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August 9, Live Feed Updates

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(We get a refreshing change of FOTH music. Thank you, BB!!)

Back with Dani and Jen in the round room.

Dani says it is hard for her to "pretend to be friends with people who are blatant liars and fake."

Jen says she knows, and that's why she usually doesn't say anything.

Dani: I feel stupid saying it, because so many fake people in the house say it all of the time. But I don't know, I don't consider myself to be a fake person. It's hard to be nice to people who you don't like.

Jen: Yeah. Like, Mike and Nick were like, the other honest people.

Dani: I told Nick that. I was like, well, we got rid of all of the nice, or the honest, fun people. And now look who we are stuck with. The boring liars. Terrific!

Jen: Yeah.

Dani: Not that Joe was honest, but still. One of the last things Nick said, he goes, about Dustin, because he hated Dustin, he goes, "We evicted the wrong gay guy!" I was like, tell me about it!

Jen: Nick is funny. I think after he won't be mad at me.


Jen says she thinks later on, Nick won't be as mad at her as he was when he left.

(My feeds stopped at this point, and I missed the rest--sorry)

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Dick is in the round room with Dani and Jen.

Dick says that things could have gone either way today, and that's fine. He says Dustin lied about everything.

Jen says she knew he was doing it.

Dick: That's okay. Both of you guys are fucking fierce competitors.

Jen says she told Dani that last week.

Dick says the two of them can "fucking tear up this place!"

Dick says that if Jen is against anyone but Dani, he will vote for Jen. He doesn't care who it is.

Jen: Don't tell anyone else that.

Dick: No, I won't.

Jen says they won't like that much. Dani says Jen is the only one who could tell anyone, because they won't.

Dick says "So sad" and Dani and Jen say that makes them sick, and they threw up in their mouths.

Dick: All of these idiots running around with their Bibles, and they are all so full of shit and lying.

Dick: I have some good DR's about Jameka and her faith.

Jen: Oh my gosh. You're silly.

Dick: They're so hypocritical. You weren't in those meetings. Magic ping-pong ball.

Jen says she's glad now that she wasn't.

Dick talks about how Zach kisses everyone's asses out there.

Dick says that Zach knows he might go up, and he is trying to save his ass.

Dick: And if the POV is used, they would put you (Jen) or Zach up. Probably Zach. It doesn't matter, as long as I stay on the block and go home. It's fine.


Jen talks about the huge beds (to change the subject).

Dick: I told Dani that she needs to move in here.

Dani: I wanna lie right next to Amber. Because she's laying in Nick's bed. I could spit on her for that, too.

Jen says that Amber is making a big deal about the bandana she let Nick borrow (which Dani wears around her wrist or her bunny ear). Dani says she's not giving it back, either.

Dick says Amber needs a psychiatrist.

Dick says he is pissed he missed his question. Dani tells him not to dwell on it.

Dick: They give Jessica a Carol question....

Dick says they can't bitch--it is what it is.

Dick and Dani say they are glad about the Nick question because Julie screwed it up for Eric.

Jen says that if Julie hadn't screwed it up, they wouldn't have had the Carol question for Jess.

Jen: But it doesn't matter.

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Dick says they better have security at the sequester house cus he might stab someone with a fork...Jen says she's gonna request a separate sequester house. Dick then whispers that he doesn't want "them' to know that he's (Dick) ready to go.

Dan says all she wants if she stays is a letter for her birthday...Jen says she wants a letter for her HOH...

Dick and Dan now talking about Jameka to Jen. Comparing her to James. They think there's more to her than she's saying, like when James lied about what job he had. They talk about the God thing with Jam and how fake it is...Jen tells them that Jam had told her first that she would play POV to win, for her. That she (Jen) did not ask Jam to do that. Dick says that that's because Jameka wanted Zack up in Jen's place to vote him out.

Talk turns to Amber, Dan is sure she was the one who voted Nick out, Jen adds yes, because she didn't cry...Dan says Eric is the brains of everything, Jen says she heard Dan said that about her (Jen), Dan laughs and says she definitely didn't say that, it was Amber...

