me wrong i hate kail she stabbed me in the back.....im put in a weird spot and i hope you guys have my back for the next couple of weeks...

daniele: you doooooooo

zach: i know you do, but i dont know about your dad

daniele: a lot of times everybody up here wanted you out, and my dad stuck up for you

zach: i'll tell you, i've only told nick, for three weeks i was laying low specifically to see how people get in groups, i knew i had made a mistake with that early alliance, i knew i wanted to be in the jury, every vote matters now, i am put in the position now where three weeks of doing nothing finally benefits me, the only people that will get my vote are the people that finally started talking to me (he is saying he purposely didnt talk to people just to lay low for this moment....c'mon people wouldnt talk to HIM...ok rant over)

daniele: you've talked to jessica, a little bit

zach: yeah, kinda, its just friends or whatever, not game related...dustin pulled me aside and threatened me and said there's a big bullseye on dick/daniele's head...im like at least dick had done fun stuff with me, i've gone to eric and every person in this house and made attempts to talk...im eager to listen to eric come talk to me, but its hard for me to take the side of someone that hasnt talked in forty days and suddenly wants something

zach: the big decider for me about kail is that she cant play hoh's..and jameka

daniele: eric is proably the smartest guy, i think he's a really nice guy, he's seen every episode of every single bb show, he has a way with words, he's the biggest threat in this house, and i guess jen told amber something and eric told them the same thing word for word, so its just a matter of people comparing notes

zach: but i dont think you have the guarantee yet

daniele: but that's the risk i had to take

zach: i know you dont have jameka

daniele: but you dont even talk to her

zach: but i know

daniele: but i talk to her way more

zach: i just know , you dont have her vote

daniele: people are blind in this house, give them three days of comparing votes

zach: i think you've got jess

daniele: no, did you see her face, she's furious, she was one of the first i told, she felt so betrayed, and now her and eric are best friends again

zach: maybe jameka pulled her over too, they're tight

daniele: not really

zach: i always walk in on them talking

daniele: we have your vote right?

zach: 100%...im doing it for nick...i cant be pursuaded

daniele: we just need one more person

zach: i just got to make sure ive got some friends in this house

daniele: you know for a fact because i could have put you up as a pawn

zach: i think that blow up with dick and eric secured me not being put up

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zach/daniele agree they dont like dustin

zach: dustin was like do you have a deal for the donatos? and i was like it doesnt work this way when you want information from me but wont talk to me when i need information, no i do not have a deal i am trying to save my own ass...he's so two faced, and he's got amber as a patsy...when i looked in her eyes you can see straight away because she's about to cry

daniele: she's always about to cry, i dont buy all that, i can tell you that she's one of the ones that was throwing nick out there, nick who she claims to be her brother and everythig else

zach: i was like you're full of shit

daniele: she gave me the same speech yesterday

zach: dustin slept in nick's bed last night, he's trying to back off of amber because he's trying to not be targeted

daniele: no he didnt no, you should have told him he cant sleep there!...mr barbados trip and five thousand dollars....you my dad or jen have to get hoh next yet

zach: i'll be sure to bring my gloves and my fanny pack

zach: if dustin were to be out of the house, i think amber's thinking would change

daniele: and eric, and i know she's really close with jameka

zach: i dunno, four people, we have three, we need one...its gotta be jess or amber, jameka's kinda the keystone for those two..she likes to over accent her tone when she says certain things...fucking kail sick of her

daniele: she's so annoying

zach: she doesnt say anything to me, only when she needs something.

daniele: me either

zach: i cant believe jameka and kail cant be in five hoh's, thats ridiculous, that's the whole point of the game

daniele:its stupid

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(cameras switched to amber/jameka still outside on that lounge chair)

5:38pm bb time

amber is talking about someone that is greedy and selfish, and amber says she asked her if she is Jewish and the girl was...and so amber was like oh yeah!

jameka: you just need to be careful saying things like that how that comes across, obviously internet people know, you dont want to do that

amber: oh yeah.....you know when i used to do drugs, i lost a lot of my memory from doing drugs, and that's why i stutter (apparently she had to do several takes during the pov competition the other day)

jameka: you did a wonderful job up there

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<just want to add ...>

Zach told Danielle that Dustin slept in Nick's bed last night. He supposes from it that Dustin is beginning to separate himself from Amber. Dani didn't know that and adds it to her mental file folders.

