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August 9, Live Feed Updates

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Kail came out of the DR and said she was told they have to wear thier bunny costumes tomorrow.

Dani is upset and complaining about it being longer than the original time given, around 2:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Once again, Amber is talking about Eric to Dani. Dani is tired of talking about it and tells Amber that Eric is the smartest player and huge treat in the game. They are rehashing her conversation with Eric earlier.

They are reviewing the votes. Amber and Jam will vote to keep Eric, and they believe Jess and Dustin will vote to get rid of Eric. They can't wait to see his face tomorrow.

Dick comes in to interrupt the convo and then we have FoTH.

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Feeds back...

Feed 1&2 Dick, Amber, and Dani at dinner table discussing a movie mentioning Mel Gibson?? I missed it......

Feed 3 - Jess sleeping

Feed 4 - Zach still in bed awake....on the side of Zach's bed next to the dresser is a bunch of stickers, it looks like. Maybe labels or something that are sticking to the side to help him remember events?? (That's my guess) Pretty interesting.

Feeds 3&4 switch to Kail in bathroom.

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Dick wants cig's from the HOH room but can't get in and Dani doesn't have her key.

Dani and Amber move to the bed next to sleeping Jess and talk about how boring it is tonight with everyone asleep. Saying they hate being there and Dani can't even tan, swim, or workout with the bunny suit on.

Amber discussing how she has to "get it together" for her good-bye message. Now moving on the Dicks bad habits, including his cough.

Dani asks Amber if Eric has ever said anything bad about her and Amber says he said she was a brat, misrible, and stuck on Nick.

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Amber wants to change the sleeping arrangments...Jess, Jameka, Dani, and Amber in the small beds; Dustin and Zach in the big beds; and Dick, Jen, and Kail staying in the round room.

Dustin in working out on Feeds3&4 while Jen, Amber, and Dani discuss the order in which they sit at a live show. They are trying to figure out if the order has anything to do with the way the votes go. Now they want to know who will get questions tomorrow and what they will be about.

Amber thinks she will get a question about her hair. Jen says she has had one every week. Dani thinks she knows the questions she will get asked...1) How was it being HOH? 2) How is the house without Nick 3) How about you and Jen's relationship??

Eric and Zach moving outside to talk....

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Eric starts by apologizing for why he is speaking to Zach in this circumstance. He states he really is a decent guy, Zach agrees. Eric reviews the "laundry list that is 5 hours long of lies" discussing his character and how he is disturbed about everything going on. Eric wants Zach to know that wahtever he is hearing is not how Eric really is. He thinks there would have been better ways to handle everything...Zach agrees again.

Same story as with Dani, Jess, Jameka, and Dustin....crusing through the game, getting the blame, ect.

He is apologizing to Zach for basically leaving him out on the meetings. Zach said he choose to be left out. Eric wants Zach to know he didn't mean anything from a mean perspective and Zach is very apologetic (sp?). Zach says he doesn't have to decifer anything that comes out of anybodys mouth on whether it is true or false, but he just takes everything and decides how he will use it to play the game. He talks about how people say he is clueless and doesn't know how to play the game. He says he plans on watching people play the game. He has thick skin and is willing to deal with the personalities he has in the house and maturlly handel the situations without jumping the gun. What he said he heard Eric say, he never saw come directly out of his mouth....Foth

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Back from Foth.....Zach says Eric has put himself in a hole he can't get out of. He says it sucks for Eric, but Eric never came to him before to ask for his vote. Kail hasn't either. Eric breaks in to say he isn't actually asking for the vote, but wants to clear his name with Zach for the future before he goes.

Zach states he would have loved to talk strategy with Eric, but no one has ever approached him. He bonded with the other guys becuase they were like his brothers.