Now Dick says Kail did not lie (ed. curioser and curioser)

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Eric: Do you guys still think, just like the coup thing last year, that there is still you know, one major surprise still to come?

Jameka: I hope so!

Zach thinks it was just an all-star thing.

Eric says "Could be."


Zach wonders if there will be a food comp. Eric says yes, probably a slop one, too, as they got a free week for no apparent reason.

Eric says he can't wait to see Jess host the food comp. Or a luxury comp.

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Dustin gets up to go the bathroom, and Dick follows him out. Eric asks "Who just initiated that?" and Amber says "Dustin--" and gets cut off as the feeds switch to listen to Dustin and Dick.

Dustin is ahead of Dick, but tells Dick he can go first.

Dick: Thank you! That doesn't make you any less of a douche bag!

(Dick was really hard on his heels, so it almost looked like Dustin stopped to let him go first so he wouldn't have to deal with him).

Dick came out and Dustin went into the bathroom with no other confrontations.

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Dustin followed Dick into the bathroom but didnt say anything. Meanwhile just a bit ago he and Eric(Dustin) were having a happy dance in the workout room and calling out a major SMACKDOWN against Dick and Danielle. Eric uses very strong language, denouncing the votes, basically acting like he won HO(SEE VIDEO LINK)

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I switch feeds as Dick is talking about sequester (I missed what he said).

Dani says that Amber told Dick that she was "over him week 2" and that was when Amber was "prancing around" saying Dick and Nick were the brother and Father she never had.

Dick says wait until Amber sees his DR entries! He was "brutal" about Amber.

Dani says she will get into trouble, but starts talking about DR entries.

She says that they asked her "Do you think Nick is pussy whipped?" Dani said "WHAT?" They repeated it to her, "Can you say that Nick is not pussy whipped?"

FOTH (Thanks, Daniele.)

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Everyone in the HOH looking at Jessicas stuff. Even Danille and Dick, despite the fact she has been crying for over a hour begging to go home, telling her dad she hates the all.(see video link)

She has loads of family pictures and pom poms from her grama.

Letter from Mom Dad Dee and Deelia(I think.)

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Dan is talking about how Amber asked her to put soemthing from her to Nick on her HOH blog...Dick tells Dan not to worry, that Nick will see...Dan says she doesn't care, that it's not even about Nick...Dick says he can't even tell Dan how many times he's been in there (DR) saying "I hope you have a psychiatrist on staff because she (Amber) really needs one. I think she's really missing the one she has at home. You know she's in a ton of meds and stuff. She's an emotional disaster on 2 legs"

...Dan asks Dick something I couldn't heat, he says no, she says "me either"...then Dick says "he won't even look him in the eye." Jen asks "who" Dick says "Eric"

then adds...I went in there and said "Julie, I vote to evict that slimy little weasel, Eric" Jen asks if he really said that and Dick says "That's exactly what I said"

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It's HOH time!

Jess got pictures of her brother, her Dad, her Goddaughter, the "J crew," and "Grandma Joyce!"

(Dani and Dick are present, but not participating, just looking around)

Jess also got Snickerdoodles (my favorite cookies--Cat), and a Toby Keith CD (She says "That's okay, too!" because she wanted Carrie Underwood).

Jess got a picture of herself at age 2, with other family members.

Dustin: Uh oh!! Your brother is cute, too!!


Jess has a picture of her friends, Michelle and Carrie. Jameka says that one of the girls looks so familiar to her!

Jess' brother is named Dean, it sounds like. She got a picture of him that had to do with the Marines.

They ask who sent the letter, and she says "Mom, Dad, Dean and Diva!"

Dustin tells her to read it later, as she gets a little choked up.

Jess got her cowboy boots, and they are Jess' Grandma's cowboy boots, which she gave to Jess, and she loves them. She got a sweatshirt and her pom-poms. Jess is really, really excited about the boots.

Jess also got something from the "Thunder" and she says she hopes she is on the squad! She says she better be! Everyone laughs.

She got hot fries and pretzels.

Jess: Feel free to eat some of it! Just not all of it!

She got Red Bull and Dr. Pepper and beer.

Jess says everything reminds her of Kansas. She got some big paper sunflowers.

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