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amber: one of the competitions coming up is going to be remembering, its something my sister told me to go around the house and look for things, veto winners, i havent done it as much as i should , but im telling you to remember who put who up and who went home

jameka: mmmhmmm

(amber starts listing off things she remembers, i dont know if its in the right order or not, my ears are numb to amber-speak now)

amber: i'd been meaning to remind you of that, i didnt remind dustin...should i?.... no

jameka: mmhmm

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jameka and amber get up to go to the bathroom

all four cams switch to kail/jen in the hammock

jen:dustin didnt care if one of us went home because he put us both up.....its just annoying that whole scenario, if someone says im playing for you, people getting upset that i 'used' her...im not using her, she told me she's playing for me

kail: i dont understand why she played so hard this week when she was not planning on using it..why she did that its crazy

jen: if jameka hadnt been in it, it would have been me you and daniele and daniele said she'd of used pov on me

kail: why couldnt she just throw it though or just not play so hard

jen: that's just not how she plays, dont pick her again....i think she'll be like 'God's not telling me anything' based on who it is

cam switch to a silent daniele and jameka in the kitchen...amber is going to go work out

(and im signing off)

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Just tuned in.

Jen, Kail & Dick talking in backyard.

Dick saying Kail, Jen, him and Danielle to work together in the future. Not call it an official alliance but should work together to get the others out. Says the rest of them have had it too easy watching kail & Jen battle Dick all these weeks. Kail completely on board.

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Dick walked away. Kail says "What was that".

Jen says she can not do that. Says she won't sit and have meetings with them and plot with them. Kail says yeah, but we can let him think we are working with them. Jen agrees. Jen and Kail talking about how they are the best players in the house. (?)

Dick comes back and says if either of them have any side deals with anyone else then all bets are off. Kail says they know. Dick says cause you know that I always seem to find everything out. Dick walks away again.

After he leaves Kail says to Jen. Did we actually even agree to anything. Jen doesn't say anything. Kail says no really if I did let me know because maybe I need to go clarify some things. Jen says that he just said that so he can get out of a deal with them later.

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6:40bbt - Feeds switched to Dick with Amber in the workout room.My feeds kept cutting out but basically the bit I heard was Dick bad mouthing Eric and telling her that Eric has been saying that he knows something really bad about Amber that he can use against her if he needs to. Amber says the problem is that when Eric knew he was going up he asked Amber if she would vote for him and Amber gave him her word that she would so now she doesn't know what she is going to do.

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<just to add a touch on the non-verbal...>

Dustin is chewing on his inner lips/cheeks during his 'listen' to Amber. He's listening, but thinking twice as fast.


His ultimate response: He wants to keep Eric around until his relationship with Zach "is better." ...

"It's sad. We come into this game and we're going to have to lie at some point. You're going to have to do that while we protect Eric for this duration."

He plans to use Zach because he will be a good fighter. "It will be down to seven, Zach and Jen, and the rest of us. And that's when I will turn. We will put up Eric..."

Amber: You're such a good player - so much better that I am.

Dustin: Thank you.


D: Let's talk about being mature here. How mature are you on the scale? Be honest.

A: I'm a baby, I know.

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A: Eric's not a good person

D: I know, but we need to keep him around for numbers. Jameka said the same thing. At this point it's a numbers game. We'll keep him around til we get to the five of us or until my relationship with Zach gets better. (What relationship?)

D: Nick was set up, we all know that now.

A: Jessica doesn't know that but don't tell her.

Dustin doing Daniele bashing.

D: She came down in her bunny suit saying (in valley girl accent) "I'm so hot." I'm thinking "Shut the f up"

A: I"m the worst liar.

D: I know, that's sad. There is a time where you're going to have to lie.

A: Eric is the one that has been *too low to hear* Why else would he be worried about my vote? Because he needed to put his on the other side.

D: We cannot trust the Donatos.

continued talk of eric and dick

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Amber mentions that Kail said he was spreading himself too thin. This peaks Dustin's curiosity and he wants the details, the conversation surrounding the comment.

When she's done giving them, Dustin says to Amber, "She said that because she trusts me."