Eric wants to know if there is anything Zach wants clarification on that he might have said. Zach says he hasn't felt threatened by anyone in the game so far. He knows there are people who want him on the block and he knows exactly who they are. He says they don't have the gaul to put him up....Foth in and out!!! Zach talking about how people have to make hard choices and are afraid to make them. Zach talks about how close the votes were until the blow-up today.

Eric states he thinks he would have stayed until today. Zach doesn't agree, but he says it would have been very close. Eric is now pitching why it would be good to keep him. He says he has not righted or wronged Zach, while Kail has. He tells Zach his vote will not be a throw away, but instead a very important vote. Zach says he will be completly honest....Kail shot herself in the foot by giving away 5 HOH's. He states he doesn't know Eric very well and doesn't let the personl stuff get in the way of what might have been said. He states he is more threatened by Eric becuase he doesn't know about his alliances or his lies. He says removing Kail is more risky becuase she can't put him up.

Eric talks about how he won't win the game to anybody left in the house. Most of his relationships are compromised.

Zach says he would like to have a good game relationship with Jessica.

(In the meantime) Amber, Dick, Dani, and Kail on Dustin's bed discussing thier goodbye messages. Kial is now worried about whether to go talk to Zach about his vote or not.

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10:44 BBT

Eric trying to pull Eric's vote to stay. Zach "I don't make deals" with anyone here but had it with Nick

Zach "I don't know what to do to be honest"

Eric saying she doesn't have any sort of deal and trying to say he wasn't the stray vote..Eric explaining he campaigned to get him out and calling it "ludicrous" and stood up and said "I want this to happen" and any other scenario is ridiculous.

Eric now saying now it was 6 people and "wasn't responsible" and just "vocal"

Zach saying "that group is fucked" and Zach saying he doesn't prefer the way dick tries to control the situation and Eric says he has total control and Zach says "I don't"

Eric says it's not his intention to slander people and he's not the "master manipulator" because "I wouldn't be in this position"..Dick would.

Eric says he spoke with some people earlier and says whether he stays or goes nothing will change.

Zach saying everyone is being "backdoored and that stucks"

Eric saying Nicks gone and it was 7 people and Zach says sure they had comtrol of the votes.

zach asking he knows Dani and Dick are together are jameka Jess Amber and Dustin together..

Zach wants to know why they are trying to pull out one of their own...Eric says "5 of us" have been asking that.

"It's a fucken hard spot" he tells Eric he's in and "Your the biggest threat to me" as he says "I can take Kail out"

Eric trying to back track and says he has relationships and has numerous targets well ahead of him "on my hit list"

Eric wants him to ask about certain situations but Zach seems disinterested.....

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Zach asks if Eric thinks he can get the votes for him to say and Eric says he thinks he is pretty close. Zach says he might sway his vote if he feels it would benefit him becuase he knows Eric would go after the people Zach wants out of the house. Zach says Eric going after certain people is what would have his vote to keep Eric. Zach thinks the timing might be right to keep Eric. He is more convinced that the votes are not close to keeping Eric, and he doesn't want to his vote.

(Move from outside to Gym) Eric tells Zach that 2 people outright swore thier votes to him(Amber and Jameka) and he beleives he will still have thier votes. The other two people are the two most closest people to him in the house and he thinks he has thier votes too. (Dustin and Jess) Zach doesn't know who to side with becuase he hasn't had anyone to side with besides Dick just being there for him. Eric telling Zach he is a great guy and actually looks at things from a strategic game point. Eric knows how Zach plays the game and wants Zach to make a good decision based on his place in the game.

Zach states he doesn't have any deals, and he doesn't make any with these people. He doesn't know what to do right now. Eric talks about how he doesn't have any deals right now except the small group of people in the house he has as friends. Eric discussing the mystery votes again.......Zach says they are irrelevant.(IMO..Zach really knows alot more than he has been leading on... :D )

Jen, Dick, and Dustin in BY talking about Zach.