Zach enters - they do chit-chat.

Dustin moves to the topic of Zach and tells Amber that she has to be the 'relationship person'. "Just try. He's okay - he just rambles."

Kail enters.

D: "Look at her. She's the under-aged person of the house."

K: "Thank you. Zach was saying the same thing today 'You don't drink, you don't smoke'." More chit chat and she leaves.

They now agree that it's a good thing that Eric told D/D that the group was going to (next) go after Dustin and Amber. Because "what else could he say?" <and protect our true intentions>.

Amber gets to her current point: "He (Eric) does not have control," inferring that Dustin does.

She later asks him if he's Jewish. "Yes, on my Mom's side (later she's half-Jewish, was raised Catholic, and his Dad was never a practicing Jew.) She doesn't bring up any of the sterotypical comments she made earlier.

A: Eric is such a liar.

D: But I can't hold it against him because he's playing a game.

Amber mentions an Eric incident and Dustin replies, "Yes, but that's just immature behavior. It's like pulling a dick."

The subject of Dani comes up. Dustin comments, that she's not embarrassed...she's a fighter... she has daddy issues. That he would yell at Dick to let her stand on her own two feet.

Zach returns again. For the second time, Dustin dismisses him. Amber starts up a light conversation but Zach gets the hint and leaves.

11:15 BBT

It turns to Dani bashing. Dustin brings up a conversation with Jen earlier today. Seems it shifted to her personal loving affairs. He says Jen told him 'that's why I got down. I just couldn't wait to see pictures of her boyfriend."

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Just want to add to the above posts, this conversation between Dustin and Amber began when Amber told Dustin that Dick said Eric told him a while back that Eric had some information about Amber and what she did to her boyfriend, but he is holding it till he needs to use it and then everyone will see Amber in a different light. Amber affirms to Dustin that she only told Jam, Dustin and Eric about the lies regarding the abortions and she is worried if he tells Dick then everyone in America will know what she did and come to her when she gets out of this house and ask her about it and her boyfriend will be so ashamed. She says she told everyone else she lied to her boyfriend about some bad stuff and really hurt him. (Does she really think she didn't just tell America herself right now? She is afraid that Eric will tell America what she did.)

Then the talk of keeping Eric till they get rid of Dick and Dani began.

(I could of swore she said the word abortions, if I was incorrect I deeply apologize as I don't want to be the one spreading false information.)

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Amber affirms to Dustin that she only told Jam, Dustin and Eric about the lies regarding the abortions

Just to be clear, because I think it's important. Amber actually said she lied about "two pregnancies" not abortions. She never mentioned the word abortion. (Eric's story to Jessica was that she had two abortions, and faked two abortions).

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Amber and Dustin spent over a hour in the abthroom talking about Eric, and are clearly on to him. It appears that Dick did a great job turning her.)(video thread)

Dustin is still trying to tell her to get her emotions in check. The pregnancy thing is obviously the BAD thing Eric had held over her head. He told Dick a week ago he had something BAD, Horrivic on her and would use it.

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Jameka enters.

Amber calls her over to tell her about her secret conversation with Eric - and she says "two abortions." She tells her that she heard it first from Dick - that Eric had told him.

Jameka goes to the loo. Amber makes the comment "..she's sweet". Dustin says "but," and whispers in her ear (way too low to hear). Amber surafaces making fun of a face Jameka makes if you 'ask her in the hallway'.

Jameka returns and asks, "So does that change things?"

Dustin goes to the loo, leaving Amber to go over the details - the way she does. Dustin rejoins, adds a few words, and they begin to brush their teeth together. Jameka is full of her m&m's.

So, you guys here at Morty's -- what did Dustin just use to sway her back into, "Okay. so we just go along and don't have any more meetings?"

Dustin repeats to her the strategy of '7 until 5'.

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*just popped on*

Amber and Dustin and Jameeka were in the br talking about the split in the house

DIck walks in and goes to bathroom

They KEEP talking!!!!

Dick comes out and goes off on Dustin about trying to make it about *us* and *them*

Said..you are trying to make it that you cant trust the Donatos

YOU are the one who cannot be trusted.

F you Dustin!!! and walks off

Runs outside to tell his Dau what he jsut did.

She sorta sighs and said you should nothave done that in front of amber

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