Back to the Gym....Zach is not happy with how Dick handles many situations. Eric blameing his situation on Dick, saying he has all the control. Zach is tired of everyone being back doored. Eric says this week has been revenge for Nick week, and it shouldn't be like that. Zach states everyone could have voted the way they wanted too, to keep Nick. Zach wants to know if the split is Dani and Dick vs. Dustin, Jam, Jess, and Amber. He doesn't understand why the group would get rid of Eric (one of thier own) instead of getting rid of someone outside the group (Kail). Eric has no answer.

Zach says the whole thing is a hard spot. He says Eric is the bigger threat becuase he can eventually take Kail out. Eric says Zach is nowhere near his hit list. Zach states he doesn't even know his hit list. He is just listening to what other people tell him and taking everything into consideration. Eric is just happy Zach is willing to think it all over and make a good desicion. Zach keeps telling Eric he needs something more concrete to know for sure the votes are close in Eric's favor. Eric asks if he can point Zach into the direction of 2 people to help him? Zach says he doesn't know, but if Eric does almost have the votes, then he is in a great position.

Jen, Dustin, Dick still outside talking about Zach and the original alliance.

Eric is beginning to repeat himself. Basically, Zach could be a swing vote, but he wants more proof. Zach thinks keeping Eric would be great for the jury because he would vote based on how the person played the game rather than emotionally.

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11:00 BBT

Feeds 1&2 - Jen and Dick discussing how the BB shows are edited. Jen watched season 3 and 7 while in the hotel before then show began becuase she wanted to know more about the show.

Feeds 3&4 - Eric and Zach still going at it in the gym. Zach hates how people are leaving without having a chance to play in the POV. He believes too many people have become to comfortable and are afraid to actually play the game. He can't wait for the pairs to start falling apart and the game to really begin. Zach asks Eric to talk to him tomorrow more. He wants to think about it because he isn't sure yet. He tells Eric he will let him know his vote before if he wants. Zach wants Eric to know that even if he doesn't vote for him, it isn't against him personally. Zach just can't commit to a vote right now.

Dani and Dustin come outside and tell Dick and Jen that they can hear Eric in the gym talking. Dani doesn't want to get caught listening.

I'm out....Good Night!

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10:56 BBT

Zach says "I need something more concrete that it's close" and Zach says it doesn't see that.

Eric says he thinks the vote is 4-3 in his favor already....saying he had no where to go and just went to the DR...

And Eric says if I were you I would say "go fuck yourself" if someone was trying to talk to me after 40 days. Zach sasy no one has come up to them unless the want something and "that's ok"

Zach says one of the advatages to have you around is you played the game and would be good to have on the jury.

Eric says the majority will come from them and that's 5 out of 7 votes and its a huge faction of the vote and tell hEric there is also Kail Jen and Dick and Dani and Eric says maybe kail since the vote hasn't happened.

Eric says "I'm not the fucking monster" that they say I am and zach says he has to clue because theydon't tell him and "I don't ask" and Eric says some truth in hs comments but "99%" are just used to get him out.

Eric says he considered coming to him in the game and other times he considered an outsider. saying him are analytical minds..

Zach ssays he concerned "an absolute moron" could walk away with $500k at the end.

Zach bemoaning the fact that Joe Mike and Nick were backdoored and Eric say him too and zach ssays "that's a fucked up big brother"

Eric telling eric 'it's a very fickle house" and Zach says when the partners of the two start to fall apart the game will beginning.

Zach says he can talk tommorow because "it's a lot to take in" and says he can let him know before or when it happens....

Eric trying to reassure its not a blowout and says even if he votes him out and does stay and whants to be a part of thoughts to get certain people out "come talk to me"

Eric bringing up that Kail hasn't even packed yet and says "I have nothing to lose" or gain and continues tellinh him "i've been honest"

Zach "my vote is decided" on what's best for him and Eric asks what person he realtes more to and does he think they are all useless.

Eric telling her Jess has defended her in many ways despite Zach caught her in something that he needs to look beyond and he could work with her.

Telling him he doesn't trust Dustin and says doesn'y know Amber and knows she has tried to put him on the block. zach says he plans on talking to Jess later and says "she has to realize she's playing a game" and if your value is worth and Eric says its not just personal.

Eric thanks him

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11:16 BBT

Eric packing his stuff up in the bathroom while Jen Dani Dustin Kail and Dick talk outside.

Zach comes in and Eric talking about the weight he's lost and "there's food" in the bb house ..Zach saying "that's true"

Zach goes out and him and kail head off to the hammock and says "youi don't need to give me a graphic novel as I got a graphic novel from Eric"

Kail saying she doesn't know where to begin ans zach says talk.....Zach says there are question swhich don't influence the way he plays now and tells her he voted for mike and Nick and feels poor about the break up of their alliance and her approach was awful with people and she "was killing it" and didn't know how to "be discreet" and had to make himself distance. Zach says he remained true to his promises with the alliance and was never against her until she ratted them out.

Dick saying if eric keeps camapigning without letting the girls out of their promises then he's going to go off and Eric says he had the right to talk to anybody and Dick says he told him he has the right to "talk to him too"

Back at hammock zach going over the cause of the problems were because they all had the right to vote and Kail says Her and Mike's expectations were they would vote a like and his and Nicks were different..Zack says they thought they had a 50K deal and Zach says we don't have to talk about that.

Zach saying her indiscretion "is awful" and tell her "I have no idea" how to trust you again...Kail talking about getting Evel out and she told Dick about the group that she's out and she should go out "in a blaze of glory" and Zach says "you're and idiot"

Kail says Eric has two vote maybe three..Jess Jameka and Amber and Zach says "so sell me" and says its hard to try and sell when you don't trust me......Amber says all she has is jen and Dustin says he was going to vote hherr out and zach says "I don't trust him"

Zach saying they could have a ruse where if he gives her her vote and still keep the facade of "not trusting" each other. and Says if he's up against anyone one except Jen he hopes he could hope she doesn't vote for him.

Kail asks if he has a deal with Evel and zach sasy "he's looked out for me" and tells her that he doesn't want any alliance deal with her and doesn't trust Eric and is bad for him in the game. Tells he's on the jury and has a vote and talks about karma and not getting shafted twice it could be a $550k mistake..

they agree to not vote each other out as long as Zach isn't up against Jen

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Zach is talking with Evel. Zach told ED that Eric said he threw Nick under the bus and that's all he needed to hear.

Now ED is telling Zach what he said to Eric earlier

Not sure if this was posted earlier but i quickly listened to the Eric/Jameka conversation earlier for about 2 seconds and Eric said that he frees Jameka of any burdens or promises that she made to keep him.

Zach is mentioning how shitty the season is that there have been mostly backdoored. he said it was unfair that Mike and NIck went home because they didn't even play in the POV. FOTH (this old music is much more soothing than the current theme music)

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11:35 BBT

Eric specifically confrimed that "he threw Nick under the bus" and that's all I"I needed to hear" Zach tells Dick

Zach says Eric is going to present the people who are going to vote for him tomorrow and wants to see.

Dick talking about the threat he told Eric about campaigning [see previous post]

Zach saying "who does that" talking about the vote promises from Jameka and Amber.

Zach says Eric "talks a lot of shit..just talks" and Zach goes over the convo...and zach says everone is pissed off the way the POV

Zach says "I've picked my side" telling Dick he's on his side and "I want to make people just tremble" he wants HOH so bad. dick says he will throw it to him if it comes down to them

Zach says he has all the dates figured out about the challenges and ask Dick id he wants to go over say he has it on his calendar glued to his "toy box"

Zach goes over everything

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Zach is now telling dick what has happened on what day and specific details and who wins since the beginning of the game. He's definitely been jedi drilling. Dick seems pretty amazed. Brief FOTH and Zach continues his Jedi drilling and Dick listens and tries to help with a few comments here and there. (From what I hear, I think he's getting all the dates right.)

Now they are at today's date. Zach says he doesn't like Jameka because she's an information conduit (sp and wtf).

Zach says Eric talks too much. He says that it is ridiculous to not let him go because Kail has given up 5 HOH's. Now they talk about Jameka giving up 5 HOH's. Dick and Zach doing a little Jameka bashing about what she did.

Now they're talking about Jen and how miserable she's been since being on slop and having an earache.

Zach mentions who is participating in HOH. Now they are talking about Jameka and how she is not in Zach's or Dick's gameplan.

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Zach says he thinks Dustin is going to be the next Eric.

I'm switching feeds to Eric and Jen. Sounds like he is flattering her (is she america's choice for eric to flatter?).

He tells Jen she's better than that (talking about Dick's antics towards her).

Eric is now trying to clear his name about what people have said. He's basically telling Jen what he told Daniele earlier in the day. There are black, white, and gray areas with the information that has been spread around the house and that he is not the monster he is painted out to be.

Eric is now telling Jen he talked to Zach and it was the first time. Eric is saying Amber hates him. Jen is saying that the things Eric told jen are the same things that he told Amber.

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11:54 BBT

Eric and Jen small talking in the kitchen

Back at the hammock Zach is finished talks about Jemeka "Dick says "she's the only person" no one would feel comfortable with in the final two''

Zach "God Eric talks too much" and syas it would be stupid to keep him when Kail can't play 5 HOH's and laugh at Jameka's choice or "blunder" since she wasn't on the block....saying she should have to taken the $10k

Zach "god 2 people 5 hoh's why you still even in the game"....Zach says she has a side deal going on outsdie of the house to "just be and idiot" and Dick says "that comes naturally" saying it's like the movie "brester's million"

11:50 BBT

Eric and Jen in the round room

Eric says "what's done is done" and says he would like to have the convo "in confidence" saying 'there is a good chance I'm going to leave" and would like to have his last 18 hrs to be peaceful.

Eric says "the two of them" my opinion "i do not believe its a gurantee" that I'm going home and it's not going to be a 7-0 and tells her that he has joined the ranks of being abused "my the Denato family" and questions her about her new partnership and says it was Dick's HOH she won but "he did everything" and keeps bemoaning her abour her choices "you're better than that" going over evrything he's done.

Eric says they make a person look stupid and then amkes them leave telling her the same story as Zach...\

Jen stpos him and asks who he's put up and he says "dick and Dani" and says he had a relationship with them he does not now and told her he spoke with Zach and says "Amber despises me" and Jen mentions the same thing he's told her he's told Jen..Jen says a verbatim convo...and Eric just blows it off and contines his story about who he's close with...

Eric says he was careful what and who he made promises too.

Eric talking about Dani promised her her saftety even if she stays. Talking about he's not the "master manipulator" but Dick and Dani are.

Eric says Kail can't play in HOH and he can.

Jen says "I'm confused with your relationships" and says he has one with Jameka Dustin and Jess and not with Amber. Saying he doesn't know where "she concocted" the story..

Jen says "Dick says they're fine" talking about Dustin and Eric says "they're not"

Eric says "I'm fucked in the game" and only will win is Dick and Jen says "or me" says he would "shoot myself in the head" if he gets stuck in sequester with Dick Daniele and Zqach.

Telling how BB producers told him to fight as that's not the person they casted in the show when he felt like just leaving.

Jen asks why would you vote out Dick if he's the only one he could win against? he says I would not gibve him any chance at $500k and they control of the jury and "they will not have the votes to win"

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12:13 BBT

Jen and Eric still talking saying how they should have talked more often and eric just talks and talks about how if he stays he keeping things to himself [yeah right]

Eric telling her he can work with her and know s who he wants at the end "jessica is one of them" and he's not playing to "win anymore" [oh brother]

Talking about "people who've mistreated me" and her saying "I barely have a leg left to stand on here" and just wants to stay "to further the chances" of people he cares about then he wants to stay....

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12:25 BBT

In the hallway to bathroom Dustin Dani and Kail talking about their nationalities are...

Eric's still pleading still lying about he didn't do the mustard on the pillow saying it was Dick.

Just basically being repetetive about his wounded player rant.....saying he has the votes to stay...saying people told him "Kail does nothing for them"

Saying his legend of being courteous and Funny guy and not being an "dirt bag and a liar" [i like that one]

Telling Jen she's basically off everyone's radar for two weeks

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12:37 BBT

Dustin talking how he's going to NY to visit Eric and says he's his favo HG because he's funny and nice to hang out with..Dani and Jameka laughingly say it makes the nervous.

Dani says "i'm taking a month off" and goes through he bill and no apartment....

Dustin says one week of stipend will pay a months rent Kail asks what his rent is and Dustin says $620 and Dani warns him about taxes and we get foth.

dustin wondering about his mom and Dani wonders if she gets a letter for her birthday and Kail hopes for one for her anniversary

Dustin asks "are you going to be 22" and says yes when she says "I love b days"

Now talking about their favorite holidays

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12:45 BBT

Jameka Zach Dick talking in the bedroom. Jameka has he bible out reading while Zach and Dick talk about "side shoe freaks" and its enough to catch her attention and wonders how they make their living and do they have mortages.

Talking about circuses and Amber returns from the DR and Dick says "that's the longest goodbye on record"

Jameka talking about flat ironing Ambers hair for the show.

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12:59 BBT

two groups having conversations..one in the bathroom anf the other in the bedroom talking about everyday things such as LA traffic and loud noises...in which Kail thought she was experiencing "my first California earthquake"

Talks turn to how many earthquakes people have been in....Dick says the sharp jolt "was an earthquake" [i didn't feel it]

Excitement around that it was a possible earthquake.

Dick says he's experiences a lot of eartquakes....

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1:07 BBT

Jameka and Amber talking outside missed it [sorry] when Dick come out.

Jameka goes in and Dick says if he scared them away and jameka say she's going in to eat.

Jen comes out and asks if she wants to go 'to the hammock"

Jen tells he her ears is stuffed and she can see the doctor tomorrow.

Jen tells her it's going to be close and Kail says she has Zach and Kail says he doesn't know about Jessica and says "for sure we have Dustin" and Jen says Dustin not to be sure with him...

Kails says she has Dustin Evel Zach and Dustin and maybe Jessica.....saying if she really wanted Eric out she could find a way out of her promise with Eric.

Jen says if she were to go out 7th week she would want to go out 6th and argue who told Eric that ..Jen lost her train of thought...........

Jen remembers says he might of said that "to keep her here" so she wonders who at the end d who do you think can you beat and Kail says Zach maybe Evel and Kail says why where are you going with that Kail asks and Jen says just wondering...

Amber and Dustin he's saying "you know there's a benefit in numbers...numbers count" Amber says either way Dick and Danile are going to come after you..and Dustin says we keep Eric this week and 4 people going after them......

Amber says how "do you know Eric" and Dustin cuts her off and tells her they need the numbers and Amber is believing it.....dustin says she needs to talk to him rationally "eric is smart" "Kail wants to go home to her family".......Dustin says Dick and Daniel don't trust us and Amber says "they trust me" Dustin "the benefits received are so much better than getting rid of him" and Amber says "OK" and says if he comes after me than he does and says Jen told her he doesn't want her or Jameka in the final two with him and tell Dustin "jen hasn't lied to me"

Dustin keeping eric "is the smartest move we have" and Amber says she neees time to think and tells "do what you want to do" "I can't tell you how to vote"

he says "you can tell me what you want"

Amber says with Eric gone it will bring the group back together. Ambers says "I don't know" and tells her I'll give you time to think" he says "this is the best for me and you"

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